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Do u kno Roxy in real life
secretly, we run a operation in the depths of the city where we smoke crack with famous figures like rob ford
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What fruit is the sexiest fruit?  Will
what is the best obscure (if i've heard it before u lose) insult you can think of  jackson
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What accent makes you want to rip your ears out and throw them in a Slap Chop™? This question was brought to you by Slap Chop™! Slap Chop™, the easiest way to chop your shit!  Will
How do you deal with slugs? Seriously my house is full of them and every time I wake up the entire house is covered in disgusting slime. What should I do?  Luke
I have this theory that when you call tech support and they ask you to be recorded for "quality assurance purposes" its actually because the CEO of the company has a crush on one of the phone attendants and they just want some free masturbation material for later. What do you reckon?  Luke
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  jackson
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who is your favorite superhero that isn't jesus and/or the police  Will
jjesus or the polcie
what if one day you got on the internet and all of the backgrounds of websites were replaced with a picture of your face  jackson
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what if one day you looked out of the window and everything green was replaced with mirrors  jackson
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What is something that fascinates you?  Luke
So... Mac or PC?  Will
What is the laziest thing you've ever done?  Luke
too lazy to roll around in bed
Are you a particularly organized person?  Luke
Who is the best friend you have made on the internet?  Luke
thats hard to answer
Ω  Luke
Do you wish had downvotes?  Luke
no why the fuck would you want that
Where would you be without the internet?  Luke
probably doing productive shit
What is the most difficult concept you've encountered?  Luke
What is your favorite thing about the internet?  Luke
what if one day you looked in the mirror and your face was replaced with the internet  jackson
well fuck
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What quote gives you chills every time you hear or read it?  Luke
Get rich or die trying
- Gandhi
What is the most underrated pleasure?  Luke
who knows
pudding  jackson
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