Jackie Deshommes @dehommie
Hommie ! pop the question.
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I saw you today
Yay you ..
Kim and Arthor ?
nice "spelling mistake" , what about them ?
What makes you wake up each morning?
My aggy alarm clock !
Bitch you ain't special
um. ok
do you know how to kiss a boy ?
do you know how to unchecked the anonymous button ? stop putting stuff in my ask
noooooooo just do it
post a selfie with no makeup on
ask a question off anonymous
Are you waiting on me or
I'm not waiting on anybody, what for ?
do u have a channel on dubtrack?? you should create 1 and invite everyone so we can chill :p
dub who ? no thanks.
Ever been in love?
I'm sleep
Are you ?
I'm bored so I'm gonna spam
suit yourself
Are you ok
no I'm not " ok "
are you on drugs or something what are you saying ?
I assume you don't understand my English. Let me rephrase that for you. You said "try what again" and I said try thinking about what you just wrote !
try what again ?
I'm trying so hard not to be "mean" right now. But try evaluating your phrase again
wait what?
whet ?
& I don't think the Dallas made the Finals in 2012
nice one, try again
nope try again...
whet ? Would you like me to say that say are going to win this year ?
last year Mmm
did I say last year? I meant 2012 finals
favorite basketball player ?
Omg this would be revealing too much, but they made it to the finals last year.
what's my favorite color ?
Same as mine duhh, blue.