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Do u like 5H?
yeah, i love normani
How would you do on a song competition show?
i adore to sing. My dream is to be a singer but my voice definitely does not help at all haha my singing voice is a mess
thoughts on Curtis Lepore? I was so shocked, he used to be one of my favorite viners and he seems so nice. do you think everythings true?
yeah it shocked me too, i read he paid a $100,000 bail that kinda says something. If i was innocent and someone accused me of rape i would fight for my case until i prove that im innocent...
which "important" 50 shades book scene will be left out of the movie? I was going through confessions and saw someone sent that in. if you don't know, does anyone else reading this know? now i'm really curious
does anyone knows?
btw are you reading the book online? books are extremely over-priced here where i live. And i want to read that book :/
ugh when the box is open i can't think of a confession but when it is closed i think of a good one. cycle repeats. WHYYYY
write your confession is your phones' "notes" so when i open the box you only copy-paste your confession ;)
are you a shy or outgoing person? x
extremely shy
Sometimes I don't go on your blog for a few days just so when I go on, I can can stay on it for hours bc I'm that much of a loser....
hahahahahaha omg, and i run the blog, i think we all know who the real loser is
hey ily
hey i love you more
One day you'll meet a guy.He's going to find out. How you chew, how you sip, how you dance, how you smell at every point in the day. The fact that most of ur friends are shallow. How ur face looks underneath all ur makeup. How you can be hyper at times, how certain games and shows make you happy
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the second picture tho
THE VINE THO, that was painful haha but oh well what we can do
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yeah me too
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update your insta pics!
man can you believe i dropped my phone in the shower?? right now my lil phone is on rice.
i tried to take a pic for you with my webcam, but as you can see my webcam is the crappiest webcam in the world
update your insta pics!
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it can be hard sometimes, i think it was mostly the pronouns and the use of them that was quite hard
i've heard that about the pronouns! oh well, i'm glad you can understand some things and hopefully one day we have a convo in spanish :)
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hey um idk, you were sad bc you couldnt go to the rowyso tour in us, but there is a video of ashton saying they are going to brazil this year, and since brazil is a southamerican country... probably you have the chance
aww haha thank you for telling me :) Brazil is a huge country and too many hot girls.. uh dammit i have to pull off a sofia vergara asap
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you're seriously gorgeous! I'm jealous, I'd look like an ugly potato next to yo  Alexis Jacobs
dont ever say that miss Alexis Jacobs! I bet my life you are absolutely stunning
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Do you not post all the confessikns up? Or u do? Cuz mines arent up from last time. And i forgot what I confessed..
i do post at least the 98%, the other 2% dont follow the rules.. if your confession followed the rules, it was definitely posted!
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i feel as you are ignoring me,why :(
i swear im not asjdjfASDSD eventually i will answer every single question
i feel as you are ignoring me,why :(
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who do you think in magcon is a virgin?
Ugh I just sent a confession and I didn't spell Swift's name right. Please, please fix that. <3 It was a good rebuttal and a typo would ruin it.
sure :)
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Hiiiiii !!
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Why does it say 'CONFESSION BOX IS CLOSED' even though the confession box is clearly open?
i crearly forgot to change that
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Are you dating Harry styles of on1d
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I love you
i love you moreeeeeee
Do you ever get bored or frustrated when you receive the same kinds of confession over and over?
yeah, i get at least 50 confessions every time i open the box about 5sos not being punk, nash being homophobic, this person slays,queen... and the thing is that in the guidelines/rules i mention to please do not submit three words confessions ajfjkdf
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