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You guys can ask me anything :)
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Rate: 9 You are beautiful and sweet  Miranda Cosgrove✅
aww thank you . That really meant alot to em what you just sad to me :) . I give you a 11 because you are so amazing and so kind to your fans and i wish i could give back to you :)
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hi ;) i'm new here!! can you like my all answers? please? if you want i'll like your answers! Just tell me "likes back?" i love you <3 #followed, followed back?  Selena Gomez ツ
of course
what is your facebook?
why do you want my facebook ?
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Do you wear a watch?
yes sometimes i do
do you wear skirts?
‎@famouslukas #Followed :D Follow Back? :3 Also like my last 5 and i will like your last 20 send me "Done"  .
done , shh... it’s a secret
i followed you
i like your acc, follow youuuu<333333  Andreea ♛
i will follow you back :)
Can u like some of my answers plsss :3 , tysm <3  Andreea ♛
od course :)
do you love miley?--> <-- can u like some of her anwers? plss :3
done help. please like this page:) it won't cost like anything. just 1 minute:)
all done and plus i even followed you on twitter :)
I hope i made you smile a bit :p  Eh?
yah you did
do you have visible arm hair
just give me your facebook :) i will tell you whatever you wana to know trust me :)
are you famous ?
give me your facebook :) i will send my all pics to you :)
whats your name how old are you ?
mention always :P can we chat on facebook ? if you dont mind :
send me a photo of you
your smile <3
You like my smile :)
ahh ok i gotcha. yeah people can be real idiots, just ignore em. You seem sweet :)
aww thank you for saying that . That really means alot
I know you don't know me and i don't know you but I just wanted to say that you are really pretty and gorgeous. I hope you had a nice day  Eh?
aww thank you
how old are you?
i dont know you at all so i just want to ask, do you have any disabilities? if so, and you're bullied because of it, just let the bullies know that they won't be as perfect as you are
no i don't have disabilities . people just wanted to make fun of me because they where jellies of me
are you in a wheel chair?
Like my answers :) ‎@GresaBllacaa
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Hot tea or ice tea?
hot tea
Like him 90 answer and follow him ‎@AustinMahon412 = one gift for you and follow send me done 5 time DONE  Demi Lovato:)
done :)