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But that wasnt you!!!


post lagi ah

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TGIF! What would Batman do?

hmhmhhh bentar mikir dulu ya

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Kamu membuatku sedih.

kalo kata mendiang kanjeng Princess Leia "take your broken heart, make it into art"

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Wah kamu ga ketawa.

soalnya ngetawain lelucon kamu yang tida lucu hukumnya masih sunnah a.k.a tida wajib





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Kok tau enak? Tadinya mau nanya pil kb eh pilkada tapi ga jadi.

wah dia ngelucu

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Yang bener tuh temen sebangku atau semeja ya saat masa sekolah?

kamu musinginnya yang begituan banget ya? pasti hidupnya enak

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Who is the funniest person you know?

ahahahahaha, me

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Converse or Vans?


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Lipsticknya cantik kak, tapi kok molesnya over? Apa biar terkesan penuh?

itu emang guenya aja yang ga bisa make lipstik bener, kalo mau diperhatiin malah sebenernya bagian atasnya ga ke cover lipstik semua, nih aja nih stainnya di bibir bagian bawah aja yang kemana2. but i don't need to be 'terkesan penuh' i mean look at me????? my face is already dominated by my mouth, emang udh penuh bgt tengkyu

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How do you know whether you're deluding yourself or not in love and life?

me in a parallel universe would've dress like this (pic and character made by milov @tmrzaa)

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kak kasih aku judul buat presentasi tentang teen's life dong? thanks kak

aku dibayar ga? kalo engga yha q nga maw bikos 'thanks kak' tida bisa ditunaikan dan dipake buat mbayar makan and pulsa and makan and bensin and makan, so..

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What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

i was singing

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If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

let the snail do whatever it wants, whether it's homeless or naked that is not up to us to judge and to determine/ call out what their feelings towards their own act

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Do you feel comfortable, when being photographed?

i know i look like i'm annoyed in most of my pictures but i earned the banci kamera title back in the 10th grade clearly for a reason

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Which sound gives you goosebumps?

"i need to talk to you" being spoken by anyone there is. no particular person, anyone who said this to me will give me goosebumps

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Wdyta beef teriyaki?

you're killing me

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What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?

24/7 alias gabangun bangun lagi alias modar alias koit alias bye dunia

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Do you play any online games?

i'm the worst online gamer eveeeeerrrrrrr @tmrzaa sampe cape menghadapiku hahaha :"

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What are two true things and one lie about you?

• i have a scar all over my chest from some boiling water burnt when i was 2

• i always find it hard to sleep

• i have no favorite color

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Would you rather suffer extreme cold or extreme heat?

i've been raised in one of hottest part of the country where beaches are near and banana and coconut trees growing free, i could say that i'm pretty used to the heat. as much as i hate it when it's too hot outside but i still can say that i can manage and survive

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What freaks you out?

compliments. compliments freaks me out. i don't get them a lot so when someone tries to compliment me i tend to freak out and being awkward about it, i often even found it hard just to say "thanks" and moving on..

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Eat you want, love yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

that's what my Aa keep telling me to do too. whoever you are, whether or not this is a send all question, thank you. i appreciate it.

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What was the first thing you learned to cook?

nasi goreng pas sd kelas 6. but i cooked my first ever chicken soup last week, without any recipe and guidance because grandma was sick and no one's home and she's my responsibility so i need to make her something to eat other than bubur. it turned out good. i was just trusting my instinct, tried to not to depends on google, and doing everything based on the memories i have from watching mother cooking in the kitchen. you can tell that i'm pretty proud of myself.

yaelah kak chicken soup doang, anak anak junior masterchef udah masak apaan tau.

biarin. wlek.

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euuu babe, thats wwe 2k16 not gta =))))

iyaaaa suda diperbaiki maafkeun wqwqwq

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Diah so sexy goddess

oh yes ofkors. look at how toned my body my Aa made me in wwe 2k16. this is me in galaxy far far away where i only eat people's good deeds for lunch

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