Good evening, peeps. What do you think about Rodrigo Duterte and his so-called war on drugs? Stefanus

good intention, cool idea, bad bad execution.

What do you do when it's too hot to go outside?

i put my sunblock on and pray for the best because fuck staying home all day long i need to work this body up my break-up with my daily workout is over, me and my running shoes are getting back together. YOU HEAR THAT FRENCH FRIES???? YOU HEAR THAT CAAAAARRRRBBBSSSS????

Inspired by Whose Line Is It Anyway: Things you can say to your phone, but not your girl/boyfriend? Farizkey.

"phone, you're a piece of garbage but i love you so it's okay"

Summer vacation is perfect for what?

there's no such thing as summer vacation if you live in makassar because everyday is summer here, the vacation part? is non-existent.

When has science been wrong?

i've been ranting about snapchat on snapchat what a life

Coba bikin kuesion yang mendongkrak popularitas agar dapet endorse tiket makasar bandung. #nohate #nojudge #nomoney beelzrazghoul

aku mau bikin vlog nangis nangis sama sahabat aku karna dibikin patah hati sama kamu boleh ga? trus mohon mohon biar kamu gadisakitin sama orang orang dan berkali kali ngomong gaada niatan buat jahatin kamu sedikit pun??? trus aku bingung ini yang jahat siapa karna sahabat aku malah balik marah ngancem kamu bakal dijahatin karna udah jahatin aku tp namanya bukan karma trus yagitudeh??? trus aku cerita soal kamu yang marah marah ke aku gimana jahatnya kamu sama aku trus abis itu aku bilang kamu baik kok etc etc?? trus abis itu nge-snapchat "liat deh sebenernya aku sama dia tuh gapapa guys plis jangan jahatin kita berdua", gitu sayang? wqwq pr banget dah kayanya :( #nohate #nojudge #nomoney #ayoendorsekitadong

#hh your first heartbreak!!

i remember crying myself to sleep when i was 10 for being grounded for watching Harry Potter on tv. mother hates the creatures, she thinks Hagrid is somewhat genderuwo. kesel banget

#hh who's your first kiss?

it was this beautiful human, right here

Good morning! If for a day, a scientist attached an eye tracker to see your eye movement, what would they find? Farizkey.

a lot of strangers smile, fears of the people i met on the streets, disappointments from my parents eyes, suspicious stares from my older cousins like how they know my deepest secret that is actually not a secret, a lot of sunsets, a lot of him, a lot of him the one whose not physically around but still i can see everywhere i go, a lot of sunsets, a lot of sunsets

Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

always, i mean, is there anything else that can make us more motivated than money? d'uh


hai #hh yuk ada yang mau nanyain ga wqwq gaada juga gapapa deh

Di, what's your thought about the recent Taylor v. KimYe thing? Farizkey.


hmmmmmm, kayanya emang bener ada conversation about the song deh but Kanye never told Taylor about the actual lyrics, again Kim exaggerated it and said that she already knows the lyrics and all. logically, as the one who wanted a friendly relationship with Kanye, of course she wanted to like the song and have been pretty excited about it as she referred. But Kim exaggerated it as what she said on a conversation with Kourtney in KUWTK that Taylor already heard the song, laugh it off and help him to re-write it. pusing ya ngikutin drama nya mereka yasallam awkarin lewat jauh dah

gw ke makassar minggu depan nih ka... rekomen tempat makan yg ena' dong

- aroma gagak di jalan gagak
- coto nusantara di jalan nusantara, cabangnya di jalan urip sumoharjo juga ada
- coto maros di jalan urip sumoharjo
- coto paraikatte di pettarani ada, di jalan perintis kemerdekaan juga ada
- coto daeng di alauddin, ada cabangnya di belakang mall panakkukang juga


tenang, ada yang lain kok. kamu bisa coba

- pallubasa serigala di jalan serigala, cabangnya di hertasning baru ada
- mie titik, deket pantai belakang rumah sakit stella maris ada, di btp ada, hertasning baru ada
- mie awa cabangnya ada yg di alauddin deket mcd sama jalan sulawesi
- pisang epe di sepantaran anjungan pantai losari banyak banget kamu bisa langsung kenyang ngeliatnya doang

How would you change your name to make life a lot more fun?

i don't do fun. sorry, wrong person.

Sukanya pake apa ka?

aku #timdasterbatikgariskeras, tengkyu.

What is your fave sweatpants brand?

gasuka pake sweatpants

twice his age Twice his age TWice his age TWIce his age TWICe his age TWICE his age TWICE His age TWICE HIs age TWICE HIS age TWICE HIS Age TWICE HIS AGe TWICE HIS AGE!!!! :( beelzrazghoul

howalah maaf atuh diah yg salah sayang jangan sedih :( ini mana "twice his age"nya sih elah gemesh begini yarabb aing abis beramal soleh apa ya di kehidupan sebelumnya bisa beruntung banget sama maneh

Kak pacarnya serem amat

the funny thing is, i've always think that he's cute with all that long hair and beard and mustache that makes him looks like twice his age. he's actually a total sweetheart, and funny and the most gentle guy that i've ever been with. he knows how to treat a woman right. and i know that i'm the luckiest because of that.

Do you think forgetting is the ultimate revenge?

revenge is always useless if it's not going to give back what you have lost. revenge is always useless if you spend more time looking back than trying to move on. revenge is always useless if it's about hurting the ones you once love because every cells in your body knows that it will hurt you more.

Have you ever given up on someone? Why?

ah many times. i've always known as the delusional one, i expect too much of course. but well, pain is great.

PAP your before and after!


hepi besdei

wah capani pake anon segala, udah lewatsi tapi maaci ea

hepi hepi

hepi hepi apaan

Maap telat ngucapin kaaak, happy birthday Kak D ! Panjang umur, bahagia selalu langgeng smaa masnya ❤️💃🏻 pengen ngirimin video/audio aku main piano ga siiikk hahahaha Ridha Adz-Dzakiey

Ridha! gapapa sayang, amin amin makasih banyak huuu it's so sweet of you💓💓💓 mau doooooooooongggg aku gapernah liat nih :"3

Can you tell me what was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Do you mind sharing it with us?

i rarely laugh lately i'm starting to think that it's not my thing anymore. watching my always go to movies to cheer myself up doesn't even help one bit, in fact, i'm starting to spot every scene that is just technically wrong. my lips stay zipped, let alone opened to gasp some air over laughing. i begin to die again. and it scares the hell out of me, i pray and pray for myself and these words keeps on repeat


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