Charlotte Dempsey
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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?

My mans arms

Sorry for hitting you with a soccer ball...

Joi Thorarensen

Nbd man

Happy birthday



is it your birthday?



Only you live once?

Just list them!!

List what

sup gurllll

Not muchh

People you know from stow? list alll

Too many

5 hottest stow guys in your grade

Idk they're all hotties

Closest guy + girl friends??

Prob cam and justin

If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?

Justin Bieber

Favorite 7th graders?

I'm friends with a lot of them

Who's your best FREIND in sixth grade

Uhh prob the kids from track

What's your number

Not going to put it on here

I like pizza


Does your sister work at classic pizza


Hottest guys from Bolton in your grade

Justin and graham..?

Whos Mr v and what did he write

He is the guidance counselor and basketball coach and he wrote something personal

Which ones?

There's a lot

Does your BEST fc team do any tournaments?


what was 1 of the best signatures/ notes you got in your year book?

Most of my close friends wrote really thoughtful ones.. And mr.v wrote something that meant a lot to me.

Hottest guys from lancaster

Uhh idk

Hottest guys from bolton

My grade?

How to find true love?

It finds you