lovebug @buglamp
lovebug @buglamp
WoW, LoL, other video game acronyms. pro-feminist man. queer idiot. friend to bugs. anti-friend to anti-bugs. you will not enjoy following me.
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What did the baby volcano say to the daddy volcano?
i lava u * 3*
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What is your idea of paradise?
What causes you to panic?
literally everything
What do you look like right now?
a gnarled, chain-smoking shitbeast
how did a bug like yourself manage to become so handsome and ridiculously charming
please stop, my heart can't take much more of this
Who will go to hell?
me, most likely
what's the story with that ring tat buggo
when i turned 21 my mom was talking abt getting a tattoo and in the span of 3 minutes decided i wanted to get a green lantern tattoo and got one that same night. what's an impulse control, precious
What question do you hate to answer?
which bug ISN'T NOT SOMETIMES the cutest. really grinds my gears if you know what i mean
Who's a cute bug? Yes you are! Yes you are! *scritch scritch*
please....the belly scratches.....please....
Are you scared of the dark?
yes, i am v scared bug uwu
Bug do you have any cherries i need cherries axes are okay too
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Bug if you had to keep a pokemon as a pet which would you pick (i.e. not your FAVOURITEST but a good pet)
What have you won?
i used to win video game tournaments but in the past 8 years i haven't won anything
Why did you stop?
i give up very easily
i just meant you're a grown bug
it's true, i am
which bug is the greatest bug friend (after you, of course)  All Babes Are Wolves
every bug is a great friend
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how many bug years to a human year
i was trying to be clever but since most bugs don't live past a few months i'd say it'd be a huge scale
Phew, I often think about smooching you so i'm glad to see you're not a minor.
wait what
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Dearest Bug, how old are you?
twenty four, which is v old in bug years
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Who are your enemies?
What are you wearing right now?
nothing bc the AC is out and it's fucking miserable in this humidified coffin of an apartment
What have you done?
absolutely nothing and probably never will
Where's your heart?
buried in the thick woods and dirt roads of northern louisiana
Why will you die?
loneliness or lack of sleep, probably both
Where, or what for that matter, is home?  dire hell swan
don't got one