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How often do you draw?

Pretty often recently! :3

What do you like? Lemons on nade or grenades lemons?

Hi Zi.

is iris your best friend

hi iris

but yes

yooooooo, Mel !! first impression of your crush or story of what you thought when you saw himmm ? how did you feel etcetera . . .

Ahah hey anon. (: Uhhhhh let's see it's not really that interesting but here goes! I didn't like him, like him when I first saw him, because well... I had never talked to him before, yet alone noticed him around campus until then. But I remember I walked into class and sat down next to next to him. He literally looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but that room. Though I suppose since it was the first day of school, a lot of people had the same expression. But Uh... Yeah! Honestly I was really intimidated by him at first AHAHHAA.

What would be the best job ever for you?

I'd honestly be happy to work at a small but successful independent bakery / cafe! That or I'd love to be a head pastry chef at a restaurant. (:

Do you like or dislike spicy food?

I'm fine with "spicy" like horseradish or wasabi o: but anything like a normal spicy like hot Cheetos or stuff like that I can barely eat. one time in my art class someone gave me one of those new super hot w/e hot Cheetos & I nearly started crying. and it was like literally smaller than my fingernail omfg DD:

ever tripped in front a bunch of people? where & details?

ahhhaHAHA I could write a book on this topic. though I'd say the one I remember most was at school? I was walking down the hall with my friend and I totally misplaced my footing and I went flying forward. kinda traumatizing since there were tons of people there and even my friend laughed hysterically but at least I didnt actually fall!! ;w;

Do you like olives?

Not really ; u ;

What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

there's this chicken cobb salad I got a panera once and oh my god it was amazing. either that or kbbq :DD

Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?

Ehh, not really. When you first see someone, you don't know much about them, I don't understand how you could instantly fall in love with someone then and there. If anything you're in love with their looks, and that's not what a relationship's about.

Where would you like to live?

Hawaii most definitely. Or Japan if I ever learn to speak Japanese lol. ;w;

"Ahhh! Really? Who are you? o uo let's be friends plz." we're already friends...xD //stalks/

ouo" alright, that's good to know!! I think I know who this is, but then again, I suck at guessing, so I won't even try. XD

first person in your contacts. Who are they, nd how long have you known them? How do you feel towards them?

Ah, Angela! I've known her since middle school. She's a good friend of mine and she's also my tutor. I don't know where I'd be without her! She'd probably hate the cheesiness of this reply, but oh well. She's a great person; super smart, nice, & she has amazin' fashion sense! I really look up to her *W*

favorite ice cream flavor?

Green tea! *W* Or coffee. Also, as weird as it sounds, green tea & rainbow sherbet is really good mixed together.

omfg the that "people dont know about you" question. your answer asdfghjkl; you're so much liek moi ; A; and yes im stalking you * 7*

Ahhh! Really? Who are you? o uo let's be friends plz.

What would you dooo~oo~oo for a klondike bar?

Gotta' admit that slogan is catchy. ;W; though, like I said before. Not that much, seeing that klondike bars aren't my favorite. ;U;

What is one thing that many people don't know about you?

I'm really talkative when I get comfortable around someone. I cuss a lot around my friends, though I probably shouldn't. It's funny sometimes because people just assume I'm this quiet thing because they see me in a class where I don't have many friends. And then they get all shocked when I actually curse or even speak around them.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Ooh! I love dessert! Uhm, I had an amazing bread pudding during my week at Ai. So that's probably my number one favorite right now. c:

Teeth. What do you think about teeth?

Teeth? Well. Teeth are great! Pearly white teeth, straight teeth, teeth with braces, idk. They're all great I guess! ouo"

Abs. What do you think about abs?

Well, if you mean like, abs on other people... They're nice! I guess? Guys with abs are cool no doubt, c: & girls too! Congrats, if you have abs, I wish I was as dedicated to being fit as you are. ;w;

Been to a concert???? If so, who'd you see?!

Yes! I've been to two. First time I saw Ft Island and CN BLUE. Second time I went to KCON, & saw EXO-M, VIXX, Nu'est, B.A.P, 4MINUTE, G.NA, and I think I missed a few more. But yeah! (: Really fun!

solo yolo hoemi i aint got time fo' yo shit cuz i'm brick shittin over this chimera


I'm stuck in an airport for 5 hours because of a delayed fight. Suggestions on what I should do to help the time pass?

You could play games on your phone, listen to music. Or go to the shops or restaurants at the airport. Have dinner! Pick up a magazine from a store or something :)

What's your favorite sound effect

I don't really have one ;x;

Imna turn you into a kitten. Wmhahahaha you'll now be allergic to yourself

that would be a horrible life omg


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