Failed @failedosu
Failed @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too)
I am the God
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do you still have over 1k questions about c?
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What about Internet Explorer
Safari is WAY worse
c's twitch account deleted?
What is your favorite and least favorite browser? I love you sempai ^_^
Firefox, and probably Safari
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vafan, då är ju du för gammal för mig :(  SnickarN
hur gammal är du?
give some tips for beginners at Swedish language learning
Learn how to pronounce åäö
Do you have ikea stuff in your house
Yeah, actually
Which hand are you fapping with?
Right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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whats cookiezi's twitter?
‎@shigetora_ish iirc
What's most attractive about you?
My fingers are kinda pretty, and so is my butt
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HB Failed  Kynan
Thanks Kynan!!!
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Happy Birthday kami-sama  Derp
thx ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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happy birthday  Davi 高梨
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happy birthday  Charlie
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hepi birfdae bae  Oli
thx nyagga
Is that him? Is that the birthday kid? gratz  Revy
HEJ MIN BIL! (<--- Swedish skills!) Happy birthday<3  Hizylt
Ay, thanks nyagga
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iz burthday 2dey or jsut rendum namber un prufil?
It's REALLY my birthday.
Happy Birthday :D  안드레아스 [Roter_Nebel]
Thanks alot!
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how old are you now??  Faur
Happy birthday, Failed  greeeenpanda
Hey, thanks! He's considered Top 10 in Sweden after only a year of playing...
80k playcount
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Is SnickarN a cheater?
Why would he be?