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good & u?

I am good . Anything new with you ? I hope you had a amazing a wonderful birthday 🎂 I love you ❤️ . Talk to you soon from Courteney

Good you?

Selena Gomez

I am good . Anything new with you ?

@whoisdsharp asks, "What is the one thing that brings you the most joy?”

My dream is to be a singer 🎶

hey, I just wanted to say I love you x

Zayn Malik

You do

I missed you

Justin Bieber ✔

I missed you too . How are you ? Did you such an amazing job at the AMA's it was to bad i was not there to see it

Hey .x I hope you're felling well and I wanted to say that you're beautiful, don't forget that 😍😚 If you revived this it means I'm following you 😉😊

Harry Styles

This is me singing I hope you like it

hi baby,how are you?

Official Ariana Grande ♛®

I am good and you ? Anything new with you ? I love your new song . Did you have a good Halloween ?

I want to be .Your friend

Rnooma Cutie Queen ❤


U don't have friends because you avoid the sweet people who's not famous

Jasmine #bizzleprivate

I feel so unwanted like no wants to be my friend

Maybe that's because u ignore everyone expect us celebrities, we can't all be your friend because we are busy, u should meet normal people honey

Jasmine #bizzleprivate

I don't have any friend i was bullied all of my life and from all of the roomers and all they believed in it . They said and did some really mean things like they told me that I was never ever gong to get a boyfriend because I was to ugly.

I have not told anyone this this but i have a major crush on you

Put your music on shuffle, what are the first 3 songs that come on?

Levels bye nick jonas , Home to mama, What do you mean

ily 💜

Justin Bieber

I love you <3 You are so cute you where so amazing at the VMA's your new song is so amazing so is your new music video too. But at the end of when you where done singing your song and you started to cry i just I wished i was there to give you a hug . I am your biggest #1 fan from Canada and my name is Courteney and it is really nice to meet you .

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done :)


Becky G

hey Becky how are you ?

What is your favorite hobby?

I love to sing draw make youtube videos and more :)

we are

Joe Jonas

Do you think i will ever get to meet you guys someday ?

im good thanks :) and i had an amazing birthday thank you ♡

Joe Jonas

Would you like to be my friend ?

Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?

Answer them :)

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i would love to be your friend

Really you would :)

aww thanks luv u 2

Dear Kim ,
All of my life I have been bullied and from all of the roomers and all i don't have any really true friends that I don't have any friend at all to talk to it makes me said and it feels like no one want's to be my friend . Would you like to be my friend ?

hey can u please like and follow me?

of course i love you btw

I honestly don't have kik and no one has a priv twitter😂😂 I don't see the point of making another acc on twitter if we have our official ones


I love you and Miley so much you have got no idea . My twitter is @WwWontStop22 and i hope someday i will be able to met you guys in-person .