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So... I do not know much English, but I understand some Spanish too. Do you speak Spanish?Yo hablo un poco. In Portuguese Gatinha is Cat :D and Como você está? is How are you?  Lanna
siii yo hablo español :D
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wait, I don't know who else to ask, ut why tf does tumblr hate miranda cosgrove now? It just seems like it came out of nowhere
honestly i have the same question, i dont really understand either. It's not really "hate", they make fun of her because she is "awkward".
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Hi! Do you speak Portuguese? I'm from Brazil :)  Lanna
hey Lanna!! i know some words because i had some brazilian neighbours :)
oiii como vc ta? gatinha just basics but i do understand, also i used to love gustavo rocha idk if you know him!
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
im beautiful as heck and nobody can bring me down
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what do you like drinking? i.e at a party
hmm when i WANT TO get drunk i like bacardi big apple mixed with citrus punch. You can mix bacardi with sprite but i dont drink sodas. I dont like vodka that much is its eeh alright
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What happened between jenn and andrea? A confession said something about them having a fight or something and I don't watch either of them anymore so idk what's happening.
i personally dont know
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I'm glad that you let that party. You're 18 years old, so you shouldn't be drinking, anyway. I don't understand why people feel the need to drink or smoke at such a young age. It's pretty stupid and reckless, and the opposite of "cool."
i KNWOWWADJDJK like its legal on here. And i guess drinking can be fun at times, but i just dont understand how people like to drink every single weekend and sometimes on week days, im not judging because they can do whatever they want but they drink AND smoke a lot and then are complaining why they gained weight (beer and alcohol makes you gain weight like crazy) and idk it makes me sad when people start smoking so young, and im aware we all die at the end but if you are a smoker your death will be so painful and you are not going to be able to run or do sports at the age of 30, and you ruin your skin and teeth and its just bothers me because we are healthy, and we have food and all the things to have a healthy life and we just ruin our lives for things like that. The sad thing is that smoking and drinking are drugs, you get addicted! Its ok to have fun, but there are limits...
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te gusta cd9?
jaja veo telehit todo el dia, no los conozco pero me gusta su cancion "me equivoqué"
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what are you doing tonight? its fridayyyy and you're 18
i was @ this party but everyone was starting to get drunk and i didnt feel like spending money on drinks.... BECAUSE TODAY I SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY BUTYINGF FOOD AND I ATE SO MUCH
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That's understandable. I always type like this because it subconsciously makes others feel intimidated. They don't want to argue with someone that types like me because it shows that I'm not lazy, and I have time and energy to argue with them.
Trust me i wasn't lazy at all but then my iphone screen cracked so my keyboard kinda messed up and sometimes letters don't work, neither the space bar so i got frustrated and literally gave up and oh my god i love to argue, i think that's my guilty pleasure
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what do you want to do with your life? like goals?
a famous viner, im studying and all and i will get a job but i'd be nice being a famous viner
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It's not exactly stupid for someone to guess your age based on how you type. It's safe to say that younger people type and spell poorly. It shows their laziness.
omg that person probs thinks i spell poorly,but yea im just lazy to type and english is not my first language sooo its hard to express myself when i dont know how to use the right words if you get me
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i want you to have a bf
me 2
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even if the hacker does get the pics from shots or fahlo, how does he manage to upload them BEFORE Justin does? I know of that poser too, and it's like he hacks into Justin's phone because how else would he have access to personal pictures and selfies? PS omg yes please tell people report that acc.
i promess as soon as i get my laptop back i write the post!! <3
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why did you take down your selfies? you're so pretty:((
i didnt feel comfortable, and thank UUUU thats so nice :)
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how many followers do you have on tumblr?
u kno with that new tumbr update where u have to click that tab to see ur followrs? ye i stopped clickin on it and i havent checked my followrs amount in like a month bc i dont want to focus on that, BUT last time i checked i had almost 67k and i gain like 100 per day so yea i dont want to do my maths ha
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Thats SO stupid, "from the way you answer questions" like wtf dude???? The way someone types or someone's kindness doesnt define ages, i give up
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that person was probs making fun of you with calling you a 14 y/o
well luckily idc if thats the matter, its not my problem they want to be such sad people on the internet lol
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When will you be opening the confession box again? Today is May 13th.
on sunday most likely. My laptop broke and i left the box open for 5 days and now i have over 1000 confessions to make
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How old are you? From the way you answer your questions—I'd guess that you're 14 years old.
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hablas español ya te amo
Yo tambiennnnn te amo mucho mucho mucho. Hablas español?
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What did Bryana like a pic of on insta?
"Call fat a girl and she will never forget because elephants dont forget" something along those lines
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would u ever do bdsm?
hmm at first i was ew gross but now i think theres something hot about that lol but i would never do degradation or Sadomasochism.....i guess just being blindfolded and y'kno
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can you explain that "Normani should've pulled a Camila" confession? is there a problem with the 2 girls, did something happen
t swift made a bday party for camila and invited famous people but the others 5h members werent there so i guess that person tried to say that normani should have made a party without camila
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(c) girl, and I've talked to other girls who genuinely believe it's him and he has been rude. can you imagine how crushed you'd feel if Justin was mean to you? even if it's not him, they think it is. the scariest part is, I thought he was real at first too. whoever this hacker is somehow manages(c)
to post pictures on instagram BEFORE the real Justin does. sometimes just a few minutes before, sometimes a couple hours before. It's so scary because I don't know how he does it. but if you go on his account you can see that he is fake. if you could maybe post something on your blog to get the word out and maybe have people report that account to instagram. Like I said I know there are a lot of posers and fakes out there but this guy has done so much damage. and nobody knows how he does it, it's freaky.
oh my i just dont know why ppl is so naive... gotchu, i will post something about this later tonight when i finish my homework, thanks for telling me!
ps: i bet those are selfies from shots or fahlo, he uploads a lot there
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