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wait, i forgot to fill this up
eh jadi gimana?
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wow sulawesi selatan! do you travel a lot, fadiah?  JESS
hey Jess!
i actually don't, i mean, the only times i'd go travel is when i'm going back to my hometown.
i usually go back by car, and it takes 4 hours to arrive from Makassar to Pinrang
and the view is, awesome.
all those sky and oceans scenery, mountains..
like, literally.
i took a lot of pics in a moving vehicle, most of my ig pics does.
i almost have got no time for my own self in college days and don't really plan on going anywhere if the holidays comes (i know, it's sounds boring because it is).
but i visit Alitta a lot, cause it's my dad's hometown, and we used to go there for celebrating Lebaran or sort of things..
so, yea.
thank you for asking anyway, have a lovely day Jess! xx
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What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
darling, i'd rather be killed by truth than living in a mesmerizing lies.
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If the internet was never invented, could you image how hard it would be to ever graduate from college?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
let's just say that internet was never been invented,
i can assume that our technology won't be as high developed (as now) by now.
you see, the education developments is basically pretty depends on the technology developments.
it gets harder and complicated these years, because people's source of learning is not only teachers or books anymore.
we got computers, and stuffs.
so, if internet has never been invented, it wouldn't be that hard, i guess.
i mean, it will be normal and usual as today.
the 50's are calling huh?
Kak Fadiah aku padamu kak  ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏
angin apa yang membuatmu berkata demikian Ferry senpai?
PAP Qoutes yang cocok buat HATERS..  Dian Utami
i don't do quotes for haters, darling.
i never like the word "haters" anyway, not because it's sounds harsh or horrible whatsoever.
but simply because it's sounds stupid, for me.
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menurut kamu, apakah pria wajib disunat atau tidak?
all i know that mind fucks is way much better than the actual sex
because it's better to actually fuck someone on the head,
so that they could think of you every now and then,
get depressed when you're not around,
having all these thoughts of you,
couldn't hear any love song without you popping on their head,
and feel an actual loss of your presence only by the lack of communication.
and there, they call it fall in love.
when all this particular chemical substances is actually working in your brain.
jadi, gapeduli disunat apa engga, yang penting mind fucking-nya jago.
for me...
disunat it is.
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bagi pap doinya dong? kalau yang single boleh pap gebetannya;)
with an 's' because i couldn't even pick one
bagi pap doinya dong? kalau yang single boleh pap gebetannya;)
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Which holidays do you and your family celebrate?
every holidays
we cherish every moment
every single seconds of it
by not going anywhere
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nake giapah?
"what's better than a good girl who's only bad for you?"
nake giapah?
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nake, pap
shoes before hoes
nake, pap
nake mau meluk orang :( ahahah sedih
sini kupeluk!!!
line dibales atuhhh
eh ini kok dianon sih...
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nake ih baca line
Sebenarnya ini cerita lalu, saat aku masih dengan yang lalu. Dan pertanyaannya adalah "Apa pendapatmu tentang laki-laki yang memukul perempuannya saat mereka masih berpacaran?"  Devi Nasution
this question's somehow making me mad just by reading through it
all i know that i've been reading about equality for both women and men
and none of us deserves any intended violent acts for whatever reason that is
for those who hit their girlfriends/boyfriends no matter that you're a guy or a girl,
you've break someone's right of feeling safe and being in peace
you deserves to feel guilty about it
you deserves hell somewhat it's exist or not
but then again..
"Why do we kill to show people that killing is wrong?"
and i don't know what that's makes us
(oke ini ngelantur)
(maafin anaknya bingung melulu)
What is your interpretation of business? In other words, what condition do you see someone or yourself being too busy to even have a time for a cup of tea or coffee?  Хибатуллах Марио
when they realize that they're a couple of blood suckers and they can literally have sex for days, even forever if they want to, just because they don't eat or drink humans' foods or drink because apparently they only loves blood and they doesn't even get tired to have a pause and take a breath...
oh wait....
that was one scene in Breaking Dawn's Part 2..
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How many hours do you sleep at night?
zombies don't sleep
rumors has it
How many hours do you sleep at night?
what is the best way to forget someone you love
the best way is not even trying to.
you're welcome.
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halo fadiah, terimakasih ya ! :)  سفارسقيد
pleasure all mine :)
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Kalo lg bete sedih gimana cara ngilanginnya??
treat yourself a good food
get gone for a little me-time
go out with your friends
scream your heart out through any kinda teriak-teriak songs you got there
go for some running, if you're too tired of life that you don't need any addition reason to, just cry your heart out
if you still find them so hard to do,
just fucking sleep and let the universe do the magic.
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How was your day?   Devi Nasution
selamat pagi Devi!
my day has been pretty good so far
got no sleep last night
but it was pretty paid off
all my experiment reports are done
an hour of sleep this subuh is enough
and i'm craving for a cup of kopi item right now..
another lack of sleep typical monday night will be here soon..
hope, i'll make it out alive.
how's yours?
hope you're doing good
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What makes a man a father?  Helmi Akbar Wangsi
i can't answer this
too much emotions
i miss my dad, terribly.
semoga dapet suami nya yg kaya arifin putra juga ya nake, aku seneng sm mantu gantengxxx  nuril hakikiyah
yadu gimanaya...
aku ga begitu seneng sama yang modelnya kayak arifin putra
too clean
too in shape
too good to be true
aku pengennya make aja yang dapet suami kayak arifin putra aja gimana?:"3
aku seneng liat bapak gantengxxx
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beneran serius mirip tara basro --- td kiki yg bilang zzzz  nuril hakikiyah
wah mak gue emang bener mesti dipinjemin jetnya syahrini buat ke pinrang nih biar bisa makan bakso dan ga mabu2 amat....
eh makasih tapi loh
(diem2 anaknya seneng dikatain mirip malaikat tanpa sayap giduw)
mi luv yu<3
Your lips are so sexy.
boong dosa loh
awas masuk neraka
udah anon, masuk neraka lagi
love your avatar, mirip tara basro o=m=g
jangan nak..
jangan sekali-kali menyamakan hamba ini dengan miluv Tara Basro
sesungguhnya kamu berdosa
mandi wajib dulu sana
trus dzikir
baru doa
biar mata kamu dibersihkan dari kotoran apapun yang melengket
bilasanya kamu tidak melakukannya, niscaya kamu sedang mengantuk atau sedang high....
mabu dosa..
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Your lips <3
what's with my lips....