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Do you play any musical instrument?
your mum
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how are you talking to niko? ;w;
over steam/fb
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ask niko to reopen his askfm plz
9:53 PM - niko: lol
9:53 PM - niko: no
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why niko cheated? what was his playstyle? resolution, tablet area etc, thanks
9:36 PM - niko: mainly tablet/kb
9:37 PM - niko: tap+x when i couldnt do streams
9:37 PM - niko: 1680x1050@75Hz
9:37 PM - niko: full area
9:37 PM - niko: why did i cheat.. idk, theres no excuse
9:37 PM - niko: i wanted to get a good score on atama but the ar made it unreadable
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What was Cookiezi's osu resolution?
"play style : tablet + keyboard(for rank) or mouse + keyboard(for fun)
tablet : wacom bamboo cth-470s
keyboard : cm storm quick fire tk // red switch
mouse : razer deathadder black edition (use 1800dpi)
screen resolution : 1600x900
osu resolution : 1366x768"
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Will changing uniqueID, MAC, uninstallID and IP guarantee me to not get into restriction?
can't gaurantee, but will probably do the job for quite a while
Be my steam/csgo friend? :o  Licana
Linked my steam to you.
What rank are you in Csgo?
I'm gn2 atm, used to be mg1
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How do I avoid restrictions?
by changing uniqueID,Mac Adress, and IP.
I'm probably gonna do that next time I reinstall my PC
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what's your account name on osu atm? ͡ ͡° c͜ ͡ ͡°
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No problem! Thanks for giving us information anyways. So many secrets would have been unsolved without your help (9°^°)9  Toni Petrovic
Thanks I guess.
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:D Do you mind telling me who it is?  Toni Petrovic
I got told to keep it a secret, sorry!
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Do you know who this is? =>  Toni Petrovic
Yes, I do.
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Is bikko cheater?
No, he's a really talented player.
Probably one of my favorite players of all time, and I can tell you this.
I've been around for about 5 years
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plez confirm that this Ask isn't fake
[2/18/2015 1:37:55 AM] shigetora: sup
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Do you (failed) or cookiezi accept us on skype to play games with? Mainly CS:GO.
I can accept you on skype/steam.
What do you think about huge pp farming maps (for example : Midnight Siege, Misplaced Shadow)  Justinus van Heldenthal IV
They are nice, streamy and difficult at the same time.
Well, Midnight Siege is easy for anyone that can stream fast
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Hi, its meh again :-) srry about the other question i asked.. Idk who u are. ( cookiezi or failed dunno)  Hiyateh-D3
Legendre deactivated his ask once again :^)  Toni Petrovic
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Im sorry bothering you again with Legenre...Was his ask (TKSLegendre) fake? And if not...He said that he would make a new YT acc and make osu videos but now he deleted all his internet accs. Kinda strange..And he said that he left his Computer at a hotel and someone hacked on his acc..Weird..  Toni Petrovic
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Is it true that Niko cheated on scores like atama no taisou and used an AR changer on a lot of plays?
Too see that someone is using an AR changer is really hard to detect.
I used to to get over A HUNDRED AR11 scores.
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Do you play pso2 which ship
Cookiezi played on Ship 2
Did you know about Niko's cheated Atama score?
Not really, talked with Niko about it.
niko: I should stop saying stuff like that in public :U
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u piece of sheet
thanks, I know
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