Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Coast Guard City, USA
-Ask me anything and I'm nice about it, unless you're a douche first, then I'm just honest but not rude -Grand Haven High School -11th grade and 16 years old -I play soccer, basketball, football, and I'm a lax bro:)
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Then give those people an answer lol
As soon as you tell me who you are? I won't answer the question that has ur name in it, I'll re-answer a different one
I'm fairly positive only a couple ppl are wondering haha
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R u a virgin?
Who's asking?
It means i like alot of your answers and you like alot of mine
Ah gotcha but nah I'm good, sorry bro
Yeah i know im not gay i have a gf i was just wondering??  Bryton
What do you mean spam or spam?
Sorry just wondering haha  Bryton
I'm a guy you know right?
Spam for spam  Bryton
Wtf dude?!?!
why are their a bunch of dudes on your dp?  ba™an Noah!
My dp?
What state do you live in ?
Michigan hbu?
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Sometimes, I have to drop a duce.
Doesn't everyone
whats ur username on chatous?
On what?
ayyy  ella rose
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change that profile picture haha. and applebees at 1015 with the team if you can make it  Garrison Mast
Good point haha and I couldn't make it, sorry:/
did u make the soccer team
I did:)
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I hate how you have changed.... you arent the same sweet guy you used to be. You are so arrogant now and such a dick sometimes... makes me sad honestly
It's probably only to you then because you either pissed me off or are annoying as hell, don't hate me for what you did
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Color rate: orange  Lana Martel
Well thank you:)
do you think ‎@LetsCuddle14 has an ass?
I think it's alright, not too bad
UR SO POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk nope  Maddie
Not as popular as you;*
UR SO POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
@  Maddie
Gorgeous!!!! Nice, fun to talk to so far:) and like that you laugh at my bad jokes;)
Ahah aw thank u xx  lilyy
Anytime c;
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It's cool no worries x  lilyy
Haha ok:) you're gorgeous by the way
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You liked all my rates and stuff and I Cba to do all of them but yeah you're perfect xx  lilyy
Haga sorry about that but awww thank you:)
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The sexual tbh
Sure haha sexual tbh:)
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Sexual rates?
Umm I don't have a sexual rate picture thingy
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What does true friendship mean to you?
Well last night my boy Blake Wendt offered to let me use his car cause he wasn't using it and we needed some way to get around and pick ppl up to do "things">:) haha but he like sunk the keys in my hand so his dad didn't see and I'm just like "holy shit dude are you serious?!?! Dude you are honestly a freakin bro!!!" He's a great kid
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