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i'll love you if you leave me something to answer xoxoxo
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I wish you could be mine but only mine and that's it
I don't even know who this is :(
Heard you a little thot
think what you want I don't care for what you hear
this Is Nicole btw ily
love you more
thanks & i am. can't wait to see you and everybody else  Jonathan Santos
when would that be
ily bae  Jonathan Santos
ily too babyboy hope you're doing great out there
Can I lick chocolate syrup off your chest?
see the way my life is set up... no
Mammiiiiii!!  Jonathan Santos
omg Jonathan!!
Name a few from bethel and newtownnnn
I'm good
I need a chance at loving you
it starts with letting me know who you are
Any bethel or newtown guys?
Lol put the picture on here for a minute
yea no
you seem like such a awesome girl you're so humble of everything that seems to go on
thanks you!! I try wish I knew who this was
Dropped a couple friends?
a lot
Mad about it?
never was took it as something to learn from
You're cute
And lol assist me to finding it I want to see
I'll pass
Lol you sent it to a guy and it got out or something
na one of my close friends and cousin sent them out (girls)
I swear you and Maria are lesbian for eachother
There's pictures on your nipple piercing?
unfortunately yea
do you got a kik
Why you hate me?
who is this
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if only you had an ass smh.
I willl
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Why are you so beautiful? I love you so much and you're such an amazing person! I hope this makes you smile
deff made me smile thank you so much
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