Budoor Ashadawi
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=con you don't need to answer all of that. I just felt bad of your last reply and wanted to explain everything, Finally. my true apologize again and again regards,

Thank u

Bcoz whenever you are tired you become a5lag-less. I like you even so

I take offense to what u said and I think it's rude , even if it you still like me and your feedback is anonymous. If you know me and meant well, you would ask me to my face if their is something wrong and offer help.

You are tired, right?

Why would u say that ?

What dic u do for your mom today?

We had a family gathering with my grandmother and aunts and mom :)

Words can't describe how much I miss you :( Happy women day

Thank u whoever u are :)

كل عام وانتي بالف خير وصحه وسلامه ان شاء الله ولو انها متأخره، العمر كله يارب وان شاء الله سنه مليئة بالانجازات والأمنيات المحققه

تسلم :)

How are you my dear?

Gr8, thanks :)

What is the most overplayed song of all time?

I will survive and rightly so!

Do u have shi3ah friends ?

I don't pick my friends based on their religions, origins , social standings . backgrounds or beliefs ... I pick them based on who they are !!
And frankly, asking that question that shows that the person asking it does !

إنتبهي على نفسك بدور :) وكل عام وانتِ بخير يارب

وانت بخير ، ينعاد علينا وعليكم :)

She cute

Thank u , I will tell her :)

ابغى اتعلم انجليزي مثلك :( وشلون!

أكثري من القرأة واتفرجي أفلام ومسلسلات من غير الترجمة المكتوبة

مافي فاكت اليوم :(

Posted :)

كل يوم بنتظر الفاكتز تبعك :) استمري فضلاً لا امراً

A hahahahaha thanks , I'm glad u like them :)

نصيحة لفتاة في مقتبل العمر لتصبح امرأة ناجحة

خلي عندك شغف للتعلم من الناس الي حولك و ولا تخاف من انك تحاولي وتخطئي لانه الي ما يخطأ، ما يتعلم!

Any planning for this weekend or just relaxig ?

My best friend's bridal shower and cousin's after wedding embaraka

How was ur day ?

Can't complain elhamdilla :)

الله يحفظك يا بدور ....

تسلم، شكرًا :)

ايش تقرب لك أيلا؟

my sister , why ?

It been four days since ur last tweet ... Salamat ? Are you okay ?

i'm ok , just no appetite to post my useless facts with what's going on in the world these days !
thank u for noticing my absence whoever u are :)

If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?

the beauty of love lies in its unpredictability :)

What's on your to-do list this weekend?

Starting tennis lessons , what about you ?

I miss you and can't call you :(

Who are u ?

ما اعتقادك بزواج شخص فقير وصاحب اخلاق ودين والكل يشد فيه ب بنت غنيه وهل تتعتقدين لهم النجاح؟

يعتمد على توافقهم فكريا وعلميا و في أولوياتهم والله يوفق :)

بعد ظاهرة تنمي دخول المماحيق في جوانب التفرعات المجتمعية المحافظة آملة في احداث تغير وجداني في العولمة العربية المعاصرة فتنبثق الحويصلات المتراكمة في دهاليز المخ العربي .... منهم المماحيق ؟

I hope not me!