Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Čåñdÿ Kāńę @candy_kane_23
Coast Guard City, USA
-Ask me anything and I'm nice about it, unless you're a douche first, then I'm just honest but not rude -Grand Haven High School -11th grade and 16 years old -I play soccer, basketball, football, and I'm a lax bro:)
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Homecoming bae?
Who is this first?
Let's be friends :)
I like new friends:)
Likers get 5 likes?
Uhh dis:)
Likers get 5 likes?
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followed <3  IG: @laurroselynne_
Thank you:) I'd follow back but ask.fm won't let me follow anyone cause I follow too many ppl already, sorry:/
Did you take your background pic?
My cousin did, it's Lake Michigan:)
Who do you have a crush on?
No one right now, I'm not even "talking" to anyone haha I'm not even doing things with anyone right now, I just have been straight up talking to ppl lately and I actually don't mind it:) cause I make people smile a lot and that feels good so yeah, no crush here, sorry
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2013  Jessie B
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Oops that was me btw  Lexy Cherry
Who are you?
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Your my bestfriend.
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Kane is short because he is secretly a munchkin from munchkin land :) hehe  Darci Hirdes
You probably asked that one anonymously Darci haha
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you are gay I love yous
That totally made sense
Hiiiiiiii  Lexy Cherry
Why are you so short??
I'm only 5'7 haha that's not terribly short but hey I actually don't mind my height :)
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Atta boy!! Soccer is sooo much better!
Haha thanks an it is more fun
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I wanted to play soccer
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Did you quit football?
I did
is your name Kane?
Yeah why?
Then give those people an answer lol
As soon as you tell me who you are? I won't answer the question that has ur name in it, I'll re-answer a different one
I'm fairly positive only a couple ppl are wondering haha
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R u a virgin?
Who's asking?
It means i like alot of your answers and you like alot of mine
Ah gotcha but nah I'm good, sorry bro
Yeah i know im not gay i have a gf i was just wondering??  Bryton
What do you mean spam or spam?
Sorry just wondering haha  Bryton
I'm a guy you know right?
Spam for spam  Bryton
Wtf dude?!?!