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I go to CHHS so dating u would not be a problem
lol dm me ?
Would you date a black football player
Can I lick nutella off your butt?
wth lol
I just kik'd you like hours ago... Smh
i didnt get anything
I say hi to you! I kik you! I try to go get a movie with you buy you dont reply ;(
kik me idk who this is
Why do you ignore me? I really want to be friends with you. I will always be there for you through the thick and thin! Please dont ignore me...
how am i ignoring you
Pap of your kik messages
what ?
What's your kik , I will kik u who I am
i did
I know inside you prefer mexicans :*
sureee lol ahah
what would your parents say knowing you like blacks?
they know
PPL dont like a nigger lover
i honestly dont care
but they look like dirt their black
no lol
cutest black guy @ your school
mark williams -cieras friend
why black guys tho???
why not (x
A dude , what's your kik , I will kik u , I just need your kik
Later today ?
maybe who is this
Take a bikini selfie then
no right now lol
I like your boobs
ahaha thanks ?
Bikini selfie
idont have one
Your boobs in that selfie are nice
lol thanks ?
Show us your boobs
Show us your ass ;)
Post a selfie
Post a selfie
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Do Isaiah so hard that you won't walk the next day
Do you think you're brave?
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