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Question 1: Who/what inspires you? What do they inspire you to do?  Spam Questions
i dont have anyone that inspires me tbh
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Question 2: What is your biggest pet peeve?  Spam Questions
what does peeve mean haha
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Question 2: Make a list of 25 things that make you happy or that you enjoy.  SQ
some of my family
love music
doing nothing all day
watching tv
on tumblr and fb all day
thats literally all i can think of omg my life is so dull
What's the thing you say the most?
i don't know , i actually say i don't know to a lot of things tbh
Question 1: What inspires you to get out of your comfort zone?  SQ
i really cant think of anything that inspires me
ignore all these cunts danii we'll just get our pikey mates from the new camp to fak em all up!:)
haha it don't bother me tbh thanks but who is this :)
Sorry! I was busy yesterday and got shit faced so I couldn't ask questions but: if you had to live your life in any book, film or song setting what would you choose? C:  My Chemical Chlöe.
tbh i have no idea i dont know i dont read books or watch many films apart from horror films and i wouldnt want my life to be like any of them aha
What was the last argument you had?
cant remember aha
Do you think teens should have curfews? Why or why not?  Spam Questions
tbh it depends , i don't have one but I'm still home at a reasonable time
your such a good singer xxxxxxxx
awhh thanks :)
When do you think is the youngest age thats still good to start dating?  Spam Questions
whenever you feel your ready
What are your thoughts on abortion?
i dont really agree with it but in some cases i suppose it ok not sure
First five people to like this gets a question?
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you're well fat thougj
cool bbe
How tall are you??
5ft4 or 5ft5 not sure
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Are you bipolar?
no where the fuck did that come from
How much do you weigh atm
7stone 13, why????
well alrightg not EVERYONE bitched about you about 3 people quite liked you but th rest just slagged you of and no it was only a few months you left so get it right
i left in june you weirdo a few months ago was November and who were these people that bitched about me then
r u bulimic
yes have been for about 4 years now
why don't you just stop thinking you're so cool all the time not many people actually like you and im glad you left albany all people ever did was bitch about you and you did not even realise it haha
tell me how i think I'm cool , haha and so what your saying every one was just licking my ass when i was there ha thats funny cos i don't actually care as i don't speak to anyone from the Albany your so pathetic, do you really think this bothers me, your obviously one of the skanky kids from there who does nothing with there lives but do drugs, makes me laugh really that your from the albany and i dont see anyone from there and left over a year ago and your starting now, weird how you clearly dont like me but dont want me to know as your on anon haha so funny.
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honesty hour?