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tbh we've hung out like once with chimp and ruet and your funny and chill as hell..we should hang soon  Alex King
Thanks dude. And Yeah let's do it.
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tbh ur a stud at everything u do and the best to hangout with  Logan Melstad
Thanks dude. When your ungrounded let's hang!
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Are you going to Jazz Fest today?
No I have baseball
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What happened to Bergan
She died
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are you and Alex still friends?
idk were not close anymore
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Tbh carterrrr you seem like a really nice & cool guy but we've only talked a few times! Let's kick it soon :)  Megan Nolan
thank you and Yeah hopefully see you soon(:
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Tbh you are Bergen are so cute! You are a stud at sports! You are really funny & nice! We should hangout sometime!  Kylie Madrid
thanks and definitely!
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What are your plans for the summer?
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omg carter shut up  Avery Thorson
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Tbh I haven't seen or talked to you in foreveeeeeer haha you're good at baseball and from what I hear everything else haha yeah.. Miss ya & hopefully see you soon!  Avery Thorson
get it with Justin yet?(;
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Do you want to be single?
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Are you single?
it's complicated
What classes are you taking next year?
I don't remember sorrry
who is your overall best friend?
idk anymore
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Wtf what did he do to u?
were just not friends anymore. we don't hangout with the same people.
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Are you still friends with mason m?
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Who inspires you?
Josh Cid
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tbh: i'll redo yours cause you took that last one pretty seriously lol but you're hilarious & you sit by me in spanish & it's funny bc our class fails at everything hahahaha. you're cool but we don't talk.  kasia franklin
we bout to fail that exam tomorrow as a family. #juanfamilia except for Aaron. but thanks brat
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tbh carterrr we used to talk a lot but not so much anymore! your really nice and a stud! miss ya!  Molly faris
thanks Molly. I miss all you guys.
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are you and Bergen still dating?
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Best guy friends and best girl friends?
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What angers you the most?
cock blocks
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Tbh carter I miss you! We use to be so close in the summer but I don't know what happened! But your profile picture is adorable! You're a stud at everything & one of the coolest guys I know! Hmu sometime so we can hang!  Avery Thorson
Miss ya too avery & Thanks (:
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Tbh you and Bergen are adorable! Plus we used to talk like every day & now I don't remember the last time we even did! Feel free to text me anytime, I miss hearing from ya! :)  Ellie Lamberty
thanks! and will do(:
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Tbh we haven't really talked much but that should change because you seem really nice! Hmu sometime!:)  Britten Blount
thanks and ok (:
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