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Dana Laurillard @danalaurillard
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Don't feel pressured to have sex with Liam just because he is 2 years older then you
Yeah it's a good thing he's gay
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you're seriouly still a virgin? everyone told me you and liam fucked a bunch
Ahahah deffinatly not:p
How about your school?
I only know one
How about your school?
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Hot guys going into grade 10 from all schools?
I don't know any
Post a picture laying on your belly with your legs brought toward you where your soles are showing in the background :)
Or nah
Are you a virgin?
Yup still a virgin
Fav people from every grade?
8- idk any
9- keiith
10- poon face&isaax
11 everyone
12 li kohl
Are you a virgin?
Things you like about the guy you like?
Things you like about the guy you like?
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are you and li going to date soon? i always see your snapchat stories with him
He takes snapchats on my phone constantly
Turn ons and turn offs?
turn ons: animal porn
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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
Cock meat sandwich
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Best looking dudes at your school
Best looking dudes at your school
Shout outs to whoever is chirping me over your ask .... Leave dana alone and just Shoot me a text if you got a problem with me pal 2505710774  Li Cartwright
Its being truthful not mean
That means no enjoy the leftover chew in your mouth
Holy what did he do to you for you to say somethin that mean:p
Do you actually find Liam hot?
Stalk someone else:p
Yeah I love kids who wheel a new girl every month too
You didn't answer my question cause you know it's true
Nah i just don't spend my life on ask
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Eww you hooked up with Liam? Greasy
I love the kid so I don't really care what you think if I'm gunna be honest:p
Oooo you and Liam making out at Gavin's huh? You guys gunna date ever your think?
Well seee
thoughts on li?
Always fadded
thoughts on li?
Do you take interest in every single guy that starts to talk to you?
No guys talk to me so
He's so hot
I agree
He's so hot
So are you guys going to ;)
Not soon i dunno