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Fadiah M Wadud @diahfadiah
Fadiah M Wadud @diahfadiah
wait, i forgot to fill this up
eh jadi gimana?
RSS answers
Hae! Mention one thing you really don't like about me, please..  Grace Christina Tobing
how could i possibly don't like you, we barely know each other, besides, you're such a sweetheart grace! and that last self-pic of yours is gorgeousssssssss!!! i envy that beautiful face huuuuu<3
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you got something in your eyes, you know..just don't let your impulsively oversensitive feeling taking can tame it..and um, I hope you'll lead a happy life towards future
ini rejeki anak soleh apa gimana..
malam-malam begini di ask anon beginian....
whoever you are, please please come off anon
so i could personally thank you
i don't even know that i deserve this kind of kindness
so please
okay... just don't lose your way then =)  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
oh don't you even worry about that, i still got the logic going on
and oh a google map on my phone
getting lost is not even one of my options
gabisa ngelucu
so now do you already get your heart back or not? :s  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
not yet
not in anytime sooner i guess
Kapan terakhir hatimu merasa kehilangan sesuatu?
late october 2014, i lost my heart to a guy i never knew i could fell for
Why do zombies like brain so much?
because they doesn't have one
Hi Di, let me ask you a question. Based on your observation, from the scale of 'Vicky Prasetyo' to 'William Shakespeare', how is my English? I think my English starts getting rusty since I don't really use it.  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
First of all, i don't even think i got this capability to judge your english since mine is not even close to "good enough"........
Look, my grammar is one of the worst.
I suck at it.
My pronunciation is might not even as fluent as you.
Oh and the way i spell things, ah bad, i often misspelled things, like a lot.
And i was this INTJ bitch who often go back to her own page just to check if she write things right already, or did i forget any word, if it's sounds right..
That was pretty tiring.
What's with the insecurity, Mi?
Speak/ talk/ type/ shouts/ sing/ curse in English as much as you can, as much as you want.
Fuck everyone else think, we weren't born in the land of England anyway.
We use English in particular reasons, wether it's for learning, or just to looks cool, or because you just feels like to. People may like it or not, it's their options to choose, not yours, so fuck it, really.
lol who does this remind you of?
That was a...
I can't even use any nice words to explain what i've felt after watching that.....
That was so mean, i mean, ah how i wish i could just use a sad emoticon as much as i can just to let you know how sad it was, but it will lost its value if i do, so i better not to.
That was a true love.
He was so sad, i can't even stand it.
What is your relationship status?
how could i have a relationship status if i'm not in any of it...
Jika suatu saat nanti anda baru saja sehari menikah eh mertua udah bilang "Ibu udah ga sabar gendong cucu nih!", apa respon yang anda berikan?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
"Ini bu, saya bikinin cucu. Putih ya bu, manis lagi, masih anget.."
Jika suatu saat nanti anda baru saja sehari menikah eh mertua udah bilang "Ibu udah ga sabar gendong cucu nih!", apa respon yang anda berikan?
Ketika mantan berkata "Mamah nanyain kamu tuh, suruh main ke rumah katanya" maka apakah respon yang akan anda berikan?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
"Emang mamah kamu berani bayar berapa nyuruh main di rumah? biasanya yang manggil papah kamu lho..."
"buat main monopoli kan?
‎@RJBeatless: BBM naik? itu bagus, biar cabe-cabean gak keluar rumah mulu hoho
(i don't even know how to respond on this)
(but i just feel like to)
(this one anon should be heard)
(or at least to be laughed at)
(he/she's trying to be funny)
(at least he/she tried)
Setujukah kamu kalau kenaikan BBM itu hal yang pasti akan terjadi dan tidak bisa dihindari?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Let's just see it from another perspective, shall we..
Naiknya harga BBM (selama beberapa tahun terakhir, biasanya) berbanding lurus dengan naiknya uang panai' buat cewe-cewe bugis yang hendak dilamar.
(Tapi Diah belum mau nikah)
(Siapa juga yang mau ngelamar)
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What is your biggest regret?
What is your biggest regret?
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Do you find it annoying to witness a couple making out right in front of you as you're on the theater watching a movie?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
Kalo mereka strangers, i won't even give a damn.
Why do most of people compromise a lot when it comes to their own prominences but can't really tolerate the same thing when it's done by the others? (ex: It's okay for the lecturer to be late but the students should never be, parents do the exact thing they tell their kids not to do, etc)  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
Smarty-ass answer:
1. Because we, humans, were made with self-defense. We're going to do anything just to leave a certain image to the society.
2. Every system got an error(s), there must be sort of a policy. The examples you mentioned before are included.
Lazy answer:
Because life is unfair like that, Mi.
Life is unfair like that.
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What is the most overplayed song of all time?
Setiap lagu dangdut baru oleh penyanyi pendatang baru (yang kemudian namanya naik daun dalam waktu singkat) dengan lirik catchy nan kekinian.
Sakitnya Tuh Disini
Sampe caki' betul pala abang mendengarnya. Caki'
What is the most overplayed song of all time?
Should I love you?  Hibatullah Mario
There should be no "should" word on love.
If you love, just love, i couldn't give you any particular reasons on "why you should love me".
Should I love you?
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Lets admit it, we all have some sort of people that we look down upon. Now cut the crap with telling me you don't have any. Would you kindly please, tell me what kind of people you considered to be in that list. Thank you very much. Have a great day! ^^  ipronounceyou
Halo ka Rio!
That's very thoughtful of you, it took me a while to actually think about it so yea.
Anyway, for your question..
1. The bullies. Humans are humans, we're an error here and there, they're a bully for a reason, and that's what i'm feeling sorry for. How they stand up for themselves in a wrong way and even just making it worse.
2. The over-sensitive ones. And it's funny cause i consider myself as one of them (yea, i got irritated by myself a lot, too, like i says "ew" everytime i felt like i'm crossing the line). Cape banget sama orang baperan. Cape parah. Ya lo bayangin aja, lo cape sama orang baperan tapi diri sendiri baperan, double capenya double.
3. The backstabbers. Like, there's nothing lower than a person backstabbing another one. It's just the unsexiest thing, ever. I mean, if you wanna be bad, be bad! You don't like them cause of certain and a worth reason, go slap them in the face with the ugly truth.
The list might gonna get longer or even shorter. Nobody knows what future holds.
I just wish you a very good day ahead kak! :)
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Pap dongggg ♥  Devi Nasution
Wearing baju bodo for om hasan's wedding. That undone hair though..
Pap dongggg ♥
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What is your favorite season?
Musim hujan.
Selalu ada cerita tentang saya dan hujan, hanya kita berdua.
Saya dan hujan.
Is it okay for girls to make the first move?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Why not?
We, girls, are humans too, we need to express ourselves, too.
I feel sick everytime i heard a girl says "aku gamau ngehubungin duluan, harga diri."
yaudahlah ya, bodoamat.
urusan mereka ini.
segimana asiknya aja lah.
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exactly my thoughts. some people just don't know that there are people who just can't be respected.. for example, an abusive relationship.  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Abusive relationship? Terlalu jauh.
Contoh kecilnya aja kak, people who tend to be rude to waitress/ the helps/ maids, just because they're feeling way more superior than the people with those jobs.
They deserve no respect.
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Do you think respecting anyone, including people who disrespect you, is a good thing?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Define "good". What's the "good" itself means?
Respect for me is a heavy word. If i'm nice to everybody, doesn't mean that i respect every one of them.
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Putting aside the numerous violation in scientific laws, what if humans did not evolve in the line of primates? What if humans evolve from, for example, felines, or horses, or something else? What social order, norms, cultures, morals, ethics, trends, or complexities which would exist instead?  Hibatullah Mario
Halo Mario!
Let's just say, we, humans are evolved from horses, i read this before in wikipedia,
"Horses' anatomy enables them to make use of speed to escape predators and they have a well-developed sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight response."
That's sounds a lot like us, humans, predators itself could be in any kind of form. Kalo aku sih asisten lab aja udah kuanggap predator, aku bisa nulis laporan 15 halaman, dalam waktu sejam kalo udh deadline. Takut sama asistennya. Hehe. Hehe. Hehe. Hehe.
"They reach full adult development by age five."
Look at our five age emotional development these days..
Putting aside the numerous violation in scientific laws, what if humans did not evolve in the line of primates? What if humans evolve from, for example, felines, or horses, or something else? What social order, norms, cultures, morals, ethics, trends, or complexities which would exist instead?
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