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What's your favorite phrase in a foreign language?
c'est la vie
or something like that
do you like sledgehammer by 5h?
Why everyone calls Sam Wilkinson daddy?
the real question is why people call daddy other boys is so weird
Have you been to any cool concerts lately?
the last one i went was PITBULL'S CONCERT like 2 years ago, it was so cool so idc if you judge me for that but on saturday im going to LIFE IN COLOR IM SO EXCITED I WANT TO JUMP
After Connor came out I was not afraid to that I was gay.
congrats! I'm very proud of you :)
*hugs you real tight* Would you please send this to the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going? Make a persons day with a hug! :) ❤
i actually kind of like presenting in front of the class because it gives me a chance to look confident for once.
What holiday gift would make you really happy?
sad thing something that i really want is something that you can buy aggg im sad now
I accidentally touched my favorite band member's bum when they were crowd surfing at Warped tour this year and I swear to god they looked at me and knew it was me and at their meet and greet he looked at me and we made really awkward eye contact and it was uncomfortable for all parties involved.
hahahah omg i feel you, but come on that's a great story to tell your grandsons when you are old ;)
If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?
my real life crush or justin bieber
do you read fanfiction? if yes, have any suggestions?
no i dont :( they make me sad
have you seen jbs hair? thoughts?
If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
your blog seems like A LOT to handle. Do you have anyone to help you or do you make and post all the confessions by yourself?
i make all the confessions by myself :)
Have you ever played tennis?
CONGRADULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!! Where exaclty are you from?  Christina: The Last Airbender
Thank you so much!!!!! im honestly so so so happy like i will miss all my friends because they are like my family, but extremely excited about what comes next. I'm from santa cruz, bolivia (south america) :D
its actualy sarah c u tonite
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What do you like to have for breakfast?
fun fact: if i eat breakfast i throw up
how do i confess? i cant find it. it takes me to an ad then doesnt go anywhere
If you could be immortal, would you choose to be?
hi my lover
I submitted a few confessions when the box was last open for general confessions, I haven't seen them posted yet. :(
that was 3 months ago bc i took that long break. could you please re-submit it? please
What is the best thing to do on a first date?
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who do you thinks this is?
this is definitely justin bieber
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What album do you like better, My Everything or Yours Truly??? ❤❤❤
Yours truly definitely, but i like some songs of my everything aswell. I like problem and break free
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