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Are you still dating

Yeah why?

Aw u and ur gf seem really cute.

Aww thanks:) she is really cute hahahaha

So I'm 13 and I like you but you be talking to that person down there your whole life story

I'm really confused right now? I have a girlfriend btw


Umm what?

Fuck yourself who's this person you talking to low ass bum👇🏾


Awe ily (as friends)

Thanks haha who are you tho?

Awe dude that's the cutest she's a lucky girl

Aww thanks:)

Pic of ur prom proposal to your girl

There was also music, and when she walked out from her basement, there were sheets hanging from the patio so she couldn't see right away, all she could hear was the music☺️❤️

I'm just kidding that ain't right to cheat so yeah you got a good girl

Haha I know:) thanks

Your cute tho (cheat)

Haha thanks:) and hell nooo haha my girls kate up or araina grande is the only two I'd cheat with and Hannah said that's be totally ok because that means if I can get them, then she's good because she got me haha

Awe poopy

Sowwy haha who are you?

I like you😏💍 marry me

Oh of course hahaha jk I have a girlfriend😍❤️ sowwy

Is it bad I still think of you?

I don't think so haha

Why is saying goodbye to you so hard?

I don't know? Haha

Your prom proposal was adorable! Totally jealous!

Aww thanks:))) she was so pissed at me cause we were going to hangout, then I cancelled on her and then she got home and heard the music playing out back and saw that I was out there then she ran to me😂 but I loved it😍

Do you miss me?

Well of course haha who doesn't miss anonymous ppl? Haha

Wondering if you still think about me...

Uhh ok? Who are you?

Your hot

Well thank you very much haha


Thanks:) when did I like ur answer tho? Haha I have a bad memory


Nahhh haha but this:)

So my boyfriend and I had sex the second day I started my period, his "precum" had got into my vagina and the next day I was bleeding less and now today my blood Is a brown color & I'm on my period for a whole week..why did my period stop so soon?

Because you're going to start growing a dick because you so fucking gay

Fuck me?

No thanks haha


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