Christelle @christelle5sos
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do you have a valentine this year?
if you meant burritos then yes i do have a valentine :-)
hey are you back?
if you mean back on here then yes but just for a short while
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When you feel sad, what cheers you up?
Where would you like to live?
what race are you?
Filipino :)
What song is stuck in your head?
Shut Up & Dance :)
Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?
Spotify >>>
What are you most proud of?
music taste?
What is your favorite piece of clothing?
Ripped jeans, band shirts :)
What's something you do well?
What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?
Getting to meet the people who made me happy again
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Last time you saw 5SOS like talked to them physically
May 2012 ?
I really hope you meet them soon again x like you deserve it so much
thank you :) i really hope so too
You're so gorgeous like naturally gorgeous
I don't think I am but thankyou <3
Fave Song right now ? :)
Endlessly - The Cab
Wherever You Are - 5SOS
what's ur instagram?
Christelle5sos :)
Are you going to the KIDS mng this saturday?
i'm not so sure but I really want to :( I miss them
THE EXTENDED VERSION OF 5SOS DANCING TO CODY ! I just .. I love it so much and thanks For makinggbme smile <3
Awwwww i'm glad :)
Funfact time!!
I like peanut butter and apples huehue
lovely, I just saw one of your last tweets and let me tell you that YOU have to be the first who's happy, you deserve it!
<3 awwww I love you heaps x I just wanna Feel happy again ya know but thanks sweetie
Hi I love you
Hey I love you back x <3
I ship u and calum