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you and kiersey dating? true or false


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Happy birthday beautiful 😍💘🔥

ade ✨

thank you baby, i love u ❤
& thnx everyone, y'all are my biggest wish

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I worry too much about what others think/say about me:/

no, ok, stop, WHO CARES. do what you want, live your life so hard. who cares. who cares x1000. be happy always. create the world around you.

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PAP beautiful💕

makeup free

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Woman crush?

ariana grande

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crazy crazy baby baby

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Dove we love you and support you no matter what, I have seen you and Ryan broke your relationship and it broke my heart but I love you and if you are happy I'm also happy ❤

why did i just see this?!! it was days ago and I just did. you make me feel wonderful, i'm the happiest puppy in town, y'all are my most treasured blessing. love you beyond the universe 💕

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reply me!!! pls

guys i really looove answering your qs, send in anything!! even when i don't reply i always check and read everything you write me, your support/love mssgs are 💘💘

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bangs bangs

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she mine u no can have 🍑

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Is it true you and Ryan broke up?? you were my otp!!

yes we did but it's no big deal, couples are constantly breaking up & no one actually cares unless it's in the public eye. we both agreed to it, it wasn't what we wanted. thank u for the support to every little 1 of you lil starlings ❤

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When descendants 2 will be hable to see?

it's on the making yet so y'all will have to wait a little longer, but don't u worry it'll be worth it

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brother cuddles

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What u up to?

in vancouver w my lil starlings. on the filming of descendants 2!! it's sick so far ✨

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You're the fucking cutest person I have ever seen like be my mama😍😭💕


you're one of a kind, my love for u is beyond description💕

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Your platinum blonde, you look hideous eww

why do you feel the urge to insult someone like this out of nowhere? does it make you feel better in your own skin? you failed at your attempt of making me feel bad with myself, i love my hair, i love me and i still love you 💜

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How were the TCA's I heard it's rigged

they were genuinely amazing. i don't care we didn't win, and if i were you i wouldn't pay attention to these rumours saying it's rigged. we all have the same opportunities

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how are you today? I hope you're having a great day and I love you so much!😘💗

my day was pretty good & i hope yours was aswell. thank you so much for radiating good vibes and being so nice, we definitely need more people like you, so the world can finally be a place to be proud of, and people can be in peace with each other just for once ✨✨

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Hey, just read what someone said about your dad, I'm so sorry they're heartless people that don't understand anything, you're beautiful and amazing, your dad is watching u all the time, keep your head held high beautiful, love you xx


thank you for your kind words and for taking your precious time to write me something to make me feel better. i know they are just people who feel bad with themselves and want to hurt others lives, and i know my father is watching over me and taking care of me & my loved ones. i'm literally crying because everyone should be more like you, really. same to you! never let that bright in your smile to fade away. i love you during day and during night everyday ❤

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Hey Dovie, just want to say I love you so much, beautiful, and that you will always be loved for the way you are. You have been a huge impact in my life, and a wonderful one to. Thank you for being someone that will never let me down no matter what. Love you so much✨ Love from your Kitty Kat 💜

Katherine McNamara

thank you kitty kat 💘✨ you are supa cute, i miss and love you. make sure to hit me up soon. much love baby 💙

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it's fathers day and you don't have one LOL

this isn't something to joke about. growing up not having that paternal figure by your side kills you inside, knowing he won't be able to see you becoming a better person, he won't see you achieving your goals, he won't reach it to your graduation, he won't be carrying you to the shrine in your wedding, he will miss the born of your first kid. is this something to joke about? i don't think so. my dad missed a lot of things in my life, but i know he's taking care of me wherever he is, he's our guardian angel and he's taking good care of our family. i love you dada, last minute happy father's day to the first man i loved

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it's so unfair the way you left, you were too young. you've blessed us all with your angelic voice, now it's your turn to have some peace 💗

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I have such a low self-esteem, I need tips on how to improve it

just take it a day at a time. just do you and focus on yourself, everyone goes through this at some point. forget about expectations. do your best, be nice to people, ignore those who aren't worthy. try to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. if you're used to focusing on your shortcomings, start thinking about positive aspects of yourself that outweigh them. when you catch yourself being too critical, counter it by saying something positive about yourself. each day, write down three things about yourself that make you happy. aim for accomplishments rather than perfection. some people become paralyzed by perfection. instead of holding yourself back with thoughts like, "i won't audition for the play until i lose 10 pounds," think about what you're good at and what you enjoy, and go for it. view mistakes as learning opportunities. accept that you will make mistakes because everyone does. mistakes are part of learning. remind yourself that a person's talents are constantly developing, and everyone excels at different things, it's what makes people interesting. recognize what you can change and what you can't. if you realize that you're unhappy with something about yourself that you can change, then start today. if it's something you can't change, then start to work toward loving yourself the way you are. set goals, think about what you'd like to accomplish, then make a plan for how to do it. stick with your plan and keep track of your progress. take pride in your opinions and ideas. don't be afraid to voice them

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Dove are very beautiful ! I love how you act and hope to meet you ! Greetings from Mexico! <3

hellooo, have a good day, i love you more 💜

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