Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
England, UK
16, London twitter: ellienickiminaj instagram: elliejgreenfield
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Talk to them they probably miss you to x
I just don't know who does?! Feel like they all hate me because I'm a horrible person! Obviously if they messaged me it would be great but Yeh...
Do you miss your old friends
Yes!! So much
Why what?
Have you lost any friends recently
I literally have no friends now so no. I've lost friends in the past though, yes
😂😂😂 I'm sorry! I wouldn't look at anyone in that way because I'm with Nathan...
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plz :( you said you just don't accept judgmental people below
I meant people I know whom I may not be close to but doubt they judge
Because you're some fake ass account..?
cmon other than nathan who was the hottest boy
Are you wanting it to be you?
yo accept my follow request 4 ur privte insta plz
Soz, didn't mean it in a weird way :P
Can you do a vid showing what you're wearing?
what kind of stuff do u post? ppl shouldnt be judgmental :(
I just post more than my main or stuff that people take too seriously! Just being me and I know people will say 'just be you in public' and I am in real life it's just online people take stuff differently and make things a big deal! And I'm happy having a main and private :)
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why is ur private insta private?
Because lots of people seem to be too judgemental nowadays for me to even post what I want, plus it's a place I can be me as I only accept friends/people who I think won't have an issue with my posts...
hottest boy on poland other than nathan
clearly only nathan... why?
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this isnt a thing again
you're on it....
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lets say im at the park with you and you get teary eyed bc its windy. how many times would you wipe your eye then look at your finger?
why would i look at my finger?what even is this question...
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be careful what you wish for...cause you just might get it
will do
Hiw was Poland?
was alright i guess
Which x hasmos went on Poland
ones that go now? Tanya and thats it I think
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
non-spicy food
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
they never told me stories...
Come on babes just the soles and toes x x
grim, no, go find someone who likes foot fetishes...
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What is your best feature?
Uhh... Nothing
Foot pic please xxxx
Nah ur alright
have you deleted your private instagram?
Nope it's still ‎@elliejgreenfieldd