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What do you think of bagels?  Eileen Quinn Barton
i think theyre pretty good
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no offense but i hope ur having a great night  ! ! ! !
im so offended why would u say that
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How much do you weigh
like 125-130?
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What's the girls name that u followed in the woods on twd
her character name is enid but her real name is katelyn nacon
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last test that you've done in your school?  Gabriel Vitti
a quiz for ap physics
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do you play fnaf lol
no ive never played it actually
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do you play cs:go??  saltybri
nope sorry satan
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What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to u?!... PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER CHANDLER!!!!!  Taylin Hunter
when i was in mexico i had my butt grabbed by a fangirl twice
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Do u like taking photos?
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im surprised u finally got a pic of aether  ! ! ! !
it took me so long to get that photo
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they wont let you skydive?!  Katrina♡
no and im not aloud to fly in a non-commercial jet unless it's like hired or approved by amc or something
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does your contract annoy you sometimes?
yeah because i kinda want to go skydiving
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darn is 64 2 young then  ! ! ! !
no that's perfect 😍😍😍
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Youngest youd date?
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gr8 or gr9?
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Please look up puppies that look like fried chicken
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you awake?
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what's Brianna's ask?? .
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in season 1 when Jim is tied up to the tree and Carl and sophia are leaving the table and you're running and you fall, was that scripted or did you accidentally fall down
no i accidentally fell down and they decided to use that shot lol
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like 2 years ago i think
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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
definitely an introvert lol
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you play the piano?? i never knew that ohmyglob
i dont actually i just wanted to learn how to play that song so i taught myself lol
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can you rap?
heck no
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can you play goner on piano cause i can :^))))  kat
kinda! im having trouble with the very last four chords in the song but other than that i have most of it down pretty well
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can you rap heavydirtysoul?
heck yes
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