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Fadiah M Wadud @diahfadiah
Fadiah M Wadud @diahfadiah
wait, i forgot to fill this up
eh jadi gimana?
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Well.. How to make ur-self happy as long as u can? If u have "the simply one" kindly tell me, thx:)  Romy Arifin
"Dengan bersyukur kak. Ato, bersabar biar cepet dapat calon suami. Saya udah lolos kriteria di bawah ini btw."- Fadiah, di Melengkeri, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan yang dari pukul 17.00-23.00 WITA, suka susah sinyal.
Well.. How to make ur-self happy as long as u can? If u have "the simply one" kindly tell me, thx:)
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
There's nothing wrong on being too hot, how could it be worse.
I mean, look at him.
No wonder hell's been missing its fire.
It's all around him.
I can't even....
Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
Please show me something new.  Hibatullah Mario
This is not new but i can guarantee that you haven't seen this yet.
Another long-distance-bestfriends story.
His name is Shang, he's chinese but currently living in Australia. I've never met him yet. He's 18 going on 19 and studying art at uni.
He's one of the most nicest guy i met online, he found me on omegle and we talked about Oasis and Radiohead and became bestfriends ever since.
One day, he saw the pic of mine on the top left, and he was like "wow. is it okay if i paint you? I've never paint anyone before, i mean, your face in that pic it's just wow i need to paint that, i need to visualize it on canvas."
And that's it.
(Narsis dikit gapapa ya Mario...heheehehe)
Please show me something new.
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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
i mean
Bagi VR dong?  Alfiansyah Pradipta Bakri
Gue baru tau kalo VR sekarang bisa dibagi cem rapor ya dibagi-bagi...
Good evening friends, I was wondering what do you think about the "relative" people? I mean, they always try to judge something "objectively". Definition of "true" and "false" may become so fuzzy.  Audi Manan
Morning, ka Audi.
You were just talking about me.
I'm one of those "relative" people.
Yang kalo ditanya apa-apa jawabnya "relatif".
I don't see the world as black and white, right and wrong, well i used to, but not anymore.
And turns out, i love this colorful world more than the black and white one.
I love how i see things not by one perspective only.
I love how fuzzy you called the definition of true and false means.
I love how i judge things objectively, because that way, i could understand.
I was blind, but no, not anymore.
When is it okay to be angry?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
There's no a good excuse to be angry i guess, but again, it's one kind of human's emotional expression, as long as you can contain it, you're good.
Where do you like to read?
Anywhere but a moving vehicle and a crowd place.
Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
Do you believe that there will always be some people with mistakes that you can't forgive?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
If there's anybody with mistakes that i'd find so hard to forgive, that would be me.
I never find it that hard to forgive people's mistakes towards me, i could just forgive even before they say sorry, i'd just let my brain takes control and put my fragile heart away for a little while and constantly making myself happier the minute people let me down.
I'd say the magic words, "nobody's perfect, everybody got their own shits to deal with". And i'd understand.
That's why i'd find myself so ashamed of my own self if i let my anger takes control.
I'd be sorry as hell, and it's killing.
Forgiving is a whole lot easier than forgetting.
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More than friendship, less than romance. What do you call it?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
Simbiosis mutualisme.
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Hae! Mention one thing you really don't like about me, please..  Grace Christina Tobing
how could i possibly don't like you, we barely know each other, besides, you're such a sweetheart grace! and that last self-pic of yours is gorgeousssssssss!!! i envy that beautiful face huuuuu<3
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you got something in your eyes, you know..just don't let your impulsively oversensitive feeling taking can tame it..and um, I hope you'll lead a happy life towards future
ini rejeki anak soleh apa gimana..
malam-malam begini di ask anon beginian....
whoever you are, please please come off anon
so i could personally thank you
i don't even know that i deserve this kind of kindness
so please
okay... just don't lose your way then =)  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
oh don't you even worry about that, i still got the logic going on
and oh a google map on my phone
getting lost is not even one of my options
gabisa ngelucu
so now do you already get your heart back or not? :s  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
not yet
not in anytime sooner i guess
Kapan terakhir hatimu merasa kehilangan sesuatu?
late october 2014, i lost my heart to a guy i never knew i could fell for
Why do zombies like brain so much?
because they doesn't have one
Hi Di, let me ask you a question. Based on your observation, from the scale of 'Vicky Prasetyo' to 'William Shakespeare', how is my English? I think my English starts getting rusty since I don't really use it.  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
First of all, i don't even think i got this capability to judge your english since mine is not even close to "good enough"........
Look, my grammar is one of the worst.
I suck at it.
My pronunciation is might not even as fluent as you.
Oh and the way i spell things, ah bad, i often misspelled things, like a lot.
And i was this INTJ bitch who often go back to her own page just to check if she write things right already, or did i forget any word, if it's sounds right..
That was pretty tiring.
What's with the insecurity, Mi?
Speak/ talk/ type/ shouts/ sing/ curse in English as much as you can, as much as you want.
Fuck everyone else think, we weren't born in the land of England anyway.
We use English in particular reasons, wether it's for learning, or just to looks cool, or because you just feels like to. People may like it or not, it's their options to choose, not yours, so fuck it, really.
lol who does this remind you of?
That was a...
I can't even use any nice words to explain what i've felt after watching that.....
That was so mean, i mean, ah how i wish i could just use a sad emoticon as much as i can just to let you know how sad it was, but it will lost its value if i do, so i better not to.
That was a true love.
He was so sad, i can't even stand it.
What is your relationship status?
how could i have a relationship status if i'm not in any of it...
Jika suatu saat nanti anda baru saja sehari menikah eh mertua udah bilang "Ibu udah ga sabar gendong cucu nih!", apa respon yang anda berikan?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
"Ini bu, saya bikinin cucu. Putih ya bu, manis lagi, masih anget.."
Jika suatu saat nanti anda baru saja sehari menikah eh mertua udah bilang "Ibu udah ga sabar gendong cucu nih!", apa respon yang anda berikan?
Ketika mantan berkata "Mamah nanyain kamu tuh, suruh main ke rumah katanya" maka apakah respon yang akan anda berikan?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
"Emang mamah kamu berani bayar berapa nyuruh main di rumah? biasanya yang manggil papah kamu lho..."
"buat main monopoli kan?
‎@RJBeatless: BBM naik? itu bagus, biar cabe-cabean gak keluar rumah mulu hoho
(i don't even know how to respond on this)
(but i just feel like to)
(this one anon should be heard)
(or at least to be laughed at)
(he/she's trying to be funny)
(at least he/she tried)
Setujukah kamu kalau kenaikan BBM itu hal yang pasti akan terjadi dan tidak bisa dihindari?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Let's just see it from another perspective, shall we..
Naiknya harga BBM (selama beberapa tahun terakhir, biasanya) berbanding lurus dengan naiknya uang panai' buat cewe-cewe bugis yang hendak dilamar.
(Tapi Diah belum mau nikah)
(Siapa juga yang mau ngelamar)
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What is your biggest regret?
What is your biggest regret?
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