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She's already cheated on u ,u dumb ass
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He's whipped enough to go back to a girl who practically cheated on him? What's that proving to her. ... NOTHING just the fact that she can do what ever the fuck she wants and he doesn't care
Practically cheated? Wuttttt she texted him hahaha wtf.
let's get the fuckin straight. I know for a fact that Carter would never be whipped. you anons are actually funny thinking that he would be. hahaha  Alex Nichifor
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Who was it that brody stole from you?
He didn't steal anyone from meee
Carter that doesn't matter if you go back to her it just proves that she can do anything and say anything she wants and you will come right back don't let her push you around
Oh anon haha
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You know what I'm saying? So in a way she didn't care about how you felt at all and that's the fucked up part
Ehhh we were going through a rough patch that week soo that's why.
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Dude but give him a beak she knew she was I to a relationship .. He didn't intend to hurt you but a phone works both ways ... So not this is the after fact and she's sorry when really she's the one that fucked up
Very true anon very true
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Carter where have you been I miss you  Peyton Fox
Playing ball. See ya soon hopefully!
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You're a faggot if you have no respect for Brody
There must be a lot of faggots out there then
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what happened between you and Brody?
He flirts with girls that have boyfriends and that just ain't right.
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you don't like brody?
I have zero respect for the guy.
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you and brody gonna fight?
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Oh anon
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Tbh wtf carter I haven't seen you in forever. You're hilarious and super fun to hangout with. Let's hang soon!  Summer Ericson
Yes. You da bomb summer
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tbh we've hung out like once with chimp and ruet and your funny and chill as hell..we should hang soon  Alex King
Thanks dude. And Yeah let's do it.
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tbh ur a stud at everything u do and the best to hangout with  Logan Melstad
Thanks dude. When your ungrounded let's hang!
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Are you going to Jazz Fest today?
No I have baseball
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What happened to Bergan
She died
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are you and Alex still friends?
idk were not close anymore
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Tbh carterrrr you seem like a really nice & cool guy but we've only talked a few times! Let's kick it soon :)  Megan Nolan
thank you and Yeah hopefully see you soon(:
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Tbh you are Bergen are so cute! You are a stud at sports! You are really funny & nice! We should hangout sometime!  Kylie Madrid
thanks and definitely!
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What are your plans for the summer?
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omg carter shut up  Avery Thorson
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Tbh I haven't seen or talked to you in foreveeeeeer haha you're good at baseball and from what I hear everything else haha yeah.. Miss ya & hopefully see you soon!  Avery Thorson
get it with Justin yet?(;
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