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ciudades de papel fue perfecta!! no se que se quejan de cara, aparece como 5 segundos jaja.
siii me encantó, me conecté mucho con Q. Me voy a comprar si o si el libro, fue la pelicula perfecta. Definitivamente una de mis favoritas
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cant believe you didnt like the love story of the century!!111111 tragic
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Okay well what is your ideal love story
"ideal" obviously one where the main characters fall in love and live together till the world ends.
that doesn't bother me. It's alright, it's "romantic", but nothing new for a movie. I just said it was cliché because "A walk to Remember" (2002) and tfios are basically the same
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Well what is a good love story for you then
never said it was a bad love story? i said it was cliche lol
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didn't you love Ben? he's so funny
that squad was goals
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did you like the fault in our stars?
hmm not really, it was kinda like the cliché love story. Not bashing John Green's work at all tho! it's just that eh
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Quentin said he wanted to get married and have kids, and you said that you didn't want that. I think you're more like Margo
true that, but believe me. This is the first movie that i felt identified with.
I'm always the one that's willing to do everything for the person they like. I care about my future and grades, i'm afraid of getting in trouble and i dont enjoy life as i should.. I feel a deep connection with Quentin, it's weird.... i'm definitely going to read the book
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In which city you would like to live?
considering i just watched paper towns, definitely i want to live next to quentin's house OR better than that, being an exchange student that lives with him and then he forgets margo AND ends up falling in love with me.. ahh watch out john green
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Shawn Mendes is in relationship with Laur or no ?
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ok this is not a confession but i want to know YOUR opinion on meghan trainor?
i dont really have an opinion on her
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ok i will as soon as i get a new phone!!! my iphone's screen messed up and the touch thing is not working im getting a new one most likely when i get back from my vacation :) i promess you to post my opinion
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I love your blog and your personality. Like, everything about you is flawless. Keep going ilysm. I wish that we could be friends :)
eeeeeeeaa thank you so much!! this is so nice :D thank u for being so kind and sweet to me! and of course we can be friends!!!
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i don't think you or society have any right to decide what the "right amount of sexual is." Her message is women can be sexual and professional just like men, and that is feminism
i have no idea what you're talking about
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what's your opinnion on lana del rey, can u share it on instgram ??
do you mean MY opinion or to post a confession of lana?
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Do you ship Phan?
honestly i've never watched a video of them so i can't really say!
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Bruh. You are literally the best person on Tumblr. You're so optimistic and respect people and talk about things that are important and i just love you. You're so nice to everyone and I love reading your answers and you deserve everything you have and more💖
aaaa thank you so so much :) this means a lot to me seriously!! i love you too you have no idea, i'm about to drop a tear, i used to be in a really bad place mentally and i just decided to be more grateful and as you said optimistic and since then i've been happier and i just want to radiate that.
And also, thank YOU for being so nice and kind! everyone you know must be really happy to have you in their lives and if they don't value you as a person who cares honestly you have yourself as you (if that makes sense lol) and that's enough. Anyways i don't want to end up crying, again thank you and i wish you all the good things in life :)))
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I can't figure out how to submit on your tumblr... do I just send the confession through ask or make it myself with my own photo? Are you accepting new confessions right now?
You just go to and submit your opinion as text! No need to make anything and right now no, i'm going to open it probs tomorrow!
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ты меня разочаровываешь :((((((
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my birthday is today
heyyy happy birthday!! i hope you're having a good one and i wish you all the good, beautiful and nice things in the world. I wish i could give you a big big hug and don't forget that there are a lot people who unconditionally love you :)
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You're super huge over Ig I see your post's reposted everywhere
really??? :O that's so cool
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пизди по-русски :))))))))))
флертује са мном?
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ti eblo:)
i agree
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What's your favorite pizza topping?
literally everything except pineapple (which is ironic because pineapple is my favourite fruit) or anything sweet
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Why did you decided to go on hiatus? :)
long story short i was so upset/sad/overwhelmed bc my uni
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You don't like Ariana?
hmm i don't dislike her but i don't really think about her anymore
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