Deanna Hernandez @deannnaaxo
i'll love you if you leave me something to answer xoxoxo
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Jme or Dre
doesn't concern you :)
ootd pap?
I'm always naked ok
What are you doing?
picture of u and your boyfriend
picture of u and your boyfriend
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Your so fuckin rasict to Mexicans ecudorians and god knows who else shut your stupid ass ul
xo :)
i want you but youre dating a fuckin darkskinned nigger
You're irrelevant and I probably wouldn't date you anyway :)
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you and dre broke up right?
nope and either way wouldn't concern you so don't ask
oh I thought you were Mexican
I don't even look mexican wtf you must be really dumb tbh
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your parents I meant
colombia and dominican republic
Where are you from
Pic of u & ur brother. U 2 look alike
Pic of u & ur brother. U 2 look alike
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Hi. I miss you.
hi please tell me who you are I probably miss you too
Have you cheated on that nigger ?
not even black and im mad you said nigger
Richy luvs you
luv richy too
When your nudes gonna be leaked I'm waiting on that shit
not anytime soon
Who is a friend you had in Broadview, that you haven't talked to in a long time
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I just want to fuck that sweet little pussy baby
I'd fuck with those nice titties of yours
You're nose annoys me so much omfg
I think its pretty cute
Josh Nelson ??
wpp in health and a good friend why?
how do you feel about Jme
one of the best guys you'll ever meet
I don't wanna get in between your relationship... I'll tell you who I am one of these days after you and your boyfriend break up. In the meantime, I hope you and your boyfriend are doing good!(:
aw ok :( and thanks we are!
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I find you so pretty and I miss talking to you):
prob miss talking to you too and thank you!
deanna Ill be honest with you right now I wish you were mine and I would do anything to make you mine...but the saddest part're happily going out with someone): you just make me feel so warm inside whenever I look or talk to you
omfg who is this