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What is your goal for the next 24 hours?
To relax play some xbox an sell this grinder
honest opinin on morgan
She cool we talk sometimes an she's funnyyy hmu
What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
My bong and my phone
Areana Hardy ?
Cool peoples turned up wit her the other day she cool
Alyssa hardy?
Cool peoples hmuuuu
If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
ok shannon is betta than morgan like u cant even say any reasons how morgan is betta cuz she aint shannon had it all fo u
Fall back I don't like nor give a shit about her I moved on idc anymore fuck Shannon I'll say it proud hop off my ask she is long gone and I'll never date her ever rather be dead so shut up on dogs your annoying asf
u r fuking rude u be talking shit bout girls in the past u loved and shit so much ¡like christina snd others stupid crackfuck
Call me a crack fuck please put the barrel in ya mouth an squeeze the trigger like it's the last thing your doin oh lml it is
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im not fat liek ur bitch azz
I'm not fat step up an take it off anon bitch
lmaaooo i aint fat but she is hb u fall back nigg an u shulda stayes wit shannon like wat dose morgan hav that shannon dusnt lmao nuthin soo
She got everything stop actin like Shannon's the fuckin shit like no lmfaooooooooooooooooo I'm pretty sure Ik who this is so fall back stop saying shit about her unless your gonna fucking take it off anon other than that fall back
morgan is. slutty lmao hav fun wit ur who re
She isn't a whore shut up cunt I bet your fat
who did u get pregnant
Your mom lml your having a new sibling
Assssskkkkk meeeeee shiiiiitttttt  Danny Steele
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
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morgan likes u
Yeah mutual feelings :P
do yu like morgan m
Do you ?
What would you bring to a picnic?
Bag of weed a 12 pack of twisted teas Rollie's food and that's set
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have you wver sat on a warthog or a beaver or a turtle while eating berries?
Kayla omally
My nigga my nigga we got turnt the other day an we need chill Acaub and you And huntzzz>>>>
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quincy high ?
North then might go to Quincy next year
what grade?
8th goin into 9th suppose to be goin into 10th
how old are u?
morgan m
My nigga chillin tmw I think an were snap chatting rnnn
Jordan Pitts?
My nigga we talk sometimes
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Avery s?
Y niggq hmu broo