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Who is the happiest person on the world?
You don t like her it seems likw you have with othwr girls
No I love her she my everythannnnggg
What r u doig tmrow
Idk yet prob burnin chillin it somethin
You don't like her
I do
All of Kayla's friends know you don't like her you're trying to get her pussy like every other guy. Her bestfriend is saying this right now so don't.
Shut up you fruit I like her so shut up ik who it is butch
How's kay
Opinion on self harm
I don't like it I try to get anyone ik that goes to stop
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
The first marijuana plant grown
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If you weren't dating kay describe your perfect girl
I think I'm dating Kayla an she's the perf girl sooooooooo
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You guys keep going back and forth
With what
I will kill myself
Don't that's fucked up
What up
Chillin bored as shit
Did you?
Kayla said she doesn't know if you guys broke up? What happened?
Nigga idk
Did you and Kayla hookup yet?
We kissed
Are you still dating kay
Have feelings for anyone
My girlfriend
But she's hot and I got hard
But she's beautiful and I don't give a fuck!
I was giving her a compliment
Idgaf that ain't the compliment you say to her try something better like beautiful or something honestly
I'm on Kayla's ask.fm
Put the barrel in ya mouth an squeeeeeeeze that trigger like I would be doing to your neck if I knew who u were
whats your chatous username?
Wtfs that
What is the meaning of the life in one word?
You hadn't met yet
Yeah we have I ride my bike to her