Ethan @ethanjameshunt
Guardian of the Unseen. Knower of the Unknown.
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What makes life worth living?
The fear of dying
you're perfect babe x
Aw Lucy ;)
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thoughts on that peely kid xxx
That peely kid xx sexy bloke, and a photography gun
Interested in dating anyone at the moment?
Not particularly
Thoughts on the girl on Kate's account, and thoughts on Kate? Xoxo
Absolutely babes xx Kate is my bitch
Are you sure about that?
-59% sure
Are you the unseen Guardian and the unknown Knower ?
I am Mora Hermaeus
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
The sacking of Rome
Who is the happiest person on the world?
The dumbest
lol get rekt murica
nuke em all lel pew pew freedom
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Hey keep your comments on America to yourself,you have no experience of America.
I'd rather not have experience of a place where anyone I walk past could have a gun on them
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I like you
Then inbox me
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
As in worst year? This i guess
Who's your favourite tinder girl
I don't talk to 95% of the ones im matched with
You used to be pretty cool and kinda nerdy and all that good stuff, it seems you kinda changed? I know it's entirely irrelevant to me, but it's just a bummer.
Well I'm sorry to disappoint :(
Do you have tinder
Yep hahaha
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Why are you so condescending towards people?
That's your opinion, I'd like to believe I'm not, if that's how you feel I don't mean to be
Isn't that a good thing?
Not necessarily. It means I can't put on fat easily, because I eat and eat and not much changes apart from the initial bloating because my body breaks the food down so quickly that it can't be turned into fat.
And it's hard to put on muscle too, because you need fuel to build muscle, and by the time I've gotten to the point of building muscle my body has already broken the fuel down before it can be converted to muscle.
What's that?
Metabolism is basically the rate at which your body breaks down food and turns it into nutrients. I have a very high one, so basically I can eat and eat and put on barely any weight at all
Why are you so skinny?
That tends to happen when you have an extremely high metabolism
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Do you wear a watch?
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u didnt awesome enough
Uh wüt
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do u know of any apps like chatous where you can make new friends?
This is so obviously people trying to advertise chateous and get people to download it, it's not like this hadn't been asked to 1,000,000 people already. Bad marketing team/10
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your tumblr is perf
Ugh thank you <3
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Hot tea or ice tea?
Hot hot hot
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