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Opinion on Maleena Burgett?


really ? :D

Who is this??

How often do you work out?


What would you say if a random average looking guy came up to you all shy and asked politely if you wanted to go out to lunch or coffee too get to know each other?

I'd probably say sure why not

You said you like someone would that person be chance


Would that person you like be chance?


Who do you like?


You are so beautiful Brittany, duck everyone else. You are such a gorgeous person inside and out. I can't wait to see you walk on the graduating stage & whisper I did it. I love you Brittany, even though we don't talk you are perfect. Fuck the haters (:

Thank you (:

How many followers do you have on


Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?


When I read some of these comments all I can think is there is something mean and psychologically wrong with them. I'm sorry people are so mean to yo just because they can't be seen. It just means they're scared, you got power.

Thank you it's people like you who get my through the day honestly

What is your tumblr?


Show me where to kiss? ;*

Kiss my ass.

I'm lonely and desperate can I have your number?


he never loved you! you were an easy peice of ass. k bye!


What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Get away with murder

okay we'll see about that!

We'll see about that? He played me. He told me we were getting bak together and fucking played me, I don't wanna talk to him. He honestly broke my heart. I can't talk to him or even look at him. It makes me just want to cry. So okay, I will leave him alone.

leave Mitch alone!

Lol ok

What is your favorite dog breed?


What are you most excited about right now?

This vodka I just got

Do you have a tumblur?

Tumblr and yessss

did you see Jessica's snap chat story?

No but I heard about it, lol. Pathetic bitches.

Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

My brother

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

My son

If u n lynn aren't friends nymore then what was all that about on insta

we don't hang out, but one day we will. that girl is so special to me. it's a complicated relationship but after everything we've been through, one day we will be friends again. I love her with all of my heart and she's been my best friend since I was nine. we both needed to work on ourselves for a while but she is and always will be my best friend. I know it's hard for everyone to understand but I love her, I know she loves me too. Brynn isn't over it's just taking a break


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