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something you're looking forward to this week?
Very much so
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
The birds and the bees
Im sick
I'm unwell
I like your name
I like your face
My friend ate 2 big macs today
Fat shit
I like your intellegents on the books below but for fucks sakes use your brains for better things Ethan.Change the world Ethan but communisam will make it worse not better.
So because I'm reading a book on communism makes me a communist? That must mean I'm a nazi for reading Mein Kampf or a Freemason for reading Morals and Dogma. No, not at all.
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Oh yeah what books?
by Aristotle:
"Poetics", "Politics", "The Athenian Constitution", "De Anima (On the Soul)", "The Art of Rhetoric".
by Friedrich Engles:
"The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State".
by Adolf Hitler:
"Mein Kampf" (his autobiography).
by Vladimir Lenin:
"State and Revolution".
by Karl Marx:
"The Communist Manifesto", "Capital Volume 1, 2, and 3".
by Plato:
"The Republic", "The Laws", "Timaeus and Critias", "The Symposium", "Socrates' Defense", "Protagoras and Meno".
by Sun Tzu:
"The Art of War".
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
Depends what breed of dog, but generally kittens
Do you read?
Do you read? I haven't read in ages unfortunately, last book I read was either American Caesars or Who Killed Kennedy? However I've got a list of heaps of book I'm planning on reading soon
What do you mean by that?
It means if you drink alcohol, do weed, or take meth, whatever it is, doesn't matter, if you take it willingly, you are responsible for every single thing you do while you're under the influence of it.
What are your thoughts on people who use the fact they were drunk as an excuse for stuff they did while they were?
Alcohol didn't kill the alcoholic's friend, the alcoholic did.
What are your future aspirations?
Get a career in Politics, and hopefully study politics, philosophy and maybe sociology and psychology in university. Hopefully one day will write a book on my political ideology, philosophy and moral. Fall in love, have a son and a daughter be super rich and live happily ever after yay.
Are you scared about the Ebola outbreak?
Nope, so much fearmongering
Do you have a religion?
Nope I'm an agnostic
How do you communicate most with your friends?
Social maedia
Why do you think it is acceptable for females to shave their legs, but now males?
I think it's acceptable.
But if you're wondering if why other people don't think it is it's probably because they think it's not "manly".
Thoughts on sandwiches without butter
Acceptable if containing meat products, peanutbutter or Nutella
Thanks Troy, Love you xxx
Love you Gab xxx
Call you tomorrow babe? xx
Sure thing bby xx
When will you be done? :/ - Gabriella
Not for a while my love :/
Troy, should I ring you tonight? Hmm idk - Gabriella
Hmmm, I'm really trying to finish this maths
girls ur close with
Alex, Cecily, Crystal, Eliza, Jade, Mairead, Teal
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I'm a bit sad about this guy :((
I don't blame you I would be too :(
What are your thoughts on someone who has different respect for you at different times. Like 3 months ago, this person respects you as a crush and treats you like a princess. But now, all they want to do is get in your pants and treats you differently? What should I do?
If you want me to be completely honest it just sounds like they just wanted to date you to do shit with you. And if this is how it seems I would advise you don't do anything with them unless they're treating you like a princess. And they should never get mad or upset if you don't want to do anything, and if they did, I wouldn't think of staying together much longer.
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Ilysm troy x
Ilysm gab xx
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