Demi @ddlovato
Demi @ddlovato
The mind is very powerful. What you think is what you become.
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youre one of the only disney people i can tolerate simply because you are not egotistical, and havent ran wild with your fame. also, you are beautiful.
Aw thank you omg
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should I use a pad? I'm a guy bleeding out my dick.
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Why don't you love me
I love you though
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Do you like Beyoncé?
Beyoncé is life. I love her I think she is so talented. I would even make her my background on my twitter tumblr and ask but the last thing I want is her thinking I'm a weirdo so how about I don't completely freak her out.
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You won't forget you have this account next time rigggghht? I miss being amused daily because of your cute self
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About the D size bra question...I thought you answered that because you were like jealous or something that someone has big boobs..then I realised it said "male" and I screamed. I'm scared actually. How...just how
Exactly. The internet is scary place.
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What do you hate about traveling?
Time zones.
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I need your 100% opinion. I'm 16 years old and never actually had a boyfriend. (Part of the reason is because I have 4 brothers) My classmates call me prude but it's not like I'm scared to have a boyfriend. I jus don't think the boys at school are mature enough for a relationship. What do you think?
Girl I love that and bless you for being so smart! Stay that way. Don't let a bunch of idiots make you feel bad for that.
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What does it mean when a guy looks at you in the hallways when it's time to go to your next class ? There's this guy I like but we don't talk at all. Does he like me? What does it mean? #HighSchoolProblems
"DAMN MA YOU LOOK GOOD" or "You have something in your teeth". Good luck figuring out which one it means!!
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what do you want in life?
A bunch of cute little puppies.
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Help me ? :( I'm pregnant and I'm 16 years old i only wanted to tell my BestFriend but she told it to everyone from my school. But now everyone is insulting me and are trying to put me down. I'm not really strong bc a lot happens this time :( what can I do? (My mom & dad doesn't care about me ) :(  I Forgot My name
You shouldn't be so worried about that. As much as it hurts babygirl you need to take care of something else right now and that is the child you are carrying. You need to get help, and whether you like it or
not you need to discuss it with your parents. It's going to be hard. They may be angry or disappointed at first, but they can help you and give you guidance. I'm not going to tell you whether to keep, adopt or abort it, that's all you but you have a lot to think about to let yourself go into people's opinions.
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im 16, and my boyfriend is inviting me to his house... do you think he will be expecting more than "watching a movie" together? im scared to go :/ should i go or should i stay out of it?
Boys are always interested in some sex, but that is not the ONLY thing they search for. Maybe he just wants some lovinnnnn'. Be careful please, if this guy is known to be a player or heartbreaker, just stay away or if you really wanna hang out just go to the movies instead.
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Is your temperature normal at the moment?
All I thought about was Sean Paul
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is it normal if a male has to wear a D size bra?
.... bye
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'How the heck are you 10 with a dildo' THATS WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO ANSWER LMFAO I LOVE YOU DEMI
SERIOUSLY THOUGH, how are you 10 with a dildo how I do not understand.
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You said you were home schooled. How did you meet all your friends? Usually people meet at school... sounds a bit dumb, but wasnt it harder to find your friends? Or did they find you?
I was not homeschooled all my life, I did go to school at one point and gradually met people from that.
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When is your birthday? I am a big fan of you. Hello!!!
August 20th
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Whats you worst fear?
Food not existing.
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Omg you and Wilmer are THE hottest couple eeeeep. Brangelina eat your heart out!!! Will there be little Wilmerlets running around in the near future?;) get on it Texas baby :*
Wilmerlets, you are unique, I love it.
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Would you get any more tattooes? And if yes, what kind of tattoo?
Hmm maybe. I do love tattoos, and I'm not gonna lie I've gotten some pretty dumb and pointless tattoos that I regret. Gotta wise up a little before getting another tat.
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how come you never come on this acc anymore, demi? :(
I literally forgot about it, I'm sorry my hearts! I do think about going on, and I ALWAYS put it off for later and later just doesn't come, haha.
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 i want to ask you something real fast, what would you do if you fell in love again with somebady you used to be with and they kinda of giving you mixed signels but you're really afraid to make move cuz you've really hurt them in the past?PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
I usually would know what to say to things like this, but now I don't. You've hurt them and made them feel like crap, you can't change what you did in the past. You can try to make it up to the person. You seem sincerely apologetic about the way you made this person feel, so the most you can do is tell them that and give them some kind of reassurance and leverage that they aren't making a total mistake letting you back into their life. Can't promise you it'll work, but you know what they say.. "you don't know what you've got till it's gone."
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omg, is it alright for a girl to touch her boyfriends private places? because men do it to girls, but ive never really seen a girl touching guys up :D
This is the weirdest question I've eve received. If you wanna grabs your mans junk go right ahead and grab it. If boys can do it I think girls can too... awk.
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I love you.
Not as much as I love you
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who do u like
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