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What's the one thing you can't live without?

nathan <3 #cringy

Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?


please can i feel ur bum, or please just sit on me

Uhh no...

Who's your best friend other than Nathan?

well my good friends at the moment are probably eloise and nicole (shoutout to them)

Who are your 5 closest friends now ? X

uhhhhhhhh probably Nathan, Eloise, Tanisha, Nicole and Maddison (obv hard to contact eachother properly at the moment, but i love that girl and she is always there for me)

Do u prefer a guy with pubes or shaved?


Pap of any thong


you and nathan are bae!

Thank you❤️

where are you right now?

Just on my way home...

Name one girl you miss and name one boy you miss

Few girls: Claudia Kaye, Rachel Presser, Amelia Cohen.. Just some old friends as I realise now that I fucked up and honestly miss them (soz for the loser life) Guys: David Nevitt

You and Nathan are the best couple, I'm jealous you have him and I dont!

Matthew Unerman

Cute xo

Why you back on this again Ellie?

Because I feel like it.... Why?

your just perf, i love you so much and i wish you the best!

Thank you☺️ you too x

07535954152 call me x

Why tho?

How long have u and Nathan be bf and gf? x

9 months

Who are your old friends?

So many!

Hey.. Kinda personal but I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure/ 100% sure I'm a lesbian. Do you have any advice for me?

I can't give you advice on something that's do do with you and your preference! Just do you, love who you want and don't let bitches get in the way x

I asked a q but u didint answer

If it's about my sex life then fuck off please

Is there anything you see that no one else notices?

Many things, too many

bra size?


hahahaha i cant follow you now or you will know who i am

Bruh Yolo it, love everyone xo

I'll be your friend x


whats your private insta?


Still bi ???

What do you mean still? You don't just decide to change who you're attracted too every once in a while

u are my fave person in the world xxxxx

Thanks bae xxxxxxxxx


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