Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Coast Guard City, USA
-Ask me anything and I'm nice about it, unless you're a douche first, then I'm just honest but not rude -Grand Haven High School -11th grade and 16 years old -I play soccer, basketball, football, and I'm a lax bro:)
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Rate: 8.5 (: Hot or not: Hot (:  Faith
Thank you very much:))))
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Idk which one you are :c tell me and I'll rate!  Raven
Behind 42
Rates ?
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what does sex feel like. I'm a virgin and want to know. my boyfriend says he wants to have sex but idk what to expect. please tell me
Sex feels like you shouldn't bring things like that to me, I'm not a psychologist, this probably isn't even a real person, if it is then talk to one of ur friends, usually ur best friend, that's kinda what they're for
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omg I want you so bad
I might let you if you told me who you are:)
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Do you regret having sex with the freshman? Or was it good?
I always think if I'm going to regret something before I do it, so no, I don't regret it, and it wasn't like one of those times where I just stopped talking to her right after
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Are you gonna go gay?
Wtf? No
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Who do you like?
I honestly couldn't tell you anymore
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Which one is you in the pic
Behind 42
Umm witch one is you in your profile pic? Haha  Amy Sam Del Pozo
Second one from the right but scill down an look through some of my old ones haha they're better
Your cute js
Thanks js;)
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Don't you hate it when people don't take compliments?
I guess, I mean being modest at first is fine but after a while, yes, it does get annoying haha
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She's not pretty just saying vvv
That's not nice, doesn't matter if you're ugly, pretty, young, old, it's about maturity and personality
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Aw thank you  ♡ Rosy ♡
You're welcome
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Is there any person you are afraid of?
I don't think so? What kinda question is that haha
I'm not cute but thanks :)  ♡ Rosy ♡
Oh don't be down on urself, you are
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You're cute /.\ :)  ♡ Rosy ♡
Haha thanks so are you
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You're so attractive !!
Whats your name?
How tall are you?
About 5'7 and a half but compared to a lot of ppl at my school I'm short
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The way you guys lines up in your profile picture! Kakis on the right jeans on the left haha :D
I noticed that haha we didn't do that on purpose haha
Why are you so hot!
Cause it's summer haha duh
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Hope you are having fun studying (;  Lexi Hess
Fuck you haha
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You're really hot!
Thanks:) I'm sure you are too