failed @failedosu
failed @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too) (and dellel)
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Is this the real Cookiezi, I am just asking cuz he's fooling everyone, since I can see hes using relax hack and stuff
Cookiezi would NEVER take donations.
etc etc, not him.
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
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Did you get a contact request from someone named "shigetora" on Skype recently?
Nope. does this mean Niko can't play anymore even if he wants to?
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He asked me to do it.
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Are you the one who keylogged ProPlayers ?
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Jag mår bara bra! Sverige rullar vidare mot toppen i osu!. Vi nördar har så mycket kul just nu medans vi gnäller på varandra hur mycket tortyr det är att spela det här spelet. Synd att du inte kan vara med. ;w;
Skulle gärna vara med och spela någon gång, men är rädd för att skapa flera konton och spela.
Lite tråkigt att börja om från början varje vecka.
How pointless of a human being does one have to be to bother impersonating people on the internet, what a joke  Azer
I know right?
I think its kinda funny tho, how people do that just to get attention.
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Hey there! ヾ(´・ω・`)  Syltost
Hej cutie, hur mår du syltis ^-^ this guy says that he removed you from skype, ("""""while he is cookiezi"""""")
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im landed here not knowing how? are you this cheater dude from osu? cookizie? thelewa somebody else?
I'm this "cheater dude"
10 people like this r8 my desktop
malwarebytes, pfft.
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Have you heard of Alltid_Aldrig who made Niko DT and rrtyui DT conpilation. And then put his skin PRIVATE not the best decision but whatever. Have you heard of him? You have very similar avatar bby  Revy
No idea, gomene.
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will you be at DHW?
Sorry, no!
hi rosun
Sadly not me, sorry.
make a list of osu! peeps you want to meet!
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How did you meet your best friend?
On the internet ^___^
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Is bikko cheater or not?
No, why would he be?
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Didn't he already deactivate his ask ?
He did.
1 person likes this he's a fake, right ?
His english is obviously faked.
Cookiezi did only answer a few of his questions in english.
I call fake.
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what do you think of some swedish players forming the somalian owc team for this year?
Kinda funny, but is a waste of time as they wont get accepted.
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whats ur favorite fetish
whats ur favorite fetish
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Tell me about your fetishes!
he knows good stuff and likes armpits
do you like my gift <3  Christie Hakuya
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