Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Coast Guard City, USA
-Ask me anything and I'm nice about it, unless you're a douche first, then I'm just honest but not rude -Grand Haven High School -10th grade and 16 years old -I play soccer, basketball, football, and I'm a lax bro:)
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close but no
Uhhhh idk
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ummm im serious, my name starts with a C
noo, wtf kinda name is kyah??? haha thats a guys name isnt it???
Yeah haha nice try
who do you think it is?
Kyah, but ur probably gonna deny it haha
cuz you have rejected me before....
Oh, I'm sorry, ik who this is but ur still my really good friend:)
I wish you were mine.... I want you so bad, you are one of the sweetest most attractive guys I have ever known. you are such a joy to be around and you make me smile every time you talk to me. your personality shines like a star and I wouldn't change anything about you. But, you will never be mine..
Awwww<3 but why do you say I won't?
haha dont judge :D  Kyah Shumake
I do what I want haha
B+ ❤❤  a l e s h a
Thank you very much:))))
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my old bestie Whitney. she taught me some cuz we got bored a lot and she was from turkey (:  Kyah Shumake
I'm sure that's all you did;) lil trouble maker
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Merhaba kane, yarak kardeşim emme durdurmak  Kyah Shumake
And where did u learn it from?
Yeah ok haha how do you say hello?;)
well ur dumb haha cuz yes I've known that for a while :p
So you speak Turkish? Haha
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didn't I tell you about the um thing??  Kyah Shumake
Yeah no haha I know 100% that you didn't even know that hahaha
My am is super wet right nowwww
Oh. My. God. Haha don't you be bringin that Turkish language up in here haha
Am is pronounced um and is a dirty word for anyone you doesn't know haha
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junior-senior  Audra Stachnik
Well shit haha thanks;)
you're honestly so cute.
Aww thanks:)
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first kiss?
Samantha Striegle in 7th grade I believe
Oh your 1 inch wonder drives me crazy!
Excuse me, you forgot 3/4 of an inch lil bitch
kik?  lauraa
Ohhh I would fuck you to the ends of the world and back again!
I think I can last that long;)
haha nope
Idk then haha
who had a crush on james when you and I first became friends haha
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its not baylee tho haha
Who is it then?
Oh haha oops
I meant unlike* but okay because my phone said that and idk. Haha  Peyton Nicole(:
Oh haha yeah I don't think I did