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I would get well scared if I knew a tarantula had escaped from a cage hahaxD :3333
hahah it would be bad:P
Good for you!X3 haha! they creep me out lol:333  Vicky Stanford
hahah my dad wouldnt let me because just in case it got out:P
AW hahaX3 the little ones are cute I will give you that:33 The big ones can do one haha ow my:333  Vicky Stanford
I want a tarantula:3 heheh:3
boo!:3  Vicky Stanford
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my biggest fear is like a bit different haha so I'm just going to say my 2nd biggest fear would be ugly crawling spiders!:(( ewww:33  Vicky Stanford
haha:P i used to be scared of them but recently ive been thinking that they are quite cute:3
How long does it take to really 'know' someone?
you never really 'know' someone because people always keep secrets:3
like jordan gouldings pp for a like on yours?
I dont even know this human
Do you own frilly socks?
no hahah
True! Very true lass!:333
hehe:P whats your biggest fear?
What was your favorite subject in school?
maths probably:3
Who did you last say “I love you” to?
thomasss i think:3 as in a friendly way:33
AW I gotta tell you that was a good answer haha x3 wow interesting fear but I can understand having a boring life would be no fun! no fun at all! lol:3
well I dont want to die and not have fufilled the things that I wanted to do in life:3 it would be so pointless:3
I'm great:3 how's things with you?:3 - Also I got a proper question haha xp what is your biggest fear of all time?:o :33
goodgood:3 and im okay;P i think one of my biggest fears is living a boring life without doing anything fun at all:3
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how are you??:33
im good thanks:3 wbu?
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can i push mi dik dwn ur mouf?
can i push mi dik dwn ur mouf?
hw big r ur bewbzz?
wats with u and dat bakon kid?
What do you mean?:3
Can I see a picture of you in frilly socks?
No thats abit weird:3
This is mr. Frillysock
Alrighty then hahah
Gurls in frilly socks is the hottest shit
Who is this?
All I want is a naked girl in nothing but her frilly socks to fuck me....
Erm wtf
What associations do you have with the word "circus"?
american horror story:3
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Best tell your bf I'm pregnant and he needs to pay for the baby  Skyler
He didn't even touch you:L
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Tell Thomas his baby is coming soon, your a fucking mug puttin up with his shit  Skyler
Go jump in acid
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