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i thought the confession box is opened but when i went to confess it said "there's nothing here" :(
:/// sowwyy its a tumblr troubleshoot!! idk what to do
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but Nash is already friends with the Jenner girls, Stas, those people. he doesn't really need Justin for promo. but with Nash, I don't know I just get this bad vibe. like Matt seems so sweet & down to earth. then again I've seen videos of fans running into Nash and he is very loving towards them
nash is stas' hookup
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Actually if you think about it Matt would be the one to use Justin, not Nash. Nash has so much more already going for him. Clothing line, tours, youtube, vine, his own merch. What does matt have, youtube, vine, & maybe a little merch?
that's actually a good point, and that's the sad thing in the bussiness you never know who your real friends are, you truly never know.
The reason why i thought about Nash was because he has the fame but not the "social status", like A-celebrity, B-celebrity..etc. Let's hope they both are friends for the good reasons :)
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Do you earn money from the blog? bc I see ads. (not hate, just wondering. I love your blog xx)
not anymore i think, idk what's up with tumblr
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Wait your blog bio says the confession box is open, but it's not? Sorry if it's just me, but yeah it just says this page doesn't exist and I got excited bc I love confessing.
uggghh yess!! i dont know why i can't edit my tumblr theme anymore, tumblr is having some bugs and troubleshoots due the recent update :/// i can't edit my theme since march 18th i think
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My best friend is super religious, and I'm not... I support her because she's my best friend. I hate her church because they are ignorant and hateful, but I go with her because I know it will make her happy. I'm afraid to tell her I don't believe in God. What of she loves me less. Should I tell her?
oh myy! something similar happened to me but with my mom. There was a super religious neighbour that introduced my mom into this super extremely religious church. My mom accepted because it was a really dark time for us i was dealing with my extreme anxiety/depression and she with her bipolar disorder (it was a really bad time for me).
I guess she wanted to feel accepted and she started obsessing over this church (even tho i'm catholic i obviously support lgbtq+ rights and stuff like that.). That church was brainwashing my mom, she turned into this sensitive and agressive person, and started hating parties like halloween, and didnt like the lgbtq+ community.
So i told her, i was dealing with too much already that i didnt want to have a mom like that. Because i knew she wasnt like that, so i went to her room and explained how i felt, like "hey mom, i love you so much but i dont like feel comfortable with your church, i have other beliefs. I'm not saying you should leave but i just can't do it for the good of both of us". In the end she left the church because she realised how bad it was.
Anywaysssss, my point is. She won't get mad at you for being honest, i didn't like my mom's church and i told her, she didnt get mad AND SHE'S MY MOM. Just tell her that you really care about her, you love her so so much, explain her how special she's to you but you have other beliefs and you dont really feel fine/comfortable. Explain her how much you care about her happiness and that you understand how happy the church makes her but you hope she understands how you feel and what makes YOU happy!!
I hope everything goes well!! There's nothing wrong with not agreeing with a religion SPECIALLY if you feel part of something you don't feel right about. Trust me, i'm a catholic i DO believe in God, Jesus, in angels, the heaven and all the stuff you imagine. But for me aswell, there's a line between my beliefs and being part of something hateful (not saying the catholic religion is hateful but you get my point) :)
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Why does everyone hate acacia brinley?
1. she flirts with everyones faves
2. she fakes anxiety(idk?????)
3. Jealousy
4. Shes fake
5. Shes attention seeking
6. Shes full of herself
I personally dont hate her nor i care what she does. I've found those reasons in the twitter search thing but yeah i personally think the acacia hate thing is soooo 2013-2013 like yea if u dont like her ignore her it gets annoying to be honest
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if vine is Curtis' only "job" that's kinda sad and pathetic. like even kids half your age are putting in more work than you???
I knowwwwwww its so weird, he needs a reality check asap for his good
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there's this blog that copies you so bad, like the way she captions her pictures, the watermark, how the name of the blog is different to |tumblr (if u get me). Idk i think i love you way too much and this blog copies every move you make. Even with the ask.fm thing, it annoys me a lot.
Noooooo dont get mad :))) its all goodddd❤️❤️❤️
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I use to think the word Luff was cooler than love... But I love u.
Hahahhaha then i lufffff youuuuu
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No puedo creer que hables español, mi vida se hizo mucho más fácil ahora (?). JAJAJAJAJAJ. Anyway, ¿cuando abrirás el askbox? Leí que cada cuatro días, pero quiero saber cuando será porque tengo como cuatro meses queriendo mandar 1000 confesiones, y bueno... Amo tu blog, btw.
No entiendo como no vi esto antes!!!! Enserio!!! Ahhhhh que felicidad que alguien que hable español me este hablando, no sabes cuanto me pesa no haberte respondido antes!! wtf no habia visto esta pregunta.
Voy a poner una fecha cuando organice las confesiones y la pongo aqui :D un beso y un abrazo, de verdad me alegraste el día. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Would you rather be royalty or a reality TV star?
Hmmmm royalty only if im in prince harrys position... Haha he is part of the royal family but still goes to parties as a regular person, so cool
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Hi! I saw that you're a 5sos fan? Correct me if I'm wrong, sorry. I'm a new fan (I'm late, I know, dont hate me) and I suck at distinguishing people's voices, especially if they're all in the same band? How do I distinguish luke's voice from calums voice from ashtons voice from michael's voice?
Heyyyy something like that. Im a spanish speaker so my adjectives are not accurate or 100% right but i will try my best.
IMO luke and calum at times have similar voices, so its easy to know when michael or ash is singing.
Calum: to me calum has like a baby voice, when singing is really thin and normally does the "soft" parts if u get what im saying
Michael: michaels voice is raspy and he doesnt sing high notes (i believe). He has more a "heavy" tone like idk yes i think raspy is the description of his voice.
Luke: (my angel) its kinda similar to calum, they both can reach high notes but his voice is not as thin as calum's.
Ashton: he doesnt sing THAT much so you will recognize his voice easily. I dont really know how to describe his voice.
I truly sucked at explaining because i have no idea about sopranos, mezzos or music things. My BEST advice is that you should listen and watch their covers, thats when you really recognize who's who. Take a listen to their cover of Teenage dream (by katy perry). With that cover my mind was like "wait they have really different voices".
Also you can listen to their demos!! Go to youtube and type: calum hood demo, ashton irwin demo,etc. They have comparisions of their voices and cool stuff like that. Like if you put your earphones on you can listen in one side cals voice and in the other you can listen ash's :)
So yeah, just take a look at their covers, and taah dahh in a couple days you will be recognizing who's who :D
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if the vine app gets deleted, Curtis will be the only one (pretty much) that no longer has a career. like that other person said, nash, cam, hayes, all have that clothing line and successful youtube careers, and you can actually make a living just from youtube. even Bach is on tv so he'd have that
exactly, i think he's taking his vine fame for granted. I know i shouldn't care about what he does in his life but im kinda worried, he's living the yolo woo party fame life now but reality will hit him really soon if he doesnt do something
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the fact that he is 31 and vine is his career, that's sad. like Nash, Cam, Hayes, they all have other stuff that they do. they all have that clothing line, they're all touring, have YouTube careers (which I believe is more legit than a career where you make 6 second videos), Curtis has nothing else
Its so weird like imagine what happens if the vine app gets deleted ????? Also the vine hype wont last forever.... idk its just so weird to see a 31 yr old man habging out with 17 yr old guys *frog and coffee emoji*
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I always miss when your confession box is open ):
Ouuuuu :((( i will post a date when im going to open the box and i will 100% open the box that day :))
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I've been denying that i like 5sos since 2013 because i didnt want more boys in my life :((( and this year 2015 i just gave up skkdksksdxnndkdkisiskskdkdkdkkdkdkdkd they are just so dkfkldlslslsldlkssks i cant help u at all
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Thoughts on Curtis Lepore?
at first i had no problems with him like whatever he's 31 and making vines for living like ok...its his life..... but then when the rape thing happened i lost my mind. He said the girl accused him because she wanted to ruin her career lIKE OKGFG WAT CAREER
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I think if Natalia hadn't messed up she could've had a great future. but so many celebrities lost respect for her after that. I don't think anyone wants to collab with her, at least not anyone big and successful
yess i totally agree with you. Its crazy how you can ruin your career and life in a few seconds
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Are you romantic? Why or why not?
a hopeless romantic
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Natalia could have been the greatest singer to ever exist (but she's far from it), & after that stunt she pulled I would've stopped listening to her immediately.
Yesss! I agree :/// honestly such a shame, still cant believe it. She lost her job!!! Being a judge on x factor is a big thing!! You get so much promo...
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I love your blog, it's introduced me to so many new artists! :3 ^-^
Me too!!!!!! Thats why i like using it!! Now i like so many bands and new artists i used to have 150 songs in my itunes now i have over 400 :D
Music is a great thing, im happy we are discovering together ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Why everytime your blog says the askbox is open it doesn't appear to me?
:O i really dunno, but i will open the box tomorrow or friday!
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what's going on with Iggy, why is everyone so mad at her? .-.
there's a blog that explains. The name of the blog is kinda offensive, so yeah forgive me for that. But there you can find some tweets/histories and stuff :)
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Do you watch their videos? Dan and Phil?
I have watched some :)
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