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they've all accepted your stripperdom



I come back to this goddamn website after months and I have 0 questions wtf


Hahah me too once I moved & got a boyfriend everyone stopped bothering to talk to/about me

Itty bitty titties?


why are u so fucking sexy!!!

I don't know :x

i miss you

Idk who you are?

any real feminist would throw up after seeing you. youre a fucking disgrace

You're really hurting my feelings, wow.

hi!! how many female politicians have been strippers? how many meaningful feminists have been strippers? wow ur making a difference. i bet ur parents are pissed!

aw, you're right. I'm such a TERRIBLE feminist, using the body I was born with to work a job I love in order to afford school. I make more money than college graduates. Figure out what being a feminist means and hit me up again, you sad miserable prick <3

If your self esteem is as low as it sounds like on social media, I don't think this website is a good idea to be a part of. Bullying is unbecoming and not uplifting. People deserve better, including you, and deleting this trash would be a good idea..

My self esteem is actually pretty rad, thanks for being so considerate of my feelings wow.

whats ur tumblr?


You're cute. You should post more pictures.

Thank you! Just follow me on IG

Make me #4

Oh my

Take it meow. I don't want it. I want you to have my v card

you'd be surprised how many times I've heard that.

Feel better. Alright? Alright. You deserve to be happy. I know life might be shit right now but I want you to be happy.

Thank you<3

I think you are stunning and these people that are calling Chris a pedophile and all sorts of other demeaning things do deserve to be stabbed in the neck with your stiletto. They think they are high and mighty because you don't know who they are. But they are very low.

Seriously thank you. I'm glad these pricks feel cool hiding behind a computer and harassing me over something I'm actually struggling with.

But you were in love. Right? You fell in love after a few weeks. And he was your everything. Now you're over it and posting things about being single online. You're an idiot.

You don't know me, I'm nowhere near over it. But I'm a resilient as fuck out of necessity. So back off you horrible prick.

That still didn't answer my question though.

If you were referring to Chris, I love him more than any guy I know. I just can't accept being treated like less than a partner and a priority, so I had to commit the soul crushing act of breaking up with him. Satisfied?

I thought you were in love with that pedophile looking guy? I guess we fall in love after a few weeks and get over love in a few days. Harlot.

You're a repulsive being, you know nothing about my life so shut your mouth before I do it for you, xoxo have a nice day.

Take my v card meow.

Mmm virgins, my fave

why do you have an ask.fm?

I'm not quite sure. It never gets flooded anymore so I sort of forgot about it.

why do you post nude pictures of yourself on social media?

I love my body and I think it's fun to post artistic photos of it on the Internet. If I was pretty enough id actually love to dabble in modeling.

You already used that threat down below. Get some new material.

Stop being a repulsive human.

Your boyfriend looks like a pedophile with those glasses. And he's a fat fuck. You can do better. Have some self-respect.

you best hope I never see your face, because my stiletto will be through your throat.

Fuck you dick.

I don't understand

women have small brains

you have a small penis, if any.


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