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What have you done these holidays?
Fuck all loves having friends who never make an effort to see you and when you ask are either busy, don't get back to you or bail on you
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nah uh! ;)  Eliza Turley
What made u change your mind?
‎@ElizaTurley peer pressure me
Fuk up u lippy dog I'll mess u up ;)  Eliza Turley
K ;)
No thanks to Eliza ;)
Are you still straight edge?
Thoughts on Eliza pls
Eliza is da g8est, so gorgeous and lovely to be around and partay with love you lots xx
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Thoughts on your favorite human out (aka miranda)
my fav human is absolutely gorgeous and lovely xx miss her lots and need to chill again
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Ever sent nudes?
favourite bse and weeroona people?
Crystal, Eliza, Jasmine, Miranda, Molly, Ruby
Isabelle, Maddie, Molly, Tasmyn
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Have you ever played tennis?
What ethnicity does your family originate from?
If you're talking what's in by by blood, then, apart from the obvious Anglo-Saxon Australian; Slavic, Germanic, a bit of Māori, and a tiny bit of Celtic.
There's also Afro-Asiatic by marriage.
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Which three countries do you want to visit next?
Germany, Poland, Greece
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What do you like to have for breakfast?
Corn flakerinos
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Your previous Uncle Kev and Aunty Julia F**kup Australia horribly so dont always put the blame on Uncle Tony all the time.
You do realise I was criticising them for spending all of our money... Wowee defensive
thoughts on legalising cannabis?
All for it, both recreational, medicinal and other, tax the shit out of it for recreational too.
Some points I agree with, some I don't. Regardless, good chat! Thankyou for an interesting debate.
Likewise appreciated xx
Regardless, even if it does over-complicate things, how does that affect/bother you? Maybe that person feels as if it's worth working through those complications to feel happy with who they are. This isn't a political issue. I say experience as you can't truly understand, unless ur in their shoes
It doesn't affect or bother me at all really, in the same was ISIS doesn't directly affect me either (obviously that's an extreme example, but using the same logic I would say ISIS probably isn't something to be left unchecked). I also do not believe in having to experience something to formulate an opinion on it, in the same way I do not need to be conscripted to know war probably isn't a lovely time for everyone (another very extreme example, but same deal), all I simply believe is you should work with what you are born with, and be happy with that, rather than through "artificial", if you will, means.
So you must have some experience to know it complicates things, right? Or no? Once again, you're voicing your strong opinions on all these topics you really don't know that much about, on a public forum, for hundreds, if not thousands, of people to see. It's embarrassing man, just stop.
Experience? Experience in what? Being transgender? I was talking in terms of political correctness, assumptions assumptions
What's wrong with being happy feeling like a gender you're technically classified as not?
I feel as though it complicates things unnecessarily, and that it is unnecessary. Please do remember I'm not telling them to see a psychiatrist because I think they're bad people or that they're weird, but because I want them to be happy.
Not a "direct" reflection, but it's certainly a huge factor. So you're seriously trying to tell me that you have sufficient knowledge and experience at this point in time, to tell someone how they should feel about their gender, and then if it doesn't match your views, go and see a psychiatrist?
I'm sorry, is it wrong for me to think you should feel happy with the gender you're born as? And if you are not try to reach a point through third-party means where you are happy?
Undermining? Ehh, just kind of hoping you'd stop voicing such strong opinions on topics you don't know enough about. eg. You're a 15 year old kid trying to tell non-binary gender people how they should feel in their own skin. Yep, because you're an expert with all of your experience and knowledge!
Yes, because age is a direct reflection of knowledge and experience, GG NORE
"Ask me anything! I won't answer, but still, ask me anything!" - Ethan
So I was right about the undermining. When you ask for questions you might expect something that might take you a minute to answer at the most, I wasn't interested in writing a thesis, please don't bother coming back on here with a smartass attitude.
"Australia exports too little and imports too much, this is the problem." (Continued) What resources are we currently importing that we can create/manufacture/grow etc. here in Australia (while still keeping a balanced economy)? Likewise, what resources are we exporting that we shouldn't?
I'm assuming the reason you seem so persistent and interested in asking these things is because you wish to undermine my point of view, or I may be wrong, but I don't feel like writing a thesis right now, I might re-answer this again another time.
"Australia exports too little and imports too much, this is the problem." Please explain in detail.
I'll try my best. What I mean by that is Australia relies too heavily on other countries for resources (ie. what we import), the key to having surplus balance so that Labor doesn't go spend it all to appease everyone, and Liberals don't upset everyone by trying to get the balance back up, is industry. We definitely have the space, and are able to do if we try, to try and create as much industry as possible, to become as self-sufficient as possible, without relying on other countries, to create as higher income as a nation as possible, and a bonus of more industry is more jobs, of course to create industry you must fall into steep debt first, but the profit will show overtime. I'm a firm believer that, at some point, you have to draw the line of help yourself, before you help others, whether you draw that line at a personal level, a family level, a relationship level, or whatever it may be, personally, I draw it when it comes to as a nation, we produce for ourselves, we only export when we have a surplus of that resource, and only when we could not put it to better use ourselves, but don't mistake that for nationalism, because if there one thing I am not, it's patriotic.