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What's the difference between feminist and egalitarian?
There's nothing really because feminism is the belief of equality but it just has a bit more of an emphasis on women's rights. I think and study about different aspects of sociology but women's rights have always been something I get really passionate about.
Wtf did you really take acid?
What happens at meltdown...
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Why feminist and not egalitarian?
I already answered this. I stand for equal rights and social justice but I also identify myself as a feminist.
the term 'sex object' is dehumanizing. what this guy doesn't seem to get is the line between the personal sexual experience and the dehumanization of body parts in our culture. sexual exploitation to women has been around for centuries, and the ideal female body standard has transformed into being nearly an impossible goal. when this guy starts talking about a girl liking to get 'cat called,' women are still aloud to have fetishes, or be in a sub-dom sexual relationships without having to feel like they're doing anything wrong. feminism is not about shaming girls for their turn-ons so i partially agree with what he's saying there. but it's when cat-calling becomes unwanted and it becomes a problem of sexual objectification without humanization - which is really what rape culture is all about. at the end of this video this guy is trying to justify his claims by speaking about the individualism of the human spirit. of course we're all individuals capable and able to lead the lives we want, which confuses me about this video. feminism encourages women (and men) to speak out about what offends them. what offends me is living in a culture where ad campaigns and media have women dehumanized, hypersexualized, and sex shown as aggression becomes a norm. so as an individual i'll speak out about it and i don't need to feel like i'm complaining because the issues actually are prevalent.
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What do you believe in?
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What is your main rule?
just be
why are you a feministt? just wondering
i consider myself to stand for all social justice and feminism is a part of that. i can call myself a humanist but i think it's important to also associate myself as a feminist. media indoctrinates so many people into the belief that feminism is man-hating and shouldn't exist because it's not needed in our society - but that idea is wrong and archaic, traditionalistic - it's working to try and silence women. feminism is completely about gender equality, as a woman i feel that there is still oppression. i call myself a feminist because feminism is progressive, empowering, and i love women! i also love men and don't want them to be oppressed by gender roles, feminism is intersectional. so there, because you were wondering.
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What time did you wake up this morning?
I never woke up, I've been dead for thousands of years. My pulse is a fluke.
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Do you miss Mat?
it's been two months since he went back. at first i missed him like crazy but things have really mellowed out. i'll always cherish our short lived romance because he was my first for a lot of things. he'll always be a very special person to me, but it's hard to tell if separation makes the heart grow stronger or if it just forces people to move on. i feel like i'm just living my life right now.
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what drugs have you done?
cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, and lsd
only in moderation kids ;)
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Who will be the next person you will kiss?
i need to go to brazil
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I miss you!!!  Laura Garcia
I miss youuu tooo
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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
hah yeah shopping can be entertaining
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
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Will marry me ? is the most romantic way to propose
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Your cute
Oh my
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ur so frickin cute
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The dress I'll wear tomorrow
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Do you hate anything?
three ellipses please...
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howsit goin with matheus?
He owes me eleven kisses
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Can we smoke together?
sounds like a plan if you contact me
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congrats on the film fest!
thanks i'm super excited!
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When was the last time you wished on a dandelion?  Angelika Valentina
Summer solstice <3
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Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
I don't let anyone take advantage of it but it's not like the human body isn't meant to be explored
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have you and matheus kissed?
second time answering this question because now I can say yes!
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What's the best concert you've ever been to?
Odd Future
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