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Whats your chatous username
my what username
Who is your favourite person to chat to atm?
Best mates?
gemma and zak
cute x
You can do them on phone if you have an iphone?
well i dont have an iphone
Because I'm saying please? Please.
well i aint got a webcam
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Awh why?
why should i
Do vr's?
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Mate don't be like this ;)
bye ;)
What about David Archer? ;)
never heard of him ;)
Who do you like? ;)
hate everyone
whos jeff
what you doing dannii? xx
laying in bed xx who's this
would be nice to be friends again
yeah it would be but who is it aha xx
we used to be good friends then we fell out :( x
i have no idea i cant think of anyone ive fallen out with :/ aha xz
omg you have grown up so much in this last year dannii xx
aha really, who's this xx
opinions on me? sent to everyone i follow  Raquel da Silva
well i dont know you
you're gorgeous :*
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Well need talk to u asap sugar tits
What is your relationship status?
single pringle
Bbm me xxx
i will in abit my bbms fucking up xx
Shut up ya faggot haha