failed @failedosu
failed @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too)
skype: hobosftw
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What's on your summer reading list?
Approach Rate 10.33 and 11.
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Failed är du en transa ;3?
Nej, men jag kan crossdressa.
Skulle aldrig kunna tänka mig att bli transa, inte riktigt min typ av sak.
What's the best dating advice you have?
Always let her tie your shoes.
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Har du haft sex med dellel? ;)
Ja, hur ska jag annars förklara hennes rivmärken på ryggen? :ssss
bby gimme your new osu name  囧rz
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i heard Zallius is cheating should i report him to Zallius?
idk, its legendre
vet inte, dellel är vild
thoughts on armpit fetish? serious question
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Why Zallius so popular? Do you like him too?
Of course I do! We have been best buds since kindergarden!
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ily beforeanyoneelse  Lia
i love you too baby ^-^
cant wait to lick your armpits again <333333333
What was your username before you got banned?
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Can you make a porn video of you and dellel please?
oki ^-^
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what the fuck these questions  Princess Delisha
No idea
so did you have armpit sex with delis?
How does delis's armpits taste like?
have you and dellel ever had sex?
Have you licked delisha's armpits?
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kiss me
I only kiss dellel :(
Have you kissed dellel?
Who are you dating?
dellel xoxoxo
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Failed can I have your skin?
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Is it possible to cheat a live play that had unsynced tapping and a timer?
Maybe you dont have a clock, idk.
What's the minimum that would need to exist in a liveplay of a potential cheater in order for you to strongly believe it to be legit?
A clock, showing the seconds exactly as they are supposed to. (if DT map)
And no unsynced tapping.
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