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first answer since three months ago :')

): I had to disappear and I will again, this place in general is really unhealthy for me and I honestly don't have time for it with school, work, and life haha. I guess at some point, you realize crack is really bad for you.

How much have you changed within the past 6 months?

Uh well.....

I lost alot of weight from stress and anxiety but I'm back at 194 lbs, Im a vegetarian (4 months strong woo), I study international development, I scored an amazing babe, annnnnnnd despite going to West Africa, I did not get Ebola.

How has this school year affected you so far?

School is actually fucking great this year, I haven't been this happy in so long.

Post kik

Anatomy 101 with Sarah

If there was a dance move named after you, what would it involve doing?



If you owned a brothel, what name would you give it?


The House of Kristen B)

If you could transfer your soul to any building in the world, which one would it be?


cn tower bc cn tower

Hey :D

Ey man, where you from?

yes but tbh a new troll will show up soon enough anyways

yah so just click block again lol, trolls will always show up, thats a given but you can improve the community that much more by just clicking block and not feeding it attention. yah troll can make new accounts and bother us but like, its so much easier to just click block then to bother answering the question.

Guys obviously that guy's a troll like roxy said they wouldn't be on here bitching. Personally I think roxy's evil as shit, Meg is an idiotic hick, and Andrew is a cocky conceited fgt with a micropenis. But you know what? I don't care cause I know I'm better than all of them :^) - anon


I didn't get this and I'm assuming I blocked the person but if we all blocked that person instead of answering the troll's questions and giving it more attention, the troll will just go away. Its that simple gaiz

Who would you consider your friend here? (please don't say everyone)

tbh, sarah the stubby is probably the person i'm closest to on ask.

Confession 4: i used to cry about everything when i was like 9





i went through my photos and saw it, i don't remember the context either LOL

Confession 3: I once fapped in a car like in the parking lot of walmart when i was like 14


judge me

Confession 2: I've pissed in a pool (never again i promise) before bc I had to go okay im sorry



If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?

Anna Kendrick and I

Who is the smartest person in the group other than you?

Ur rlly asking me to single out someone and expecting me to tell u an answer lol

What game do you remember most from your childhood?

Thomas the fucking Tank Engine, Twister, that Trouble game, handball, dodgeball, all those fucking fun games at gym

kingsley tbh: yet another awesome canadian, AND you play league? marry me, no homo. you're hilarious and you're not afraid to lay down some #realtalk, i respect you a ton bro


<3 we should duo sometime, my summoner is my user :)

Say something inspiring.

Fuck her right in the pussy

What state do you live in?

> state

I am canadian, my inner roxy arises, we don't live in states

post selfie

Have a Albert selfie instead

One confession abt yourself for every like?

but this doesn't make sense how to work like do i have to go to my own ask and do this stuff, might as well then

post funny kik

So this was interesting


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