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You dating Tommy Shaw is fucking gross.
so am I oh well
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Hot tea or ice tea?
ice, sweet too!
Are you dating Tommy Shaw?
yes I am(:
wats ur chatous username?
What time did you wake up this morning?
what did you do
your mom
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Are you and sam friends?
Sam who
you got arrested?
idk did you?
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Hahaha you got arrested. Youre trash
What color are your eyes?
I seriously hate all these mean comments towards you /: stay strong. You brought a beautiful son into this world.
thank you, things like this keep me going <3
What makes a person rich?
Im sorry people are so mean... Just remember you are so important to them that they spent their own time to write their hate! Fuck the haters! Leave room for love and kindness
fuck the haters, I gotchuuu (: thank you so much!
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Right you never will because your twat has been pounded too many times like you have a sign saying fuck me if you're breathing
tbh me and Lynn can stop laughing bc you said TWAT HAHAHAHAHAHA
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Why are you so obsessed with being like Rachel with that blonde hair? Are you obsessed with her?
I have natural blonde hair... all I did was take out some orange ad lighten it a little. and I promise, I'll never be anything like Rachel.
The fuck with these last few questions?? Fuck off yo. For real.  Lizzy Branco
exactly hahaha
You say you're the greatest mother? Then how about instead of doing drugs, constantly drinking, and fucking anything with a penis you make an effort to see your baby. You say so much bad stuff about your babys dad but he busts his ass to save up money to go down to see his child.
I work everyday accept Sundays. just like I have all summer so I can buy MY OWN car and go see my kid. not that it's your business(:
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Your rlly gross. I wake up every morning & Hate myself For sleeping with your nasty ass. Im embarrassed to say I've been with someone not only as gross as you but as manipulating, selfish, sluttly, and useless Like you. Your going nowhere with your life.
lol I doubt we slept together
You not only had a kid but you went strait back to doing the same thing and continue to sleep with any guy who makes you Smile. Congragulations!!! Worlds worst mother award goes to the nasty pale girl with no ass or Tits who still thinks shes hot shit!:)
I am hot shit
No I mean what was so wrong with him that you couldn't keep your baby?
it's complicated an personal
What was wrong with Christopher
idk what's wrong with him now? he's a fuck
do you ever masturbate
nah no need
What made you decide to give your baby up for adoption?
What happened between you and Mitch
just didn't work out, who cares
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