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4 closest friends
erm nahida saiyara poppy and sania are my closest
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You're not light skinned you're actually quite dark
say wallahi fam
Pakistanis and Bengalis - yay or nay
it depends, they can either be really ugly or really good looking
Opinion on her: http://ask.fm/TheeffingBozz
dunno her but she is literally stunning! she's so beautiful x
U r very gr8 I love da bangla chhics come round my home yh???
or nah
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Really how stupid can she get ✊✌️✋  Chantelle
very lool
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Big head much and btw you're just jelos of me and Sara
big headed*
can't help it if I'm smarter than you and how I can I be jealous of someone on anon pretending they're tight with sara LOOOL I think you're a bit jealous of me
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Whatever bitch your just stupid
you're* and I'm in top set in all my subjects actually
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Loool creasing "By Sara" Twat. Ahhaha  Sara Michelle
kills meh every time I read it
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Loool I don't type like a twat but sorry bby I won't do it agin  Sara Michelle
I forgive you bby
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Loool yeah sorry Fahrenheit it's been me sending you anon hate this whole time  Sara Michelle
peak on my life...thought you was the ride or die chick
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If it was me I wouldn't have been on anon? Dumb fuck ahhaha  Sara Michelle
"by sara" LOOOOL that cracked me up
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I don't actually like you I just pretend so I don't have to you be sad I really only like chantelle jess and melissa and najiyah so don't think ur al that By sara
listen 'sara', me and the realll sara are laughing at you lmao, if this is najiyah then let me clarify that no sara does not like you and neither does chantelle or melissa and if this is one of her friends then you can pass that message on to her yourself you clapped child
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hi anon
So are your main friends from school or home
school I guess
Lots basically light those friends you've met at school that go to the same school as you are school friends and those who are like cousins and like friends you've met other than school are home friends
Ohhh right
Are your main friends from school or home
ermm what's a school friend and a home friend?
Do you have best friends and if you do who are they
I have manyyyy close friends
Ahahah loool Brian is pulling the bitches at petco  Sara Michelle
pullin all them mandems LOOOL
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Or nah is actually my favourite song  Sara Michelle
that song is getting galdems moist
Shutup stupid:3  Sara Michelle
lol nah
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Shutup you thot  Sara Michelle
I am a thot but you're still retarded
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Shutup you clapped child  Sara Michelle
stop stealing my word you clapped failure
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Ahahhah I know that's why I find it so funny  Sara Michelle
looool you loser
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