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What are your thoughts on the veterans of the IDF refusing to spy against Palestinians?
To put it simply:
What are your thoughts on the veterans of the IDF refusing to spy against Palestinians?
What year are you in?
I'm in year 10
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Miss anyone?
A lot of people, Matt Cail especially
What should there be in a perfect day?
Making out and food
Where do you find new music?
YouTube, soundtracks to movies, games.
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Stupid idiots they are, to be honest.
Haha I wouldn't call them idiots, but yeah I don't get it, peer pressure and influence doesn't help though.
Exactly! I'm not at the age where I'm expected to be drinking alcohol at parties and shit, but when I am, I'm probably going to get the same bullshit about it that you are. It's so stupid. And smoking, too. I can't stand smoking.
I'm not saying you won't but I know a lot of people who used to say that, just do what you think is right.
Yes I can't stand smoking either, if you want stress relief go for a walk.
I agree with your morals. I dont see how people could possibly enjoy consuming alcohol and then vomiting it up and getting hung over. It's self destructive behaviour, I wish there were more people like you.
Thank you I appreciate it. I just hate the fact that apparently I "hate having fun", and the only reasons people can give for doing it are it's fun, makes you happy or gives you confidence. Like maybe try something out of your comfort zone if you're not confident, and if you wanna be happy and have fun then do something fun? Idk it seems weird to me.
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, RT
When one should stop learning?
I'm gonna get you shit faced on your 18th, can't wait ;)
I appreciate the friendly gesture, but just to clarify to those who think I don't drink alcohol because I'm underage and it's "illegal", that's not the reason at all.
It's not a matter of "I don't drink... Until I'm 18", it is however "I don't drink." so I'm sorry to disappoint
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Well I don't have a thing with them because none of them really seem interested in a dating-way, and I haven't really seen any chance with any of them.
And I don't "get any" because when I talk to a girl my main goal isn't to get sexual favours off them, in fact it's not a goal at all, so maybe girls wouldn't think all guys are such douchebags if you didn't hold every sexual favour you ever got up like a trophy and went around bragging about it like it makes you a better person somehow.
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why arent you getting any then mate?
Any, as in having a thing with any or getting shit off them?
what girls do u talk to?
A few
how many girls do you talk to?
Well I don't talk to the same girls all the time but there's a few I talk to regularly
do you like anyone?
Not really no
What is the Universe made of?
Atoms lel
Thoughts on gen Powell ethanol
"Where would you move to if you had a choice?" You should move to Gaza you seem so keen on them,go help them rebuild that shithole of theirs.
10/10 insult would use, much logic, many hurt
how do you always know it's me?  ʟucyyy
You always message me telling me you sent me an ask ;)
ehhehe guess who ;) <3
Crystal? ;)
type of music your into?
Nearly all types! Except country, but atm I've been loving some New Rave from Hadouken!
3 turn ons, 3 turn offs
- Pretty face
- Genuinely interested in me and my interests, not necessarily because they are interested in them but because I'm interested in them, and they find me interesting.
- CUTE BUTT (eg. Hannah/Crystal)
- To be stereotypical, "bogan" or "ratty"
- Smells bad, not that many girls do
- Stirs the pot, bitchy and starts unnecessary beef with people
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Future Job?
Something to do with Politics, Psychology or Law