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Do you know pear?
Yes you do
No I don't
it's not darby, nice t-shirt you have on by the way
I don't have a Tshirt on but thx
I have a converse fetish plz
Ok Darby
Cbff soz
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Because I really want to get some but I want to see what the look like on someone pls
I don't have a pic hahah
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Can u pls post a pap in your converses
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Y r U such A Yolo Bitch  Liam Lamont
Thx fgt
What is one thing you will never do again?
loosest guys and gals at caitlins?
Obviously me and my crew
Why do people kill each other?
Because yolo
you're such a gorgeous girl
Aw Ty Ty
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do you have a tumblr?? what iss itttt
did you hook up at Caitlin's
Did ur mum hook up at caitlins
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Nah Cherry's gay  Jason Cacharron
Nah I don't think soloo
thoughts on cherry
Yes it was you, don't lie
I'm not lying
Who was that guy you were with at the movies the other night?
I haven't been to the movies in quite a while, don't think that was me ahahha
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Who is the boss in your house?
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thoughts on ash collier
Such a nice girl, heaps pretty and in most of my classes :)
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Thoughts on Leon Whittaker???
Pretty cool skater boy
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-3/10  Scott Brooks
Thanks xxxx
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What do you think people think of you?
Don't know
name at least 3