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I am the punishment of God. I am the Great Khan.
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thoughts on tay tay xxxx
tay tay is one sexy betch and I love her xx needa be closer
do you know tony carroll at senior?
No idea
Best looking mackillop chicks any year babe? xx
Paris, Niamh, Chloe, Eden, Georgia, even tho I don't knoe most of em that well haha
It's refreshing to see someone who acts intelligently and actually has opinions different to the general mass of brain dead teens, but your righteousness, occasional superior attitude and perceived self-pride can be very annoying.
Thank you, but as for the last part if I come across as that it is not intentional.
What sound drives you crazy?
The sound of hoons with subwoofers that sound like the cars bumpers are gonna fall off.
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Why dont you climb into Apollo fly to the moon and fucking stay there for good you fucking know it all.
I think it'd be quite difficult to climb into the God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge.
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
I like to sacrifice helots to Zeus and Apollo
Favourite kids at senior????
Shania, Matt, Cara, Liv, Courtney, Ellia, Georgia, Alissa, Nina, Dakota.
hahah hey hahah its me  theresia
hey you
Go on name a few
You'd have to be more specific there's too many haha
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Girls at ccb that you don't know personally, but find them attractive?
There's a lot haha
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Get off my phone
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
You want to read about Anne Franke (a jew ) why bother about her book when you have all this Hitler shit all over your instagram and you find these things are funny you little twat.
I hope nobody is actually dumb enough to be serious with this question I really hope you're just trolling me.
"All this Hitler shit all over your Instagram"?
There is ONE.... ONE photo, of a swastika made out of houses in a video game that I made when I was bored, and fyi there are many different swastikas from many different cultures with all different meanings, not just the Nazi one.
The ONLY other photo, is a photo of dictator valentines day cards, which, if you're not a degenerate like yourself, are quite humorous.
And you think this makes me a fan of Hitler? Get fucked you retard, there is very little that is inspirational about Hitler, he was a disgusting person who did horrible things, but unfortunately had great talents, and how dare you accusing me of being a supporter of his.
I'm assuming you are dumb enough, and also think I am, that you cannot entertain a thought without accepting it.
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favourite girls atm? top 5
Eliza, Cecily, Jade, Miranda, Teal.
what's your norm set up for twr2?
For majority of factions:
x1 Cav General
x4 Melee Cav
x2 Shock Cav
x4 Skirmishers (don't like archers or slingers personally)
x5 Melee/Spear Infantry
x4 Spear/Pike Infantry
For barbarian factions I swap x2 Melee Cav for x1 Melee and x1 Spear Infantry, and for rome after researching a Cohort Barracks the 9 infantry all become legionaries. and for factions such as Parthia or Scythia they are 90% Melee/Shock/Archer Cav.
I'm not really that big of a fan of artillery.
Interested in anyone?
I guess so yeah
What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
The diary of Anne Franke
You knowledge is very impressive.
Thank you! I appreciate it
Oh, really? Hmm, can't really say that I've read about African gods and the like. But I do know bits and pieces of Middle Eastern and Hindu religion and the like.
By ancient African I mean like Carthaginian, Libyan etc, at the very north of Africa, and by Middle-Eastern I mainly mean Persian, Egyptian and Nomadic
Thank the gods, I thought I was only one out there who believes that there is in fact several different gods/goddesses and pantheons. I noticed that you mentioned Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. Ever heard of the Shinto pantheon? You should have a look into it, it's truly fascinating stuff.
Yes I do, Japanese right? But personally I love all the Ancient European/Middle-Eastern/African ones
you said that you don't find yourself attractive. Well i'd be damned. you are very attractive :) love you :*
aw thank you! haha
I am the punishment of God. I am the Great Khan. you don't believe in god? :P
1. "I am the punishment of God" is a quote from Genghis Khan, (Genghis meaning Great in Mongolian).
2. "you don't believe IN god"? I'm sorry but that always annoys me, there isn't just one god, unless you're an ignorant extremist and refuse to accept the fact that other religions exist. Ever heard of Zeus, Mars, Apollo, Baal Hammon, Osiris, Sobek? They are all gods too, and on a more personal note, they're also more believable than a Catholic/Jewish or Muslim one.
(Sorry for going on a rant I'm very bored haha)
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are you single?
sure am!
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