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Kak pap coba chat line dan bbmnya?
Dek, kamu kalo jomblo keponya jangan begini amat.
"Though we're lonely. We never alone."
Kak pap coba chat line dan bbmnya?
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If telling the truth is gonna do more harm than good to all of the sides, will you just go away with a lie for everyone's sake?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
I'm all about the tough love.
I'd prefer to slap you in the face with all the ugly truth than have to spoil you with all the sweet lies and run away with it.
I'd rather to see you hurting in the first place (and trust me, it will hurt me too) than see you hurting later on after all the lies and see you hurting even more.
I know. I'm such a horrible person. But that's just the way i am.
If telling the truth is gonna do more harm than good to all of the sides, will you just go away with a lie for everyone's sake?
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What's the dirtiest joke you ever heard?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
"Berani kotor itu baik."
Do you sometimes talk to yourself when you're thinking something?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Most of times.
I'm the only one who i can talk to without worrying about anything that came out from my mouth.
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Pernah ada momen "this is wrong but it feels good" ga?
*senyum-senyum genit najis dulu*
It feeds another side of me.
It dismissed the hunger.
It fills another hole.
It's just so wrong but damn, it's hella good.
It makes me curse.
It makes me curse that why the hell is life is so unfair.
Why the hell is this even a sin.
It makes me admit that i'm a sinner and proud.
I got the best partner.
I won't be sorry for this kinda sin, i won't.
And, with all energy that left..
It makes me scream.
"I'll give up my life to you, Indomie."
Pernah ada momen "this is wrong but it feels good" ga?
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Pap orang alay
Duh gue, kurang alay apa..
Pap orang alay
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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Kelas yang ndak ada gurunya.
Alias ndak belajar.
Alias free class.
Let's say you can travel to 7 countries instantly but you can only stay there for 1 hour. Where will you visit and what will you do?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Diah mau ke Bandung aja boleh ga? Jadi batal keliling 7 negara tuh.
Diah mau di Bandung aja tapi 7 hari, dengan jaminan temen di kampus bisa dititipin absen, semua tugas kampus selesai, mamah papah ga khawatir, dan tempat tinggal, transport serta uang jajan ditanggung. Gimana?
Kan gampang Bandung mah deket, naik pesawat 2 jam juga nyampe.
Gaperlu ribet ngurus passport dan visa lagi kan.
Semua aja nego Di, semua.
*menghilang ke balik tirai*
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
Air gratis.
What is the logical explaination(s) yang mendukung keberadaan atau ketiadaan (depend on which one that you believe) kehidupan setelah kematian? (No offense intended) Thx. #mike
Ini lo lagi butuh pembenaran atas apa yang lo yakini apa gimana?:)
I personally believe that there's another life, an eternal one after the death.
Toh sepengetahuan gue gaada yang balik hidup lagi setelah bener-bener officially announced dead.
Interprestasi masyarakat atas the term 'mati suri' sendiri menurut gue pun ga masuk akal.
Menurut gue, they're just having an epic vivid dream and it feels surreal that it could be scary as fuck, and it's pretty much a summary of what they've been thinking and told about how scary the life after death could be.
All that siksaan kubur and stuffs.
Pretty much terrorizing sih.
Apakah jiwa kita akan menguap dan terpecah kemudian kembali membentuk senyawa-senyawa baru di udara setelah kita mati?
Who knows.
Albert Einstein and Kurt Cobain belum bangkit dari kubur buat nyeritain ke gue tentang gimana-gimananya alam baka itu.
Mungkin mereka sedang asik ngopi-ngopi lucu sambil ngetawain kita-kita yang sibuk mikirin mereka lagi ngapain, lagi dimana, dan bentuknya gimana skrg.
K I T A?!?!
Gue aja kali.
Iya gue aja.
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what is your favourite record label and why?  Karola
Hey Karola!
It took me so long to answer this, i'm sorry but i've been thinking about it and i got none. I don't pay much attention on what record label represent this and that.
When it comes to music all i care about is the final product. The music itself.
I do realize that the record label itself got a big part on musicians making music, but that's it.
I don't care if it's an indie product, underrated songs, the mainstream ones, or even if it is one of the top 100 in billboard music chart, if i like it, i'm gonna like it anyway.
I wish you have a lovely day, Karola!:)
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klo lo gitaris,,, gitar apa yg paling lo pgen punya ?
With a lightning bolt in every string of it.
Fasting the blood pumping all around your body for the first 5 minutes of trial, guaranteed.
Hi there. Anggaplah anugerah dapat dijadikan kado, pilihlah 1 kado berbeda masing-masing untukmu, keluargamu, pasanganmu & sahabatmu. -A continuous popularity -An extraordinary beauty -An unlimited wealth -An everlasting health & Sertakan alasanmu yah. Thanks & kuharap kebahagiaan selalu bersamamu.  Jawara D. Malela
Hi there.
Anggaplah anugerah dapat dijadikan kado, pilihlah 1 kado berbeda masing-masing untukmu, keluargamu, pasanganmu & sahabatmu.
-A continuous popularity
-An extraordinary beauty
-An unlimited wealth
-An everlasting health
& Sertakan alasanmu yah.
Thanks & kuharap kebahagiaan selalu bersamamu.
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hi!apakah elo suka dengan film/komik/novel bertema post apocalypse?kalo ya,apa judul favorit lo? :)  alexander.bramono
Seneng banget dapet pertanyaan beginian, mau disimpen buat ntar online di pc aja biar sekalian nge-post link trailer youtube nya...
biar kayak orang-orang kekinian...
alhasil, gajadi saking semangatnya:")
Oke langsung aja!
1. I Am Legend (the movie)
I can't even remember when was the first time i watched this and can never stop admiring it ever since, it was before i even enter high school (i guess). The one and only, Will Smith, of course, nailed it, as always.
I just love how this movie emotionally affect me.
2. Children Of Men (the movie)
Ah i'm out of words. Gue smp kelas 1 pas dicekokin film ini.
3. The Walking Dead (the series)
4. Zombieland (the movie)
There will always be that kinky weird boy whom survived from this kinda post-apocalypse movie just by luck and a bit of super annoying, yet effective ways to prove that he's 20% smart, and 80% lucky.
5. 28 Weeks Later (the movie)
Agak bangke. Nyebarnya lewat liur doang anjir trus dalam hitungan detik berubah. Apa-apaan.
6. Upside-down.
The only annoying part is when the couple eventually end up together, happily, and she's pregnant (i forgot the names for fuck sakes).
One of them should be dead.
Masih banyak.
Tapi cuma kepikiran itu sekarang.
Anyway, have a great day! Thanks for asking, Alexander!:)
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pap malam ini dong..  Dian Utami
Got stoked by this poetry book at Essprezza last night.
Giving Up Smoking by Wendy Cope, 1945.
pap malam ini dong..
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Tell me the title of the last song you listened to.  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Funny Little Frog by Belle & Sebastian
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menurut kamu perbedaan umur pas pacaran perlu dipikirkan atau tidak? Mengapa?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Ya kalau cewenya 7 tahun dan cowonya 38 tahun sih perlu dipikirin kak.
(Yha mb itu mah cowonya pedofil)
(Iya tau)
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If you wake up and find out your gender has switched. what is the first thing you do?
Balik tidur lagi.
Gue tau itu cuma mimpi.
Girls who refuse to initiate text, what's their deal?
Why don't you go ask them yourself instead of strangers on ask.fm?
Man up, dude.
And stop generalizing girls.
We're all not the same.
We never were.
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How about.. do you think humans are inherently selfish?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Halo kaAul!
First of all, i'm sorry for the super late reply.
I wouldn't say that humans are inherently selfish, it's in our nature to do anything to stay alive, to survive from any kind of threats.
Hukum rimba mengenai "memakan atau dimakan", is actually happens in real life. It's not a myth. It's happening all around us. So basically, it depends on our strategy to beat down the enemy. A wise man once said, "Keep your friends close, but your enemy closer". That's why the symbiotic mutualism is getting pretty popular now. People are smarter. The games gets stronger. People will do anything, literally anything to get their life together, to keep everything on the track.
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Hai. Apa sih untungnya bagimu Bumi ini berbentuk bulat, dibandingkan jika Bumi ini berbentuk lain (semisal hamparan datar atau berbentuk kubus)? Gomapseumnida. Semoga kamu bahagia, hari ini & selanjutnya...  Jawara D. Malela
Biar bisa bilang,
"Itu badan apa bumi? Kok bulet?"
sambil ngaca.
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Back in hi school,in a confernce I discoverd some less-known environmentl, social, and political causes.Booths of info and papers of petitions in view.Petitions wud potentially make real changes, yet studnts lining up to sign em seemd to not pay much thought.Just signed for the fun of it.wdu think?
I agree that petitions would potentially make real changes, it's basically another form of democracy. The freedom to say "yes" or "no" to things, a chance to get involve on society's movements, a bold statement.
But, there's one thing that should've known that even high school students is the part of society itself, they (or we used to) got the chance to be involved, to speak up, in a very young age.
It's okay to have some fun, and it's actually should be made like one, cause, they're teenagers, most of them are in a "confused phase" where they see everything as they are.
Don't get me wrong, but the responsibility of what they've signed for should be explained in the first place.
The lack of information because of i-dont-give-a-shit-about-a-thing should be taken really seriously, especially in this era where we could even access information from 500 miles away about what happens in the other part of the world while we're actually showering or even sleeping.
What do you usually do on your birthdays?  Muhammad Aulia Anwar
Not much.
A dinner with mom and dad is enough.
I don't really fancy birthday, it's just another day of getting older anyway. But i do appreciate wishes and gifts if there is any of it. I just want my parents and close ones to remember, that's all.
No surprise? Fine.
No gifts? It's okay.
No wishes? I won't mind.
Kalo kata yang suka minta2in sumbangan mah, seikhlasnya aja.
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Give me 3 top ask.fm account who you adore to? And the reason please?  Nakunhas
top 3 bgt nih?
Because why not? I can't even think of any reason to not to adore her.
I mean, who doesn't? She's a goddess.
Too metal to be ignored.
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What is your best feature?
I'd find the easiest way to deal with shits just because i got a lazy ass.