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Opinion on me x

Chloe Robertson

love how honest you are!! and how you'll always stick up for yourself and your girls, whenever we've spoke you've been a laugh xx

Just dont lie next time yeah?x

Brogan O'Donnell

Just jump off my ask and inbox me yeahhhhh x

God, love you x

Brogan O'Donnell

I know you do chicken, love you 2 x

Opinion on me?

Brogan O'Donnell

Gorgeous,funny,retarded, and a little cutie:*

Best year 11's at your school?


1)any crushes?2)wishes?3)first kiss?4)who you trust?5)favourite band?5)ever loved?6)favourite top?7)favourite youtube channel?8)any pets,names?9)best mates?10)coke or pepsi?

3)Aaron woods
5)Take that hahahahah

Fight me

Aw hun, would help if I knew who you was really

What's the best thing you can purchase for $5?

McDonald's :D

What's your favorite funny movie?

Don't really watch movies:s

Funny how two tramps come together;)

Funny how if you ever went into his house you'd be so jealous of how perfect everything is;)

you dont have any respect for your self u hore

Bills hit and i meant talking about a dead man you crank

you carry more disease hen fat les did

Well that's a bit disrespectful isn't it?

hahahha slag you little scruff errrrrr

Propper hahaha

i wish to shag a greasy hair fuck like you that been passed arounf gipton by vig mush ohh hard bastards they are hahahaha lol n connor uweart mush errr tramp

Passed around? Pleaseeee, do your homework haha, learn to spell while your at it

shag me?

You wish

photo of you right now?

No camera :D

your legs are perfect n so is ur arse

Ah thanks

you horny


shagging connor in ur sisters room err scruff

Really don't know where this has come from hahahaha

what colour underwear you got on?

Oh go awayyyy

photo of your legs?

Doubt it

little legs :)


U beg it :)


opinion on me sent to everyone i follow:)


Little and cute xxx


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