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Daynada @daynacaitlinsinclair
Daynada @daynacaitlinsinclair
yeo . follow my twitter; @__daynasinclair follow my ig too; @__daynasinclair
ask . ask . ask . ask . ask . ask
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already did this
What is the last song you listened to?
gospel bcuz Jesus is always the answer
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Update the book puleez
but like I actually rlly ugh
haven't spoken to her in a while, but she's rlly pretty & nice imh
List all your nicknames
dayna daynn, D swizzle, daynada, daynish, dayna wayna, D, dimple dayna, I think that's it
Do thoughts on?
You're super beautiful
:)) thxx
u looked hit today
lol u rlly took the time to find my ask and tell me that, thx bud
What mall are you going for Black Friday
Do you like partnextdoor? And what's your fav song?
Where is the best place for a vacation?
Do u have a bra?
noo.... who where's bra's?
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Who's ur fav cousin?
like them all equally
thoughts on clark
don't have any
your a fucked up kid n ur fucked up in da head too
Alameen said u brained him
r u fucking dumb never that
You've changed recently
ive stopped caring
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Are you a rude person
only if I want to be
dayna what if a man asked you out like this  Retsen-Taeshawn
id go with him right away
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but he was ur man
never was
mixed emotions
thoughts on alameen
do not like him
thoughts on sarah
bae 4 lyfe