Atikah @chick96
Atikah @chick96
East London
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What's the best dating advice you have?
To not date. Best thing
can we be friends on fb or whatsapp ?
LOOL do i know u??
Was it a silverspoon kind of night today? ;) LOOOL  Aneesa Idris
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LOL safe u come out with the most random phrases woman!
LOOOOL oh swear?? Lmao thats me innit :D
What dooes being catfished mean??
LMAO means u get lied to innit
good. sorry for the awkward questions
LOOL no worries. I'm used to having asked awkward questions
do you cry often?
Looool sometimes. Alhumdulillah im grateful for everything tho
not worrying just curious to know
Looool nice. And just some personal problems
what did you cry about?
LOL don't worry
~uktii smile its sunnah
Looool im smiling yo
when was the last time you cried? answer honestly
LOL honestly a few days ago
just wondering.
Lmaoo cool
if someone was into you would you want them to tell you or leave it?
Looool i don't know actually. It's up to them if they wanted to tell me. Why?
don't say that. there might be. you don't know.
LOL doubt there is and i don't even know bare people
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do u ever wonder if someone is into you from college.
Lmaoo nah. Don't think there wud be
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
The Qur'an
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first liker gets 25likes and rest 2?
Sorry na akh or ukht
U dnt tweet much! Lmaaoo cheeze spud xD
LOOOOL i swear i tweet baressss! Thats why i stopped haha
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Cheez spud is fistbump? LOOOOOL dead. Yeah i do
LOOOL yhyh and madtinggg lool
like 3 of my answers and follow me - & I'll send you a gift I promise! love you. xo :)  China McClain
Lmao sorry x
Cheeze spud? Wuts dt lulz. Surti innit *fistbump*
LOOOOL fistbump is the same thing haha dyu follow me on Twitter??
Guji by blood fam
Cheeez spud meh. Haha surti or bharuchi?
Tarelu <3
LOOOL meaning ur guji right coz no one really knows what tarelu is haha