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Tbh your a super fun kid to be around! You have a good vibe and we have gotten close these past few months which is awesome! I hope we can hang out soon! See yaaa:))  Jalynn Clouse
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Yeahhhh like this shitttt
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Who do you like?
Im just chillin
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Want a truth?  SoDakTruths
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are you going to formal
Umm idk
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Like ur everything a girl wants
No haha
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Ur dreamy
Haha thanksss ig
Cater you're an animal  Nick Hoekstra
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i didnt think you were that good at football #respect.
Haha im not but thanks whoever you are.
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your fucking fast
You're beautiful.
Thx bae
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t (-.-t) lolololo  Lauren Cockrum
definitely a 4 haha  Lauren Cockrum
F u cockrum #ouch
Definetly a 10 haha  rachelboer
Haha thanks(:
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I love you❤❤
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Let's fuck
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Two girls?;)
Haha stop it
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Who would you hit first?;)
Haha wut
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Who is bergen?
Da ex
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Carter you got two girls lined up to fuck, who you gonna hit first?;)  Alex Nichifor
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Thoughts on Mikinlee white?
We havent talked in awhile but she is really fun to hangout with and will see her tomorrow!
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carter youre gay  lilly brown
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Like for date or pass
The ones i want sureeee!
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Are you and Bergen dating?
No no no no.
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