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Demi @ddlovato
The mind is very powerful. What you think is what you become.
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Thoughts on Woman abusers ?
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Is it true that you go to the house of Wilmer just to give your pussy to him and come back to your house? :)
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why is there no representing for those in the middle of the two extremes: not too thin, not too curvy (to the point we feel the need to have a small waist with big asses)... it is all ridiculous. even the media will photoshop celebs to have tiny waists and bigger curves. totally unattainable
I praise your opinion and I respect it
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you praise kim Kardashian, fair enough. But I wanna say that she has also caused a whole other self-conscious body image for girls. Not now are we obsessed with making out butts and boobs big (if not, feeling self-conscious), boys are now obsessed with butts and demanding it in their girls. ...
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have you done all kinds of drugs before? meth, heroin etc as well?
I haven't gone that far, those are a little extreme, I'll be at rock bottom if that was the case.
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I've been trying to recover from an eating disorder, but when I start gaining weight I always feel so insecure and relapse. Do you have any advice for me that might keep me in recovery?
It's going to happen, you are going to gain weight, and that is a normal part of your recovery. When that happens focus on working on your body towards what you want, the positive healthy way :)
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Demi, im going into high school next year and I want to start fresh A lot of people hate me. I've been bullied my whole life because of a eye condition I have.I've been pushed around.I don't have that many friends in school now. I can only imagine high school will be awful.I also have bad anxiety
Pretend none of it ever happened, when someone says something take it as a joke, even if it hurts on the inside. If you show it bothers you, it will continue. People always stop when they aren't getting a reaction.
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What makes you smile?  Dannii Xx
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Omg I'm going to see you live in like 6 days... Fuckity fuck fuck... I'm so hyped but like nervous because you're amazing and I'm a little worried that I'm not good enough
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Do you see shocking deaths happening in 2015? Like shocking celebrity deaths  Misawa
People die all the time..??
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I just felt the need to tell you that years ago, right after Camp Rock came out, I had gotten two new webkinz and named one Demi and one Mitchie.❤️❤️
Hahaha, that's adorrraaable
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Would you rather be deaf or blind?&Why?You have to choose one of them don't tell none;)
Damn, maybe deaf so I don't have to hear so much bs.
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What would you do with your big fat butt?
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
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PLEASE ANSWER i just wanted to tell your that your my idol, your such an inspiration<33 your book helped me through so much so thankyou xxxxxx
Love you always remember you are not alone
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Advice for someone trying to get into the Hollywood industry
It is not meant for everybody, so always have a plan b.
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Celebs don't have time for ask?
I have time to go to parties and fly from place to place and time to even sleep (most of the time) I have time to text and talk on the phone. So, I have time to get on the internet.
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Do you like demi or demetria
I prefer Demi.
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Sorry for your dad :( my dad is alive but it's been years i don't see him , he left when i was about 9 and i haven't seen him since then (im 14) so i kinda know what you feel , because somehow i lost mine too
Hold no grudges on him. When he dies, and you are angry with him, that's when you'll really suffer.
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It's really very nice of you to help people with advice, but do not you think that some things you read here are lies? I mean, people making up stories just to get a response from you.
Anything is possible, there are some things that I get a little skeptical about but I'm not living their life so I wouldn't know.
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youre one of the only disney people i can tolerate simply because you are not egotistical, and havent ran wild with your fame. also, you are beautiful.
Aw thank you omg
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should I use a pad? I'm a guy bleeding out my dick.
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Why don't you love me
I love you though
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Do you like Beyoncé?
Beyoncé is life. I love her I think she is so talented. I would even make her my background on my twitter tumblr and ask but the last thing I want is her thinking I'm a weirdo so how about I don't completely freak her out.
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You won't forget you have this account next time rigggghht? I miss being amused daily because of your cute self
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About the D size bra question...I thought you answered that because you were like jealous or something that someone has big boobs..then I realised it said "male" and I screamed. I'm scared actually. How...just how
Exactly. The internet is scary place.
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