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Have you ever been to a jam
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hmü öñ fb! And yd you just wake up
I don't use Facebook
Some next man from Brampton dw I'm just here:S
Oh k
Me to your b'day party
Who r u
I can't believe you didn't invite me like :O
Invite who where?
Lmao so. Would it ever happen again, he only needs to grow :D
Nah it wouldn't
Jadon Greaves
Lmfao that was for like 2 days, in grade 6
You're a cutiee :*
Aha thx
Would youu datee Jaydon again or was it a one time ting?_?
Who's Jaydon?
are you tired
No I just woke up
Do u like writing books?
are u gonna update Clifford or naw?
I did but it was a lame ass chapter so I'm gonna tmrw again
Whats ur vine user name
D swizzle
What did he do
Why do you act so stupid sometimes like your vines are actually so dumb
Because I want to? Like let me be myself
But you said you hate him the fuck
I hate what he did
YES after is bae
So you do still talk to him
As a friend
wattpad is also a website
Ya you do... didn't you just edit his pic on Instagram
No I just told him to post it
you & Ryan talking again ?
No I hate him
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R u single
follow back maybe?? xx like my answers and i'll do the same  Irfan Jan Mughal †
I'm too lazy
Watt pad is a software or website?