asdfghjkl Ellie the elephant:3 @elmusy
Yorkshire, Hull
Er well erm hi:) 15/Single/Straight/Gamer (when i want to be)/Sporty/Musical/ i like skateboarding:) and yea i don't know what else to write:3 ‎@seanprenter149 is perf:') ‎@robbunton is my bestfriend:3 ‎@mcawesomeness is my girlfriend;) I'm shy k bye:')x
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ask, I wont bite your head off :3 ↑ You ↓ You ↙ You ↖ You ← You ↘ You ↗ and You → Ask me ↓ :')x
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What's your favorite game?  Brian Woods
asdfghjkl ermmmmmmmmmm Black Ops 2, I know it's old but Mwf2 is a classic, GTA isnt too bad not been on it many times though since i sold my xbox about 3 years ago so can only go on them when my brothers home from uni and brings it or when im at a friends, ermmmmm I can't really think what else but FIFAAAAA! :Dx
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hello there
herro derrrr:3
hello there
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You're gorgeous
Thankyou but I'm not, I wish I was:3x
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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
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@@@  Cassie Martin
youre perfect
youre hair omg give please:3
and youre eyes are sooo nice
youre so sweet and lovely
never really spoke pop up sometime or if you ever need me always here x
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Who are you?
so bored:(
Who are you?
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awh thank you bby , oh yeah! need to talk soon, Love youu xx  Mr. Forever Alone
you know what i said to this:3xx
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Oh my :') You're Perfect <3  Mr. Forever Alone
you know what i said to that:3<3
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hey boo,
well you know i think youre so lovely and we used to talk quite a bit we've drifted but always talk every now and again
youre hot
good looking
and a fgt;)
but i remember when we both used to talk about singing and guitars together
youre really nice
miss you
love you
k bye:') (gone shy) x
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Perf  His Gurl✌️
thankyou but thats you princess:)x
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youre super pretty and stunning
youre a gamer yeyyyy and you play netball omg:'3 those were like my lyf at one point:D
you like marvel
no way should you be single boys were have you been!
youre beautiful and seem lovely
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yes you do...
er hi,
youre hot and you play football:3
some of your tweets are so cute like the cuddle one
yeah youre good looking seem lovely and nice
never spoke, pop up sometime:3x
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@  ☮ jye ☮
omg:3 youre cutie as fuck
and youre from Australia so your accent asdfghjkl
youre so good looking
never spoke, pop up sometime:')
k bye x
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first 2 likers = 10 likes?
ffs:( fine... why did i even come back on here if this is all I'm going to get my life really is boring:/ need some friends pls!
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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Cuddles with Eeyore and skype or call someone :'3
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
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@@@  Patricia Rosieur
youre soo pretty
and beautiful
and stunning
and yeah, so jelly
you seem really nice, sweet and a lovely girl
never spoke, pop up sometime x
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@  Olliepops
er hi:3
you're like asdfghjkl
how are you single
so good looking and seem a lovely lad and funny from your answers
gfvbqrgfipbws your wink though:3
and you have the cutest smile ever, aw dimples:')
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why the fuck not @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  30 seconds to ur-anus
hey boo,
i miss you millions
miss your accent
miss our cute calls
miss our conversations and big cute paragraphs so i'm gunna write one now;p
first of all i miss you miilions like i said and although we talk every now and again its not the same, i hope things are getting better over there and are looking up a little because i know youre been though so much hard things and i hate seeing you or hearing that youre upset and getting to a point, youre perfect remember that and remember the promise i made to always be there yeah that still stands and i know i dont pop up asking if things are okay checking up because id rather you pop up so im not intruding or annoying you, youre perfect and i love you loads youre my little aussi cunt and prince too youre one of the sweetest people ever and one of the nicest most genuine person ever and youre so easy to get along with and youve helped me through so much i know we've had our ups and downs but nothings ever stopped us completely from talking youre so sweet and youre tierd voice though just used to make me melt... right my hands hurt now and i've gone all shy but you get the point k ly bye:'3
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@  AL
youre really cutie and quite good looking
you seem really nice but we've never really spoke
pop up sometime?:3
youre the same age as me and you seem really sweet
k bye:'3x
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Aw thankyou Ellie. You're very pretty too and seem so nice. Should get to know you more x  Nicole
anytime pretty and aw thankyou you too and pop up sometime x
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your tattoo :OOO
your eyes.
your body.
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@  Midget
give me your teeth and eyes pleaseee
and accent omg scotish
youre really stunning and seem lovely
pop up sometime x x x
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@  Nicole
I dont know what you look like but I'm sure youre pretty and have a lovely personality ive noticed from your answers x
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