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camzie @fangirlzzle
DO NOT CONFESS HERE, let's just have a convo and be friends
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Why do zombies like brain so much?
i guess they like to eat empty things
Have you heard Taylor Swift's 1989?
no omg, what song should i listen first?
What would you name your first child?
'janoskians' FAM YOU'RE STILL HERE miss u lots on janoskianscrocs [;
Guys, don't give the blog owner crap, they clearly said recently they weren't feeling that great. They shouldn't be made to feel guilty about putting themselves first.
love u, thank u for understand :)
awh how would i not! :) seriously youre amazing. im so proud of you (your wife off anon lolol)  aarushi
:) thanks doll!
Confession: Luke Brooks from The Janoskians and Kiana Brown from Blush are like the worst couple she is just a mean person she told fans such terrible thing and he's just too sweet for her I know he's not admitting because of the hate she will get but we all ready know and it's killing the fans
do not confess here pls
Where do we confess then
in the confession box, that is not open at the moment
hi. this is your wife I have no idea if you remember. I hope you're ok. really, feel free to talk to me ab anything :) ily
of course i remember you! it's super cute that you remember me :)
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hey, i was just wondering what tumblr theme you have? its fab xx
it doesnt have a name actually, its extremely customized and thank u :)
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Are you ok? You haven't been on in forever. I'm just checking up on you. Have a good day! :)
getting better :) thank you!
When is the confession box next open? Btw I love your account, I spend my nights just looking at the confessions, aha
soon i promess
YOURE SO NICE OMG TEACH ME YOUR WAYS but srsly you seem so kind hearted :)
my baby thankyou so much ogmkdngjskg ily
Please come back, we need a DECENT confessions blog that we can post at.
oh my god i love you
If you're gonna run this blog, run it. Don't disappear for a month with no explanation and just drift in and out. If you need co-owners, great. Get them. Otherwise this blog will disappear. Sorry, but it's the truth.
yeah i understand
It sucks that people over at thestanconfessions are trying to take shots at you, claiming the other blog is more mature. Yeah, because insulting and bullying everyone is far more mature. You don't allow that, which is hwy you are the better blog.
i love you so much, haha idk what's her problem tbh. The owner of that blog is obsessed with me
Where are you??? Seriously thibking to givw up on your tumblr blog because you aren't active :(
something bad happened to me i will be back asap :)
You= perfection. Always remember that :)
thank you. i love you :)
are you done with the blog now
i will be back
i will be back soon ajksjkddkf
where do you live
hey just letting you know that a while ago bertie gilbert also noticed a confession of yours, i reposted it on twitter and he dmed me :) have a nice day!
omg are you forreal?? thats so fucking awesome. could you submit me the dm? omg i want to see it! he's such a babe!
ahaha bye, thestanconfessions is way better than your stupid ass blog
oh nooo im so sad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made me not so happiii cry cry cry
you are probably the owner of that blog lol, this aint kindergarden to fight who's got the best barbie doll its the fucking internet get over yourself
most of your confessions are negative 5sos confessions. im pretty sure you have some other stuff that make them look good to post. js
dude when are you going to understand i dont pick what to post
are you okay? hopefully you are
i am, thank you <3