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Guardian of the Unseen. Knower of the Unknown.
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whats that photo in your lock screen of?
Julius Caesar's ghost haunting Brutus, the man who helped plot his assassination, from Shakespeare's play 'Julius Caesar'.
I know it isn't a question although I believe you need to hear this. Don't let dim witted stupid fuckwits bring you down simply because you actually use that thing between your ears called a brain and you can form opinions on your own and don't need people to influence you because you are independen
Thank you! I really appreciate it <3
What do you desire in a female?
I know what I like, it's just hard to explain, if they're interested in me and the things I'm interested in because of me idk I really like that, but appearance wise I don't really care, love my blondies tho
and what is your reasoning behind your views on gun ownership?
β€œThe blade itself incites to deeds of violence.”
― Homer, The Odyssey
I believe you hold the Oghma Infinium.
Indeed I do, it is an ancient tome of knowledge written by Xarxes, the wizard sage and scribe, the "The Ageless One." The Oghma Infinium holds the forbidden knowledge of your realm, it is given to my champion's and, once read, it returns to my realm in Oblivion, the Apocrypha.
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
Depends what breed of dog, otherwise cat
thoughts on gun ownership?
anybody stupid enough to think guns should be openly available to the general public should be shot by one
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favourite song atm?
thoughts on my face bc its importance is astoundingβ€Ž  Miriam Wallis
tbh your face seems very very lovely
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not sure why you want to know hahaha
Talking to any girls?
As in right now on facebook? Yeah?
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Are you going to lordes concert
What year are you in?
Year 10!
thoughts on Ellia McComb?
Ellia is very attractive and I love her, I know we disagree on probably a lot of things but idc she's great and bootylicious
pap of your lockscreen?
pap of your lockscreen?
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thoughts on jesus christ
i don't mean this in a hateful or judgemental manner, but why are you friends with so many females?
I'm not sure, I'm friends with just as many guys... I think, hahaha unless they secretly hate me
why do guys treat girls like douchebags?
because girls let them, and more importantly, girls let them get away with it
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If I don't have a girlfriend I'm clearly single
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Prettiest gals you know?
Any of the girls I've mentioned in the school ones as well as Teal, Jade x2, Maddie, Tas, Z, Alex, Cecily, Bridie, Mon, Jordy, Katie, Chloe, idk all my lady friends are beautiful
When was the last time you screamed?
Honestly can't remember
Do you have a girlfriend?
No I do not unfortunately
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Best BSE girls.? Aha x
Daniah, Eliza, Jasmine, Lauren, Miriam, Molly, Ruby, Serene, Theresia.
Best looking backhaus girls
Liza, Bell, can't really think of what other girls are in backhaus
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Tuning anyone?
Sure ain't