failed @failedosu
failed @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too)
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What is your most treasured possession?
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Onigiri? eller typ Archeblade. Elsworld är sådär också.  Revy
Varför slutade niko spela?
Personliga skäl.
can you help me? where can i get tablet for ose for example yours? can you post link?
Well, I bought one in a store.
Just google wacom intous and find somewhere to buy it.
skulle vilja börja köra ett riktigt bra mmorpg. Men vet inget  Revy
Om du hittar ett kan vi spela <3
I love Korean Mmorpgs  Kaoru
Those are the best :^)
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What are you most excited about right now?
Going to Oli-chan in about 4 hours.
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Do you play any mmorpg's :3
Not anymore, would like to play some but none of my friends likes mmorpgs.
I'd be glad to play with any of you guys, so just add me.
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whisper"if you dont play halo ce with me ill fuck nature in its ass
Where do you find new music?
On the internet.
And his fans are filling my inbox with questions about his penis. :=)  Oli
Oh, you guys
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wait, failed has fans?  Kaoru
Yeah :^) Everyone, you do realize he's just saying that for attention and appearing as "The Good Guy", right? -_-
Hey Failed, will you ever play with fans on games like CS:GO?  King Oxy (Darkky)
Sure, why not.
rrtyui 1500 spectators yesterday .. were you one of them?
Sadly not, I dont even open the game anymore.
Atleast not to play online.
fail, what game are you playing now? i'm kinda bored with osu  Fathur52
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what dose she look like??
Hey Failed, well this guy claim to be cookiezi and hes from Korea.. I've noticed he didn't get banned yet, everyone else got banned when trying to impersonate someone or multi accounting, could he be cookiezi ? Anyway his english is bad as cookiezi :
That would not be Cookiezi, no.
link your background please
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i gotten some games and a knife for being a girl it always feels good to get free stuff
haha yeah, its amazing Senpai teach me your ways, fucking holy shit.
Add my skype.
Knife list from being a girl:
M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh
M9 Bayonet Urban Masked
Flip Knife Blue Steel ( soon )
Yes, getting another knife soon anyways, being a fake girl is nice
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my dream karambit stattrak crimson web factory new will never come true
I'm fine with this tho
my dream karambit stattrak crimson web factory new will never come true
What is the quality you most like in a man?
Having a big penis????
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post a pic of yourself
I'm 10 years old, dont laugh...........
post a pic of yourself
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