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Well in that case lets fuck and you can forget about him
Wtf!!! Are you crazy? OMG.... Dirty
How u get yo booty so phat
Omg can you please not say that!! -_-
Does your boyfriend fuck you good? Serious Question
I have no boyfriend
Do you like anyone?
Well yeah
What are you mixed with?
Black & Mexican :)
I love your hair!!!
Thank you, awhhh :)))
Let me tap your ass
Ew, no thank you
Cherry Pepsi
You don't got shit
You don't got shit :)
Why do you love alasia so much?
Because she's just so perf
Why does your laugh sound so funny
Lol idk, I love to laugh
Why don't you follow me back on insta
Hmm, probably because I don't know you or you post too much
Ay papi  LAURA V
What's your instagram name?
Why are you so damn gorgeous?
Awh thanks
The video on Instagram of your butt>>>
I had no idea they were taking that. I didn't do it on purpose. :(
You have a fat ass
Why do you stare?
You & daija are perf twins
Awhhh thank you so much ☺
Who has your heart?
Fuck Jasun
Lol what Tf
wth when did yalll break up?
I mean technically were still together.
do you and your sister ever get annoyed with each other?
No we love each other
You have huge ass
Why are you checking it out?
Single, but taken at the same time