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thoughts on jess goodes? ( its not jess)
She's good ;)
list all of the artists in your itunes library go xx
oh god okay, you asked for it, and just going by album artists, (I was gonna group them by Genres but it was too long lol)
- 164 Artists, 296 Albums. 3663 Songs, 10.8 Days (it would take to listen to it all), 28.60GB -
A -
Adele, Alissa Baylee, The Amity Affliction, Angus & Julia Stone, Art vs. Science, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack! (US), Avenged Sevenfold, Avicii.
B -
Bad Meets Evil, Band of Skulls, Bassnectar, BeatauCue, Bella Ferraro, Benny Benassi, Beware of Darkness, Biffy Clyro, Bingo Players, The Biz, Black Sabbath, Black Stone Cherry, Bliss n Eso, Bloc Party
Blue Sky Black Death, Boys Noize, Breaking Benjamin, Breaking Tradition. Brian Tyler, BT, Burn After Me.
C -
Calvin Harris, Celldweller, Clutch ††† (Crosses).
D -
Daft Punk, Dead Sara, Deadmau5, Device, Diabolic, Dieselboy, Digitalism, Dispatch, Disturbed, Dizzee Rascal, DMX, Don Diablo, DotEXE, Downlink, Dr. Dre, Drapht, Duck Sauce.
E -
Eagles of Death Metal, e-dubble, Elbow, Eminem, Evol Intent, Excision.
F -
Five Finger Death Punch, Flume, Flux Pavillion, Foreign Beggars, Fort Knox Five, Fort Minor, Friendly Fires, The Futureheads.
G -
Glamour of the Kill, Gorillaz, Green Day.
H -
Hadouken!, Hans Zimmer, Heaven's Basement, Hopsin, The Hot Melts, Hyper.
I -
Icona Pop, Iglu & Hartly, Imagine Dragons, Immortal Technique, InnerPartySystem, INXS.
J -
Jack Wall, James Arthur, Jeff van Dyck, Jeremy Soule, Johan Skugge, Jukka Rintamaki.
K -
Kanye West, Kaskade, Katy Perry, Klaypex, Knife Party, Korn, The Kovac Brothers, Kram, Kyuss.
L -
La Roux, Ladyhawk, Laibach, Lansdowne, Last Dinosaurs, Linkin Park, LORDE, Lorne Balfe, Lost Prophets, Lower Than Atlantis.
M -
The Maccabees, Macklemore, Madeon, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Monstercat (and their affiliates), MSTRKRFT, Muse, Mutemath, Muzzy.
N -
N.W.A., Nero, Noisia.
M -
Of Mice & Men.
P -
Pendulum, Phonat, Pimp $quad Click, PIXL. Policia, The Presets, The Prodigy.
Q -
The Qemists, Queens of the Stone Age.
R -
Rise Against, The Rolling Stones, The Roots, Ryan Griffin, Ryan Lewis.
S -
Santigold, Scars on Broadway, Sean Murray, Seth Sentry, Simon Viklund, Skream, Skrillex, South central, Static-X, Stephen Rippy, Styles of Beyond, Subkulture, Sublime, Suni Clay, Swedish House Mafia, Switchfoot.
T -
Tech N9ne, Tommy Sparks, Treyarch Sound, "Tyler, The Creator".
U -
V -
The Vaccines, Vinnie Paz.
W -
Westside Connection, White Lies, Will Sparks.
X -
X Ambassadors, Xzibit.
123 -
2Pac, 30 Seconds to Mars, 5 & A Dime.
Who is your favourite year 9? ;) xx
It'd have to be Lily and Hannah ;)
K8 is gr8
K8 is my M8
What's the best dating advice you have?
Can't say I'm the best to give it
Honest thoughts on Kate Anderson xoxo
Kate is fab, lovely to chat to and gorgeous xx needa chill one time hopefully missy
Any girls at ccb that you'd like to get to know better?
Can't say there's many I dislike with a passion, so if any would like to then go ahead xx I'm sure there are some id like to get to know more but can't think off the top of my head
You said my guess swallowed :'( I didn't even guess hahahha
Yours deep throated
No ew why would you even say that wow gosh
Your guess sucked hahahaha
And yours swallowed
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No ahhahaha
Oh dammit
Guess who this is mwahahhaha
does the name start with a j?????????????
what are your thoughts on whats going on in gaza?
Quoting my insta post bc cbf (with my spelling and grammatical errors fixed of which there were many)
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth", really comes into play in this matter. You'll probably turn on your TV's to find president Obama, and how sorry he feels for a Israeli mother who lost her son, while his US tax dollars are spending money they don't have on arms and supplying the state of Israel with military weapons and equipment, over the part few decades Israel has been slowly devouring the Gaza Strip from Palestinian grip to take for it's own, oh but no, it's a "counter-attack" it's a "pre-emptive strike", because when a handful of Israelis die due to a few Palestinian extremists and the majority of them from their own friendly fire, it gives them the right to shoot missiles and bombs into Palestine, targeting hospitals, schools, playgrounds, killing hundreds and hundreds of Palestinians, almost all civilian, and wounding countless more, and no doubt you'll hear about how Obama supports Israel's "counter-attack", against Palestine. Israel is not bring oppressed. Israel is not a victim, Palestine is innocent in this affair, and merely wants to hold onto the land that was theirs. As you read this right now you can look up videos of Israelis cheering as they watch another missile heading towards the Gaza Strip in the night sky to kill those they deem "unworthy" or "inferior". The media manipulates you, this is not a conspiracy theory, this is happening right now. 'Oh no we can't criticise Israel because they're a Jewish state and they had to go through the holocaust', everybody cries for the boy in the striped pyjamas, everybody cries for the 6,000,000 Jews and the few hundred on board Malaysian Airlines, nobody cries for the 20,000,000 Soviets, nobody cries for the 1,000,000 Japanese or the 1,000,000 Nazi Germans, nobody cries for the 10,000,000s of Africans, nobody cries for the 1,000,000s killed in ancient times, by the Romans, the Persians, the Huns, the Egyptians, the Barbarians, the Arabians... And nobody cries for the 100s of Palestinians, So why do we weep for the Holocaust? Media is biased, and it's used to influence the way you feel, think, and act.
One holocaust doesn't deserve another.
Fuck the Media. Fuck the US. Fuck Israel. Free Gaza. Free Palestine.
what are your thoughts on whats going on in gaza?
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I fucking love you xoxo
I fucking love you too xoxo
Why can't we all just bake a cake filled with rainbows and eat and be happy
Because people feel the need to send anonymous messages who have the inability to agree to disagree, which to be honest I don't either when they're a fool
How awesome are cats
Do you like cats
I fucking love cats
This is like beating a dead horse. Enjoy staying the exact same for the rest of your life, never enjoying yourself due to the arrogant and stubborn psyche you possess. i wish you were more open minded, you would have a lot more interesting ideas and things to say, you have a high potential.
Hahahaha yes I'm definitely very closed minded, all because I believe "because you can" shouldn't be a valid logical reason for anything, *clap clap* you are officially retarded. What a shame, I have very high potential, yet I just can't seem to be able to believe what everyone else says rather than forming my own opinion, I'll work on making my mental aspects weaker and more vulnerable for you xx
I just read the conversation between you and that person that was being an ass, are they actually being serious? That was one of the most uneducated and weak arguments I've ever seen. Also, they were plainly calling you a kiwi, and not as in fruit, Just respect other people jeez. Love you eth xx
Thank you lovely xx and I'm sure I love you also whoever this is
can i just say i'm not the same person who asked you why you don't drink, i'm a different person who also doesn't drink (very often), i was just saying you can't compare dropping out of school and drinking alcohol
I didn't compare them as being similar in any way, I was talking about the logic used behind it, the point I was trying to make it, "because you can" logic, should not be used in any situation, ever.
And as for you example of drawing a picture "because you can", you're not drawing a picture because you can, you're drawing it for entertainment, because if you didn't think it was going to be entertaining, you wouldn't have done it just "because you can".
What are you doing for work experience?
At my cousins accounting firm, MGR Accountants, on Monday and Tuesday I was doing tax returns, rental properties and dividends, and Wednesday and today I think I'm working with IT.
If you dont drink that is your business Ethan,tell them to F**k off,not everbody drinks alcohol in this world and these arseholes should accept that.They think they are big and F**king strong because of their alcohol consumption.
Ugh I know so annoying, thank you xx
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'I hope you realize how stupid what you just said actually is' thats picking on someone. right there. can you see it
No it's not, because I never called you stupid, I said what you said was stupid, now leave
oh and by the way i was calling yo a kiwi fruit i apologize for the misunderstanding
Oh I'm sure
so, basically i just proved you wrong, so you started using big words to tell me i'm being racist to a kiwi (a very messy choice of wording and sentence structure, and was therefore not very effective), and then you closed the case with your opinion, which i will respect but disagree with.
1. No you didn't prove me wrong at all, you're just saying that in the hope I will think so, and everything I've said and you've said is an opinion, and henceforth you can't prove anything
2. I use words that best describe the point I'm trying to get across, which in simple terms, is that you're being racist and stereotypical to kiwis, and due to that racism, I do not respect your opinion