Emily @emilyrgamez
Emily @emilyrgamez
I love writing songs, reading books, blogging and Joe Jonas.

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well in arts ..lots of ....i love to spend time in art .....:) btw . i just saw that u are from usa.....why still awake??? sleep some girl :)  Er. Kunjan
i know i am so used to staying up and my classes don't start early
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ohh..thats great :) btw i love art.....specially in graffiti...and landscaping .....what about u ??  Er. Kunjan
design, painting, abstract, photography
Have you ever bought something on the internet?
so many things.
do u like spending time online rather than spending time family frnds in real.  alic wel
i like spending time with people in real life more because i have found that being online too much depresses me and after coming to that conclusion i read an entire study for school once.
ohh sorry ....forgot we are on ask :D ,,,,well i asked are u in which department in college ???  Er. Kunjan
why are you still awake, its so late there?  alic wel
i was just asking myself that question. my classes are in the afternoon.
ohhh thats good ....in which stream ???  Er. Kunjan
wait, what?
When was the last time you hugged someone?
i hugged my dog earlier.
can i add you on facebook?
no i keep everything else private.
Are you scared of the dark?
it depends on where i am
so what do you do ?? in college or school ??  Er. Kunjan
Are you hard-working or lazy?
1st liker gets 20 likes and ASK rest get 2 likes only?????
why even??????
why to regret saying no for hanging out, its not a big deal at all.
bc i could have and i didn't. i sometimes didn't make an effort to and i felt bad about it. especially since now i never see my close friends. it's a big deal to me bc when i did i felt truly happy compared to any other time.
thanks for that dear ,.....we have a conversation only on books or we could talk on another topics too ??? :P :P  Er. Kunjan
no problem
What are you listening to right now?
last thing i played on spotify was vampire weekend - obvious bicycle
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what is the three things u did in past which u regret now and u think u should not do it at that time.
saying no to hanging out with friends. i mean, the most recent situation was reasonable because it was an hour before and i was not notified at all before then. i'm happy to say that the last time i got to visit my bff was last month and when i almost said no, i changed my mind and met up. but i always did this in hs because i didn't want to burden my mom or i didn't have money or whatever.
well i found u.....its my pleasure :) and i saw movie safe heaven and also notebook ......will have to go for true believer..... :)  Er. Kunjan
it's so good and there's another book after true believer called at first sight.
and after the notebook is the wedding.
Have you ever saved someone's life?
i try to when i see someone struggling on tumblr whether it's bullying, self harm, depression, etc. that is keeping them from seeing their self worth. i hope i have saved someone's life.
What was the last present you received?
gift cards on my birthday for barnes and noble.
What did you watch on TV yesterday?
i didn't.
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
how old are u and where r u from?
19, california
10 likes = 10 likes? :)
omg pls stahp
what do u like to do for fun
i marathon shows on netflix and i love going places with my friends, like shopping, traveling. I want to do more of that actually.