i know dude look at my yearbook picture this year it's sad

can u wish me happy bday or reply w a dank meme??? ! ! ! !

ill do both happy bday!!

Are you sing Neon Dreams? In youtube appear a song with an account call "Chandler Riggs Vevo" and for me this is stranger •Soff•

lol that's definitely not me

you should totally try the new sc update with bri's face Ingie


please dont ever dab again thanks

the guy asked me to do it in the photo op with him but whoever posted the original just cropped him out lol

so i just got diagnosed with depression and honestly i need a little cheering up. post a meme or a funny video of you hitting sam or something.

i gotchu

whos matthew glazier

gray's older brother

There's a snapchat that's pretending to be you (its Ghostrider) and he's trying to get a bunch of credit card information. He's telling people that he can give them an all paid luxury weekend only if he has their credit info. Just wanted to let you know before it gets out of hand. Kiersten

yeah that is definitely not me and really not cool. dont believe anyone who says they're me

that picture of u and brianna is the cutest thing

lol it was from like 5 months ago but thank u

wait why are you only coming to Nashville for Sunday? I'm sorry if you said it somewhere else btw. and how much is a picture with you? anistyn

i have the act on saturday lol. im not sure, but all the prices are on the walker stalker website


woah chill i just got like an inch cut off lmao

Did you talk to "Trevor" about GTA V/ask anything about it when you met him on the TWD set?

yeah and it was so weird because like for the past 2 years i had known him as like a heartless maniac and then when i was talking to him he was being all sentimental and emotional about missing his family and stuff lmao

your taste in music has changed so much, it used to be fob, tøp & p!atd and now it's like floss and like remixes @badassriggs - ig

i never liked fob much but ive really enjoyed edm for the past like 4 years, and it's constantly shifted between alt and edm

last music you heard in your phone? Gabriel Vitti

nghtmre - burn out

is it true you and brianna have broken up?

nope, seeing her today actually

Don't you think you need a hair cut? I mean you look handsome but just wanna know

yeah ima get it cut on tuesday to how it was during that photoshoot a few months ago

whyd you block me on ig?? shailz

bc u said rude things about my gf for no reason lol

Lol bro. Why the same shirt as last year's Easter pic?? Kale Kahwaji

bc i like that shirt


like 5'6

Halsey and Skrillex and harmonizing and it's so amazinngggggg Allison Pate

it was so cute i loved it

You should tune into OWSLA radio right now Curt and Halsey and Skrillex are hosting it RN Allison Pate

i missed the first hour but it's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

why did you cancel Thursday at Salt Lake City comic con thing? kayla

i have school lol

ill give you a weapon of mass destruction olivia valentine

take that osama

r u on spring break ! ! ! !

no not for another couple of weeks or so :/

it is so confusing for real... the fake accounts of you, give us fans hope that you answer our questions! :'( have you tried to do something against it... Lotta Anniina

yeah all of my social media accounts have a check (given by the company, not like the check emoji or something) by the name to show people that the account is verified and legit


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