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Demi @ddlovato
The mind is very powerful. What you think is what you become.
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DEM.. help me people judge me, how i deal with it?? please ans...
Ignore it!!!! People are always going to judge you, it won't ever end. Just keep being who you are and find happiness within yourself. Once you do that, it'll be so easy to ignore and you can just laugh at it.
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Demi i'm so sorry for Buddy, please stay strong my little angel, we love you ♥
I'm in a million pieces, thank you so much for your ongoing support..
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Do u suffer from any illness?
....Is road rage an illness
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what comments do you see on social media that bother you the most
Comments regarding anyones psychical appearance.
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How do you pronounce your full name. I'm just here like 'dee-mee-tree-a-dee-von' (the 'o' as in 'phone') and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown because I want to get it right and I can't read this dɛmi lɵˈvɑːtoʊ crap and btw HI NOTICE ME SENPAI
Pronounced Demytra Devon
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I hope you and Selena didn't fall out over guys....
One thing we never ever fought about was boys, we have completely different taste in boys.
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I am your biggest fan, and you don't answer any of my questions or anything, I would just love to be noticed by you, it would make me the happiest person alive. I am also getting all your tattoos and a tattoo saying 'demi lovato' by my heart, I love you so much and if it wasn't for you, I would be d
You are noticed and please don't tattoo me on your skin, haha :)
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What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?
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Learning how to love and believe in yourself is such a hard long journey but it's SO worth it. You discover so much about yourself.
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How can somebody know that there is person whom love her/he?
I don't think you ever really know for sure how someone feels about you.
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It's a process I must say. It's taken me so long to finally gain some confidence and I'm still not completely there yet, ya know? You have to find what it is in your life that is toxic and makes you feel so low, and get rid of it. It may be a person you love, and item, a thought whatever it is. You may love it, may have some attachment or sentimental value, but it needs to go. When you get rid of it, it's going to be hard. You are going to feel so sad because you will yearn for whatever this is. Then you will slowly begin to feel relief. You will attract positive people because you will begin to develop positive thoughts. One thing I do a lot is when I'm feeling really low, I say "Demi, you don't care" "I don't care" "Is this really that important?" and I feel better almost immediately. Please make positive changes. The way you are going to feel so free after this process is so worth it.
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demi, do you hate bieber? please honest. please tell me the reason why do you still hate bieber? em.. anyway do you want to make a music with bieber? please say "yes". bieber is kind,friendly,sweet person,care,handsome,cool,talented like u. PLEASE ANSWER MY QUEEN.
This question was a little confusing.. why would you tell me to say "yes" but then ask me to be honest?? Haha
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my boyfriend always ask for sex . but i am not very interest to sex . what am i supposed to do?
Tell him you aren't ready. If you aren't ready and force yourself to have sex with him, you will regret it in the long wrong and it won't be as beautiful as it's supposed to be. If he can't accept that you are not ready, he ain't real!!
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You have a great talent and although I may not be as good a singer as you, I know that I have a talent as good as yours... It wasn't counselling or therapy or treatment that finally made me realise... It was you so thank you x
Don't compare your talent to mine, you are probably so much better than me and don't see it.
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touch my genitals
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You preach a lot about mental illness which I support you for. (As well as music). But just a point, why do you, Nick and a lot of people criticise Bieber? He's on anti depressants. Does it not register you're kicking a man down whilst he's already low? You've been exactly In his position, remember
Selena was my best friend and I always backed her up, my loyalty to her was so different than Bieber since he wasn't a close personal friend and I've seen sides of Bieber that rubbed me the wrong way and if I'm being honest I had no idea what went on in his life except what was published which I never pay attention to because I know first hand that the media lies. Lousy explanation but I hope I never came off as criticizing Justin, he's not a bad person, he was growing and still is. Just like all of us.
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I really need your help I suffer witg depression but it was under control untill a few months ago. I just dont know what to do anymore the only answer I have is to run away somewhere and never come back. I feel like im letting everyone down and dont feel myself anymore. HELP ME PLEASE!!
It's NORMAL to relapse. You need to understand that there are going to be terrible moments in life and when the depression goes away it doesn't disappear forever because that's just life. You just need to learn how to cope and I sense that you are learning that. You WILL be okay and YOU will pull through. You've got thick skin and an elastic heart :)
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Favorite motivation song?
Elastic Heart by Sia. Beautiful song. If you can listen to more Sia songs, she's amazing.
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Are you happy bieber is changing his ways and looks to be growing up. After all, he went through similar things to you, with drugs and anger issues (the 'punch' vs abusive language to ex) so surely you should be supportive in that aspect
I think he'll turn out okay, I think he looks great. He looks happy and so much healthier.
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I broke up with my emotionally abusive boyfriend and it was the hardest thing I've ever done:'(
You did the right thing. It says here that you sent this two months ago and I really hope that you didn't get back with him. Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. You are worth so much more and you are most definitely worth a man who wouldn't do those horrible things to you. Men will be men, but men also have feelings and you WILL find someone who loves you, it just takes some time. You've gotta go through some frogs to find your prince. Don't fret, you WILLLLLL love again, he won't be the only one you've ever loved and when you love again you'll think to yourself "holy crap what was I thinking?!?! THIS is real love". I promise.
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Did you forget about ask and Kik? joking! I know you are super busy, have a blast on tour I wish I could go to Australia or NY to digi fest
Totally forgot my password, haha.
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Do you have tips on how to speak more in public or in a group of people? Everyone is turning against me because I am this timid and I honestly want to change for that.
Believe it or not, I know I go on stage and sing and interviews and all of that and sometimes it's still a little nerve wrecking for me to speak in public. But I mean, just go out there and do it. It really changes things and it slowly makes it easier :)
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You can make straight girls gay, bye
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what is love?
Love is beautiful. I don't think any of us know what real love is. But I think that real love is the love that is hard, that love that makes you kick and scream and want to give up. Sounds a little weird, I know. But if you do all of that and feel so stressed and still love and still pull through, that's just unconditional and that's just an incredible thing.
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I'm trying to stop cutting. I flushed all my blades. And people are making me eat. Forcing me to eat is harder. Cause sometimes I willingly eat when I'm alone. I regret flushing them. I hate myself. I dont know what to do with myself. I'm so lost. 😭😭  Eh..I Hate Myself So Much..
They are only doing this because they love you, not because they want to hurt you. Use that as motivation to get better :)
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