Liam's a fucking rat

I love him he's my cutie bear:)

How long have you and Liam been dating?

4.5 months:)

If not now, then when?


Picture of you and liam


Tbh weve never talked before but idk we should sometime??

Jacob Hampton

True true

Tbh:We don't really talk but I see you around at school but you seem nice and you're pretty message me if you want



Fine tbh, your kinda one of my Bestfriends, and I looveee youuuuuuu. You're a beauty at everything and I love hanging with you. Also you're a dyke lol

Lyndsay Hanghofer

Love you Ya dink❤️


Worst tbh ever

What happened with you and isaac

Let's just say I lost a really good friend because of something other people spread which really sucks and I miss him lots

message me on chatous

Or nah

Are you and Liam ever gunna date you guys have had a thing for like 4 months

Nope never gunna date ever :-)

tbh; I don't really know you but you're really pretty and seem like a cool gal :-)




I don't have any

Describe 3 of your friends

I have none

bf; hair, sillyness, style❤️

Thanks ❤️

How do you usually start a conversation?

Idk mang

tbh for likers?

No one usses ask fm anymore:p

Dana txt me

Chris Dakers

Who is this

Don't feel pressured to have sex with Liam just because he is 2 years older then you

Yeah it's a good thing he's gay

you're seriouly still a virgin? everyone told me you and liam fucked a bunch

Ahahah deffinatly not:p

How about your school?

I only know one

Hot guys going into grade 10 from all schools?

I don't know any

Are you a virgin?

Yup still a virgin

Fav people from every grade?

8- idk any
9- keiith
10- poon face&isaax
11 everyone
12 li kohl


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