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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
Eat Street on NatGeoPeople. like, who the hell woken up in 2 a.m in the morning and still could catch up another episode of people's amazing food trucks and how'd they makes their foods like holyyyy shit. i've always loooooves seeing people cooking, like oh my God i know i'm very ibu-ibu inside. BUT PEOPLE PLEASE DO WATCH EAT STREET IT'S AWESOME!!! (fan-girling over cooking show) (pretty much why people doesn't get me)
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Siang kawan semua ☺️ jangan lupa makan siang 😘😘 google it πŸ”œ "Blue Waffles"
ain't got no time for your hopeless joke when i've got my eyes been pleasured by the view of this beauty
Siang kawan semua ☺️ jangan lupa makan siang 😘😘 google it πŸ”œ "Blue Waffles"
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Are you romantic? Why or why not?
okay, i honestly don't know.
to some people, i'm just a fool. too many said so that i was started to think that i am.
i'm currently falling for a man that i've never even met yet, wrote him a book with 2 decades old typewriter (that could actually cut your nails because hell yeah), send it all the way to Bandung from Makassar and confuses his friends about what he has done to me, and gotten him more confused like, "what...i've never even met her yet".
but, fuck it. really. you can call me a fool, or hopeless romantic, or fucked up soul or whatever it is you wanted me to be called. all i know is that i'm just showing what my feelings makes me capable of, yes it does drives me mad, and no one could ever guarantee is the trip going to be good and safe or not. all i know that it's been trippy and sad, and exhausting, but i'm madly in love and actually having fun.
love is funny, huh?
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What kind of watch do you wear?
i don't.
it's #followfriday! ada ga tmn atau user menarik yg recommended utk dfollow?mungkin fisikly cute,kind,great humour,cool taste in music atau apapun! :)
#followfriday? as long as i remember this is ask.fm not twitter in the year of 2009-2010
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katanya .. tapi ..
lau kira soal uas anak sd apa wa disuruh ngisi titik2
Kalau saja tidak ada perbedaan identitas badaniah antara lelaki & perempuan (tiada jakun, payudara, penis, vagina, beda warna suara, beda tekstur kulit, dsb.), bagaimana keduanya membedakan diri masing-masing? Trmksh #romeo
instead of answering your question with the answer that i can only gets on google in such short period of time to complete my desire to look like a total smartass, all i can think about is: KENAPA MESTI PAKE (HASHTAG)ROMEO?????? K E N A P A ? ? ?
Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?
i teleport.
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if a guy wanted to prove girls aren't that strong and bet u couldn't knock him to the floor with a kick to the balls would u take the bet? what shoes would u wear? kick or knee? and how hard would ya do it? ya reckon u could win? if he drops to the floor ud get a Β£100
depends, if he looks like John Mayer or Johnny Depp why would i even bother..i mean, dear Lord what's with your creations that named John why are they have to be so cute like [{}%+Β₯€<~\<?!',.)$"$;:/!:!#<|{#^*+=β€’Β£<|!!!!
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i don't know about you but a man with those perfect-abs-all-toned-up-body has never been so attractive to me, it scares me instead sometimes. all i need is a man with average heights and weight, just enough for me to look up with a stare like this
The best thing of soccer http://33.media.tumblr.com/9194c423f7e0b788a2b34005c9ff79f3/tumblr_nmtdn4OUcW1qdult5o3_500.gif yummy!
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Hi there... . What your life reveals about our humanity? . Thank you. Don't forget to smile & have a wonderful time, good you.β€Ž  zola forasa
there's no evil that is more evil than what humans' minds and soul own. creativity destruction, jailing feelings, crashing another's dreams, oh love, love, love, and love. love, that is the meanest thing humans could ever transfer into word. it drives you crazy, and stupid, and awful, and sweet, and broken.
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What is your favorite scent?
old wooden bench in the garden right after the rain falls, heaven.
Were you #TeamParis or #TeamNicole back in 2004?
i can't even remember whether i've had breakfast yesterday morning or not and i was apparently only 9 years old back in 2004???? so, you decide?????
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How do you prefer to travel?
by dreaming, to infinity and beyond.
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Do you wear any jewelry?
no. i'm already sparkling enough that i ain't need no jewelry to attract people's eyes for a second look.
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Pernah ada beberapa perempuan yang menjalin hubungan asmara dengannya, pria yang selalu menepati kata-katanya. Namun secara jujur ia mengakui tak memiliki seorang mantan pun. Bagaimana bisa? Apa maksudnya?β€Ž  zola forasa
he just simply doesn't take them girls as his exes. i mean, okay, you can call it relationship or whatever it is you wanted it to be called, but it doesn't mean that you can tie people up, make them feel, and leave marks in their life. it's just not that simple. besides, the word "ex" is, i don't know, too harsh, sometimes. i mean, it's okay as it refers to an actual things, but to people...it makes it looks/sounds like a negative mark to the related ones. and uhm, remind me, why do we make it a big of deal? i mean, ex is just a word, after all, you're the one who value the relationship, wether it is less or more, it is all up to you.
Hai... Mari berbagi. Apa langkah pencegahan yang kamu lakukan selama ini agar tidak menjadi korban tindak kejahatan? Thank you. Have a save day, good you.β€Ž  zola forasa
langkah pencegahan biar badan ndak nge-drop aja deh, nih:
1. makan.
2. makan.
3. istirahat.
4. take your vitamins
5. makan. no, really, eat!
6. take your vitamins, with all seriousness
7. istirahat yang teratur
8. for the love of God, fuckin take your vitamins people
Hai... Mari berbagi. Apa langkah pencegahan yang kamu lakukan selama ini agar tidak menjadi korban tindak kejahatan? Thank you. Have a save day, good you.
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Diah potong rambut? You look so fine, gurl!
Helmi! wha jadi maloe..... tengkyuuuu *blushing*
but i'm planning to cut it shorter though, i'm dying for this look of aunty Winona right here. like, who can resist that such a beauty? hhhh isn't she just gorgeous? :"3
Diah potong rambut? You look so fine, gurl!
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(((Fallen for another man))) sapatuh hhh hh
yha u must be new here~
sa ae lu ngelesnya....jelas jelas lu nulis martabak telor keju?? wkawaw
lah lah kok u yg nyolot dah ? ! ? ! serah u ae dah. pan lu yg nulis tong, pan lu yg punya ask.fm, pan lu anon jadi tau segalanya. udahlah anon paling bener udah. wa nyerah~
More more ~β€Ž  Dhani
maap bang lagi ndak dangdutan. ndak terima request. trims.
ha ha ~β€Ž  Dhani
i bought a sympathy and wrap it with a beautiful blue colored wrap-paper, it got a blue rose pattern all over it, i gave it to a man that once was mine. thought it'd be fun to be called as friend. turned out, it wasn't enough. he wanted the whole world when he can't even afford the pain of being bitten by reality. he made me question my ability to love, confuses me like, should i love, or should i not love. but then, knowing that i'm already fallen for another man, now, i know i shouldn't bought him a sympathy before. the question is: has it become a sin for me for showing too much love?
hai bae. sudaka kau merasa kesepian? karena sukurin, sapa suruh jaga lilin, gaul kek ke engrekang. main main ama perasaan mantan.β€Ž  Dhani
what could i say, loneliness is my ultimate friend. that's a yes.
i'll continue on being miserable on my own. you can suffer for another kind of pain alone, you can't join me.
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Which movie do you think is overrated?
kinda funny this question. many answers of my following here mentions movies they thinks overrated, but i honestly don't think that they're overrated. i don't think any movie is overrated. you know what overrated is? love. love is overrated. like, i can even find that word in every kind of art, poetry, songs, movies, paintings, dancing, anything. it's like, it got its special space in anything and everything, in every single aspect of life. blah. i don't even know what am i talking about just kindly scroll it off, or i have to congratulate you for wasting a minute of your times to read this bullshit answer of mine. i'm sorry. i just feels like to say it.
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ka, ajarin aku ngesex dong :( aku gabisa ka :(
....and i'm pretty sure that porn was invented for a reason.
and hey, next time you ask the same question to other people make sure that they've had sex before, thank you.
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