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Daynada @daynacaitlinsinclair
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What is your dream job?
actress tbh
Did you fuck Nyla?
lolll what
Cheerleader  Nick DJ™✔️
lol I was one but not anymore
what happened between u& kendall
nothinnn just asked a question
What happened
What did u guys get in a fight about?
dw man
Do you and kiara get in a fight or you just drifted apart?
got in a fight
lmao why
bcuz I like drama? get off my ass
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Who is ur most waste friend
you wanted to join the drama program?
Would u rather have big lips or a big nose
big lips
Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
Pap of u and ur siblings
nah I don't have any
do you miss being with ryan
LOL no
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Who would you call for help if you were bleeding out of your vagina .. Like a lot, please hurry and answer.
called a menstrual cycle call ur mom
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Who is your favorite live performer?
Likers get tbh
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Favourite couples?
uhm Olivia & Ryan give me life
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Name a social media that your addicted to.
prob Twitter
T'was this mawnin ahlie?  Retsen-Taeshawn
lmfao ya sure
When was ur last kiss
heh heh
TT for TT then ??
Do you have a TT
no man