Devyn Gara @devyngara
ask me questions yoooooo
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Tbh- ew you weren't first 5  Vicky
dang it :(
He's really nice and funny
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Thoughts on erik?
Erik K?
Tbh-what up Devyn eggs your really good at sports and we use to talk but we should talk again  Nick Langhorne
aye thanks Nickle Pickle HAHAHAHHA ok
Are you a traveler or a homebody?
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Tbh you're really funny haha and really nice and me and I finally got over me and jakes break up haha we should talk more!  Andrew Mayer
Thanks hahah
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fav song?
The Language
Are you going to school tomorrow?
yeah mon
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How much of a shopper are you?
I only like shoe shopping sooooo
Truth is: hey Dev! You're so pretty and really athletic! Playing soccer with you was so much fun! We should hangout sometime!  g i l l i a n ♡
Thanks gillll
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Tbh you're really nice and funny and really good at Ballin' you're pretty you're a good friend and we should talk more Rate- 9!  Justin Bundschuh
hahahaha thanks
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So what your trying to say is that you are secretly in love with me...  Brian Herner
Yeah pretty
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Logans never going to date you
Lol.. I never said he was going to and I don't even like him like that sooooo I could care less.
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tbh- team DD for lyfeee. gurl I love you and we should definitely talk more  devyn colón
love you DD.
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Chill down there, anon. Devyn's mine anyway  Alex Julian.
hahahaha rightttt
First impression: funny and really good at basketball  Nicole Mallard
Thanks gurl
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i want your v... in my mouth.... all night ;)
F off
The D as in Devyn
Yeah okkk
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He wants the D
only if I had one stupid bitch
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The fuck hahaha  Logan Rettino got some fangirls.
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He wants u
Shut up.. Just shut up.
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U and Logan should date
how about you leave.
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Shut up
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Logan is sooooo hawt
lol tell him
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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
ur mom ;)