Atikah @chick96
Atikah @chick96
East London
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you're always in the canteen. so am i
Loool not always. Only breaks and ohh thats cool
Lool do i know u?
what college do you go?
Lsc. Wbu
how old are you?
What is your best feature?
Don't have one
Just accept the truth.
Loool I haveee! Which is why im saying i ain't. Pls i know more about myself
But I am... I'm asking you
Lool seriously i really am not
Is it easy being buff?
LOL ask someone who's buff innit. I wudnt know
Where do you work?
Looool dw
do you think you're bad
No way
are you working
do u actually go to lesson or do u just jam in canteen all day lol
I have 100% attendance. Just saying
haveu or r u startin to lose any friends?
No im making new friends but Alhumdulillah i haven't lost any friends
What makes you really nervous?
Nearly everything uno
Which type of people annoy you?
Fake people
U think ur buff #KY
Complete opposite. U don't know me so don't chat wet
You chill too much
Say swear
i know one, i saw him on islam channel, and then he wished u happy birthday on twitter
Yehh thats one of my cousin's
Loool do u even know them?
What was limbads first name , i keep forgetting
Lool there were two limbada's. Which one u talking bout
Limbada, u know anyone
Limbada's left. I got a different cousin now
No. You look exactly alike
Oh pleasee. We don't
What about your sister?
Yehh her aswell. Why?
What's the difference between u and your twin?
Alottt! We look completely different