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Will you be my valentine? :)
if i know who you are (x
what was the process of cheerleading tryouts? I want to try out next year, but I'm nervous!
just try out (: really you just learn a dance & cheer then perform it & at the end you can do any tricks you have (:
do you miss anyone? if so who
yes . prescott noah amanda ect
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duuuuuude change your face -malexxxx
dude change yours (;
Shhhhh lowkey honey bunches (;  Devin Medina
gotcu babe
Hey you're dumb -devin
thanks (;
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lets spoon?
i got you (:
I miss you :(
i miss you
I wanna fuck you
i know you doo
What's the first letter of his last name
are u still friends with tiff
You have cute eyes , and you should be my gf (: what rj high did you go to ?
lol thanks i am in hight school (:
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GIv us the first letter of the name
this guyy
just did bb
Who do you like bae
cheer iniform
well i lost my phone so just tell me through twitter?
dm me
what specifically did you like about when we went to disneyland?
text me you will find out
I can tell you try to talk to all these guys
what guys uh
M ur one of those girls that once there done with there bfs the next day you start talking about other boys
nope thats not like me . te me how is that like me
you know if you need to vent to someone I'm the first one there for you right ? if you ever need to don't even hesitate  Jeffrey Prescott
awwww ily
What are you listening to right now?
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Wat happen to you and nick
we just didnt like eachother anymore (:
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