Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Georgia, USA
Actor in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, Stephen King's Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie slayer.
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What's the last book you read?
the girl on the train, reading dark places right now
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do you have blood ?
uh i would hope so
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why has carl barely had any lines this season ;-;
ask the writers lol
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Which famous person have you met or been close to?
andrew lincoln's pretty cool
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#Seriousquestionoftheday What happens to you if you go back in time, change something, then try to go back but at that point in time you left at, you have died?
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do you think carl will ever get a chance to be a leader of the group when hes oldler?  Jordan Sammutt
tbh he'd probably still be the baby holder until rick dies
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I love your singing lol
i literally sound like a mix of angry monkeys and dying whales
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Do you play Xbox360?
i used to, yeah
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Do you ever wish you weren't famous?
every now and then
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Are you into sports?  Brandon Trondle
nah not really
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Why do you like to act?
because i enjoy being other people and creating them and just forgetting about all my problems and becoming a whole new person
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I just finished Looking for Alaska...
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what app do you use to get the white boarders on your Instagram photos?
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T-dog is actually Carl's sisters dad, plot twist I know
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i want to meet all five sets of twins that play judith at a con tbh  ! ! ! !
well one of them is now like 3 years old
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What's hanas middle name
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were you ever into anime  ! ! ! !
back in the day yeah
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Emmy kinney was your girlfriend
uh no she's like 13 years older than me
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do you have your notifications on for instagram?
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You and hana are Alaska and Miles
alaska has brown hair though
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have you ever watched submarine bc i saw it on your tumblr  ! ! ! !
it came on at like 1am in a hotel and i was so confused but i enjoyed it
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how many hats do you own  ! ! ! !
two probably
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Are you going to read the perks of being a wallflower?  McKayla H.
once i finish dark places, yup
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Do you feel famous? Does it have some sort of feeling to it? Or do you feel like a normal kid that acts?  Michelle Paradis
i feel like a normal kid lol
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does Hana like your singing  ! ! ! !
no one likes my singing
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