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Why are you so pretty? I love you best friend! Cratata!
awe thanks ❤️ I love you too abrara
That's the point!!!!.✋
yeah b/c your a chicken and you don't want to say it to my face so bye ✋
No I'm not. Ha, you don't even know who I am.
I know and I think it's funny how your on anonymous saying all this to me .
At least I'm not ugly and annoying.
I'm pretty sure you are
Kk. Just stop. Your not cute.
okay and your annoying
Oh shut up! That's NOT a compliment.
I'm aware
thanks (:
no girl you lying ✋✋✋  emma kate shelt :)
girl please !(:
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bae gorgeous . stop ✋  emma kate shelt :)
I will when you do !
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Oops sorry I forgot to see congrats! You did great! I'm pretty sure loo I didn't see you
hah okay thanks tho ! how is this ?
And how long have y'all been playing and what position do you play?!
um I was on the team last year and I play either right mid , center mid , and left striker .
You scored your first goal today?!
Do you love the World you live in?
What does "I don't get girls" mean in your bio? You have two girls in it anyways.
why do you care . stop stocking me .
How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?
What color pencil you use for drawing?
what kind of question ?
What do you think people think of you?
really , idek
you have myyy soccer #!!!!
Do u like Blake
nah he my bestfriend .
What books do you plan to read?
I don't read ✋
What books do you plan to read?
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What is your favorite thing in your room?
my bed !
Your so pretty!
thanks !(;
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What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
30 -__-
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People really need to let u and brooks be .. This is y'all's business and not theirs and there just prob jeoulos becasue y'all have this special bond witheach other .. ~
yeah . thanks !
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