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Where ya going for spring break?

nowhere :/

Are you wanting to talk to somebody right now

depends on the somebody

Do you honestly think you'll win state next year without a good kicker?

yes- we'll fill in missing pieces

Prettiest girls at SC

mrs duncan mrs Collins ms wood

Why y'all still talkin bout winnin state? It's gettin old

only thing im worried bout is wining it next year

top 5 most beautiful girls you know

my mom haley biddle nykee heaton ariana grande sarah thompson

Anyone you want to get too know ?


What happened with you and Higgins?

im not really sure

wyd rn

watching the flix w/ crew

you talking to thiggins?


Does cade really have bigger hands than you?


Got your eye on anyone?

yea im talking to someone

who you dislike most?

nobody.. too much hate in this world

22-0 or 15-0

Both of em were amazing experiences but 15-0

Is it true that once you a mathlete you always a mathlete?


Taylor Higgins?

gorgeous aint she

You are mean

am not

suck @ returning txts

my b

Who do you have your eye on

katniss everdeen

Ethan is dating your brothers old girl....... I know that's weird for u

don't have nothing 2 do with me

who you crushing on?

can't say

U wrong for fucking wit freshman nod then forgetting bout them the next day

im innocent like Jameis

You have your eye on any girls.?



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