Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Georgia, USA
Actor in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, Stephen King's Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie slayer.

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Sorry about rengar :( but I'm glad aether (Arthur?) is loving :)  Kimberly Temple
thanks...yeah its aether (pronounced ay-thur), he is the
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Why did you delete the picture of your cat?  Kimberly Temple
soon after we got him, we couldnt get him out from under my bed...we eventually realized after him not wanting to be scratched, held, or anything, he would hide and you could only get him out by forcing him. the place we got him at kinda pressured me into buying rengar, when i wasnt sure...they had a 3 day money back policy, so my parents and i decided to take him back. i didnt want to, he was a great cat, but he just isnt for us, and we werent for him. he enjoys where he is now, at the store, but we hope a family will love him as he needs to. my brother got a cat at the same time i did, named aero, and he's the kind of kitten you expect (playful, eats a lot, affectionate), and my mom and i sought out to find another kitten, because ive been asking for one ever since wolfie ran away 2 years ago. today, we took home aether. he's super affectionate, not as much playful, but not skiddish, and im very happy with him. ill be posting about him on instagram soon, so spread the word on what happened to rengar.
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Was your poem about Hana? It was really beautiful by the way.  QuoteNsleep
yas and thank you soooo much one of my good friends, a person i follow on instagram, my lit teacher from last year, and my love for hana make up my inspiration for writing so i kinda just copy their format and throw in some of my stuff that i like and do some more stuffs n thangs and boom we have a poem lol
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I took wolfie!!!  Chandler Is Bae
how could you...
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Have any advice for beginners in LoL???  Vicky Anchieta
play yi and get penta
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STILL WAITING FOR THAT PICTURE OF ME(im wolfie)  Wolfie Chandler's Lost Cat
yeah i have no clue lol
ill have to look on my old computer
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Can you beat box? xD  chloeroyxlchandler
i wish
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Are you taller then your dad  Kevin Birkeland Preus
nah he's 5'10, im only 5'4 or 5'5 lol
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idk my ask is glitched it shows questions from days ago sometimes
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who cares if your cover photo is black, black is cool lml  Casy✌
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What do you think of Azir ?  Axel
i havent had time to play him on the normal client, but i played him on pbe and he was incredibly overpowered
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#voteAdairsville  Carley
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but if hana was with you... did she go at school last week? D:  Bianca Macchiuz Sforza
no no i had last week off from school
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does Carl act like more of a man this season, acting more like Rick?  davis lemke
i think he was pretty mature even last season lol
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How did you and Hana meet?  FayeBanay
set of mercy
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What for you is the best gift?  Mur
a plane ticket to la to see hana
i really cant think of a better gift than that tbh
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you've called my account hilarious but have never liked a picture i cry  hayley
because i dont want people to think im cocky or whatever, when liking pictures of myself lol
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What's hana's middle name?
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Are u allowed to kiss your fans on the cheeks
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oh wait did u get the ask update for cover phots
i updated it a few minutes ago but i have an android so it might not show up
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:-(( when did u send it in ;-)
last night lol
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Do u think season 5 of twd will be the most "heavy"?  SARAH
fo sho
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Your cover photo is all black :-/
cover photo on what?
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which one did u send in
that is for you guys to figure out
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