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What's the last book you read?
"Hey! let's make a band" haha im not a book person
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Speaking about college, I've been studying hard for SATs for a YEAR now and next month is the exam, I keep telling myself I'll make it and make myself proud but my hard work seems like it's all for nothing bc I keep forgetting :(
nooo don't say that!!! you're nervous that's it!. There's a quote that i love and keeps me going in the hardest times.. "In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision".
I never took a SAT test, so i don't know what its like, but i wish you nothing but the best and i hope you go well. You're a smart person, i'm sure, you can do anything :)
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do you know why Kelly left Fashion Police? supposedly it's because of Giuliana, since Kelly was the one who told her not to make that racist comment multiple times. If it is I'm behind Kelly 110%. but the sad thing is, kelly is getting all the hate. and I can't STAND the fact that giulianas fans(c)
(c) are defending her saying shes had cancer leave her alone. yeah, she has. so what? so have millions and millions of other people. but you don't see them being racist. I'm happy she is recovering. but that gives her no excuse to be a bitch. if she was that sick she shouldn't work.
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Apparently she quit because of those comments, that's all i know. I'm really proud of her, it shows how much she cares about her friendship with zendaya, you could tell how much kelly loved her job so quitting is a really huge deal.
Never in my wildest dreams i thought Giuliana would make a comment like that, it shocked me, it's sad how she ruined her career for that comment. And first i was ok this was a mistake, OBVIOUSLY i was mad but kinda skeptical. But knowing they made that scene THREE times its just sick :/
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thanks(: I'm just super scared to go to school tomorrow
tomorrow it's my first day of university, and i know NO ONE. i'm scared too so good luck to both of us, i'm feeling you really hard now ajksfnjkdkjfdkf
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Hey! have you read 5sos' book "hey lets make a band" its really interesting and changed the way i use to see them, it changed for the better ofc.. i'm just wondering haha btw keep up the good work with your blog
hii im sorry im answering you 4 days later. I wanted to read the book before answering you. I never paid attention to that book but let me tell you i don't regret spending $8.99,i really liked the book. And my pov changed aswell. Now i think Luke is really intimidating i mean, nice but intimidating.
Michael is definitely the "chillest" one, i loved when they asked their ideal date and who would be the girl in the date and michael said "me, my laptop and ice cream" and when they asked them to describe themselves and luke said "legs"
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my close friend just found out that I like him and we said like to go back to normal and everything but I'm just really scared to go to school tomorrow idk like if I have to be partners or something (BC we always are) it'll still be awkward for me even though he said he never wants it to awkward
my best advice is that you should be friends with him, if you stop being friends with him you will feel even more awkward and it will feel awkward for your other friends too. Having friends is something really beautiful and losing a friend for something like it's definitely not worth it :)
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I love your page sooo much! I follow another confession blog and I sent something in once and got eaten alive. But I feel comfortable here; everyone's so friendly!Keep up the good work! (:
awww thank you so so so much!!! Yessss, thank god my followers are all really nice you dont know how much i love them. I am so happy you're comfortable :) I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i hope you're having a really nice day :)
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what's the weirdest dream you ever had?
the other night i dreamt that 5sos went to argentina (argentina is close to my country but still expensive to go) so i told my mom i wanted to go but she said no and i started crying because i wanted to meet them, so i went to the yard of my OLD house (wtf) and i saw a plane and it crashed on argentina and that plane killed calum and luke and i cried even more and michael and ashton got arrested. Then i went to my school i saw Luke (yes he resurrected) so i pretended i fainted because i wanted him to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation but he ignored me so i cried again for the third time.
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personal opinions on the whole Giuliana & Zendaya situation? I thought it was mean everyone attacking Giuliana until I found out that they filmed that 3 times, and Kelly warned her not to make that "joke". she knew she was being racist, and her "apology" was scripted written by someone else.
yeahh i saw her apology on youtube and it seemed so fake. Sad thing is that i admired giuliana for being strong in so many situations and also i had no idea they made the segment three times. Which means she REALLY wanted to make that comment. It's sad, and correct me if im wrong but didnt giuliana said kylie jenners dreadlocks were cool and edgy? smh
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Hey my confession about the feminism wasn't towards you, it was towards the mean sexist people who kept commenting sexist things. Sorry I should've worded my sentence better.
hey cute, yess that's what i thought :) i just wanted to also explain why i don't post confessions about certain topics. ily
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Hello! I wonder how long it takes on an average for a confessions to be post? Don't wanna push you, just wondering, haha, btw! Love your blog and all the work you put in it! xxx
if you submitted your confession yesterday your confession will be up today, and if you submitted your confession today it will be posted tomorrow :). And Thank you so so much!! ily
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Ummm I hate to tell you this but Anastasia isn’t a Disney princess, the film was produced by fox, however it was directed by two former Disney animation directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman ... also she died in real life
hii, those are not my opinions but thanks for the info! :)
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te gusta alex ramos? jajaja el loco es uruguayo de acá donde yo soy. A veces lo quiero acogotar pero le tengo buena onda no más, y vos?
sos de uruguay? geograficamente estamos super cerca entonces! Antes me caía bien pesado pero ahora como vos decís me cae bien no mas. En cierto modo, aprendí a quererlo jajaajajaj
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If you could have any kind of ability what would it be? Doesn't matter what. Science fiction, fantasy, or even just some regular ability that you don't have. I would want to be an earthbender ^u^
being fluent in every single language
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What do you like to do with your spare time?
definitely sleep
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Hola, Como the llamas?¹
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Favorite Movie? Favorite Show?
movie: grown ups 2, 8 mile, it's kind of a funny story, the way, way back, juno, easy a, the help, the carrie diaries, scary movie 5. I have so many favorite movies because i adore movies but those are the ones i remember now
show: i like every single old cartoon network show and all of them are my favorite. You know johnny bravo, powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog. Then fairly odd parents, spongebob. I don't really watch tv series. But i love American horror story, catfish and those National geographic channel shows.
my guilty pleasures are south park and drawn together, those shows are a mess and so wrong but i can't help it
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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
rich and famous. You have to think like this if you're rich you can help other people and that will make you happy, knowing you can make other people happy in a way makes you happy. My family will have what to eat and a home. I will get an education AND if you're famous you have the option of being a voice for the people. You can also inspire others.
If i'm poor, most likely my happiness won't be forever. My family would be struggling for food, a place to live, etc. I won't have a proper education and i won't be able to get a job.
The answer "i'd rather be rich and famous" sounds superficial but you have to analyze the situation.
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how could i join your blog? id LOVE to help you/you guys out. i'm very good with photoshop and stuff like that
hey pretty, right now i don't need help. But in a future probably i will need :) Just stay tuned! Thank you so so much btw!!
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favorite science fiction movie or show?
lucy and lilo and stitch are the ones in the top of my head.. i must like other ones but can't remember!
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what is one food that you really really really hate?
sweet and sour chicken and everything related to chicken
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have you ever watched any animes?
when i was younger i was extremely obsessed with sakura cardcaptor, pokemon and digimon
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do you watch Pretty Little Liars?
no :// we dont have pll here where i live, but i have a friend that is obsessed and adores pll and she has to download torrents i think
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And Justin Beiber be lookin mighty fine on Ellen
Hahahaha he really does ;)
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