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nanyanya jangan yang susah2 ok? ok.
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Good morning, awesome folks! What are the words you've been longing to use (either Bahasa or English) but haven't had a chance to use it? Have a nice day!‎  Farizkey
"fuck off"

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Describe >>>‎  Nur Azizah Azis
one of the sweetest, my hijaby darling, as calm as the ocean waves on april, pokonya i've always loooved your vibes it's like you got something to hide and there's this misterious thing about you yet you're so lovely so nobody could even bother ;>
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Who do you think asked your last anonymous question?
i have no media ready for tomorrow's presentation, no power point ready too, no time to study, no everything.... let alone be thinking on who asked the last anonymous question to me hhh excuse me now i have some stress and anxiety to catch
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What was your favorite childhood TV show?
basically all indosiar and rcti kartun pagi at the weekend. globaltv juga deng. omg. sctv's legendary telenovelas too, please. hhh i'm dying to go back to those times :"
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Let's say, there's this technology that allowed you to access video footages of people who trash-talked you behind your back and also those who secretly admired you. Would you mind to watch them?‎  Helmi Akbar
for the sake of feeding my ego, yes please. but those who just can show me the ones whom secretly adore me, so i could show and share them my love and kindness, other than that i won't bother.
pikiran udah puyeng mz helmi, gabisa digangguin lagi buat kebeban pikiran yg aneh2, apalagi buat orang yg trash-talking me aja. lagian diah anaknya baperan, nanti pasti i'll never look at them the same way hadoch nanti i can't function properly di depan mereka gimana? keburu salting/ takut salah, etc?? pokonya gamau ribet aja hahaha lagian, in real life, i'm pretty aware kok of the ones whom basically have the potential to trash-talking behind my back, jadi ya, biarin aja lah. diah just wanna keep her confidence and sanity, so please dear lord protect of the unknowns.
hai,kita jualan app ni,murah lho harga nya,modal 100 ribu (selamanya).balik modal bisa ratusan juta ke kamu. kita nerima reseller lho.minat?atau mau tanya-tanya.id kamfret_‎  Fitriyah
Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?
having my profile picture the same as the header
Missing me?
no, i miss them. i miss walking down the school hall wearing baju kurung (google it) because that's what the teachers there have to wear, i miss being stared a lot, i miss being mistaken as one of the form six students (pardon me i'm a shorty) (but seriously you should see them) (all frickingly tall geez) (and huge) (i'm not kidding)
i miss them saying:
"assalamu'alaikum cikgu" *salim*
"hi teacher!"
"cikgu cikgu budak sekolah kat indonesia boleh guna handphone ke???"
"cikgu cikgu budak sekolah kat indonesia boleh letak make up ke? comelnye"
"cikgu salamkan saya untuk ikbaal cowboy junior" *started singing eaa*
"cikgu randy pangalila is so handsomeeee hwah"
"cikgu cuba lah cakap indon nak dengah gue elu gue elu" (hahahahaha)
"cikgu kat indonesia ade nasi goreng ke???"
"cikgu da married ke?" (100x)
"cikgu single ke?" (555x)
"cikgu kat indonesia banyak corrupt tak?" (ha ha ha)
"cikgu saya juga bugis! bapak saya dari jawa" (LAH???)
"tima kaseh cikgu"
"cikgu ini da betul ke?" *nunjukin kertas jawaban ujian*
"cikgu da nak balik ke?"
"cikgu we're thirstyyyyyyyy nak ke raye lah cikgu ayolaaaaah"
"cikgu when are you going back to here?"
"cikgu will you come back??"
"hey cikgu indonesia!"
"cikgu mestila nyanyi kat raye esok"
"cikgu nyanyi lah cikguuuu"
"sikit je cikgu cita citata sakitnya tuh disini!!!" (!!!!!)
"cikgu kat sini okay ke?"
"cikgu duduk kat mane?"
"selamat pagi cikguuuu"
"bye teacher"
"see you cikguuu"
"bye cikgu"
hhh. never thought that i'll miss them this much but i do. thank you for the memories, they will forever be remain :'>
Missing me?
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What do you see when you wake up in the morning? PAP!
i'm dying to post a selfie of my woke-up-lyk-diz face but it's not that woke-up-lyk-diz face cause it's literally my woke-up-lyk-diz face so no. bad idea. u'uh
What's your morning routine?
grab my phone. checking on what's new. wondering if somebody ever misses me
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kangen rambut panjang terbang kebawa angin wuzwuzzz
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Kak sudah pernah coba gojek di mks?
belum huhu eh eh udah pada tau hotelquickly kan? jangan lupa pake referral code ku ya: FDIAH biar kalian bisa dapet free credits 130k juga😁
october wish?
i wish people stop wishing on months and realize how ridiculous it might be because they're just months hhhh
not my business. sorry
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If you could teleport, where would you go?
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selfie dong kak
i'm feeling like a drag quuen. a very pretty one.
selfie dong kak
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one thing i'd like to change about myself:
my naiveity. in some way i like how it makes me feel; free and happy. but in some other way, i hate how it makes me lying to myself and forget how to be realistic. which is dumb. i wish i was just numb.
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Give one "women selfdefense" tip for a young lady who's faced a guy trying to touch her ?
try to act like forrest gump. just automatically tells story about how your boyfriend just died by ebola and now you have it too. and how you're not sure whether you're infected by anthrax too or not.
you're welcome.
sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately:
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1 kak
the story of my last kiss:
i can't remember whether it's after our crazy midnight dancing over the amazing mixtape #1 or if it was after the deep talk i had with him at that last night. somebody call me a doctor. i need some help for my memories
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school subject i was/am good at:
hahaha gaada. kalo udah good mah ngapain belajar. #cigitu
one of my insecurities:
telat bangun. even when it's holiday, i always wanna wake up early. gatau kenapa. ga terlalu suka aja esensi dari bangun siang. it's like i've missed so much of a day and i don't wanna miss a thing.
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12 yow
one of my bad habits:
makan banyak banget trus langsung bobo yez itu rasanya surgawi sekali pemirsa
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haiii! lomba apa yang menjadi favoritemu pada saat agustusaan?😬😆‎  SUGAR
main ini yuk. bosen parah mau mati
haiii! lomba apa yang menjadi favoritemu pada saat agustusaan?😬😆
What in particular about the university you are attending/have attended that had influenced your decision to apply there?‎  Grim Reaper
my father went to the same university, and the same major. i'm a legacy.
kalo anon sayang sama kamu gimana ?
good. you're not alone. i love me too, he loves me too, my parents loves me too, my big whole family loves me too, my friends loves me too. you're like the 6281839279283729th in line. congratulations.
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