Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Coast Guard City, USA
-Ask me anything and I'm nice about it, unless you're a douche first, then I'm just honest but not rude -Grand Haven High School -11th grade and 16 years old -I play soccer, basketball, football, and I'm a lax bro:)
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is your name Kane?
Yeah why?
Then give those people an answer lol
As soon as you tell me who you are? I won't answer the question that has ur name in it, I'll re-answer a different one
I'm fairly positive only a couple ppl are wondering haha
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R u a virgin?
Who's asking?
It means i like alot of your answers and you like alot of mine
Ah gotcha but nah I'm good, sorry bro
Yeah i know im not gay i have a gf i was just wondering??  Bryton
What do you mean spam or spam?
Sorry just wondering haha  Bryton
I'm a guy you know right?
Spam for spam  Bryton
Wtf dude?!?!
why are their a bunch of dudes on your dp?  ba™an Noah!
My dp?
What state do you live in ?
Michigan hbu?
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Sometimes, I have to drop a duce.
Doesn't everyone
whats ur username on chatous?
On what?
ayyy  ella rose
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change that profile picture haha. and applebees at 1015 with the team if you can make it  Garrison Mast
Good point haha and I couldn't make it, sorry:/
did u make the soccer team
I did:)
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I hate how you have changed.... you arent the same sweet guy you used to be. You are so arrogant now and such a dick sometimes... makes me sad honestly
It's probably only to you then because you either pissed me off or are annoying as hell, don't hate me for what you did
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Color rate: orange  Lana Martel
Well thank you:)
do you think ‎@LetsCuddle14 has an ass?
I think it's alright, not too bad
UR SO POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk nope  Maddie
Not as popular as you;*
UR SO POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
@  Maddie
Gorgeous!!!! Nice, fun to talk to so far:) and like that you laugh at my bad jokes;)
Ahah aw thank u xx  lilyy
Anytime c;
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It's cool no worries x  lilyy
Haha ok:) you're gorgeous by the way
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You liked all my rates and stuff and I Cba to do all of them but yeah you're perfect xx  lilyy
Haga sorry about that but awww thank you:)
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The sexual tbh
Sure haha sexual tbh:)
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Sexual rates?
Umm I don't have a sexual rate picture thingy
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