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I've always wanted to see you around today I finally did and you're GORGEOUS
YOUR TITS ARE AMAZING  Cristian centeno
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do you wear thongs?
who doesn't
can I see the nipple piercings?
not hard to find a picture of them
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you're a thottiee
you have nipple piercings?
you have nice boobs ;)
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Describe the perfect boyfriend
Deandre Copeland tbh
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U cheated on your ex black boyfriend. I hearddd slut
believe what you want lol I don't need to explain myself or prove you wrong
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Hi you don't know me, but I'm in 8th grade and promotion is coming up but I don't think anyone plans on asking me.. Any advice?
it's okay to go alone and be with your friends!
I miss you ):  nb
miss you more my love!
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Who u brother dating?
dude idk
Who do you like?
does it matter
I would never break up with you if you gave me the chance
nothing lasts forever
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your really gorgeous  jake Payton
thank you!
What made your day today?
a lot of little things
why dont ya date again?
have to let things go the way they're meant to be
Do u miss deandre?
Dont ignore me
do what I want
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I wanna comeover Saturday!  Christine
that'd be perfect dm me your number bc I got a new phone!
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Your laugh is just amazing
Kindaa know who this is
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Ok I'll give you my number just don't answer it ok?
Would you text me if I gave you my #?
Your smile is beautiful
so cute stop
I miss you so much Dee ):  Christine