What are you looking for?

new interacting followers of my twitter account, i need some ego-boosters in my life, you know??? follow me for an unimportant rants, shameless selfie-sharing, and basically just an expression of how much i love foods thank you xx

Best job you ever had?

if i were born with penis i'd say blowjob, what a sexist question

Are you an Eco-friendly person?

i'd prefer to be called money-friendly person, thank you.

Pengen jilat ketiak km

Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

very spicy food because d'uh ayam goreng rica??????

What’s your favorite way to have fun?

i don't know, i never even thought of that word before. fun sound odd to my ears, and i'd always gonna prefer happy, exciting, excited, overwhelming, good, great, cool, awesome, amazing or any other word really. but not fun, no, the word just doesn't suit me.

Hello, peeps. My grandma likes to put and smear toothpaste on her face for some unknown reasons (perhaps she thinks it will whiten up her skin? idk). So, is there any habit in your family that others would prolly consider weird/"nyeleneh"? Stefanus

everytime i got bintitan (and trust me i got that a lot) (i mean i don't even know why because trust me i don't even watch porn) (well not that much) she'd put sikut jari telunjuknya (is that even what it called) (pokonya gitu deh) into the top of her inside mouth until it's wet enough and will get it out and pray some salawat nabi to it and put it into my bintitan's eye. she does that for three times, everytime. and she'd then gonna put it away--sikut jari telunjuknya--ke bensa apapun yg ada siku/sudutnya dan kayak diusapin ke sana AND ODDLY IT WORKS EVERY DAMN SINGLE TIME I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. filosofinya katanya itu dia kayak mindahin bintitan itu ke benda yg ada siku/sudutnya itu..... well, yea, like uhm okay....

What was the last song you danced to?

what about the last song i cried to

the national - about today

Lo knp kuliah susah2 4 taun mau jd guru? Mengabdi pada negara? Mulia kan lo? Skrg gw tanya, lo mau ga disuruh ke pelosok" jd guru yang rela ga di bayar? Lah kagak kan jgn sok" mulia la. minta dipuji?

initial reason gue kenapa memilih kuliah pendidikan keguruan sebenernya karna gue cuma mau pinter, di mata gue gaada guru yang ga pinter. they're in their profession to be called a teacher for a reason. jadi guru tuh ga gampang, ga sekedar ngasih ujian, ngasih nilai, trus kelar. masalah mulia apa engganya itu urusan belakangan, urusan nanti, urusan kepercayaan. lo gatau apa apa soal hidup gue, soal whatever it is i'm willing to go through to get to be where i am today, whatever it takes i'm willing to give to be what i am today. gue mau jadi guru, jadi dosen, jadi pengajar, jadi pendidik bukan sama sekali karna alasan shallow yang orang orang kayak lo pikir--"buat dipuji" hahahahaha it's funny because you're actually making me laugh my ass off of your stupidity. your stupidity irritates me, please get your ass and miserable heart the hell out of my page. thank you.

pap ketawa sambil melotot

What's your middle name?

Musdalifah as in bahasa Arab: مزدلفة adalah daerah terbuka di antara Mekkah dan Mina di Arab Saudi yang merupakan tempat jamaah haji diperintahkan untuk singgah dan bermalam setelah bertolak dari Arafah which is happened to be my father's name--clearly not Musdalifah as mantan istrinya Nazar, tengkyu.

33!!!💙 Dita Srugova

33. what i love most about myself
the fact that i love myself enough.


24. i'll love you if..
you send a million dollar on my bank account by now

35 ANON69

35. what bands i've seen live
i don't go to concerts that much because d'oh ijinnya susah abis????? terakhir nonton payung teduh


53. what i hate most about myself
aku suka menumpuk pekerjaan, bermalas malasan dan berharap masalah selesai dengan sendirinya hanya dengan berdoa kepada Allah SWT dan menginginkan adanya hujan uang kerana ya tida mungkin lah bego


1. sexual orientation
as straight as Jembatan Shiratal Mustaqim

7! ;) Anwita Citriya

7. my favorite book
i don't read that much when it comes to books with cover and papers and all that (that's why i don't read much novels) but what i enjoy the most is short stories and the first book that comes in my mind is SAIA by Djenar Maesa Ayu just because she was inspired by float's songs in some of her shorts in that book (but i basically a fan of her other books that i couldn't recall the title of), followed by Monsoon Tiger by the lovely Rain Chudori and Kind Looking Eyes by Ahmad Tohari another is Kukila by Aan Mansyur. another printed book that i could enjoy mostly non-fiction, and because i'm a slow reader the only novels i enjoy to read is Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer (not finished) and Madilog by Tan Malaka (not finished). other than that, i love the days of me scrolling through online cook books, wattpad, and some online articles talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on and off relationship and how Blac Chyna is the mother's of Tyga son that's the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner that the sister of Rob Kardashian. oh well. (i'm lame) (i know)



45. my relationship with my sibilings
too bad i don't have any. i'm the only child and that's it.

8 and 54?

8. biggest turn offs
less ethics + much talking + smirks. that combination is a poison for me i swear i'd rather be out of the room instead of sharing the same air with that kinda douche

45. biggest turn ons

What's your go-to karaoke song?

mau main ini ikutan ka @anvitacitriya, tanyain dong guys

Everyday is a holiday it seems eh

sori boy disini pengangguran banyak acara kaga ada tuh holiday holiday loetjoe menghamburkan duit sedih ga lo

Any plans for an upcoming holiday? Muhammad Aulia Anwar

pengangguran knows no holiday

Do you work well under pressure?

beuh saya mah bibit bibit budak korporat pisan

Duuuu mb nya ngegas niy. Dita Srugova

aku rese kalo laper :( maafin :(


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