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Who are your 5 closest friends now ? X
uhhhhhhhh probably Nathan, Eloise, Tanisha, Nicole and Maddison (obv hard to contact eachother properly at the moment, but i love that girl and she is always there for me)
Do u prefer a guy with pubes or shaved?
Pap of any thong
you and nathan are bae!
Thank you❤️
where are you right now?
Just on my way home...
Name one girl you miss and name one boy you miss
Few girls: Claudia Kaye, Rachel Presser, Amelia Cohen.. Just some old friends as I realise now that I fucked up and honestly miss them (soz for the loser life) Guys: David Nevitt
You and Nathan are the best couple, I'm jealous you have him and I dont!  Matthew Unerman
Cute xo
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Why you back on this again Ellie?
Because I feel like it.... Why?
your just perf, i love you so much and i wish you the best!
Thank you☺️ you too x
07535954152 call me x
Why tho?
How long have u and Nathan be bf and gf? x
9 months
Who are your old friends?
So many!
Hey.. Kinda personal but I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure/ 100% sure I'm a lesbian. Do you have any advice for me?
I can't give you advice on something that's do do with you and your preference! Just do you, love who you want and don't let bitches get in the way x
I asked a q but u didint answer
If it's about my sex life then fuck off please
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Is there anything you see that no one else notices?
Many things, too many
bra size?
hahahaha i cant follow you now or you will know who i am
Bruh Yolo it, love everyone xo
I'll be your friend x
whats your private insta?
Still bi ???
What do you mean still? You don't just decide to change who you're attracted too every once in a while
u are my fave person in the world xxxxx
Thanks bae xxxxxxxxx
Do you love me
Favourite sex position
Your mum
I used to be your best friend and I need your advice
Sure! What's up? Always here if you need to chat! I'm there for anyone, especially a good old friend :)
Are you not friends with Abbie anymore?
I am, it's just difficult at the moment