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Go to SPPF and UPN. Or, play Animal Crossing with me! Nook, the Island is with me.

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Why do zombies attack?
Because they really just want hugs.
Looooboooooo  Nowi
Eep so late ._.
But, yeh, Lobo is best Villager :3
Whos your favourite AC villager?  Nowi
Lobo! :D
How old were you when you started playing video games?
Like, 2 or 3?
Then it probably be Spoink, after I finish my Red playthrough ((Jup Red, not FireRed))  Shiny Swalot
Oh, alright then.
We still need to visit each others ACNL towns! :o  Nowi
Oh, yeah!
I forgot, and yo probably can't any time soon, though, because I willhavehorribad WiFi until like April >_<
But I already have my Swampert as my Ground Type. Maybe I could go for Spoink?  Shiny Swalot
Hm, true, Spoink is pretty good, I've found.
I am going to upgrade my team with Koffing, Zangoose and probably Girafarig, unless you recommend a better Pokemon  Shiny Swalot
Hum, dunno, Girafarig is kinda meh, stuff like Claydol makes for better Psychic Types, IMO.
I can learn water pulse in gen 4 It isn't the best member of my team, which consits of Marshtomp, Shroomish and Surskit  Shiny Swalot
Yeah, I know, Surskit's not very good in Gen III because the physical/special Split didn't happen yet.
At least Surskit gets Water Pulse and Bubblebeam... As it's strongest Water Type Moves, outside of Hydro Pump.
Also your Team is awesome, I used to also use Shroomish, it's amazing.
Yeah! I am going to defeat the Chimchars! P.S. I am using a Surskit in my Ruby game play  Shiny Swalot
Cool :O
Surskit Army!  Shiny Swalot
Welcome to the army! :D
Surskit: Oh yesh! ;w; I shall be called... Umm... Squiggle! \(^w^)/  Nowi
Drip: Ooh, okie, that's awesome!
Surskit: I dont have a special Suwskit name... ;--;  Nowi
Drip: Aww, well... Why don't you choose a name!
Bubble:Uh Drip... ¬.¬  Fenny
Drip: Uh, um, uhhhh... Oh, look! It's a distraction! *skates away*
Bubble:Drip are you eating my cookies?  Fenny
Drip: munch, munch, no, munch munch 0:D
Does drip like cookies? ;w;  Nowi
Drip: Yes, I do!
Happy new year, dirkac!  Froakie
Surskit #563: Sur kitsur irski sir, Ssskitur! (I shall let the army know, Princess!)  Nowi
Drip: Ski suratema! (Alright, good work)
Twilight Scepter?  Elizabeth
Surskit #563: Sur kitskur kit skit sur! Urski sur it kir sur sur!! (We've taken over the whole of Japan! Next will be the whole world!!)  Nowi
Drip: Sukisu, tsi ame kima! (yes, yes it will! But let's start with Germany and France :3)
What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?
Everything I do.
Um, if you say so.
I'd rather eat other things ;<_<
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Are you actually a larval moth?
Um, I'm from mixed descent.
Are Mr Mime's all male, because I found a female in pokemon Y. Pokemon-Amie just got REALLY CREEEEPYYY o_O
Nope, Mr. Mime an be both Genders, it's just a translation derp, as they're called Barrierd in JP.