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why was your blog deleted?

i dont know for sure, but i'm pretty sure someone reported my account ( you know because the opinions and stuff )

are you going to get your account back or make a new one? :(

i want my account back soooooooo bad but they said they deleted it permanently, i'm going to make a new one soon, its just that im kinda frustrated right now.. :(

what happened to your blog?? D: why was it deleted??

i dont know :( i got and e-mail saying it was "terminated" and it was a "final decision" im so mad honestly


it got deleted :///////

te extrañoooooo

yo igual

seguis entrando por acá?

sii jajajajajaj solo no me llegan preguntas

Oh okay! I was worried it didn't get to you. I hate this phone. I'm into more boy bands than girl groups but I know of a bunch of girl groups too! And let me tell you about a group called f(x). Yes thats literally how it's written. They had 5 members but one left to focus on her acting career.

One of the members, Amber, is actually half american and speaks english and is really cool! She has her own youtube channel with her friend where they make funny videos and they are hilarious. You should listen to their latest song "4 Walls". It's my favorite!

😱😱😱 whoaaa i will definitely check her youtube channel right now and the song too :D thank you so so much!! You are extremely nice!!

I'm sorry, my app crashed, did you get the last ask I sent you? It said it got sent but it crashed right after so I dont know if it got through :)

Christina Noona

Yes i got it!! Thank u :)

I don't use spotify so i dont know how much they have or what artists use it but I think there's some. And girl, what genres of music do you like. Do you like ra? Bands? EDM? Boy group? Girls group? Give me details of what you like!

Christina Noona

i like everything! I'd love to listen to more girl groups tho!!

omg if you want to get into K-pop, just come to me. I can recommend you some great songs! I have almost 500 Korean songs it's ridiculous

Christina Noona

You serious??? Omg please tell me your favorite ones!! I love music so much and also do kpop groups/singers use spotify? Or where can i stream their music?

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster?

tiny elephant!!
ahh them fetus ariana grande memories

Have you ever listed to or seen any K-Pop songs/music videos and/or would you be open to listening to music that wasn't in your language?

Noo i havent but i want to!! I just dont know where to start!! I mean i know the song "daddy" by psy ft cl but thats it!!
And yes!!! Of course!! My first language is actually spanish (im from south america) and i learned english that way :) so im very open on listening songs in other language!! needs to be banned from the confessions blog. She is always on the attack mode and is highly disrespectful of Taylor Swift fans. Their behavior is so sickening I want to throw up.

im so so sorry but i cant do anything, even if i block that page she'd still reblog my posts! i have no control about that

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

i love the name Ariana bcus i love the nickname Ari, but also i love the name Alexa/Alexia/Alessandra and i love the name Savannah too, so probs one of them

What do you think about Matt Espinosa? The wise and most kindest one in the 'group'. Besides Shawn and Aaron.

i dont have an opinion on him because i have never seen his vines or what he does but if people consider him a wise and kind kid he must be doing something good :)

Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world.

racism, homeless and guns

how many languages do you speak? i've seen some spanish and english

only 2!! (spanish and english) :)

hey! i got back on the page after a while and i noticed that you changed the theme! it's good, but have you removed the 'search' option? or i'm too stupid to find it?

hellooo i removed it :((

What makes you nervous?

literally everything

you have the hottest body i literally want to swim in your boobs

give me a kiss

ur probably gaining less followers and stuff please come back :(

actually i've gained over 3k followers :O but yess i want to im going to get my uni life together because i adore running this page and i love my followers and everything!! ugh sucks being an adult. i'm only 18 an i feel like im 37

u back

idk i feel like yes but then like no

Shawn and Camila it's a couple or no ?

hopefully not

ciudades de papel fue perfecta!! no se que se quejan de cara, aparece como 5 segundos jaja.

siii me encantó, me conecté mucho con Q. Me voy a comprar si o si el libro, fue la pelicula perfecta. Definitivamente una de mis favoritas

cant believe you didnt like the love story of the century!!111111 tragic