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Don't know you:/
fair enough x
Your beautiful though just saying:)
who even are you and how well do i know you
Why don't you like boys then?
i just don't do relationships, I'm too insecure tbh
What your type of boy?
im not a lezbian i just dont like boys
do u like black/mixed guys?
okay so if you couldnt tell, this page is mostly a love page,advice page. We will probably send questions like once a week though!! If youd like to remove just let me know!!  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
awh thanks i do need some cheering up tbh
Smile, youre worth living. You are meant to be on Earth for a reason. Dont give up because you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard. Nothings impossible. everythings possible. Dont forget to smile today, youre smile is contagious((:  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
thankyou xx
What's the biggest rule you have ever broken?  Daily Questions+Advice
probably the law tbh
Have a great day/night!!(:  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
omg im going to get that eyeliner tommorow works out cheap , i love you beautiful <3
who even are you 😂
Do you sand is called sand because it's between the sea and land? ~ creds to ‎@Saba_K for the question suggestion ☺️  Daily Questions+Advice
What things should you never tell your parents?
well i tell my mum everything
does the MUA eyeliner stay on all day like it dont go smudgy or flaky?x
all day xx
Go check out my most recent answer about a contest!!! Go join before it's too late!  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
okay xx
what sort of brand of makeup do you wear and what type of eyeliner do you wear because its perfect <3
i wear MUA gel liner which is like £2 , maxfactor colour adapt foundation and collection 2000 powder i either wear macs velvet teddy lipstick or no7 lipstick and collection2000 fat lash mascara and barryM eyebrow pencil and any clinque bronzer
I need book suggestions, what's your fav book atm?  Daily Questions+Advice
i dont read books
I follow you <3 {check recent}  ♕♕LionQueen♕♕
Cuddling or spooning
prefer cuddling but even then that cringes me out
Food spam q6] Favorite snack?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
chicken tikka roll
FOOD Q7] Favorite Restaurant?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
frankie and bennies or pizza express
FOOD Q8] Have you ever ate something unusual? If so what?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
i love jaffa cakes and crisps in a ham sandwich, you should all try it
Food spam 9] are you a vegetarian?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
Food spam 5 If you eat pizza, how many slices do you usually eat? What kind of pizza do you eat?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
my favourites ones from chilli hut and i get full on about two slices 😂 but the tesco value on i can eat at least half of it
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FOOD SPAM #4 Any food allergies? If so what?  sugar,spice,n everything nice❤
i dont have any ☺️
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