Hommie ! pop the question.
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Thoughts about Kalia?!?!?!?!!
Kalia hella Poppin !!!!!!
I'm in love with your cheeks
My cheeks are in love with you !
Have you ever played tennis?
Greatest question ever , ctfu. Tennis is my fall & half of my summer life
Be more girly
Stop telling people you like me ctfuuu & no
Who's your closest friends
Friends ? What are those ?
Dont you hate when you poop and the poop somehow slides back in so you push harder and it slides in even more
Yassss, that's the struggle. My face be on the money ctfu
Thoughts about Kalia?! P.S not from Kalia
Kalia is a hoe ctfuu
Were u gay at one point
Probably lol
Kik a brotha
No lmao not under any circumstances would I kik my brother
What did the last text message you sent say?
"I knoww"
Sorry. Initials as i known you won't say the name.
Lol u have interesting questions from ppl, it's mark
Lol I knoww
Do you have a crush on anyone?
Did I not answer this question ? Lmao but yes
That's not a good idea
We'll then I guess things are going to stick to the way they are & nothing's going to change :)
I want you more and more I swear
Lol hmu !
Lol we could've had a poppin relationship frfr
Oh darn
Hey do you love cheeks cause I know you like tennis Jackie wackie
Waaaaa ?
You should kik your crush
What crush?
Your girlfriend's sexy!
Best believe ctfu
I love you!
I love you too !! Mwahh :*
Everytime I see you I still think about what we could've had
Lol what could we have had ?
I will !
That's for you to decide
How bout you show me instead of telling me lmao