Jackie Deshommes @dehommie
Hommie ! pop the question.
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
My life..
Why are you in your feelings?
Idk I'm just feeling some type of way, about someone
My goal is 1k then 3k
I hope you get there, it's really not hard
Wait you're actually bisexual?
You're asking me thus question again lmao.. Why does it matter
What your goal on Instagram ??
I don't have a goal on instagram
What are u doing today?
I'm partying all day, all night like a rich kid. Jk my mom is throwing a party for someone
So you're bisexual?
Duhh, can't you see it ....
How many boyfriends have you had?
Taken or single?
Do you have an ex?
Yes I have An ex ....
Do you love yourself?
Of coursee
Do you like mac n cheese?
Like ? I lovvvee Mac & cheese
What if I kissed you?
I would kiss you back ;)
Do you love me?
Yes ....
Do you sick penis
No I don't not have a sick penis....
Do you like girls?
I loveeee girlss
Do you wear deodorant?
Why would I ? Lmao
Uuuuuu goinnnggg tooo camp meeting?
I'm going up there on saturdayyy
Ask me questions too
If I could , I would
May I kiss you ?
What if I walk in to you and straight kiss you without saying anything ?
My reaction depends on who you are..
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Twitter & ig
You mad or nahh?
Or nahh
Single or nahh
Or nahh