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Joshua Campbell @cowmilker69
Joshua Campbell @cowmilker69
Drums and guitar are the coolest instruments, and not just cause I play' em.
ask me something fish
RSS answers
why wont eric accept crystal!!!
good question, he wants to focus on school i guess idk
hey it's Daniels mom I'm wondering why my son is sucha wasteman???
because he is Daniel fucking Jasinski
Oh yaa here I go again man turning u all into fans I never die u know why whenever I rehearse or drop a verse I make your lungs burst.... CCUUMMM
ya ya i am very good rapper glad you enjoy my work
you are beg.
oh man you snapped hard.
why are you all the sudden answering questions again?
nice change of things, something to do idk im bored
why isn't monte and amber dating ?
i have no business in that ask him or her
ur a fish
shut up ur a fish bucket
Hey josh this is Maria and I just wanted to ask u is Harris gay because he looks like it lool y0l0
whaa LOL idk ask him he has
is shazam dating someone...?
yaa actually he is
I herd Javian got a BBC fr u bitch
he has his own piece he doesnt need mine
Salted or sweet popcorn?
sweet like side of meat
I heard you broke your phone screen cause you came on it bro wtf
that wasnt me but i know who it really was loool
who is biggest brownfuck shazam or victor cuum
oooh tough
what courses do you have in semester 2...?
idk the order but its science, religion, english, and civics/careers
I heard u like monte
oh my gawd hes a dream <33
if u could cum on any girls face who?
someone willing to i guess i aint about forcing, gay question
ohh nooooo
small dick  Monte hicks
ya gay guy
I saw u on hot or not OMG so hot gime ur polish CHoDE
haha ya im on there
who is bigger asshole victor or victor
you dont give me much choice
ive found a better beat producer then you - Javian
ya im not in rap game so im happy for you
If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?
laugh out loud
I heard you say cum is good for you
i've read that it is, but its fucked
do you like fish or something
its meh at best
I heard cum is a certain pass time you enjoy
yup yupp