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My name is faith veras and i love ur name
thank you!
So now Deanna gonna act like she didn't play Deandre. You know what you are not lying to me your are lying to yourself.
lmao what
Would you give a ugly guy a chance ?
I have before
Describe the perfect boyfriend
someone that can put up with me that's all
How do you feel about older guys.
they're worth spending time on
I've always wanted to see you around today I finally did and you're GORGEOUS
YOUR TITS ARE AMAZING  Cristian centeno
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do you wear thongs?
who doesn't
can I see the nipple piercings?
not hard to find a picture of them
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you're a thottiee
you have nipple piercings?
you have nice boobs ;)
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U cheated on your ex black boyfriend. I hearddd slut
believe what you want lol I don't need to explain myself or prove you wrong
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Hi you don't know me, but I'm in 8th grade and promotion is coming up but I don't think anyone plans on asking me.. Any advice?
it's okay to go alone and be with your friends!
I miss you ):  nb
miss you more my love!
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Who u brother dating?
dude idk
Who do you like?
does it matter
I would never break up with you if you gave me the chance
nothing lasts forever
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your really gorgeous  jake Payton
thank you!
What made your day today?
a lot of little things
why dont ya date again?
have to let things go the way they're meant to be
Dont ignore me
do what I want
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I wanna comeover Saturday!  Christine
that'd be perfect dm me your number bc I got a new phone!
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Your laugh is just amazing
Kindaa know who this is
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