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Thanks Troy, Love you xxx
Love you Gab xxx
Call you tomorrow babe? xx
Sure thing bby xx
When will you be done? :/ - Gabriella
Not for a while my love :/
Troy, should I ring you tonight? Hmm idk - Gabriella
Hmmm, I'm really trying to finish this maths
girls ur close with
Alex, Cecily, Crystal, Eliza, Jade, Mairead, Teal
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I'm a bit sad about this guy :((
I don't blame you I would be too :(
What are your thoughts on someone who has different respect for you at different times. Like 3 months ago, this person respects you as a crush and treats you like a princess. But now, all they want to do is get in your pants and treats you differently? What should I do?
If you want me to be completely honest it just sounds like they just wanted to date you to do shit with you. And if this is how it seems I would advise you don't do anything with them unless they're treating you like a princess. And they should never get mad or upset if you don't want to do anything, and if they did, I wouldn't think of staying together much longer.
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Ilysm troy x
Ilysm gab xx
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Damn straight were going to the beach. Feed me grapes on the golf course too bby x
Of course bby xx
On a scale of 1 - 10 how much bubbles do you prefer in your bath? With one being none and ten being bubbles have filled the room.
So what should we do once I get back to summer Vacay? - Gabriella
Omg lets go to the beach
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You have baths???
What's weird about that...? But only when I need to relax and calm down
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What are you up to?
I'm in the bath rn tbh
What's your favorite holiday?
The kind that's a holiday
It's Gabrielle. I called the other night and Troy, I think I am coming back to the summer vacay
Omg I can't wait
crushing on?
Hmmm, I wonder...
What would you rather in a girl? Blonde/Brunette eyes/smile as.s/ti.ts funny and bubbly/cute and shy virgin/ non virgin piercings/ no piercings
Well being purely hypothetical and basing my answer of girls I've previously dated/had a thing with, probably Blonde, smile, ass? bubbly and cute are basically the same aren't they? shy is cute, virgin or not I don't care as long as they're not a skank, and probably no piercings just because piercings could include way too many, excluding ear piercings but no stretchers ew,
That's just basing on what the girls I've previously dated were like I guess, but crystal is my lover and she is gr8
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What would you find attractive about what a girl wears? girly dresses, skirts, high socks or tom boy jeans, t shirts, trackies
There's not a lot of girl fashion I dislike, probably because I'm not a girl myself but I guess skirts, jeans idk, but please no trackies in public or baggy jeans omg
what are you taking for your acne?
Akamin 50 - Minocycline Hydrochloride
I didnt think you could get anyway worse at anything but clearly your are wrong
you're butthurt I beat you 5 times in a row m8 even when you cheated with missile cav
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Oi your that bad mate
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hey your heard of RTW right? yer well your shit at it
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hey have you heard you are shit
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Miss our talks Ethan :(
Then message me :(
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