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why are u straightedge? what is straighedge?

i dont like drugs or promiscuous sex

Do u like virginia tech?

its the most tolerable school in VA

are u poor


why do you hate raves so much?

im sortof a straightedge

when did you start liking metal

maybe 7th gradeish

People try and copy you a lot..

key word: try

how would u describe ur style?

i have money but i look poor

How can you be happy without money?

the tru Q is how can u be happy with money

Sexy mommy!

chill out oedipus

why do all of ur exes stalk u

id stalk me too

Your feet smell bad -.-

keep kissing them beeeitch

Why do you think its cute to look like trash?

because im not trying to make up for anything

Who made you this way


how do u meet russian guys? i want one

a russian orthodox church

What is your main rule?

dont be a fake cunt

What’s the first thing you notice about people?


whats ur fav hairstyle on a guy?

umm buzz.or those rly tall mohawks

are you happy?


Idk if you see it yourself but from at least my point of view all that dieting has paid off and I think you look great!

ugh thank u im trying lol

why don't you exercise too since it's more effective than just changing your diet alone?


ur dieting but u seem normal/average/overweight

thats why im dieting you double digit IQ havin b*tch

i dont know that yettt


what are ur fav bands?

alice in chains nirvana sex pistols

Ur eyes sparkle like the blood of the innocent:-]

thats some shit i like to hear

U so cute bby luv u

luv u :-)))