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all done like this please. I will like back if you want 🌺 thank you so much. Have a nice day πŸ’œ #followedβ€Ž  Arianator
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Done liking 10 of your answers and I love you so much you have got no idea and I hope you and your family have and and amazing weekend .I am your biggest # 1 fan in Canada bye for now from your fan Courteney 😊
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done . I love you so much and you have such amazing singing voice :)
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you aren't ugly, you're my sweety! love you.
Would you like to be my friend ?
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I'M BACK!! MISSED YA LOVE β™‘β€Ž  mrs. styles
how are you ?
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u are perfect πŸ˜˜β€Ž  Nina Dobrevβœ”
i love you
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ofc cutie :)β€Ž  BELLA THORNE
Are you doing any new movies or tv shows ?
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ur beautiful :) ,β€Ž  BELLA THORNE
You are beautiful too and you are an amazing dancer too . Do you think I will ever get to meet you someday ? I hope I am not bothering you if you are busy and all .
1 person likes this can you please like this and follow ‎@real_grande? if you want back likes just ask 😊 thanks, have a nice day πŸ’™β€Ž  Vanessa.
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Hey Courtneyβ€Ž  Johanna Johnson
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please don't be fooled by fakers on ask. ily βœ¨β€Ž  Ariana Grande (βœ”οΈ)
i love you Ariana
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okay Courtney just cuz he doesn't reply back immediately doesn't mean he's mad at you. it probably means he's just busy I'm mean we are celebs and we do have a life too you know. and just bcuz nobody is talking to you eight now doesn't mean they don't like you. it means they are probably busy.β€Ž  Selena Gomez
This is me singing when you have the time can you please check out thanks :)
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why do I think that?β€Ž  Selena Gomez
he is not answering me it feels like i said something wrong and i feel so bad about it that why :(
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im sure some day. I would love to be friends! your in my prayersβ€Ž  Selena Gomez
I am sad right now no one wants to talk to me . You have such an amazing singing voice and I love you so much.
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done . how are you ?
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done. How are you doing right now ?
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