Jackie Deshommes @dehommie
Hommie ! pop the question.
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Your really pretty hunny
What if I liked you?
If you like me then you like me lol, hit a girl up
Are you gay ?
Only for my girlfriend
I mean look at you and look at Kymberlie
I mean look at you and look at my ex, ya both some punk a** niqqas. I wouldn't be surprised if this is him right now. But it's okay, I'm past that situation that "certain people" can't let go of.
Yassss Jackie . Let these bitches know  Angel
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and i did ask u
Niqqa I said "speak tf up & ask me. That anon button ain't doing shit for you" I'm doing entertaining this bs
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Okay I'm here
Yo stfu, you claim you don't like me but you all up in my ask. If you wanna know something how about you stop acting all immature and speak up & ask like tf. That anon button ain't doing shit for you
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U seem to not remember anything. Maybe that dick was just tooooo bomb or should I say that finger
You're wrong, but thanks for asking ma'am , come again ..
He soooo beautiful
Who's "he" ?
Dehommie? More like dehoe
If dating one guy makes me a hoe then okay lmfaoo, unlike you....
Can u suck my clit
No comment
Or r u bi
You heard right
I heard it gay
Yea sure
do u love me or nah
Or nah
been fingered or nah?
I don't recall
Jackie, You A Pig, Lmaooo  Cassandra
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DONT LIE, Remember 2010 W. A
I don't recall...
So are u
Yes, I'm a virgin
is that mouth a virgin or nah
Tf kind of question is that, it's either you a virgin or you not...
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What are you wearing? post a picture.
I wearing my dignity
When was the last time you went to the beach?
Monday, but then it decided to rain -__-
Ready for tennis?
I still need some work done on my backhands, but yea last season with my fav seniors :(
Wre you from
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How's life?
Yassssss girl . #Fab5BeLike lmao  Angel
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