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Do u like guys pubes hairy or shaved?
I like it when the pubes are braided into dreadlocks
U hairy or shaved?
U had anal?
Eww that's gross , would never try it
how many people u fucked?
Just 1
it hurt :(
im a poor guy that had to have my foreskin removed for medical reasons sex sucks now :(
That's nice for ya xoxox
What does a guy have to do to catch your attention.
I don't know
What is one awesome food from your country you think everyone should try?
What are the three things that you cannot live without?
food , drink and air
Do you like high heels?
depends how high they are
What is the most important thing in being a good friend?
be as much of a cunt as possible
whats your weight
like 8 stone 11
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
a party
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Listen to music
Do you do dishes?do you wash and rinse dishes in thr same dirty water?and drying them without washing off the soap suds.is this similar to having a bath and not rinsing off the soap?what a bad habit ha
I do the dishes when I have time and I don't know if it's the same, I might try it when I next wash up and when I next have a bath :)
Who knows the most about you?
My mum
its not to late to get help before you end up in prison get support and medication you have bipolar but you do not relise it ! when you get help you will look back and relise it was worth getting help because all you do is embaress yourself , so get help before i drag you down to the doctors myself
You might need to drag me to the doctors then because I ain't go bipolar I'm an angel child I won't go prison , there's no reason for me to go prison
your vagina is wider than a wide thing #yolo
At least mine isn't as wide as a whales mouth
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Dannii i think u have bipolar as well u better see a doctor
These are probably all from the same person:/ I'd rather fucking die then go see a doctor for something I haven't got
Wow i always thought you have bipolar....# good to know i'm not the only one who thought the same.Yea i suggest you need to see your doctor too,your getting worse sweetiii ~~~
I have none of the symptoms for bipolar . That's such a random shit thing to come out with . Who the fuck would think of that
U are n naughty school because u r not normal.i and my friends believe u have bipolar the way u act and do stuff, u don't even recognize it.Love yourself go see your doctor before it's too late!! Xx
My school has a name you know . It's a bit out if order that you label it the "naughty school" who are your friends then you ain't even being nice cos if you were you would message me on fb or something and also what do you mean "the way I do things "
you might think your bipolar illness is just being a girl but it is not ! yes we all go from being nice to bitchy but you do stuff in a different way , seee your doctor so you can get medication! okay bbz.
Your just taking the piss. Why the fuck would I want medication for. I don't need it . I ain't bipolar an please just tell me how I do things in a different way. Actually just write me a list of things that I do that makes me not normal. I bet you couldn't
Best u see a doctor and get diagnose, if u want to have a better life in the future accept u are not normal like us.Recognize youself, have u ever thought why u can't fit in even in the naughty school.U can't just make yourself right u always get into trouble.Seeee your doctor goodluck x
I bet you hardly know me . There's nothing wrong with me . I do fit in at the school I'm at now. And I don't get into trouble anymore. Everything you are saying is wrong
Next time u beat me up psycho ,i'll make sure u will forever lock up ^^
What you gonna do. Keep me hostage an tourture me :)