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have you heard of any other apps that are like chatous?

Lol idek what that is

God dam nerd

excuse you I'm a band nerd there's a huge difference

Oh hell yeah you thought you were the shit and everyone thought you were a mother fucker hahaha now your different

dude calm down, nobody even cares

I mean you're rich and live in state college who was someone annoying in middle school

hahaha you got one part right I was so annoying middle school

Matt butler?

he's a nice funny kid, I wish I was better friends with him tbh

Giving those stupid sluts your attention on social media and you realize social media is just a bunch of fruity fuckheads like that slut that want attention and is a bitch that is white

I think you may care a smidge too much

Im in your guitar class remember when I beat our shitty band instructor with a guitar?

plot twist I haven't ever taken a guitar class

Pissin me the hell off fuckin rich white people give State College a bad name YALL GOTTA GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

you've come to the wrong person haha

Fuck you

yesterday was pi day hurray

Shit you pisshed me off tho. Sick of all these white assholes

what exactly did I do?

Think you're sweet?

dude don't be mean

Who's your number one friend?

this girl <3

What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

I already have the best sister in the world

You are awesome and really funny. I'm glad we have French together again...i miss Conway!!!

Jenny T.

dude conways the best, miss you

Where do you think Santa Claus is from?

Germany because Clause is actually a German name

youre amazing I hope you know that

lol this is awkward but thanks

i like you a lot

haha, aww thanks I'm flattered :)

but im not a rapper

im pretty good at wrapping presents

lol i dew luv u tho

I lurve u 2 babi

lol can i borrow ur gum?

HAHA okay I know who this is now

ur so radical bby

omg let's make out

I luv u more

I doubt that I'm not that rad

i love you

I love you too

:C y u no lyke me no mowr

Would you date yourself if you were someone else?

probably I'm hilarious


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