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follow ‎@perrizzle and like her 6 answers for 100 likes and 1 gift, but if you send a gift you'll get 200 likes and 2 gifts  bae
done :)
hey  Becky G
hey Becky how are you ?
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What is your favorite hobby?
I love to sing draw make youtube videos and more :)
we are  Joe Jonas
Do you think i will ever get to meet you guys someday ?
im good thanks :) and i had an amazing birthday thank you ♡  Joe Jonas
Would you like to be my friend ?
Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?
Answer them :)
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like 10 of ‎@liams93's answers for a gift and I'll Iike all of your answers  #5Yearsof1D
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i would love to be your friend
Really you would :)
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aww thanks luv u 2
Dear Kim ,
All of my life I have been bullied and from all of the roomers and all i don't have any really true friends that I don't have any friend at all to talk to it makes me said and it feels like no one want's to be my friend . Would you like to be my friend ?
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hey can u please like and follow me?
of course i love you btw
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How did you find me ??
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I honestly don't have kik and no one has a priv twitter😂😂 I don't see the point of making another acc on twitter if we have our official ones  Noah Cyrus
I love you and Miley so much you have got no idea . My twitter is ‎@WwWontStop22 and i hope someday i will be able to met you guys in-person .
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I'm good,thanks for asking,just pissed off because of haters  Noah Cyrus
Just don't listen to the hatters they are not worth it . I am here if you ever need someone to talk to . My name is Courteney and it is so nice to meet you . Do you use kik or have a private twitter ?
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link does not open
do you have a private twitter account ?
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good u?
I could be ok but I;m not i hurt my ankle and i am sad right now . I hope you had a amazing happy birthday Selena . I made this for you for you birthday i hope you like it . Would you like to be my friend ?
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oh thank you 🐶
aww your welcome i just get the feeling no one loves me
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You're not ugly. Ignore all the hate 'cause your beautiful and of corse I would like to be your friend 💓
They told me that i was never ever going to have a boyfriend and i was ugly too .
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hi! 💜 can you like my first answer + follow me? i return with 5 likes + follow for you! 💜🌙
I love you 💓👌 Talk to me
Dear Harry ,
My name is Courteney it is nice to meet you . Anything new with you ? All of my life i have been bullied and from all of the roomers i don't have any friends any more they said to me that i have never ever going to have a boyfriend and i was ugly would you like to be my friend ?
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Hi, followed! Can you please follow ‎@reall_grande, like her only 3 answers and ask her a question? I will like back and send you a gift, just send me some not her. stay perfect 💙 PLSS don't be rude. sorry if I annoyed you it it's kinda significant. it won't take even a minute 💜 have a nice day💕
Hello could you be kind and like all ‎@missjusticevictoria's answers and follow her? I'll like back thank you if you did have a lovely day💜
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What's your favorite pizza topping?
green pepper
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hy u sad baby?  Justin Bieber(✔)
People have told me that I was never ever going to have a boyfriend and they said i was not beautiful
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Hey, this might bother you but sorry can you like all of ‎@harrystylesvevoxx they r few and I'll like your answers back even if u want more I'm ready just send me done when you finish!
of course i will and I love you Harry <3
i follow you , maybe back <3  Bella Thorne
of course :) I love you so much btw . Would you like to be my friend ?