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my nigga needs to chill again mad fun
we don't talk sjould hmu
ilh we talkin earlie but shr fell asleep
How cna a. Chick be cute me no understand
Idk shes cute (_._)
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Smoke a blunt
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Money and hoes
go step ona lego pussy  Josh Moore
Step on a see through one dumbo
i'd make u cum so much id ride your dick all night till it hurst to breathe and touch you everywere till u get so horny and hard that i pass out and u can rape me.
well that's fantastic
Have u dreamed of some of you close friends before tht r girls
uhh prob idek
how bigs yo dick sexy
Haha clown
yeah most def kehd
W What are u gonna do cry about it
nah doooood
y don"t u wnana talk about it i can get u help i have 18006666666lawl
cause I don't
Your a pussy
shut uo
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y u got to say fuck you dam relax kid
cause it honestly kills me so fuck you you wouldn't wanna fucking talk abouy it at all if you were me .
Helena Norton?
who the hells that
Joe Connaughton
I love joe he's the best joe in the world
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who is the perf girl man Is she in ur grade
yeah fuck you
Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?
Would you pick brains or beauty?
Why do people lie?
causr they two pussy to tell the truth wwords of danny steele
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If you had lots of money what would you do with it?
buy lots of hookahs weed and booz and dip
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lauren britney s shannon
idk who I'd kill but f shannon brittany probably
shit ain't goin happen well that sucks ha
u don't even give a fuck tht mothing is gona hapen ur fault cuz u were probably a douche like usualy.