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whos this
got yourself a stalker ;)
whoever it is can fuck off
What's the best comfort food?
chocolate or those chicken sandwiches from asda and a massive bag of chilli doritos :D
No i dont wanna kill u i wanna make u the happiest girl in world and give u the best
fuck off
Ok then i gues your gonna block me on here ok i love u im sorry and im always here for u goodbye danni good luck with the future stay out of trouble
And ill bring rockstart
you trying to kill me
If u give me this last chance and i let u down saturday then i will never msg u again just let me have this chance to prove i wont let u down
ive just realised i can block you on here too
We stopped talking at one point i ende it firsg time u ended i seconds time ams i messed up this time if u give me a chance i will come to your house saturday
youve messed up alot more than once and you always let me down so no fuck off
That was like 3 months ago u say u love me but u wont even make it work
ive already tried to but once again you become a dick bye bye and yeah we've been talking for more than 3 months
Selfie xxxxx
Can we be mates please
also you say you love me but you fuck other girls, bye
I love you xxx
Hello xxxxx
Well i am sorry im hoping u will take me back coz i do love u and i dont wanna hurt u at all u mean to much to but i guess im not tht important to u good luck at college take care btw there gone i will never forget u thnk u for makig my last weeks of school the best weeks of my life i love uxxxx :(
just give up will ya
Hello baby xxxxx
dont ever say baby
and if u i ment anytging to u your wouldnt treat me like a a peace of shit when i care about u
well i want you to fuck off now im fed up with you so im gonna stop caring, so can you go away now your slowing down my computer with your obsessive questions and messages
Why do u wanna hurt me so bad
i dont i want you to fuck off but the more you message me trying to get me to forgive you then the nastier i will get cos your just a head fuck
Well im sorry if u want me come see u as mates then just ask ok love u so much
you really think i would stay uo when im tired to speak to you if it was a joke that pic was me so if you cared you would fucking delete it
I knew it wasnt u ifucking new it so u lied to me thought u loved me wtf u never loved me was all a big joke to u wasnt it look i love u so i wanna be mates and be there for u
omg you retard ha didnt think you would believe that considering the room in the background is the same as the room in my dp but yeah your a but dumb fuck off
They aint deleted
cool they wernt me anyway
U dont give up on someone u love if u actualy love them u dont give up
ive got friends and family i love more so its quite easy to give up ive got enough people who respect me aswell so they will help me out
Im sorry dannii but if u loved me as much as u say u did then u wouldnt be able to just say goodbye
well no im being the better person and walking away and it aint hard to say goodbye
Why u acting like u dont care about me anymore
because i give up with you
What about that night i stayed up with u all night makin sure h was ok coznu was upset always being there when u need me worrying myself sick about u
i have friends and family for that
Just add my bbm and i will tell u everythin i have to say then inwill go
ive heard enough