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Danny Steele @ddanny420
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most entertaining people you talk to?
My girlfriend with her amazing beauty jus got me like woah<3
Who don't you chill with anymore or get high iwth
Lexee .. But she don't feel the same way so whatever
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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y does chirstina's status say wow .
Idk I'm wondering the same thing
It look like you had your arm around her oooooo
So? Is there a problem
You be having a thing i can tell from yo snap story good luck
Lol your funny
U liken any body man
Do u
You definetly like Christina.l0l
You definetly like Christina.l0l
Fuckin faires in west quinzzzzzy sucking tomoooatajdksksnsjwkwkskskdhd bang bang don't fuck with the ots
Your scaring me
Don't mess with website bruh before I smack u bruh ight bruh? Dnt be doin dat fufu shit cuh
Are you good
Frrrr you violated cuh
Back with Christina ?
W ho did you cut off on yo facebook stattsu.
Learn to fucjin spell an I'll tell you
How can you be motivated?
A handl if vodka a ton of loud and a dope chick
Truth is?
I'll post one on fb an Instagram later
Lauren pardo?
Mad nice we barely talk but hmu on kik an we gotta chill
What is the most interesting thing about your family?
Being a pot head has been a family tradition I have maad pot heads in the family but most quit
kayla c
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lauren k
shannon doyle
alexis w
ava burke
christina lyons
Cute or nah? asking names,
My nigga we needa chill nbs like sooooon an she's cuuute text me