How can you be happy without money?

i can not. the end.

Kalo criminal minds kak?

despite how many good things i've heard about the show, aku emang gapernah tertarik buat nonton criminal minds, gatau kenapa jadi yha hihu

Pap of your dream car?

well, a girl can dream

kalau boleh tau, genre film apa yang paling atau sedang kalian suka? is there any movie or TV series recommendation?

aku payah kalo ngomongin film, seleraku juga mediocre tida ada spesial2nya.

kalo tv series (if you're interested on crimes whether on how to do it nor how to solve it) aku selalu suka:

1. ciptaannya Alfred Hitchcock, witty nya dapet banget. I mostly found myself amazed by geleng2 kepala sendiri after watching his shows. Every. Single. Time. He's a genius!

2. CSI New York. I like how it is made so real and relatable (NOT THE DEAD PART. but working on the lab part, because i'm pretty sure every chemistry student knows what am i talking about)

3. Castle. aku suka banget ih gemesh sama Nathan dan Stana Katic cantik banget banget ampun.

4. Dexter juga lumayan suka, i love the way he talks to himself anytime he has this urge to cut anybody into pieces💕

kalo rom-com, aku sukanya:


2. How I Met Your Mother. ya embicoz Ted Mosby and Robin are <3

sama aku selalu cinta sama tv shows yang ada masak masaknya. i can spend hours just to watch people cooking on tv nor the internet hhhh ya hmm pokonya sekian dan terima kasih.

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?

saking capenya jadi gabisa tidur -/:;()$&@".,?!'

Segitunya kak sama mantan

nyeh, it's waaaaaaaaay way back then. kurang lebih 3 years ago, sebelum mengenal my Aa. sampah banget memang aing jaman dahulu. jaman jahiliyah itu tuh, dimana logika seringkali tidak difungsikan dan emosi dibiarkan mendominasi.

Sok iye lo anjeng !!

wqwq da pha nhe????

kak D, your answer about stalking ex after breaking up is blow my mind 😂 feels like you knew & wrote it really well. How come?

Ridha Adz-Dzakiey

ngaaaaw. based on my own experience on the past darling

kesan pesan apa yg bakal/pernah kamu tulis di buku tahunan smamu? hehehe;) thanks for your answer😊

skul was so awzum they automatically told us to wear the hijab we back then didn't even know the function of, nor did they explain why we had to. cuma, "ya yang muslim setiap hari berjilbab ke sekolah", the first thing we got accepted padahal bukan sekolah islam. like, apa apaan???? tapi dituruti aja embicoz

Finish the sentence: Never have I ever...

asking mean or rude things to other users under anonymity.

it's just low, even for me

Kenapa men-stalk mantan adalah salah satu kegiatan yg dilakukan sehabis putus? apakah itu wajar?


curiosity, ego feeding, an act of not actually okay with the separation.

you wanna know whether they're fine without you or not.
are they suffering?
are they hurting as much as you do?
are they going to be okay?

then when you find them actually never live their life better, especially because you're not the part of it anymore, or maybe already found your replacement the only thing you'd do is just gonna lay on your bed feeling sorry for yourself. crying your heart out and post some shitty poems. you begin to love the rain because it represents how you feel, you listen to every Adele songs and think that she made the songs for you and only you, you think that you're the victim. then you begin to asks 'why' but you'll get no answer, not the kinda answer that you want, no matter how much validations you've been seeking every time you told your story to even your closest friends.

until one day you decides to stop because it can never hurt you more than you actually are by now.
you learn to forgive yourself, you learn to live with the fact that it is really over, you learn to move on, you learn to let go.

and finally, out of curiosity, just because you wanna feed your ego for getting to know how they've been doing. it's been awhile, after all, since the last time you stalks on them, of course there's nothing wrong with that...
you begin to type in their username, scrolling over their pictures and find that you're actually okay for the separation, at least for now.

Hello there. What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it? (You can use this to pap anything you want if you don't want to answer the question).


i don't believe in a lot of things. in fact, i'm still in this stage of life where i question everything, even myself.

but i do believe that love is actually exist.

that it is supposed to be sincere, that it is supposed to be worth the fight whether we succeed it or not, that it is supposed to be vocalized and proved, that it is not always butterfly in the stomach, that it is not always about happiness.

Apa pendapat kamu tentang orang orang yang menutup jalan pada saat acara pernikahan?

egois sih, belum mikirin parkiran tamunya yakan..... karna whether emang masih tersisa sedikit jalan untuk pengguna jalan lain seperti motor atau pejalan kaki, misalnya, tetep aja mengganggu jalannya laju lalu lintas.

makanya adek2 rajin belajar ok biar bisa kerja, banyak duit, biar kalo pengen nikah dan ngundang banyak orang bisa di gedung atau di hotel aja. trims.

Kak rekomen lagu yg asik buat didenger dong, makasihhh😁😁

Instagram : lisaapriana

i've been dancing with myself a lot lately, one of the reasons is this


Which rules are made to be broken?

apa aja pokonya terserah yang penting jangan nyetir sambil main hape ok.

Halloo Kakak kakak sekalian. In your opinion how impotant is blurb atau short promo di cover belakang sebuah buku? Apakah cukup signifikan seperti istilah umum para anak ahensi yang sering bilang "paycheck comes as a result of advertising"? Atau? Terima kasih sebelumnya.

penting gapenting sebenernya. buat yang gabegitu tau authors-nya siapa dan genre tulisannya seperti apa ya blurbs could do a little help.

hari gini mah produk dari non-advertisement tuh apasih? internet persona aja dibangun buat 'ngejual'. people mostly goes to school and volunteering in irrelevant events aja biar bisa kelihatan bagus di cv dan 'kebeli' sama institusi tempat mereka 'jualan'. manusia mah semua muanya diiklanin sebenernya sadar ga sadar mah, we are all whores to the world. we just sells different parts of ourselves.

Kak cara menjadi asik itu seperti apa, soalnya banyak teman atau guruku (yg muda) yg lebih suka dengan mereka yg asik sedangkan aku terlalu serius dan have no sense of humour

honey, you're not a special snowflake and you don't have to be asik to be likable. just start with doing your homework better, focus on your education and get good grades then your friends will come to you eventually for a casual day of "eh pr kamu udah jadi belum? aku boleh pinjem ga?" dan akhirnya semua hidup bahagia selamanya. the end.


PAP your most popular pic on social networks!

never been posted online before malah yang ini tapi i just like it somehow

Pandanganmu tentang acara/siaran TV di Indonesia?


aku no komen aja kayak aa gatot pas digrebek

Do you ever dream of winning a lottery? What would you do with your millions?

in order to dream you shall show some effort to make it come true. instead of fooling myself for getting me another false hope to be lucky enough and win a lottery, i need to buy a coupon first, right? but my lazy ass is too heavy for it, nor i won't throw my money away for a coupon and then got heartbroken by the fact that i'm not the kids from Project Almanac that is smart enough to invent and actually make a time machine works and actually win a lottery, so i guess i need to just stop it right here and get back to my lousy life and head-aching essay

What one word describes you?


Is there something you found out about yourself while using ASKfm?

i'm way self-centered than i thought i could be

Which is the most underrated job?


but it's often done by the partner's being under the...

oh no? oh okay.

Who's gonna be the one that hold you and support you when you were down?

have you ever feel that you think too much that you wanna throw up, literally throw up

What would you name a newly discovered planet?

don't you think that it's a selfish thing to do to name things as their inventor/founder names? another proof that we humans are just a narcissist being.


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