Please note, CHILDREN AT RISK receives a high volume of questions and requests during the annual release of the School Rankings. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.
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Questions about the School Rankings?
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When will you release the 2014 rankings?
The 2014 rankings will be released in the different metro areas between April 27th and May 18th.
Mitchell Intermediate ,the woodlands,Conroe isd
We were unable to rank Mitchell Intermediate school because it only serves 5th and 6th grade, and we need more data than that to rank it. We make an effort to pair intermediate schools with the junior high they feed into, but that's not always possible.
Could not find Rainard School on your lists.
The Rainard School is a private school, and we only rank public schools at this time.
Can not find the ranking for Aguirre Jr High on Channelview ISD.
Aguirre Junior High School hasn't been ranked in the past because it was too new. We need several years of data to be able to rank a school. Look for it in our new rankings coming out this April!
Where can I find the master data base list you used for the map?
If you visit the School Rankings pages on and scroll below the maps, you can download the "full data files". These files will have all the addresses used on the maps.
I am looking for the Rice School in HISD, but I do not see it on your list. What does that mean?
The Rice School can be found on the Middle School list, because it goes through grade 8.
Where can I find the master data base list you used for the map?
You can download the full data files from our website here: Choose your region to the right, then scroll down to the full data file link just above the map.
I was unable to find a thorough explanation of Math and Reading scores percentages. Please explain.  Евдокимов Александр
I'm assuming you mean the Math/Reading Gains Scores, not the STAAR indicators. The Gains Scores represent growth over time. The score is based on how much students at that campus improved from the prior year on math and reading standardized tests. The score is actually a normal curve equivalent, not a percentage- so a score of 50 represents the average. Above 50 is above average and below 50 is below average.
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when were the 2013 rankings released?
May 2013.
The rankings for every ISD in the state can be found on our website here:
how did you deal with retention rate and class size when creating composite indicator in the school ranking analysis? like reverse coding or something? they should have negative effect on the final ranking, right?
Correct. For the retention and class size indicators smaller is better, so we multiply those z-scores by "-1" to reverse code them.
if possible, I would suggest your service try to include magnet programs in San Antonio that are within the high schools. HCA and ISA are separate schools and highly regarded, but some magnets are not separate, yet also highly regarded. Doing so might give parents of future students more options.
Thanks for your feedback! That is a good point and certainly something for us to consider.
I don't even see my son's high school on this list. According to U.S. News' recent ranking, the Liberal Arts & Science Academy (LASA) ranked 68 in the nation and 14 in the state. Why doesn't the school appear on this list? Thanks! Renee Voss
Missing data. If a campus is missing one or more data points, we cannot rank it.
Why isn't Elsa England school in RRISD not ranked?
England Elementary is brand new this year, and there is not enough data available to rank them yet. Usually schools need to be open for at least three years before we have enough data to rank them.
Why are the charter schools not included in the rankings?
We rank all public schools, including magnets and charters. Any charter school that has all of the data is included in the rankings.
Why isn't Claudia Taylor Johnson High School in North East ISD. not ranked?
Missing data. If a campus is missing one or more data points, we cannot rank it.
Why isn't Austin ISD's Eastside Memorial HS included in the rankings?
Missing data. If a campus is missing one or more data points, we cannot rank it.
Why is Vandegrift High School in the Leander ISD in Austin again not ranked? Last year, "lack of data" was cited. Shouldn't all public schools be included in your rank? You pull data from TEA, which should have (or have access to) the relevant data. We would like to see how all schools score.
We strive to rank all public schools, but occasionally we don't have access to all the latest data we need, even from TEA. We will make a special note to to investigate what is missing for Vandegrift to ensure it can be ranked next year.
Why wasn't Boerne ISD included in the San Antonio metropolitan rankings?
Boerne ISD is not included in our 6-county Greater San Antonio area, but it is included in the statewide rankings which will be released on our website on 5/22. Check back then!
Where are the south east Texas schools? Beaumont, port Arthur, Nederland , port neches ISD's
Please check our website ( tomorrow (Wednesday 5/22) for the release of our statewide rankings, which will include all districts in the state!
Because you use a distributive "grading" process, won't lifting "F" schools up, simply push other "C" and "D" schools down? In other words, every school could improve, but you would still have "F" schools because your rankings are relative.
While the rankings themselves are relative, we specifically made sure the grading scale was not. Because of the way we set cut points for each grade, it's possible for as many schools as meet the criteria to get A's, and no schools will get F's just to round out the curve. For more information on the grading scale, please check out the methodology report on our website
how is Morton Ranch Jr. High ranked?
To see a full listing of all the schools ranked in Houston, please download the files located on our website here:
Why is Parker County left out? You can;t have credible rankings if you leave out Aledo, which laps into Tarrant.
For the purposes of our research, we define the North Texas region as Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties. Thank you for your point concerning Parker County and Aledo ISD; we will consider that for next year's rankings.
Why wasn't Southlake Carroll included in the ranking?
Southlake Carroll High School was excluded from our rankings for missing data.
I am a teacher at Rosemont 6th Grade in the Fort Worth ISD. Were 6th grade centers rated? I could not find my school listed anywhere. Nick Nims
Because our criteria relies on data from grades 1-4 and grades 6-7, some intermediate schools that are solely grades 5-6 were ultimately excluded from the rankings. We make every effort to pair campuses with irregular feeder patterns so that they can be included, but unfortunately due to the volume of schools we rank, it’s impossible analyze feeder patterns in every district and pair/include all campuses.