Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
Ellie Greenfield @Elliejg123
London, England
15, london twitter: ellienickiminaj instagram: elliejgreenfield
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Are you excited for tour?
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What is your relationship status?
Did he message you? X
Nope, don't know who they were aha
Na I can't! I don't really know you that well x
I'm down for speaking to new people!! and btw I'm not gonna be like 'wtf who is this person, this is so weird' I'm not a bitch XD
I'd love to get to know you more but you seem really unapproachable
Hahaha I'm not! Sorry if I seem it, just message me, I promise I will speak to you! (Please do btw hun xx)
Your so pweetyyyy and I love your personality so ignore those jealous ppl who think they are right! I'm sure u had a good reason to do that to issie because u would never act like that on a normal occasion xxxxx
Thank you! Someone who's finally nice to me in this situation and agrees I'm not usually like that! I obviously shouldn't have done it but it's not like I randomly did it, she did provoke me. Thanks again xx
Are u gonna Admitt to people u like me and visa versa or is it our secret ?x
Sure sweetie xx
I think your beautiful and a really genuine girl but you just don't think sometimes, that's your downfall
Thank you :* I know, I do stupid things and regret them later, which isn't good!
Treat propel the way you would like to be treated
I do, but I also treat people how they treat me!
If you could turn back time would you and what would you change??
I've made many bad choices in life, but I'm not sure of which one specifically I would chose x
Funny enough you actually do Ellie
I know xx
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Do u like anyone ?
You xxxxxxxxx
What do you have against this izzy chick? Shit gone down big time and hell you look like a huge bitch so set yo story
All I'm going to say is a few of her friends are making me out as a bitch but I'm not, it's gone on for too long to explain and gotten out of hand. It was a tiny fight and she got her parents to report the thing to the school for some strange reason. Btw it's been 1 person sending all the rude posts as they send them once a day all at the same time... Also I won't be answering any more questions on this topic as it is a waste of time, so ya x
Bet it's Jamie writing all this stuff cos he really fancies Issie! But she doesn't like him ... Her pathetic friend Abby does! Lol!!
I actually love whoever this is omg bless u
How dare you call izzy a twatty little shchnip. I am writing this on behalf of multiple fathers of children at hasmo. I've just notified the police and izzy about this behaviour. Expect a call in the next 24 hours from them
Some random person did dude get a life... I find it disgusting that, if this is a grown man, you would even be on my profile or write on a teenage girls wall. Nice one mate
Drinking isn't an excuse to humiliate and hurt izzy
Humiliate and hurt? She started it by humiliating me and she hurt me to so... fab question
The way you treated izzy is a disgrace and you should be embarassed and ashamed. You need help. I'm sure you'll reply with some clever shitty comment but you're in denial babe. You revolt me
In denial of what? I admitted what I did was wrong. It's hilarious how she acts like an innocent angel in front of people but she's far from it... Like honestly get a life. This was months ago and you're writing to me on anon! You couldn't be more up issie's ass if you tried. Sit the fuck down and if you have something to say, say it to my face! Stop being a pussy and trying to act all hard online, thank you xx
How do u know him
You introduced us
Do you like a guy right now
What are you going to be doing in September. Hasmo? Xx
No WAYYY aha, going to go to college or another sixth form
Is it true you fancy Jamie tash but you won't admit it?
Yeh yeh obv....
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Ur a liar and a pyscho you don't even know wot u do!!! I saw uscratch Issie and she never even touched u! Me and another boy had to pull u off!! She just ignored u so u pulled her hair and scratched her face!! She didn't touch u! Ur just jealous much prettier than u!! Everyone saw u do it!!
Okay sure sweetie pie ^.^ it's funny because if she 'didn't do anything' I wouldn't have had scratches and bruising all over my body would I? Actually I complimented her at the party and she was extremely rude to me in front of a bunch of people so there was a fight. I was also drunk off my head and I would have never done it sober or even drunk normally! Yup so jealous because she's such a stunning human being, okay, good one mate XD they saw a fight... How great for them, it's not like no one in the world has ever gotten into a drunken fight hun x
*twatty little Schnip xxx
Good correction x
Izzy mate you're a Schnip lolol
Nice try at using the word mate
Looool it's funny cause this person doesn't even have the balls to say this stuff to your face and come off anon if you really want to insult someone don't be a pussy babe x
Thank you^^^^