Name a problem leaders in your country should solve?

baca ini mau jawab "wkwkwkwk" aja rasanya

Are the people you've gone to school with cooler than most?

i was raised in this small town where everybody knows everybody, i could say that they're pretty basic and so did i. nobody's really that cool no matter how hard they tried.

Ketemu sama pacarnya darimana sih mbak. Cakep masnya hhe

from this very platform, actually.

it was around mid october of 2014, i saw his answer appeared on my timeline and it was odd for me as he was talking about his personalities (yes, plural) but i liked it anyway (well, because i actually do) and took awhile for me to realize that he apparently followed me ever since. i remember his first question to me was asking about massochism and me answering it, always, as narcissistic as i could possibly been with "wow it seems like you're talking about me" (if you're not new i'm sure you're aware of my bad habit of i tend to make everything's about me) when in fact, i was this heart-broken over the latest ex. we, then, started a conversation, realized that we've talked so much without a proper introduction. long story short, he emailed me about his script and asked me to criticize it and so on and so on. it's funny how it actually only takes me days to like him.

yes, 3 days only and he drives me insane.

we live in such uncertainty for like, 10 months since that 3 days.
he came and he goes, i can tell that he's afraid. the fact that we never met and he's in bandung and me in makassar doesn't even make it any easier.

he told me to go, of course. telling me that he's no good and that there's no future for us.

i didn't give up, who knew that i could be so tough.

until, i almost did. i tried to let him go by sending him a book i wrote about him while he was away, it was typed with a 4 decades typewriter of the very uncle of mine. i broke my nails and heart for it. i remember the last page was saying, "so be free em, be free. my feeling is not your responsibility."

but well, fate happens. years goes by and here we are

What artist would you call a "sellout"?

who cares when i have some burn that still hurts on my left hand covered all up with honey that caused by kecipratan minyak this early subuh but look like some crazy tattoo with zoo theme and cow as the picked animal, i mean, look isn't it gorgeous

mb diah kapan ada rencana main ke jkt :< IG, SC: Raraspberry

kapan ya mb huhuhu semoga bisa dalam waktu dekat agar kita bisa bertemu yay💞

Kak diah pacarnya ganteng. Kayak pemain gitar favoriteku namanya mateus :)) Ridha Adz-Dzakiey


....tapi sama my aa tida mirip kok, sama sama gondrong sama brewokan doang. kalo perbandingannya mas eki tresnowening emang rada mirip sih struktur mukanya, tapi kalo sama mateus beda banget ridhaaaaa....gantengan my aa kemana mana #sorrynotsorry

Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you? PAP!

who the hell needs a lucky talisman if you look like a witch full of black magic already

mas patjar mirip vokalisnya silampukau ya mb diah

iyaaaa hehe karna sama sama gondrong dan brewokan kaliya

Ka kan aku deket gt sm cowo, nah dia tbtb pergi trs dateng lg, aku respon lg kan, trs dia pergi lg dateng lg, trs dia bilang ke temenku katanya gamau pacaran makannya pergi, trs dia dateng lg& bilang "skrg aku serius" aku udah males bgt, tp kt temenku respon aja,tp aku males,aku harus gmn yaa

kalo males bobo aja enak

Does virginity matter?

if you're asking about sexual virginity especially of girls, i'd say that it's only a hymen and it doesn't determine anyone's intelligence and worth as a human being, so why bother?

Likeask#noans Nps.

ini kamu intentionnya apa kok gajelas banget

PAP must-have items for the summer!

because weather ain't gonna get you cute little bikinis for free

Hai kakakkk, kalian aku tantang untuk post profile pic facebook paling pertama kalian. Hayo beraniii ???😏😆😆

tantang tantang doang gaada duitnya ah


who are you most comfortable around?
aa patjar, i can fully be myself when i'm with him.


do you like big crowd of people?
it depends. on a stage, big crowd of people is everything i wanna see. in a concert, big crowd of people is what life's really about. in a mall, big crowd of people is the reason why the deads stays in their graves.


have you ever liked someone and never told them?
suka sukaan begitu doang waktu bocah mah sering banget sister tapi kan there are things better left unsaid sekarang mah jadi bahan tertawaan dengan diri sendiri saja

Hm 16!

would you kiss the last person you kiss again?
definitely, yes.

3 kak?

who are you looking forward to seeing?

21? Kirana Kania

what are your bad habits?
haduh banyak banget kak sampe malu mikirinnya

...but i'm just gonna say it anyway:
1. i curse, a lot. like really, a lot.
2. i'm stubborn, as hell.
3. people say that i'm too hard on myself and could actually mention facts on why they said that and shut me up.
4. aku abis makan suka langsung bobo makanya perutnya kemana mana
5. aku malas berolahraga
6. aku malas ngapa ngapain sih sebenernya (but when it comes to earning money, aku pasti excited dan sangat rajin)
7. aku suka sedih berlama lama
8. aku suka pura pura galiat dan menghindari orang yang aku kenal di tempat umum (kalo akunya lagi sendiri) karna i was there alone for a reason dan malas ber-haha hihi.
9. if my favorite songs comes up aku suka joget joget sendiri gakenal tempat, di gramed paling sering, hhhh malu maluin pokonya :"


spell your name with chin
aku beri gif aa ganteng yang tida kutau namanya ini saja ya

25 kak!

what body part are you most uncomfortable with?

dan lengan, lengan udah ga kontrol banget sister kayak bendera....

dan kaki, embicoz lebar banget kayak tangan. hih.

banyak ya? tapi gapapa aku bersyukur yang penting sehat yay

Do you smile at strangers?

surprisingly yes, especially to the elders and children. tapi kalo ketemu lawan jenis atau yang seumuran like papasan gitu atau gasengaja ngelewatin, resting bitch face-nya pasti tida tertahankan sister, aku juga tida mengerti kerana apa mungkin kerana default-nya sudah begini.


what was the meanest thing someone ever said to you?
"trus kenapa mesti pura pura?"

when all i ever said was the truth. i'm a time bomb, of course i explode.

10! IG, SC: Raraspberry

who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
andi reski damayanti a.k.a andres a.k.a yeyen, mb rara. we've been best friends since god knows when saking lamanya, kuliah pun satu almamater, dan se jurusan, cuma beda kelas.m tapi masih sering banget bareng. since we both are already graduated, she's waiting for her certificates and me waiting for the graduation ceremony, we got plenty of time and decided to come back to our hometown. a couple of days ago, we went for coto night in our pajamas and down for a walk right on the heart of the city. we found this old playground we used to mock and somehow drifted away by situation and talked for an hour. this is her


have any of your ex's told you they regret breaking up?
all of my exes actually does. but i've always been this paranoid afraid-of-being-hurt-again-so-i'd-rather-keep-my-feelings-for-myself, until they finally got bored of me and walked away.


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