Atikah @chick96
Atikah @chick96
East London
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Have you watched batman
Of course. One of the best films ever
Whose your nigguhh
lool couple mans
opinions on the charlie hebdo attacks?
Don't believe anything the media is saying
Do you always have break
Lol my timetable is so shit this year. Long breaks
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skype id?
Na don't use it
I am following Ya, can u follow back ? < 3 Like ur pictures and answers! < 333  Rosa Papagei. ♥
You're beautiful Atikah.  Sharjeel Ahmed
Na but thanks
Are u shy?
With people i don't usually talk to, yesss very
do you go lsc?
What university are you going to?
There's time for that still
What kind of dish can you make/cook?
nearly everything
personally, im a muslim and i think abortion should be allowed in SOME cases. just my opinion though sorry
No need to say sorry. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just believe it's wrong to kill an embryo just because it doesn't have a say in it you get me. I respect other people's views tho
Canteen or library?
i dont understand the question
few questions... whats your opinion on abortion? whats Islams opinion about abortion? If a woman is raped should she be allowed to get an abortion?
To be honest i think that Abortion is wrong. Totally wrong. I don't understand how abortion is allowed but when a pregnant woman is murdered it is considered a double homicide. Isn't this the same as an abortion yet the mother passes away aswell. In islam only Allah has the power to take someones life. I don't know specifically about if an abortion is allowed when raped but in Islam i believe one should not kill the embryo. There are just somethings that you can't do and this is one if them
Lool nope
What time did you finish today
Normal time
Cute x
Not even
Why don't u tweet asmuch now?
Cannot be asked
What is your favorite season?
Which is your favorite TV show?
Which languages do you understand or speak?
Guji, urdu, English, hindi
you're always in the canteen. so am i
Loool not always. Only breaks and ohh thats cool