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Fadiah M Wadud @diahfadiah
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What is more important, tact or honesty?  Rana M.Taher
Nothing's more important than the other. Both are important in any kinda of form of human relationships.
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lagi apa ndut? pap dong  Alfiansyah Pradipta Bakri
So i was accompanying my niece to eat for dinner
Nayla: kak kenapaya aku tiap hari ngerasa makin cantik
(I know she calls me 'kak' and she's my niece, i'm cool like that)
Diah: ha? Siapa yg ngajarin ngomong gt?
Nayla: hahahaha ya gpp, kan cuma khayalan bukan kenyataan
Diah: ............
She's only 7. Gue rasa doi mabok ggs.
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do you believe in "when you're good at something, don't do it for free"?
We live in a country where we gotta pay to get to pee in a public toilet.
I'm pretty much realist about money, we need it, yes, and to be able to get paid for something we're doing good at, why not?
I mean, we're doing it good, right?
And if it could get us to contribute to the society, it's even so much better.
But if it's about charities, or those things, well, i believe what goes around comes back around. The universe got its own dangeriously beautiful ways to pay them back. No matter if it's about money or not.
Pola pikir yang menarik.  Jawara D. Malela
I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you :)
But what makes you think like that?
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Hi there. . Tolong ceritakan apa penyesalan terbesarmu? & bagaimana cara positif kamu menyikapinya? . Terima kasih. Semoga makin sukses & makin menarik.  Jawara D. Malela
I tend to be over thinking on everything i'm doing. Regretting anything would be the last thing i wanna have in my options. As i said, regret is just an epic torture.
The way i heal myself from regrets is just by forgiving myself. Basically trying to accept that universe is not always working in the same way we wanted it to be.
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Apa harapan kamu untuk anggota DPR yg baru?
Ngapain ngarep sama anggota DPR. Lagian
Apa harapan kamu untuk anggota DPR yg baru?
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I wanna be invisible but i'm already good at it since no one here aware of my existence, and how being invisible is just another form of comfort.
Oh well, i wanna have the superpower of tracking golds with the radar i'd like to have inside my head and i'm gonna go dig it myself so you could call me a pro gold-digger not as an insult. Ha.
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Ur fav body part?
My eyes and eyebrows
Ur fav body part?
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Hi there. . Tiba-tiba terlintas di pikiranku mengenai tidak populer. Nah, bagaimana menurutmu caranya menjadi orang yang tidak mudah dikenali, gampang dilupakan sekaligus tidak menarik perhatian pada saat bersamaan? . Terima kasih. Semoga hari-harimu dipenuhi kebaikan & kesenangan...  Jawara D. Malela
Don't get involve in anything. Literally anything. Just don't. People will sooner forget about your existence.
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
I don't fancy birthdays. I've never have any particular things to wish so i could get on my birthday. Tp kalo dikasi kado ganolak kok, gadikasih jg gpp. Fadiah paling selow kalo ulangtaun. Yg penting didoain, gadidoain jg gpp. Seikhlasnya aja.
If parallel universe does exist, can you imagine what 'you' are doing by now?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
I'd be swimming among the other mermaids fellow while waiting for chef Gordon Ramsey to cook for our dinner, and go out for some shopping in Milan to re-create new clothes for New Planet: Mars fashion but feeling extraordinary nervous cause i'm about to sing in the Staples Center.
But hey, it's 1995. Let me take a pic of my main bae with his fan first.
If parallel universe does exist, can you imagine what 'you' are doing by now?
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pap muka jelek ta dulu sekali-sekali, jangan cantik terus
Sesungguhnya foto itu menipu darling, just don't believe everything you see. They've been through filter, then being cropped, and then given another bunch of filters again...
Then voila!
There they are, the pictures you said "cantik" is actually not that pretty.
What is your moodbooster all the time? And what is the moodbreaker?  Gada Sianipar
Tapi nganu mas-nyah...
Saya moody banget...
Moodnya bisa tiba2 jelek dan kemudian diem krn hal kecil, lalu menjauh dari peradaban tp 10 menit kemudian ketawatiwi lagi.......
Itu gimanaya...
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You're beautiful
wah Jamie Cullum nyasar kemari..
fav song?
my current favorite, Worry by Little Comets
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all follow back yah \(^0^)/
you forgot to go off anon darling, even if you do you lost me at 'all'..
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Ka pap sm pcrnya dong
5 Waktu tidur yang dilarang oleh Rasulullah SAW1- Tidur selepas makan.2- Tidur sepanjang hari.3- Tidur selepas solat Subuh dan awal pagi.4- Tidur pada waktu asar.5- Tidur sebelum solat Isyak.Rasulallah SAW bersabda :"Barang siapa yang menyampaikan 1(satu) ilmu saja dan ada orang yang mengamalkannya, makawalaupun yang menyampaikan sudah tiada (meninggal dunia), diaakan tetap memperoleh pahala."(HR. Al-Bukhari)
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Ka pacarnya siapa?
Jangan ngeledek deh.
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I am afraid it's not a talent that you're asking for. Well, you can always be that girl if you want to. Did you even try?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
I've tried.
But to got a fwb, to be a heartless bitch and to be able to erase feeling's just quite impossible for me now.
Gue baperan.
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
What are you talking about? They do!!!
Look at this cutie pieeeeee
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
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What if you have a special talent but you haven't figured it out yet?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
I'd love that.
I wanna be able on erasing feelings and being a heartless bitch that's just not giving any shit to the world but still looking good as fuck and be intelligent also to got a hot friend with benefits. Can i count that as a talent that i could ask for eventho i didn't see it coming yet? Please?
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Hai. . Menurutmu, apa beda & samanya antara narsis & egois? Yang manakah kamu di antara keduanya? . N.B. Saya menanyakan pendapatmu & bukan menanyakan definisi dari keduanya. . Terima kasih. Semoga hari-harimu dihiasi kebaikan & kesenangan...  Jawara D. Malela
Egois itu makanin kulit ayam kfc yg sengaja dipisahin temen buat dimakan terakhir.
Narsis itu saya.
Menurutmu, apa beda & samanya antara narsis & egois? Yang manakah kamu di antara keduanya?
N.B. Saya menanyakan pendapatmu & bukan menanyakan definisi dari keduanya.
Terima kasih. Semoga hari-harimu dihiasi kebaikan & kesenangan...
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Happy Sunday! Pap anything ♥  Devi Nasution
Happy sunday to you too, Devi!^^
This is from Eva Celia's instagram account. I can never stop adore it since the moment i saw it. I even put it as my phone's homescreen.
Isn't it beautiful?
Happy Sunday! Pap anything ♥
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Ohoo over confidence toh dekho bachi ka :P  Sammy
It's not over confidence, it's a "stay away" signal.
Learn more from the scout kids, i might gonna use morse codes later.
Is ‎@DeadwingDuck right to call ‎@LeaderBoneHill racist?
Like i care.