Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
London, England
16, london twitter: ellienickiminaj instagram: elliejgreenfield
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have you caught up with all your friends after tour?
What friends?
Well I don't have your number and I'd rather not hit you up on fb
Okay :)
Where should I text you on?
Facebook... My phone... ???
Well let me text you and we'll find out
Okay go on ^.^
Whats the furthest you've gone with a person?
For me to know, and you to find out ;)
But its nasty especially the day after
Hmmm I don't get that hungover usually
Nope, not really
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Don't you get tired of it?
Of what?
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Do you like drinking?
You're such a user it's a joke..
User??? How
i am not...! i am speaking the reality  prateek singh
how cute!! seriously u r pretty infact u r perfect!  prateek singh
Stop prateek, you're such a charmer
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Was the guy you like on tour with you?
hey u r quite pretty  prateek singh
Stop, I'm blushing prateek
What would you like for them to do?
They could message me... That would be a start
What would you do if the other ones started talking to you again?
Hmmm depends what they did! But would still speak. We just grew apart I didn't ignore them I don't think
Is your best friend Jewish
Just about! Haha
What about the not so recent one?
Oh, not really. But the one that was recent I only do as I still like them
Do you still talk to that person who broke your feelings?
Yes. The most recent one
Lol m8 I swear all your friends are Jews, make some other friends
Hmmm no, not all, but many. Trust me I want to but it's hard when your at a Jewish school the whole of your life
Yeah uh I get the feeling you don't wanna be my friend anymore :/
I do! Send me a message anytime! I promise I do x
r u a top model  eren aydın
Yes, that's me
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Would you ever make a parachute jump?
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
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Would you reconnect with someone who you had stop talking to? ):
Yeah sure ^.^ depends who tbh