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Edie Wyatt @ediewyatt
Blogger ("New Lesbian"), currently writing my memoir "Married, Divorced, and Gay by 30"
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Hello, I just read, "it happened to me", I felt like I was reading the story of my life. Freakishly similar. I just wanted to say, Thank you. I dont feel like my experience is exclusive anymore. Im 33 and by 2014 I will be single and and an out lesbian for the first time in my life.  Jen Duckett
I replied to your anonymous ask just now, but, find me on twitter (‎@edie_wyatt) if you'd like to talk more, it's so helpful to me too to talk to other pp who are going through what I did! xx
I am totally in shock, I just read your article, "it happened to me". I could have written that exact same story. That is me, my life is freakishly similar. I am 33 And over the last few years have been on the self discovery road. By 2014, ill be living for the first time as a single lesbian.THANK U
omg that's AWESOME I'm so happy for you!! I'd love to talk more about your story and how you're making it happen, i can be so hard, but it's so worth it, yeah? find me on twitter, let's talk xx
I have read most of your writing and I really have to say that I am very attracted to your mind and the way you think. If it doesn't work out with your girlfriend we should hang out. I am definitely cuter than her anyway/
LOL well, i'm flattered, but you are not cuter than her :) glad you like my brain though? xx
I read your story on xojane and had a very similar experience (super straight, no "I've always known" feelings) til i fell for a girl when I was just about 22.. Is there a way I could contact you to hear your thoughts on my own story? (and how I feel uncomfortable calling myself gay…)
Hi! I saw your comments over on my blog, when I get a chance later today I'll write you back! short answer though, I think it's fine to not identify as a lesbian- that's actually pretty common (I'll find some links if I can!) and I think it's great that you're in touch with yourself enough to know what "label" feels right for you!
but wuld you have sex wit a guy again?
I can't respond to questions typed like that. It's like, physically impossible for me. But thanks for playing!
I guess I don understand how you can be gay now. sorry
marry me
Um....I'm flattered, but, sorry, taken! :)
But how do u kno if u r gay tho? If you had sex wit men and like strapons?
Okay, so I've been trying to think of how to answer this succinctly. And--there's no way to do that, other than--I just know. (ALSO, penetrative sex has NOTHING TO DO with being gay or straight, so there's that). If you REALLY want to understand how I, specifically ME, know that I'm gay, just go read my blog. It is ALL there in overly wrought, dramatic detail. If the thing that's confusing you is that I used to be straight, start here: http://bit.ly/16kEWVQ <--this post is about "choosing" to be gay
Okay so why do you not like intercourse with men then?
I don't like sex with men b/c I am gay and LOVE sex with women. Not quite sure what the confusion is here? But good that you're asking, there is no stupid question!
No penises? So, no strapons?
hahaha no, I think strap-ons are awesome. just because something is shaped like a penis doesn't make it one!
do you have an instagram
nope, no instagram, partially because I don't really get what the big deal is? but mostly b/c I've got to protect the ID of my alter-ego! :)
ummm what?? if this was supposed to say "dtf" then the answer is no, sorry. and not just because I have a girlfriend-it's mostly because you don't proofread. :-)