Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
England, UK
16, London twitter: ellienickiminaj instagram: elliejgreenfield
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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
they do in a way...
R u going to any party for Halloween
not sure yet
Hi look at http://ask.fm/WilkuO ;o  Majkaa
Nah ur alright
Why did you make a new private instagram?
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How's your relationship doing? x
Fab, yours?
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Do you lapdance? XD
That's my part time job yeh
Same I want to go to a party
Same! Yay us
What U doing for Halloween
Nothing, you?
Love you fam xxxx
Love you too xx
wearing anything different now? :p
Nothing becoz in the shower
you definitely against twerking on ask fm? did u twerk alot on tour?
Yes, no twerking on ask.fm. Was ALWAYS twerking on tour ahaha
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Who has been the most important person in your life?
Nathan Seres shoutout to you ;)
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Vid reply on what you're wearing right now?
Had no college today so not really dressed aha
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can't find twerking vid, on your vine, or someone else?
It's not there anymore mate
Are you and Nathan still together
Yes yes
Can you split? Xd
Not properly
I secretly wank to your pictures everynight
where's the twerking vid? surely no harm in saying :p
Not online, it was on vine but yeh, friends can see it or whatever
Do u keep in touch with anyone from ure old schools?
Because I had massive things going on to lead me to leave the schools I could tell who were true friends through that, so I stay in touch normally only with the ones that were true friends! Now will be able too see them more hopefully.
Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
would you tweak for me?
Idk what 'tweak' is?
how do u deal with anxiety?
Hmmmm I don't but I do, confusing
show ass it's for my biology and chemistry class ;)
Ahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaa funny, I'll give you that
Is the vid on fb?
have u ever twerked on vid before?