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ask me questions yoooooo
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Happy Birthday!  Maddie Hamas
Thanks Maddie
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Love you devvvv❤️❤️
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Tbh: we nvr talked but ad is addicted to u  Luigi So Much Swag Veliz
ad? lol who is that
Who is that
Have you seen anything weird lately?
Have you seen anything weird lately?
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truth is dev❤️❤️❤️ you are the best and so funny and super pretty ily girl you're amazing  Amanda Hicks
omg ilysm amaymay
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Totally date is this even a question  Amanda Fitz
I shouldn't even have liked it
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We should ball sometime because I'll kill you rate; 8  Pedro Cruz
thanks kid, anytime haha
tbh you're really good at basketball. you're really pretty as funny too  Paola Benavides
thanks pay girl
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tbh: devvie you're amazing at basketball. you're really funny and cool and super athletic. and congrats on winning the tournament.  Nicole Mallard
aye thanks nikkie girl
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Tbh we don't talk much but you're amazing at soccer and basketball you'll probably make varsity for both next year haha but seriously you're really athletic  Andrew Mayer
So touching thanks man
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Friends in your grade that you want to be friends with?
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You have to know at least one guy.
well duh I know ally but not hot ones
Name a couple.
I dont know any
Hottest guys a grade above you?
Funniest people in your grade? (Boys or girlq)
Racq Logan Hail Jake
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truth is Brie: we def need to hangout like old times:) love you dev Melanie: we've been best friends since kindergarten and we always will be!;)
omg omg thank you omg ily2
Tbh you a baller and you're really funny. rate:8.5
thanks man
Incoming 8th graders you're gonna miss?
Sean Garrett Ky Grif G Al Kel
That's how you talk to the real Selena Gomez??? Woww  Erik Klausfelder
You're the best Erik
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Hey honey, it's Selena Gomez. I just wanted to tell ya,that I'm the only real Selena here.I know my fakes have more likes than me.but I don't my answers I'll like back.Check out my proofs ‎@selenamariegomeztfyproofs I would be so happy if u would follow me...Thanks. I love you ♥  selena gomez
Shut up
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tbh- you're one of the best basketball players I know and you're also really nice and funny! #biggestfan and We have a class together which is gonna be fun!  Cassandra
turn up haha thanks
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A+  Jessica Payeur
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Lamp as well
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