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Can I see a picture of you in frilly socks?
No thats abit weird:3
This is mr. Frillysock
Alrighty then hahah
Gurls in frilly socks is the hottest shit
Who is this?
All I want is a naked girl in nothing but her frilly socks to fuck me....
Erm wtf
What associations do you have with the word "circus"?
american horror story:3
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Best tell your bf I'm pregnant and he needs to pay for the baby  Skyler
He didn't even touch you:L
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Tell Thomas his baby is coming soon, your a fucking mug puttin up with his shit  Skyler
Go jump in acid
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True.  Thomas Ebers
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Your black:D  Thomas Ebers
Your white:P
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On it<3  How-About-No†
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I follow you now;)<3  How-About-No†
;P inbox me<3
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Hey gorgeous<3  How-About-No†
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jokes babe you are beautiful and whoever keeps taking the piss is getting banged snm they clearly haven't met you babe <3  Isha Roberts
awwh i love you isha<3
U.G.L.Y u aint go no Alloby u ugly yeah yeah u ugly  Isha Roberts
i think your in love withh tom the tank engine :P
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courtney is amazing who is this? xx
you'd love me to be toung deep in your pussy;)
yeah obviously
i love to eat,and im not talking about food;)
that's nice
Jennie richardson?
so pretty and such a lovely girl, used to be so close but I don't think she likes me anymore haha
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i want to eat you out
Who is this?:L
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your boobs are massiveee
Ok then.
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its just a number :L
i know :L il tell if you inbox me
opinions on harry barber?, think hes such a cunt.
well i dont really talk to him so i wouldnt knoow..