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You's should root then
Yeah defs I totally root anyone I find attractive
Like 45 answers and i will send you a gift!❤ Promise!❤  BIG BROTHER ✌
i dont find any of this funny
well I'm not sure how I was supposed to reply to that
sure sure
i knew you had a thing for her
I don't have a thing for her? If it had been any other girl I'm friends with I'd defend them too
whos the " she" your talking about ?
Hannah Garrett, someone sent an ask calling her a slut and I answered it but idk where it went
well if you knew who this was you would know why i wanna know
well then let me know
i would LOVE to stick around and see your answer
Oh I bet you would
well its not
well you can't prove that it's not, and if the soul purpose of writing that was to back up the person who sent it I doubt you'd stick around to see what my answer to it, unless you are that person of course
So much beef
Many pork
Thoughts on your fav cousin Isabelle haha jokes cous, miss ya! xxx
hahaha miss you and all the family from new zealand! wish we lived closer, had a great time around christmas last year xx
this person thats saying stuff about ethan sending hearts, you are great!!!! hahah
Is probably the person sending it to back themselves up
Why are you so anti America?
Let's get one thing straight, I'm not anti-Americans, even though I've seen some pretty fucking dumb ones, I'm anti-America. Let me give you some news headlines are to why:
- "County officials refuse to pay medical bills for toddler burned by SWAT grenade"
- "Battlefield USA: American police ‘excessively militarized'"
- "Toddler critically burned when SWAT team throws flashbang in crib"
- "Botched SWAT raid leaves 12-year-old girl with second-degree burns"
- "SWAT burns innocent man to death"
- "Cop keeps job after brutal restaurant attack leaves victim in critical condition"
- "SWAT points gun at 8-year-old grandson"
- "NYPD targeted Moroccans based on ethnicity"
- "School police cleared to carry AR-15s in Compton, California"
- "Police knew about but didn't watch Santa Barbara gunman's videos"
- "California police caught on camera fatally shooting man"
- "Police forcibly strip, lock up, pepper-spray Indiana woman"
- "Furious man confronts police after learning they killed his dog"
- "Mistrial for cop who blew up woman's eye balls with pepper spray"
- "Mentally ill inmates ‘tortured,’ brutalized regularly at Miami prison"
- "Mother of mentally ill vet who ‘baked to death’ in jail cell suing New York"
- "1 in 25 death row inmates is likely innocent"
- "Another botched execution? Arizona inmate took 2 hours to die"
- "US refuses to recognize UN court jurisdiction on Argentina’s debt"
- "US readies to impose unilateral sanctions against Russia"
All the headlines I just listed there are all separate cases, and these are only very recent ones, the list could go on for years.
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Change your name to Mr Sarcasm you have plenty of it.
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Ha you are crazy, she's an idiot
Seems rather hypocritical calling someone an idiot when you base your opinion of someone of what other people tell you that you don't know for a fact.
What has she told you? I don't even know why you waste your time talking to her to be honest.
What she's told me does not include getting with lots of guys which you seem to think she does.
If you didn't see it first hand don't act on what someone else says she did, think it to yourself sure, but if you didn't see it for yourself then don't act on it.
Why shouldn't they? Yeah she's hot, but she gets around.. I'm just going by what people say!
Exactly! You're going by what people say, and people make up rumours and stories, and I trust what she has told me, and you're completely wrong.
I can't prove it, but everyone knows it.
If you can't prove it don't say it, and those who "know it" shouldn't either.
Thoughts on H Garrett? ;) xx
Absolutely gorgeous ;) lovely girl to chat with love her to bits xx needa chill soon
last person you messaged? what about
Mairead about some of the asks hahaha
cutest thing you've witnessed lately?
Witnessed as in other people? Can't remember anything
prettiest girls you know
So many
Alex, Bronte, Cara, Cecily, Chloe, Hannah, Jade, Jess, Jonti, Jordy, Lily, Mairead, Ruby, Scarlett, Steph, Teal, Theresia
I can't even way too many to name but those were the ones most recent in messenger so many pretty girls
So did I ;) xxx
Good haha ;)
Haha 'xxx's (not judging just pointing out!)
I thought it was funny ;)