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say hi to me and grant if u see us
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i would rap with him although id probably get like boo'd off the stage lol
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tonight yep
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Which concert
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Is the concert tonight? Are you excited?πŸ˜ƒ
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Elise or Diana ?
i feel like diana does more damage but elise is more broken because of her cocoon and rappel
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Will you go to Zedd's concert in Orlando ?β€Ž  Gabriel Vitti
no but ill be at the one in atlanta
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Are u playing assassins creed unity right now
i got off like 20 minutes ago
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i bet that kid that plays carl on twd is such a nerd
he is
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what does chandler mean
candle maker
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thought on the 1975 mmmm
i like having the deluxe version of their album just like in the background while i do hw or whatever but i only really enjoy a couple of their songs
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are you seeing twenty one pilots in Atlanta this weekβ€Ž  jasmin
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what's your fav song by them?β€Ž  justis elliott
probably grow old
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What are you doing right now?
listening to the electric mantis remix of hear the bells by porter robinson from the new worlds remixed album which is v good
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Dude, you should listen to The Naked and Famous. I have a feeling you might like them!β€Ž  Alisha is a bean
lol ive been listening to them for months and i really really really like their stuff
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but how would you not burn up on the sun?β€Ž  Maddie Waters
that's the point like i teleport into the sun so i die and dont have to do my homework
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If you could teleport, where would you go?
the sun so i dont have to do my homework
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When is Brianna's birthday??? PLEASE ANSWERβ€Ž  Sarah Guyn
december 23rd 1997
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Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?
if they smile at me, sure. idk it just seems rude to like not acknowledge someones presence when theyre like announcing it to you visually
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Please give Jessie a call and request for a haircut. ( particularly as short as season 4) Thank you
we dont have phones in the apocalypse
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The moon looked pretty damn intense last night do you know what the hell was wrong with it because dayum
it's been super cloudy and depressing for the past couple days in ga so i didnt get to see it
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チゑンデレル <---- your name in Japanese! You say it: Chandelerlu! *Random fact of the day*
that's actually pretty cool since i might be going to japan this winter
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business cat... rly chandler
it was funny
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U should call ‎@chandler_riggs1 out for being fake
i have before but that person wont stop
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I ran upstairs to grab my phone to take pictures of the lunar ellipse before a storm came, and then I face planted to floor & missed it πŸ˜‘β€Ž  Michael Scofield
nasa says it wont be like completely visible until 9:07pm est, lasting to like a bit past midnight
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