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Who's your favorite youtuber?  Daily Questions
probably gabby lindley
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thoughts on courtney biddle?
why am i getting asked these questions
hey ask me some questions please I'm bored  Zamiera Zamorin
Spam me with questions please, im so bored xD  LionQueen
Do you believe in people who can "talk to ghosts" like Theresa Caputo?  Daily Questions
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thoughts on kirsty bourke?
aint spoken to her in long but shes lovely
Are you a fan of parades?  Daily Questions
can be yeah
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Do you have a celebrity look alike?  Daily Questions
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You ok? btw you look very beautiful don' t let anyone tell you otherwise or bring you down :) xx do you have fb btw :) xx
yeah im fine, why wouldnt i be and yeah why aha xx
When you were younger what was your favorite show?  Daily Questions
up to the age of about 6/7 it was noddy then up to the age of about 11 mum used to wake me up early every morning to watch lazy town haha
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Question 1: You can have one of the following: love or trust. Which one would you choose? Why?  SQ
tbh this is a hard q so i have no idea
ur hot af
oh right
Have you ever asked yourself a question on here?  Daily Questions
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Look outside. Is it sunny, rainy, or cloudy?  Daily Questions
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Question 2: Could you be in a long-distance relationship? Why/Why not? If you're in one, what makes yours work?  SQ
i dont really do relationships anyway so naa and i think long distance relationships are pointless
Question 1: What are your 5 favorite tv shows? (If you don't watch tv then ignore this)  SQ
cant think of another one
Do you have a favorite video game?  Daily Questions
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Question 1: Do you believe honesty is the best policy?  SQ
most of the time yea
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How many followers do you have on Ask?  Daily Questions
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Were/are there any groups in your grade? (Popular ones, smart ones, etc.) What group are/were you in?  Daily Questions
just weird people
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Are you ready?
Question 5: What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?  SQ
listen to music just chill
its so fun taking drugs and having sex and smoking though i wiswh i did all that a couple of years back then i wouldn't have felt so shit for the last 2 years
what the fuck, by the sounds of it your on alot of drugs and sex its shit why do people like it
When was the last time you cried?  Daily Questions
probabably last week
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Question 3: What are the five most recent movies you have watched?  SQ
rumor has it
saw 5 or 6(cant remember which one it was)
and cant think of any others aha