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What holiday gift would make you really happy?
Being with my mom and grandma :)
The best thing is being with your family and friends ♡  Lucy Hale ✌
are you asking thing this year for Christmas ?
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Hello. I'm Selena Gomez! Can you like my only answer and follow me? Thank you! #Followed  Selena Gomez
I love you so much you have got no idea and i love your new song omg :)
So you believe in me now and you won't talk to fakes?  Justin Bieber
yes i believe in you and not he fakes and i love you so much you have got no idea
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You believe in a different "Justin Bieber" account tho  Justin Bieber
I was trying to find you thats all justin please don't get mad at me
I try :)
I hope i am not bothering you
Can we be friends ?  Lefty
of course
Aw you'll meet me. Just believe in it. :)
do you follow your fans on your fans on twitter ?
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Yes,christmas is like birthday but even better. Lol wbu?
Yes i am excited but my wish is to meet you :)
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Not yet,but we will. I'm sure. :)
Are you excited about Christmas ?
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Stay strong. As long as you know who you really are,you shouldnt listen to the haters. They're just jealous. You're beautiful the way you are so don't let anybody tell you otherwise! Love you :)
I am your biggest #1 fan in Canada and i have not ever got the chance to meet you yet :(
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What happened?
i was bullied and someone who didn't really know who that person was an that person spread the roomer about me that was not true . what they did to me it hurts so i lost all of my friends now . And someone on facebook called me ugly :( My wish this year is to have a friend to talk to if it could come true it would be amazing .
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aww your welcome would you like to be my friend ?
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