What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame?

definitely taking the highest paid promote nor endorsements as much as i could because d'uh what else is it good for??? #shallow

Kasih saran dong biar pas baru awal kerja bisa gampang beradaptasi, gamalu2 gitu dan bisa nyaman , pd gitu. Thankyouu

as your asking this to a jobless person, the only thing i could suggest you is to make sure you look good??? i mean, dress clean dan usahakan as comfortable as you can. hope it could help to boost your confidence and people usually tend to wanna get close to those who looks attractive ;)

If you run away from your problems, does it count as exercise?

lah dia ngelawak

What is the best way to say goodbye?

hadoch. for all other fella out there--who's been struggling with long distance relationship: it's best not to say it at all a.k.a just fuckin go or you're going to miss your plane and remember it's not goodbye, it's until we meet again.

What position do you like to sleep in?

cellphone on my hand and me fell asleep while on the phone or chatting, the position is called "just like that"

Kak, menurut pandangan kaka nih ya, lebih baik masuk univ negeri even masuk jurusan mana pun yang penting 'almamater' atau swasta tapi sesuai dengan passion kita?

gini ya dek, life will smack you off with ugly truth in every single breath you're taking. whether you want it or not, you just have to deal with it. mau sesuai passion apa engga, mau masuk univ krn namanya doang apa engga ya final result-nya tergantung kamu yang kuliah ini, yang belajar ini. of course kampus2 yg udah dapet nama gabisa dielak juga akan mempermudah mahasiswanya to get into the next step (contoh: asking for proposal, mau lanjut s2, apply kerja, etc) but it won't do you any help in the real world if you're not having the capability, the skills to survive the madness of working with other people or approaching targets or when you just can't get the math nor papers done. learning on what you are into sounds lovely of course, but again, if you can't doing it right and be humble nor wise enough to remember that there's always, i mean a l w a y s, somebody would be better than you and you're not trying to elevate whatever it is your talent or your passion by learning, you're not going anywhere either.

do you even get what i mean?

intinya belajar aja dek, kemana pun takdir membawamu sesuai pilihan yang kamu buat ya live it and make sure that you're doing your best. also remember to not blaming anybody by the choices you've made, it's only going to leave you a toxic relationship between you and the world and trust me you wouldn't wanna have any taste of it. i've been there, i've done that and i've warned you.

i know that this is not helping but you know what, life is ugly just suck it up.

Di endorse notebook Kertaspaper mau gak mb diah? Xixixixi :-P Dita Srugova

mau atuh mb beneran tapi ya :"3

awas kamu kalo php *lah maksa*

Di bio mksdnya kerjaan apa

anything really, i can write, i can sing, i'm a fresh graduate majoring on chemistry education which pretty much saying that i can teach as well, i can model for a make up kit endorsement even (yeeee maunya sih) yang penting halal yes kalo mau serius nanya monggo di e-mail aja ke fadiah.wadud@yahoo.com, thank you ;)

What is your favorite invertebrate and why? Kirana Kania

prawn and squid because yummm

How do you deal with the lame haters?

tsk i'm not that important to have a hater, not even the lame one

masakan ibu siska meskipun tidak berteknik tinggi seperti chef juna tapi terlihat penuh cinta

aku gatau sih gimana tekniknya chef juna, but indeed masakan ibu siska terlihat dimasak penuh cinta

What traits do you have that are just like your mother?

- penakut
- cengeng
- centil
- kepala batu
- kepala batu
- kepala batu

yaalla dapat jelek2nya doang, aing sedi

Which do you prefer: living in heaven forever with your loved ones while knowing most of the humans live in hell forever, or live in a perfectly peaceful world which will end one day and death exists within in? (for the non-religious: just pretend that heaven and hell exist) Kala Sanggurdi

why prefer one when i can have both? because i'm selfish and all, of course living in heaven with my loved ones sounds pleasing--about those who go to hell, talking about responsibility, what goes around comes back around.
but i'm also naive enough that i want a world-peace to actually happen (peaceful doesn't mean no harm, no heartbreaks, no zina, no stealing, nor hard-feelings to each other at all, peaceful as in no wars maybe yes, peaceful as no sin is just can't do. humans are sinful. and forever we'll be) and, well about death exists within it, i can do nothing about it, we are all must've been dead first before entering the hell or heaven, right? last time i checked, that's the first rule. i know i know, we can't have it all but let's just let a girl day dreaming right here.

cowo genit tuh cowo yg kayak gmn?

aku mau jawab ini pake "hhh" aja boleh nda? because, hhh.

What TV show has gone off the air that you wish would come back?

am i the only one that thinking the cooking show of Ibu Siska should be back

There are many questions without answers, but is there such a thing as an answer without a question? Could you give me one example? Kala Sanggurdi

an "i love you"s from a lover to another. an "i love you"s from a child to their mother. an "i love you"s from the sun to the earth.

I thought that by this time in my life, I'd...

be happy.

What are you looking for?

new interacting followers of my twitter account, i need some ego-boosters in my life, you know??? follow me for an unimportant rants, shameless selfie-sharing, and basically just an expression of how much i love foods thank you xx

Best job you ever had?

if i were born with penis i'd say blowjob, what a sexist question

Are you an Eco-friendly person?

i'd prefer to be called money-friendly person, thank you.

Pengen jilat ketiak km

What’s your favorite way to have fun?

i don't know, i never even thought of that word before. fun sound odd to my ears, and i'd always gonna prefer happy, exciting, excited, overwhelming, good, great, cool, awesome, amazing or any other word really. but not fun, no, the word just doesn't suit me.

Hello, peeps. My grandma likes to put and smear toothpaste on her face for some unknown reasons (perhaps she thinks it will whiten up her skin? idk). So, is there any habit in your family that others would prolly consider weird/"nyeleneh"? Stefanus

everytime i got bintitan (and trust me i got that a lot) (i mean i don't even know why because trust me i don't even watch porn) (well not that much) she'd put sikut jari telunjuknya (is that even what it called) (pokonya gitu deh) into the top of her inside mouth until it's wet enough and will get it out and pray some salawat nabi to it and put it into my bintitan's eye. she does that for three times, everytime. and she'd then gonna put it away--sikut jari telunjuknya--ke bensa apapun yg ada siku/sudutnya dan kayak diusapin ke sana AND ODDLY IT WORKS EVERY DAMN SINGLE TIME I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. filosofinya katanya itu dia kayak mindahin bintitan itu ke benda yg ada siku/sudutnya itu..... well, yea, like uhm okay....

What was the last song you danced to?

what about the last song i cried to

the national - about today

Lo knp kuliah susah2 4 taun mau jd guru? Mengabdi pada negara? Mulia kan lo? Skrg gw tanya, lo mau ga disuruh ke pelosok" jd guru yang rela ga di bayar? Lah kagak kan jgn sok" mulia la. minta dipuji?

initial reason gue kenapa memilih kuliah pendidikan keguruan sebenernya karna gue cuma mau pinter, di mata gue gaada guru yang ga pinter. they're in their profession to be called a teacher for a reason. jadi guru tuh ga gampang, ga sekedar ngasih ujian, ngasih nilai, trus kelar. masalah mulia apa engganya itu urusan belakangan, urusan nanti, urusan kepercayaan. lo gatau apa apa soal hidup gue, soal whatever it is i'm willing to go through to get to be where i am today, whatever it takes i'm willing to give to be what i am today. gue mau jadi guru, jadi dosen, jadi pengajar, jadi pendidik bukan sama sekali karna alasan shallow yang orang orang kayak lo pikir--"buat dipuji" hahahahaha it's funny because you're actually making me laugh my ass off of your stupidity. your stupidity irritates me, please get your ass and miserable heart the hell out of my page. thank you.


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