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Good afternoon, wonderful peoples! Seeing that most of our dreams are either work, stay, or even live abroad, what are the top 5 things you'll miss the most from Indonesia? Have a great weekend!  Farizkey
(1) foods. like for real, nothing, i repeat, n o t h i n g can beat indonesian rich and delicious cuisine, period.
(2) family and friends. i mean, ini boong banget lah kalo engga.
(3) the easy access. yes, you read it right. apa2 tuh kalo di kampung sendiri enak, ngurus ini itu gampang karena udah tau medannya kayak gimana, mesti ngapain dan ina ini itu-nya.
(4) have i mention f o o d s???
(5) my heart. i left a piece of my heart in the land of merah putih, tanah celebes, tanah kelahiranku. i've never been this kid who has this huge nasionalism or anything, tapi setelah kemaren ngerasain 17 agustusan di negri orang dan gabisa ikut upacara di kbri karna mesti praktek ngajar, sedihnya bukan main. dan akhinya sadar kalo lirik lagu yang sering kita nyanyiin waktu kecil dulu
"walaupun banyak negri kujalani
yang mahsyur permai dikata orang
tetapi kampung dan rumahku
di sanalah ku rasa senang"
itu bener banget. hhhh.
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Pap your EDC (Everyday Carry) !
they're private, my love.
now shoo.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lun7SoXwJk8 I have come to a conclusion that sarcasm is a common daily thing (especially here on ask.fm). Question is, do you have a sarcastic soulmate?  loner larkspur
aku punyanya twin flame, the one and only ‎@tmrzaa.
oh and you could read more about twin flame on http://www.soulevolution.org/twinflames/twinflames.htm
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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
lelah dikotak-kotakkan, aku memutuskan bahwa aku bukan keduanya.
apaansi fad
ngomong apaan dah
introvert fadiah mah, biar keren
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wiih ka di malaysiaki buat choir... gol. suarapaki di choir? kepoka hahaha :3  Nurfadila Zainal
bukan buat choir dek, kkn-ppl aku huehehe
KAPAN PULANG?!  panjang deh namanya, pake helm
22 mb'e yampun aimizyu :"
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Besides baby or white, what is form of purity according to your imagination?  Wafi
some embracing it, showing it and make the best out of it. some trying to fake it, fight it, but it's so pure even with bibles in your hands you can't stop and keep on sinning.
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diah, definisi worth to waiting please
if you love them enough, there's no much amount of time you'll get tired to wait for them (as long as you're sured that they will come {back} sooner or later)
"nunggu tuh yang pasti2 aja"
tai cecak.
di dunia ini apa sih yang pasti? 10 menit kemudian lo masih bisa napas aja kaga ada yang tau, ilmu eksak aja masih terus diperbaharui sampe detik ini.
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Ans yg td itu sama kyk yg my ex bilang. "Cewek itu dipilih, kalo cowok itu memilih". I debated it with him. Bbrp hari kmudian, dy mutusin aku. Luckily, I realize that he ain't worth for me. HAHA
a guy like that worth no time of yours, well basically any human being that thinking that way worth no time and no damn. you go girl.
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Living in a patriarchal society, what's the dumbest statement you've ever heard regarding gender role?  Helmi Akbar
"cewe tuh punya hak buat dipilih, cowo yang memilih karena emang udah kodratnya kayak begitu."
that, my friend, ironically said by a girl, a friend of mine in this real-teaching service programme. we were having our dinner when she said it and i almost literally throw up in her face. god bless the founder of manners because i swear to god if i've never had one she'd be going home covered by curry all over her face. the rest of the dinner time was finished by debates that i knew i can't win because all she gave me was false judgements and urat yang kemana-mana. she literally have no chill, i can't stand it. i was debating with a dummie and to response her was stupid enough that i decided to finish my meal right away and call a night.
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If you were a magician's assistant in a magic show, which trick would you want to be in?
the one where i get all the money and get gone and leave people gazing like this
If you were a magician's assistant in a magic show, which trick would you want to be in?
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Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?
you're seriously running out of question now huh, admin?
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What's your favorite saying?
"allahumma yassir waala tu'assir"
cause i'm a believer like that
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If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?
i'm the blue sunset of mars, where else am i gonna be?
If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?
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Hai. Kita ada harga promo untuk setiap pembelian apps Android dan apps iOS @2 apps 5k. (VSCO cam dan afterlight fullpack, tema, clone, iTunes, games dan 2juta link). Takut nggak trusted? Bisa cek #testidemeter_apps. Order? Minat? klik link http://line.me/ti/p/%40ajl1930p *abaikan bila mengganggu*  Demeter apps
and i thought this nightmare has already ended...
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Do you pick and choose your friends?
bukan milih sendiri sih tapi lebih nyerahin ke semesta aja. liat hasil seleksi alam kayak gimana, siapa yang tinggal dan siapa yang pergi. toh everything has an expiration dates, any kind of relationship has an expiration dates due to any possible things: growing up/ break ups/ betrayal/ deaths.
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Teman2 mohon bantuannya yaa agar gue n tim bisa menangin lomba dgn cara me-retweet dan me-favorite tweet gue di https://twitter.com/nyosafat/status/628467813301157888?s=06 Big thanks and have a great day :)  Nicko Yosafat
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Hi! Happy Kaiju Day, everyone! If you were given a chance to pick a name for a Pacific Rim's Jaeger, what would you name it?  Astri Nindita
if i ever had a jaeger i'll name it "Karenina: The Thunderstorms." for short people could call it Nina #1. her special power would be to absorbs the power of thunders and spread it with lightning bolts only to the nearest kaiju and strike it with electricity to dead. oh and yes, it's a she.
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Pap happy monday  Cygen Kancut
there's no such thing as happy monday. days has never have feelings.
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ka fadiaah mulaai bisa nyanyi sejak kapan?
dari kecil sayang
What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?
how dare you to make me choose
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https://youtu.be/eoYjtAX7w1M N https://youtu.be/O8B8ZRTz3Gc Lets go to Blind Guardian concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ambicatus
What's your favorite music genre?
i don't play favorites especially in music, but atsea's new ep has been keeping on repeat for the last two months in my playlist, and the fact that my writing got to be selected to be one of the writings in the bleak tropics (as the interpretative book of atsea's new ep) is such a bless.
kolibri rekords & ‎@themurmurhouse made this happen and i couldn't be more grateful so a thousand of thanks wouldn't be enough but really guys, thank you so so much.
anyway, today is the day! the book launching! (be there guys you won't be sorry) though i couldn't be there due to my real-teaching practice abroad, i wish the show could run well and all be fine and fun! i'm sorry for the absence (like i know rightttt ini sedih banget gabisa dateng) but i'm sending you guys lots of love all <3
What's your favorite music genre?
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Have you ever broken any bones? If so, how many and which ones?
if the heart ever have a bone i've broke mine for countless times
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