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I just want to say that I love you and this blog!
Awwww cutieee!!! Thank u so muchhhh ily a lot❤️❤️❤️❤️
Would you ever consider having a coowner??
Yes, but i dont want one
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You put kelly Rowland as the Michelle confession..
Siodixivi i literally googled michelle williams ahhh why
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Do ever still play Poptropica? Bc I got no shame in my game, I still play it....
Noo i never played that game, should I download it?
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UGHH I hate trying to get your attention on here bc you never answer my questions.... Like I have asked you at least 10 and you haven't answered one...
What did you ask???
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do you know why everyone hates on iggy? ive heard she was racist, but i just wanna know
i haven't properly do a research, but just found this tumblr http://piggyazalea.tumblr.com/ . She has racist tweets, racist lyrics and stuff like that. Hope this helps!
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wait so you opened the box and i didnt realize??
Omq i didnt read that part of ur message!! I opened the box on saturday to sunday morning!
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How many followers do you have? I'm not comparing or anything because I have like 30+ followers but I just wondered because it feels like you have a lot.
Where? Here or tumblr??
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Do you still have a lot of confessions to upload?
Yes, over 140! But working on it
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Your confession box has said it's been closed for over 2 weeks now, but you're posting confessions about things that happened recently ??? Was it opened when I just didn't know?
Tumblr is having some bugs and troubles with updating HTML code aka that description. If you are on mobile you can see that the last time i closed the box was sunday morning
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Hi, there! Thanks for posting my confessions in your blog! Btw, have you posted my thought about yaoi fanfictions? Thanks ^^
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For the noods confession, there's two girls, and here's pics of them both https://vine.co/v/O0tv2vvXnLn http://finebox.co/tag/cabbages
Hello,i'm sorry i can't post your confession. I couldn't find any HQ photos, also it's kinda odd that someone confess about a vine page with 25 followers.. I'm not judging trust me, but are you one of the girls?
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are you part of the phantom? <3
Not really, BUT i do find them extremely nice people and i've gotten so many positive confessions about them so that's mean a lot people think that.
Also.. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember watching years years ago danisnotonfire and he made a video about people calling him emo?? Or something like that?? I watched his videos in middle school
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the confession box isn't working for me I might cry I've been waiting so long ):
Just for you!! Confess here :)
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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
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Hey do you know from where is Christian leave?
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Even if we don't have confessions about those awards on that day can we still send you confessions?
yes :)
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are u opening the box today?
sadly no :( tumblr gave me post limit and i couldnt post all the confessions because of that. The queue is running. It will be open for the iheartawards/kids choice awards! bc i want to post confessions about that :D
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omg sorry! i didn't realize that you have already answered that question! i missed it, my bad! haha xx
i love u dw!
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'sexual intercourse' lol i love yaaaa
i wanted to sound diplomatic haha
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if you had the chance would you have sex with jb/luke h.?
I dont want to sound edgy or give that im-better-than-everyone attitude but Im not interested in having any sexual intercourse with anyone UNLESS im in a really deep relationship
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Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
I used to be very picky when it came to hair but i stopped caring when Miley chopped hers and said "its just hair" because in reality its just hair... I dont mind, just no greasy looking :p
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do you think anyone's ever sent in a confession about themselves?
Yeah, i mean im not obviously talking about ariana grande or big stars like one direction. That's why i had to put as a rule "do not confess about yourself". Haha the last time it happened was a long time ago... or who knows :O
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What annoys you?
When people confess here
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When will the confession box be open again?
This time i allowed 500 confessions (big mistake) and i have 300 left. So most likely on wednesday :)
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