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Please note, CHILDREN AT RISK receives a high volume of questions and requests during the annual release of the School Rankings. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.
Questions about the School Rankings?
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I don't see Harmony School of Advance. Is there a reason they are not listed in your rankings?
We try to rank as many schools as possible. However, in some cases we are missing some of the data necessary to calculate rankings for some schools, and they must be excluded. This is in no way a reflection of their performance.
I know it's a newer HS, five years, but Vandegrift (Leander ISD) doesn't show in your rankings for Austin area high schools. US News gives them a Gold rating, #41 overall for Texas schools. Also, Vandegrift ranks #3 only behind Westlake and Westwood for Austin public high schools.
We make an effort to rank every single school. However, in some cases we are missing data necessary to calculate rankings, and schools must be excluded. We were not able to collect graduation rate data for Vandegrift High School in 2013, so we were unable to rank them. We hope to have all the data next year.
Curious as to why Condit Elementary was ranked #9 city #30 state in 2013, but dropped all the way to #67 city #235 state in 2014? Thanks.
Because of changes to the methodology, we do advise against directly comparing this year's School Rankings to previous years' results. Of course in a relative ranking system, when a campus ranking drops it may not be that the campus is performing worse; it may simply be that other campuses are doing better.
For Condit Elementary, the percentage of students scoring at the Advanced level on STAAR did go down in both Reading and Math since last year.
How is it that the BISD school district can earn an "acceptable" TEA accountability rating and yet the Children's At Risk rating was a "D", barely above an "F"? How does one reconcile the two test results? From what I've seen of BISD, the CAR rating more closely approximates its performance.
Under the current TEA accountability rating system, all schools that do not fall below the very minimum "Improvement Required" standard are considered acceptable. This does not allow for differentiation- "A" schools and "D" schools are all lumped together in the same "Met Standard" category.
greater private high school in houston 2014
At this time we do not rank private schools.
Anthony Middle School in Anthony ISD can be found on our Texas Middle School Ranking List. It received a "D" letter grade.
clements high school
Clements High School in Fort Bend ISD can be found on our Greater Houston School Rankings list. It received an "A" grade.
I was told at a meeting on 7/31/2014 at East Austin College Prep that you made a mistake on the rankings for the school and were asked to fix it. They stated at the meeting that it was updated to a B- put I still see them ranked as an F. Is this accurate?
The School Rankings that are published on the CHILDREN AT RISK website are the most current, accurate rankings. The East Austin College Prep Academy is ranked as an F.
Hello, why private schools are not ranked? how can we compare private and public institutions? Thank you very much, Laurisvel Ferraz
We use publicly available data from the Texas Education Agency, which only includes public schools. Unfortunately, similar data for private schools is very difficult to access.
Why do North Forest schools not appear in rankings?
North Forest ISD schools do appear in the Greater Houston rankings as well as the statewide rankings.
I noticed that the Plano ISD schools were missing from the 2014 high school rankings. Was that just an oversight or did they request to be removed from the research study?
Neither- unfortunately we were missing data necessary to rank the Plano ISD high schools. The Plano ISD elementary and middle schools are ranked.
How do I distinguish in the 2014 School Rankings Report for San Antonio the charter schools from the public schools for elementary and middle schools?
At the bottom of the San Antonio School Rankings page ( you'll see links to download the "full data files" for each grade level. These excel files include a Y/N column for charter schools.
How is it possible for KIPP Austin College Prep to be ranked number 2 in middle schoools last year and then this year its 59? Different measurements?
There were differences in the methodology this year, and as a result we advise against direct comparison of this year's School Rankings to previous years' results. Read more about this year's methodology here:
I would like to know why Dulles High School is not ranked as one of the top 10 Math and Science Schools. Dulles has won the State UIL in Math and Science for the past 3 years. This year we have a United States Winner in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. We are ranked as 4th in the US in physics.
We just posted the full STEM files on our website (, and Dulles is ranked as the #14 STEM school in Houston, which is very commendable!
Ann Richards is not ranked in your high school list. Their first graduating class was in 2013, so there should be data. The school includes grades 6-12, so it should be on a middle school list and on a high school list. Thanks
Unfortunately there tends to be a lag time in reporting that data. As soon TEA can provide graduation data for that campus, we will rank it. Hopefully next year.
In Austin, seems like Harmony Science Academy is not ranked this year and Lasa was not ranked in 2013. Is this correct?
That is correct. There are Harmony campuses on the 2014 Austin Middle School list though.
how can i find information about Rice CISD for 2014?
Rice CISD can be found in our statewide lists on our website here:
Why was Vandergrift High School in Austin not ranked? It is coming up as a good school?
We try to rank as many schools as possible. However, in some cases we are missing some of the data necessary to calculate rankings for some schools, and they must be excluded. This is in no way a reflection of their performance.
You stated that you used: "The most recently available from TEA, which are from the 2012-2013 school year" But I am wondering where I would be able to examine the same data? Information via AEIS reports on the TEA website only goes to 2011-12.
The AEIS system has transitioned into the new TAPR system. That 2012-2013 data can be found here:
How are rankings for school districts determined?
Districts are ranked using the same criteria as the campuses. You can find more detailed information in our methodology report here:
I am an administrator for Port Neches-Groves ISD. I was looking at both the 2013 and 2014 and I don't see any of our campuses listed in 2013, only 2014. Can you tell me why?
We did rank the Port Neches-Groves ISD middle and high school campuses in 2013, but we were unable to rank the elementary schools. We make an effort to rank every school, but sometimes are missing necessary data. This used to be common with schools that have split campuses like grades K-3 and grades 4-5, as in Port Neches-Groves ISD. However this year we adjusted the methodology to be able to rank more schools, including those with fewer grades.
What about Boerne ISD?
Boerne ISD schools can be found in our statewide files on our website here:
What information is missing that you weren't able to rank Brennan High? They made a national list of best schools.
We were missing graduation rate data.
How is NISD's Dr John Folks Middle School ranked?
We try to rank as many schools as possible. However, in some cases we are missing some of the data necessary to calculate rankings for some schools, and they must be excluded.
which year of STAAR test scores were used for the report?
The most recently available from TEA, which are from the 2012-2013 school year.