Do you have official app for Android?


I love your Tumblr :Dx Albane Spades

wow thank you so much xx

hbd !x

uhm, to who?

Do you prefer fruits or veggies?

Just for information, tomorrow, yea that's in 1 h 35 min, is my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me, i'm forever alone.

What's the longest you've gone without accessing the internet?

11 years

You look, like ten? How old are you??

would you please take a look at my new song its not the best in the world but it Would Help Alot :) if you like it can subscribe / share it :) and follow me or ❤ ♡

Hm, ok :)

can I help you?

uhm, why?

Hi how are you?

I'm fine, what about you?



who do you follow

ahm, there are a lot.

Do yu like food ? /:]

i'm in a apprenticeship as a chef. so yea.

sorry that was kinda awks, thought you were my friend katie!

:0 Thanks Lloyd Davies

why ':0' :D

Ask fm doesn't make sense to me not you :P & bless :) Sammy Tone

hahah key, and yes it's a little bit weirdo :D

I'm new to this, LOL -it makes no sense to me.. But yeah some people really are immature, and ask the most stupid of questions, lmao.. thank you :') Sammy Tone

uhm ok :) what makes no sense to you? my answer? :D my english is sometimes not the best, hah :)

Yeah it is expensive lol LIL T JONESSS®

hahah :D

Who are you? :) Sammy Tone

sorry, i just clicked through stream and liked all answers ._.

You should go sometime LIL T JONESSS®

yessss! but i have no money hah :D

Thanks. It's an awesome place ^_^ LIL T JONESSS®

rr, i belive you! :)

Wow cool. I'm from the Bahamas but moved to Oklahoma when i was 6 LIL T JONESSS®

Wo-ha. Cool!

Yeah it is! Where are you from?? LIL T JONESSS®

I'm from Switzerland, you?


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