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do u go to judge??

It's summer right now I don't go to school

did you known you were featured in Judge's school newspaper?

Yeah I heard about that!

If I sumbit on here you don't reply do you? You just post it straight I twitter?

I don't reply to anything unless it's a question like this. And yes I post all compliments straight to twitter!

If I want something posted how can I do it?

Submit it either through ask or send me a direct message on twitter. I will post almost everything (:

Can this be about anybody that lives in the 801?

Yes ma'am/sir!

if I send a compliment on here do you post it on Twitter


I would like to complement the person who runs this account because you are a truly beautiful person and I wanted to rel you that I love this idea and I love you in a not weird way(:

Thank you! I love you also (not in a weird way, either)

Im pretty sure you go to Judge cuz your tweets started at noon today and that's when we got out. No other schools are out at noon on a wednesday.


You never tweet about freshman?

Actually yes I do. It might not be as often but that's not on purpose. I try to tweet about as many people as possible.

do you go to judge? haha lots of judge people on here

I can't answer that....but yes a lot of Judge people are on here! I don't make up any of the compliments, all of them are submitted and I just post them on Twitter!

hi there cutie! you should probably delete the tweet about kylee and caleb bc thet just ended the other day!! :(

Wow that is incredibly awkward (and sad!). Thank you for letting me know!!

You should tweet the highland ones

I am trying my best to get to all of them. My account is getting suspended if I tweet too many with Twitter handles. But I have recently tweeted a few Highland ones.

Hey do you answer question or just put them on twitter (you can answer this)

I do answer questions on here, but all compliments are posted on Twitter!

love your account:) it made my day

Thanks so much! You're sweet.

Do people just send you what they want posted? How do you get featured. I would love to be

I post mostly everything I receive. I posted a lot earlier in the night and now I'm kind of laying it low because 1. I have to finish my math homework, and 2. I almost hit some sort of tweet limit which would suspend my account. I won't post something if it's too derogatory towards the person it's about or if I think it may offend somebody else. If it's borderline then I usually just change a couple words while still getting the main point across. Tomorrow I'll be following those guidelines also, but basically posting everything I receive either through DM on Twitter or by ask.fm! So if you submit something then yes, you will most likely be featured (:

Do you know all the people u post about?

No I don't. But a majority of people I have at least heard about.

@compliments_801 deserves a shoutout too. Whoever this is, you're an incredibly kind caring person

Thanks a lot!

do you post everything you get?

For the most part! I try not to post stuff that might come off as derogatory so if that's the case then I just rearrange the words a bit.

Fantastic idea. It's a nice change from the mounds of hateful 801 accounts. Thank you.

Thank you very much! (:

This is the only account that actually lifts people up not put them down. Props man

Thank you so much, that really means a lot!

Can you fix the tweet about becca.. I meant to say a little quiet.. Not little quote hahahah sorry!

Sure thing!