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Cookiezi @failedosu
Cookiezi @failedosu
I will answer anything related to pro players and cheating. (and other stuff too)
I am the REAL Cookiezi
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What do you think about Sweden winning over Japan in the Round of 16 at OWC?
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Will you ever start playing again?
cookie: no
Failed: yes
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failed pls
We share this ask.
failed are you actually asking cookie these questions or just yolo
i'm cookiezi
failed gave me password to askfm
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요리할 수 있는 음식 종류는?
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Any proof that you're cookiezi? Simply posting something on your livestream/youtube or reactivating your old or something?
dont have access to my old email
cant reactivate
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Who is KEY? is it de return of cokizi!!?/ oooOoo: evn be4 cockizi wus bennd... he rite "bye 4nao"!!!!!!!!
not me
do you play anything besides cs go? any mmo you play that maybe sometime i could join you? i have cs go but i suck at it @_@
and have you started to study after ban? :D
hey cookiezi did you ever talk to failed before with mic?
Hello cookiezi what do you think about your best friend failed who used this ask fm account before?
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r u Cookiezi? >w<
Hi, a lot of ppl probably asked you this already but can you tell me why did you cheat on purpose ? (if you really did, I dont really know)
I wanted to get banned to take care of school
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hello cookiezi, what do u think about osulive on twitch wont let anyone type 'cookiezi'? Kappa
It's so Cool
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failed i really miss you but i think you dont remember me, i was 'touche' but i got banned (again)  blame it on the aaaaaalcohol
send me your skype
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How did you got so good in Osu! ?
play many hour
click zx fast
buy tablet
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sekusu  tjdxor0825
do people actually believe that you are cookiezi? :o
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Are u ok
Are u ok
4 people like this is dis te reel cockizi ?
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is cookiezi ? 1st of osu! Immortal myth  Jason Christ
1 person likes this Is this Cookiezi ?
still, no
can you explain why this ask is fake?
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