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opinions on me? sent to everyone i follow  Raquel da Silva
well i dont know you
you're gorgeous :*
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Well need talk to u asap sugar tits
What is your relationship status?
single pringle
Bbm me xxx
i will in abit my bbms fucking up xx
Shut up ya faggot haha
Oioi sexy :)
Can you bbm me need talk in private xxxx
okay xx
Why is it so hard xx
i dont know xx
Well take hopefully see you again one day
yeah x
I litterally cant i can not explain why but i cant
umm ok then x
Not at much as i miss you xx
well thats cute, come see me soon :)xx
Not really miss you
awh i miss you too
You ok
yeah you
haha what
worst place uv been barefoot?
i cant remember aha
What can you do to make this world a better place?
i dont know
helloo! please check out this link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TFp10dYnzM its a cover by an acoustic girl band! :) comment what you think please :) it would mean the world! xx please dont be mean thank u
My fb playing up
Look i dont want fun i dont care if we ever have sex i really dont sex is overrated if u wanted sex i would be in relationshio for it i would just find a cheap slut wouldnt i look in sorry im a dick but its the way i am
I know your a dick
Look facebook me later after we both chilled out so we can try hve mature convo about this
How many times have we done that already
Just saying i love that you actualy argue with me
It's great ain't it haha