Tbh we have gotten so much closer and we do some crazy shit when we are together Jhett Vaughn

Jhett your the man

What's your snapchat?


tbh ur cool af and i had a good weekend its always fun with you brah Logan Melstad

This weekend was fun af bro thanks to you

u goin to mikinlees party?


Who did you vote for homecoming

Alissa hall and Alexis elfstrand and Dawson corck and jhett vaughn!

Tbh your a super fun kid to be around! You have a good vibe and we have gotten close these past few months which is awesome! I hope we can hang out soon! See yaaa:))


Who do you like?

Im just chillin

Want a truth? SoDakTruths


are you going to formal

Umm idk

Like ur everything a girl wants

No haha

Ur dreamy

Haha thanksss ig

Cater you're an animal Nick Hoekstra


i didnt think you were that good at football #respect.

Haha im not but thanks whoever you are.

your fucking fast


You're beautiful.

Thx bae

t (-.-t) lolololo Lauren Cockrum


definitely a 4 haha Lauren Cockrum

F u cockrum #ouch

Definetly a 10 haha rachelboer

Haha thanks(:

I love you❤❤


Let's fuck


Two girls?;)

Haha stop it

Who would you hit first?;)

Haha wut

Who is bergen?

Da ex

Carter you got two girls lined up to fuck, who you gonna hit first?;)


Thoughts on Mikinlee white?

We havent talked in awhile but she is really fun to hangout with and will see her tomorrow!


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