Cody A. Monsalve™ @codymonsalve
Las Vegas NV
Mixed Martial Artist, Fight Capital Training Center, Hurricane Combat Arts Academy Ass. instructor. East career and technical academy 2014, Chasing the dream
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How to make a woman happy?
treat her as you want to be treated, and make her feel wanted and important.
Is it Opposite Day? Where a lot means none.  Aaron Altergott
Stop saying that man. Crazy talk
Why do I believe no one would miss me if I were gone?
A lot of people would prob miss you, can I get a name ?
What's up?
Nothing much, what's up with you ?
Do you like being alone?
Depends on the mood, mostly no
Is it wrong to like a girl younger than you are?
Personally, I don't see a problem with it whatsoever
Favorite word?
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Lets be friends.
Let's be friends !
I think you're super.
likewise !
How old are you?
17 years old
Haha probs will thanks, you're great!
No worries !
Yikes I don't even know
Just do it !
What is he into like if i talk to him i have no idea what to say tbh
Just say hey and I told him to you to say hi and just say whatever you want
omg tell me why i just woke up from my dream and you were in it! hahaha
Lol who is this !
Lol just to be sure is he seeing anyone?
Not at all
Ugh I have second on b days
Ditch one day lol or go to class late
Ill do it you know what lunches he has?
1st lunch both days ! Do it on a b day
Won't it be kinda like awkward because iv never like talked to him?
Not at all, he'll love it and it would totally make his day ! We like that kind of stuff
Did you guy use protection?
I think Abraham is like the cutest thing ever iv seen him around how do you think I could talk to him?
Just talk to him honestly. He's one of the best guys I know.
Do you twerk?
Sometimes aha
You are a very handsome young man.
Why thank you
Have you and Nicole fucked yet?
Yes yes
What's your number?
Dm me
I think its hilarious how your dating a complete nerd like really you can do better