I wonder that why U laughing about my Q ??

Bec i know ur not serious.

I like your quick answer

Ur someone i know right👋🏼

I know that you dont know me also me I dont know you however, I have q for you but its something about me I need your real answer PLEASE!! I have complicated relationship Ilove him but he show me that he care of another GIRL! so my Question for u is do U think the love deserve to get sacrifices ? 💔


How old are you ?!

Old enough

What TV show has gone off the air that you wish would come back?

Breaking bad - lost

Aha o aly yabech o yabe ysolf weyach ham mene gtlech mene not a chat 3ashan asolf weyach 9a7 !?

Im sorry

Ok shofeh mmken !?

If u want to say something u can say it here thats why i opened my ask.!

Check Kik again !?


Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Joe jonas or kevin spacey 🚶

It's not a chat here atwaga3. !?

Zain mnu ?

Madre ma atwga3 t3rfene. Bs gelt aslem 3alich o etha fe mkan agdar aklmech fe same Kik !?

You can say what you want here

3asa Dom. Sorry 9a3 3 ayam. Sh5barech !?

لا عادي بخير الحمدلله، منو ؟

Hey.how r u !?

هلا ، تمام الحمدلله

عشان ماطولها عليج بغيت اقولج دره اني احبج والله من بد كل الناس الي اعرفهم.

Mmm so sweet💙

ياريت لو تبادليني نفس الشعور 😔😔 !!!

Who is this '?

A7777777bch wallah mn kel galbii

Thankyou, mnu?

Dora ?


Goodnight little princes💙

Gn 💙

قد لك و نسيت لا اقولج اسمج الي امحليج;p


Ha dorrah bshry 3sa 9lety bs?


3yl wain agdr aklmich? Fe klaam wayd maglta ou abii agoola...

Here if u want

شنو ردچ استاده دره؟

ماعندي رد

Tmam tben agolich alq9a?


Dshety ou shfty mnu b twitter?🚶🏿


اوكى شوفي الي مهتم بشخصيتج بنص الليل😂



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