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Have you ever played tennis?
Are you going to ever suck a guys dick in high school ?
Have you given anyone a blowjob ?
no i haven't
And I just wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips
I'll take you somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75, you and me on a beach chair
Baby you can crash my party anytime
Are you and Isaiah dating?
no lol
Isaiah Paige is hot af.
ik ik
You're hot af
why thank you lol
Jewish baseball players?
idk lol
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Do you know any Jews?
I go to CHHS so dating u would not be a problem
lol dm me ?
Would you date a black football player
Can I lick nutella off your butt?
wth lol
I just kik'd you like hours ago... Smh
i didnt get anything
I say hi to you! I kik you! I try to go get a movie with you buy you dont reply ;(
kik me idk who this is
Why do you ignore me? I really want to be friends with you. I will always be there for you through the thick and thin! Please dont ignore me...
how am i ignoring you
Pap of your kik messages
what ?
What's your kik , I will kik u who I am
i did
I know inside you prefer mexicans :*
sureee lol ahah
what would your parents say knowing you like blacks?
they know
PPL dont like a nigger lover
i honestly dont care
but they look like dirt their black
no lol
cutest black guy @ your school
mark williams -cieras friend
why black guys tho???
why not (x