Failed @failedosu
Failed @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too)
I am the God
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How many questions do you have?
I need to start answering more stuff..
How many questions do you have?
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Question to cookie: Have you livestreamed on recently ("at a friends house") (I might have found an imposter lol
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eye disease, if this is banned then get that you wanted to be suffering and you were 9 + 10 from an I. But, if I were to add Cookiezi + Failed, what would the sum be?
Failed, if this is Cookiezi then I get that you wanted to be banned and you were suffering from an eye disease. But, if I were to add 9 + 10, what would the sum be?
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omg can i ask for your skype?
give me yours
What is Osu! private server?
it's osu! but on another server
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Nu wey thes nu cockEz I kel hex on yu fayled, my qwestion iz hi.
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Hi! If you're the real one, could you send me a message on Skype as I got you on it! :-) - Neptune
the real who?
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the osu! private server.
Are you going to play the new osu! Private Server?
Probably, when it gets better.
Vrf trollar du alla och säger att du är cookiezi?
Trollar? Snälla någon.
Han var inne på min ask, orkar bara inte fixa bevis till alla fanboys.
the cookiezi stuff was you ?
He just got pissed from all the stupid questions he got.
Do you consider yourself a true touhou fan?
vad heter du på skype din jävel
ge mig din skype
What do you think about Sweden winning over Japan in the Round of 16 at OWC?
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Will you ever start playing again?
cookie: no
Failed: yes
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failed pls
We share this ask.
failed are you actually asking cookie these questions or just yolo
i'm cookiezi
failed gave me password to askfm
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요리할 수 있는 음식 종류는?
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Any proof that you're cookiezi? Simply posting something on your livestream/youtube or reactivating your old or something?
dont have access to my old email
cant reactivate
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Who is KEY? is it de return of cokizi!!?/ oooOoo: evn be4 cockizi wus bennd... he rite "bye 4nao"!!!!!!!!
not me
do you play anything besides cs go? any mmo you play that maybe sometime i could join you? i have cs go but i suck at it @_@
and have you started to study after ban? :D