Atikah @chick96
Atikah @chick96
East London
Ah. Salmon skin roll | Twitter: Mzatikah
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
why not
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okayy calm dowwwwnnn my little fucker
Looooooool I love u man. 😘😘😘
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loool more like S I S T E R ' S!!
LOOL we're still boys g
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Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?
act spontaneously coz yolo
what about the pani to my puri ? or the daar to my chaawal ?
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no i was gonna say the mango to my mango lassi
looool mango lassi is buff still
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the ras to my rasmalai ?
Loool nah u shuda said the chapatti to my curry
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will u be the biscoot to my chai
loooool hello but I ain't no biskoot 🌚
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its me
thanks u gave me so much info
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u know me well, you call me Bae
Looool now why wud I call u poop 😂
thank you x
Hello but who even is this 😂😂
will u be mine
whyofcourse anon 🌚
who is your best friend or someone u consider your sister
a special person
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lol who did you catch feelings for
Don't worry 🌚
do you even like anyone lol
Everyone catches feelings
Name your bae :))
bae means shit in danish and I'm sorry I don't name my poop :(
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What motivates you?
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Heyy you are cute :$ Add me on KIK: milky482
Sfe but nah. Soz
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whose ur closest friends?
I only got family 👌
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purple suits you
Sfe sfe
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i love you, you little piece of ..
ily2 and little piece of heaven? aw u shudnt have 🌚
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Ur so cool ffs  Aneesa Idris
I know tenkyou tenkyou
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What is the last thing you picked up from the floor?
my dignity
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Where do you meet new people?
In new places