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Saya anaknya sering salah tingkah kalau ketemu sm orang baru (orang lama yg gak akrab juga termasuk), sialnya kesaltingan saya ini sering buat orang ngira sy naksir dgn dia. how should i do to get rid from this syndrom(?) ?

option 1:
remember that every faces you see are the faces of the troubled. everyone got their own shit to deal with, some are just better at hiding it. if they could do it, you surely can do it too. fake it until you make it.

option 2:
embrace your awkwardness. make money out of it, write about it, make jokes about it. people will eventually forget that it's just you being you. and trust me, society lovesssssssss being fooled, they just don't wanna acknowledge it. everything they told you about just be yourself blablabla is a mere bullshit. they will love you if you look like you're not being you, and when you're actually just be that--you'll win. but hey, it's a win-win situation, got to be entertained by your so-called-joking-method too ;)

option 3:
just please fuckin tell them big-headed-people, who thought that you liked them because you're awkward around them, straight in the face--"i'm sorry but i'm just simply behaving like this to everyone. you're not a special snowflake, you narcissist, so knock it off!"--just kidding, don't say the last sentence pls it's rude. you'll hurt their ego and that's not a cool thing to do. just pls be honest and make sure to tell them as gentle as you could.

wah panjang juga ya ceramah aing, and it's not even subuh yet.

What gossip about yourself has made you laugh?

apa yang bisa diketawain sih, orang mau ngegosipin gue juga males kali. se-tidak penting dan se-tidak relevan itu soalnya.

Do you have this turning point moment in your life where you starting to become the person that you are today? Mind to share ur story?

if you're talking about a turning points, like a major one, the kind that shaped me into who i am today, i believe that it's exist in every corner of my life timeline. i mean, every trouble counts, not matter how small it is--no one's gonna know how big it could impact me, on my way of thinking, on my perspectives, and on how i feel about it in the future. nobody can guarantee that i'll forever be fine, that i won't gone mad and kill people on the street, that i'll made it to be that big of a person who held a charity show every once in a while, that i won't be just another product of failure. no one.

Hi! I know many of you aren't really into dangdut songs, is there any dangdut song that you actually like?

lagu lagu dangdut jaman dulu aja. Piano-nya Rhoma Irama, Memandangmu-nya Ikke Nurjanah, Wulan Merindu-nya Cici Paramida dengan goyangan tangannya yang khas. pokonya yang belum terkontaminasi sama edm yang beat-nya itu lagi itu lagi. bikin pusing. sama yang liriknya bukan "ku hamil duluan sudah tiga bulan" pokonya

Do you embrace or fear change?

Which superstition do you believe to be true?

jangan nyanyi di kamar mandi, setannya bakal seneng dan juga bakal ikutan nyanyi. ya bagus nanti bikin choir???


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maunya duit bukan likes hm nampaknya kita tidak mencapai kesepakatan ya, bye

Apa saja yang membuatmu tersenyum hari ini? Selamat berakhir pekan!

do you know that there's actually a safe website especially for teenagers whom interested about sex education, have many questions about personal life and all that stuffs but don't know where to go? you can actually asks there with an anonymous feature and can get a very thoughtful and insightful answer. it's Scarleteen.com

thanks to @the_magdalene (via twitter) for sharing a piece of writing about the website! hope this will be helpful for those in need xx

Kak diah...aku baca gaada stock foto ramang2 ya? Aku ada nih banyak hahaha


iya nih baru sekali ke sana juga sih huhu seru bgt kamu punya banyak foto! sempat ke telaga bidadari nya juga ga kamu?

How often do you change your hairstyle?

gaya rambut aing seumur umur cuma 3. dari umur 4 tahun di-bob pendek dengan poni, smp mulai di-layer panjang dan bertahan sampe tahun ketiga perkuliahan, in the past year sampe sekarang balik di-bob pendek lagi tapi gapake poni. udah

Can you dab?

what is dab even mean i'm old help should i google this or should i hh maybe i should

What is the most exotic place you have been to?

i don't travel that much recently. i have this crystal clear scenery of rammang rammang in the back of my mind and my trip there was about 2 years ago already and i didn't took any picture when i was there because:
1. my phone was broke;
2. and i didn't bring any camera

..maybe even if i did, i'd be busy admiring the beauty--that i had my spiritual awakened when i was there, pretty emotional trip for me too, so...i guess i just need to go there again sometimes in the future. definitely going to re-answer this.

What is your favorite board game?

not only favorite but the only board game i'm interested to play to, walaupun ya seringkali begitulah

Describe a perfect night out!

i'm the least person in the world that could ever think what a perfect night out should be like. maybe because it's perfect. perfect is always been a strange word to me, i found it irritating in some occasions too. maybe because i simply can't relate to it, perfect is just never about me or any aspect of my life. imperfection is.

Who is the most underrated ASKfm user?

they're answers are simply gold! ✨@katharania @scarletvictory
@kinnarakinnari ✨

special shoutout to:
@adrianoqalbi --because well, his rants on Podcast Awal Minggu is the must-listen for me to start the week, dari awal jaman ngerjain skripsi tahun lalu hingga sekarang (meskipun masih sering absen, but i try to catch up). his super honest answers are also such a fresh air on my timeline, because it's less 'dibuatbuat' and he seems like totally effortless on answering it. meskipun seringkali tidak berfaedah but it's just simply nice to see.

Watch sports or play sports?


the kind that is done on the bed, yes

..main volley di atas kasur, misalnya

oke galucu, bubar.

What's your favorite what-if scenario?

what if there's no such thing as sense of humor that people can't get the idea of laughter? would this world be silenced or is it going to be just filled with another sound of humans emotion?

Should we invite our ex to the wedding?

i think exes being invited to a wedding is okay in general, as long as they remain as friends with the groom nor the bride before the wedding be held. if they weren't friends then there's no obligation for the couple to invite their exes just to shows off their happiness or for whatever reason it might be for the invitation to be sent. there's a reason why they're your ex. you won't wanna add any awkwardness into your so-called happy day.

if it's my wedding then i won't invite any of my exes to it. like, ngapain pisan? it will only be filled with family, relatives and friends and my exes is none of the latter so

Who are you in a parallel universe?

Natalie Portman

PAP your favorite view!

Halo! Punya pengalaman berkesan di theme park seperti Dufan dan lain-lain nggak? Boleh tolong diceritakan? Terima kasih!

this question making me wanna go to a theme park by myself someday remembering that i've never been there alone. having so much time for yourself apparently doesn't mean that you have that much time for yourself, do you know what i mean

kak..... apa pendapat kakak, tentang "orang yang gak mau antri" dengan alasan "dia punya jabatan yang lebih tinggi" dibanding orang orang yang ada di sekitarnya saat sedang antri? makasih...😊😆😀🙏

bisa dipandang dari dua sisi, positifnya:
- you could be motivated on how to be that big of a person so others wouldn't treat you like how they treated you and you will most likely not repeat that shitty action of theirs. because again, it's shitty, and it's low for somebody as big as you. you should've known better.

- you could go on and rantings about how shitty their action is but no one is actually gonna listen to you and still, they're gonna be way on top of you and you can't do anything about it but to hold the grudge to yourself.

What you know that others don't?

berdzikir is actually soothes me

Setuju gak kalau kedewasaan seseorang bukan dilihat dari usianya?

"age is just a number" is actually a very conditional line and could not be applied to every situation, specially on someone's maturity and how it affect their reaction on things and usually shown in their manner.

- how we see age on someone's mental maturity is a ✖️ = doesn't matter, most likely not relatable.

- how we see age on someone's bodily maturity is a ✔️ = does matter, the longtime effect of how this perspective is mostly doesn't count specially for the case like teen moms is actually saddening.

What do u do if you have a long distance relationship???

i currently am, actually. officially been a year together now, fell for him way long before then. when i haven't even met him yet. many questions how and why, but i've never hold any precise answer, i just did, we just do. and because apparently you're new here, i've actually mention this a few times before.

i guess it doesn't have that many of differences with those who have their loved ones physically around. of course, we don't get to see each other often, but we maintain to communicate in a daily basis and surprisingly, it's enough, at least for now. yes we have our problems and special needs, but i guess we still can handle it in our own way as a couple. and yes and yes, we are looking forward to be together in anytime soon. (wish us luck!)

i'm not gonna lie, it is indeed not easy. it takes lots of understanding and trust, but which relationship that doesn't need that?

what i'm going to say is may not gonna sounds make any sense for you, but there are so many times where i just came to realization that what i really need is just to be grateful towards what we're having now, what we've experienced together, and towards what's we're hoping to become. you see, he may not be always physically around but the way he treated me, how he is just mentally mature (he always denies this one but he actually is) on handling me and my emotions (and i'm telling you, i'm a pain in the ass) is the kind that not everyone could do. i mean, how can i complain? i could go on and go on about how great he is to me for god knows how long but the point is, we love each other and we're working on it.

shoutout to my beautiful man and his signature stare


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