Cheyenneee @cheyennebrezzy
Cheyenneee @cheyennebrezzy
Earth lmao
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What was the last argument you had?
i haven't had one in a loooooooooonnnnnnggggggg time , lol happy go lucky over here .
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Would you turn bi?
lmao nah , don't get blocked now .
What junk food could you never give up?
salt and vinegar chips & sour patch kids
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Opinion on me? (sent to everyone I follow)  £Titty God¥
I'm lateee ; but uh I guess you're cute lol
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Have you ever played tennis?
Nah b
first to like get a tbh and 5 likes
Sureeeeeeeee . Why not
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favorite postion?
The one where my dad was deep in your mom lmfao
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lightskin, brownskin, or darkskin?
Are you asking me my preference ?
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I just wanna inform y'all when you got somebody good hold on to them.  Taylor
ik , had to learn that the hard way
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i kinda don't feel like it . #sorrynotsorry
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go like ‎@inyobitchh recent pic
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have you ever smelled yourself and said damn i stink?
Fuh no hahaha
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suck dick or eat thrown up
Again .. Byeeeeeee lol
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Fat pussi or nah
Omg goodbye
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What's the best comfort food?
cookiesssssssssss ;)
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Whats your username on chatous?
i don't have one .. sorry
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Go follow my new instagram ‎@princetaylorrr
lol how bout you follow me on ig ‎@cheyenne_breezy
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Go follow my ole dude ‎@inyobitchh  Taylor
lol okayy (:
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Honesty Hour.. ask me anything you want  Taylor
lol i'm lateee ..
first to like get 10 likes
shore . why not
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When was the last time you tried something new?
Yesterday (;
i would come to your house, but I think you're Busy
lolololol goodbye
I would love to cut your pubic hair and save them in my room and smell them every time I am horny
Dafuckkkkkkkkk ?
Creepy ass questions LOOOOOL  Ralphy Perez
LOL I'm sayinnnn
but aw ralphy I miss you
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