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Do you have art or posters on your wall? PAP!
no but i have photos
fuck off
Yes i did i hope your fucking happy for making me cry!
i am
Yeah i've called the police now and they are gonna come after you for making me cry as my uncle is a police officer :'(
lol you got through quick 😂😂😂😂😂
You've made me cry now :'(
course i have 😂
Thoughts on alex cheyne or as U may know him as alex feruguon
fuck off with the thoughts on questions? i already told you there pointless
paragraph on danielle gardner and helen gleed?
cba for that shit
i don't have the guts to incase you don't :(
well why ask the question in the first place the worst that can happen is that ill say no
okay do you like moi?
tell me who you are then ill let you know
Because i'm bored as bae
well think of more decent questions then
do you like david garton?
half the people your asking about i havent seen or spoken to in years so whats the point
ok then ask away
do you like elle sweeney and bobbi greig ?
i like elle but not bobbi, are you not bored with these questions
do you like montana east?
do you like demi pearson?x
hardly know her
do you like kirsty bourke?
yes i still hate most people though
do you like hannah west?
i hate everyone
thoughts on kirsty bourke?
nice girl
thoughts on hannah west?
no comment
thoughts on demi pearson?
havent spoken to her in years so have nothing to say, she is stunning though
why not though she's lovely
why not ? :( x
just dont talk, but i dont care
are you still friends with hannah west?xxx
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omg 14 thats even worse who did ya lose it with
none of your buisness and what who cares i aint proud but theres twelve year olds doing it now , im 17 now and also i was drunk at the time and only doing it once is pretty good tbh and im legal now aswell so im not really a slut considering i could quite happily never have sex again , anything else you wanna give me shit for?
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Can you blame me for trying ? 😘😉
more like wasting your time