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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
My mans arms
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Ootd pap?
Ootd pap?
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Sorry for hitting you with a soccer ball...  Joi Thorarensen
Nbd man
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Happy birthday  Tyler
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is it your birthday?
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Only you live once?
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Just list them!!
List what
sup gurllll
Not muchh
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People you know from stow? list alll
Too many
5 hottest stow guys in your grade
Idk they're all hotties
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Closest guy + girl friends??
Prob cam and justin
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If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
Justin Bieber
Favorite 7th graders?
I'm friends with a lot of them
Who's your best FREIND in sixth grade
Uhh prob the kids from track
What's your number
Not going to put it on here
I like pizza
Does your sister work at classic pizza
Hottest guys from Bolton in your grade
Justin and graham..?
Whos Mr v and what did he write
He is the guidance counselor and basketball coach and he wrote something personal
Which ones?
There's a lot
Does your BEST fc team do any tournaments?
what was 1 of the best signatures/ notes you got in your year book?
Most of my close friends wrote really thoughtful ones.. And mr.v wrote something that meant a lot to me.
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Hottest guys from lancaster
Uhh idk
Hottest guys from bolton
My grade?
How to find true love?
It finds you