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hi @kpoploverxforever here>< im a new AMRY & u still cant rly recognise the members except for my bias: V & jungkook. are there any ways u can share to recogmise each member? sry for disturbing><

How to explain this ^^; this is how i recognise each of them :
Rap Monster - His dimples
Suga - His smile, his fair skin; among 7 of them
Jin - Thick lower lips, broad shoulders
Jimin - His eyes, his abs! Lol
JHope - If he smile, it's kinda shape like ♡ << this

I hope it helps you ;^;

Really!? YESSSS!

Yes ^^ thank you for loving my acc!

Awww. But I really liked your account. *pouts*

I created new acc it's bts.scouts :)

Did you delete your Instagram account?

Yes, but it's not because i want to delete it.

uh...... >.<

Yes? :)

Hi! Can you please upload Rap Monsters interview with Haru Hana Mag vol 25? Thank you :)

Hi! Ohh okay, i'll post it ^^

Post a picture of your pet!

Old pic. She's bigger now ^^

Happy summer holiday ^__^

You too ^^ yayy~

I like your new instagram theme! Its simple and ellegant ! Hoho x)) FIGHTING!!!

Oh, thank you so much ^^ fighting! Haha..

What made you happy today?

Bangtan's tweet.. Haha, and happy 1st year anniversary Bangtan ^^ Noona love you. Let's be together forever! ♡♡

What makes you feel better when you are in a bad mood?

music...and food? kekeke :">

What is the reason you like NAMJOON ??? Describe it in paragraph ! oops hahahaha

At first, i like Namjoon because i feel like he can understand people feels, he's mature enough. I don't know i just feel that way because of his lyrics on some of his tracks haha. And because Namjoon is Namjoon :P
You must watch Namjoon on 4 things show :D you've watched it right?

How old r u

I'm older than Jin, yes i'm old >.<;

The reaseon why you love bts

They produce songs, write their own lyrics. I always love their songs lyrics and mixtapes/tracks. I can relate to it :)

You know what . Idk . Haha


Conffesion . I hate u sometimes ㅋㅋㅋ dont take it too serious;p

it's okay haha.. :)

your account is perfect <103&27

Thank you so much! ^^

Who is your first bias

SHINee Key! My very first bias :D

What's the best thing you can purchase for $5?

food! bubble tea.. haha ha >.<

Pls update again :(

i'm sorry.. okay i will ^^;


yup hii ^^

Which is the celebrity or actor you would want to date?

he's not an actor, he's a rapper yo Namjoon! >///<

Post your selca ^-^

uh noo.. haha ^^;;

If you could go on a road trip where would you go?

Bali! :3

Do you still have feelings 4 an ex , haha

ex bf? noooo hell no, lol sorry >.<